Nirvana. Number one??? Blink is number 4??? Green Day is only 18 and fucking FOB is on the cover.

Top 30 most influential artists in the last year. To start, Blink 182 wouldn’t even exist without Green Day and everyone but Blink seems to know that. They’ve even ripped them off before (I cannot remember the song exactly but the outro riff is from an early Green Day song) so how can you even begin to say a band that wouldn’t exist without green day is more influential. Seriously, blink takes far FAR too much credit for what Green Day has actually done and it continues to piss me off. Just because they’re considered the first pop-punk band doesn’t mean they were the first to combine pop and punk. That was actually Green Day (on the main stream a least, again, smaller bands may have done it before that I am unaware of). Green Day at the less deserved to be ahead of Blink. Putting Blink first is stupid.
Moving on to Nirvana. Even though the band was really good, number one just doesn’t fit. Kurt’s death is really what has kept the band circulating in the main stream, i don’t know what band I would consider the most influential in the last thirty years, but honestly it shouldn’t be nirvana. Nine Inch Nails (no I am not a fan and yes they were on the list) I could argue belong infront of Nirvana from how many bands they have influenced. Finally, the cover artist… Fall Out Boy. Seriously though, the first major problem is that there are four members but Patrick and Pete are the only ones on the cover. I don’t even like them and I know that’s just not right. On top of that this is the ANNIVERSARY issue. Thirty fucking years of AP. Why is FOB (whom did not even make the top thirty cut) on the cover? There are literally thirty other artists that AP says are more important that could’ve been placed on the cover. Korn or slip knot or Nine Inch Nails, or Green Day (who just got into the Hall of Fame for Christ’s sake) could’ve been featured on this cover. Hell even a mix of artists that were important in the last 30 years. Sure, include a story on FOB, or better yet, don’t and give them next month’s cover.
Honestly as for the big things this month, this issue was disappointing, and could’ve been executed much better.