What Happened Today, Sweetheart?
  • English Teacher:Okay class I'll give any of you a no homework pass if you promise me something I'd want.
  • Kid A:I'll do my homework for the rest of the year!
  • English Teacher:Alright. Anyone else?
  • Me:I'll give you a free copy of my mixtape.
  • Class:*laughs*
  • English Teacher:Okay I want it tomorrow.
  • Me:oh.
  • Me:*Goes home*
  • Me:*makes CD*
  • English teacher:*plays mixtape*
  • Mixtape = emo garbage
  • Class:Do you cut yourself?
  • Me:wHAt?

anonymous asked:

Thanks for answering my ask about the drabble and thanks for considering it :) Combining those prompts sounds fantastic. But you're proofing a ficlet now? Can you say what it's about? :)

The flash of lingering worry in Rachel’s eyes is easy to recognize—Quinn has been seeing different versions of it ever since they’d started talking about getting pregnant. Despite Quinn’s positive pregnancy tests, the consistently glowing results of her repeated blood work, and the fact that she’s feeling strong and healthy, Rachel still can’t shake her need to proceed with hopeful caution until Quinn is officially released from Doctor Klein’s care after the ten week mark. Actually, Rachel seems pretty determined to remain cautious until Quinn is past the first trimester despite Quinn’s instinctive certainty that there’s nothing wrong and that their baby very much wants to be born, but Quinn is resigned to humoring her wife.

Part of that means agreeing to Rachel’s request not to tell anyone they’re expecting until Quinn is a little further along. They’d naturally told Steven that his little swimmers had gotten the job done, of course, and Santana had figured it out on her own when she’d noticed Quinn carrying around the same untouched glass of wine on New Year’s Eve, so Teresa knows by default since Santana’s ability to be discreet only extends so far. Otherwise, it’s still their own (mostly) private secret. Quinn has discovered that she actually kind of likes it this way—at least for the moment.

And today’s moment will include their first ultrasound. Okay, technically it’s more like their twenty-first ultrasound if they’re including all the ones they’ve had to go through during the treatment, but this is the first one in which they’ll get to see their growing baby and, with any luck, hear his or her heartbeat for the very first time.

Quinn can’t wait.