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blink-182 “She’s Out of Her Mind” 

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PAIGE OR IAN. MARCUS OR ABBY. (Your turn to suffer ❤)

wait no you’re not supposed to be awake yet to make me suffer… plan has failed drastically. 

but if you insist


Because. I’m not sure why. I mean purely aesthetically there’s the face and the beard and the accent. If i’m being honest the accent plays a part. 

But there’s something about the way he comes across in interviews, and also onscreen, that is very natural and honest and genuine. I think a lot of my decision is because we rarely see press from Paige - Ian seems to be more of a presence - and she sounds like an absolute DELIGHT. But I love listening to Ian talk about Marcus - I adored his discussion of Marcus as a peacemaker, and the importance of having that character on television. I also really enjoy a range of Ian’s different films and shows. I love that he’s branched out into directing and storytelling. He also seems like an absolute delight. 

And look I feel terrible for this but I would say, probably…Marcus. Yeah. 

I adore Abby. I think she’s wonderful and smart and strong and loving and angry and hurt and impulsive and loyal and beautiful. But almost everything about Abby is upfront - we know who she is in season one and while I would definitely argue that she’s grown and changed over the seasons, it’s nowhere near as drastic as Marcus. The core of Abby has remained - to quote Ian at comic con - constant throughout. That’s one of her strengths. 

Marcus, on the other hand, is a giant mess. But in a way that unfolds and grows so naturally and beautifully over the seasons that I find it impossible not to be drawn to his character. You compare season one Marcus to end of season three and at first glance they’re chalk and cheese - and you wonder how on earth a show that doesn’t have a lot of time for character has been able to make that work - but somehow it has? I do think a lot of that comes from something rather nuanced in Ian’s performance, but I also think it’s because they’ve left Marcus alone just enough that he’s never really been forced into - for lack of a better phrase - stupid storylines for storylines sake. So his progression has occurred rather naturally, without strange disruptions, that it makes perfect sense that the man who couldn’t see beyond his own plans for humanity’s survival to recognise that he’d lost touch with his own humanity, is now the one arguing vehemently and eloquently for peace and acceptance. He’s such a wonderful representation of both an intelligent and pragmatic visionary alongside a caring and spiritual soul. The dimensions to Marcus never cease to intrigue me - his mother and upbringing, his spirituality, his longing for the earth, for nature, his mind and the way it works, his ability to reason, but also his ability to communicate and to negotiate. He could have so easily remained a pragmatic figure who was out of touch with human emotion, or fallen so quickly into grief and despair that he tipped over into something dark and meaningless, but instead they’ve balanced him so well that there’s a depth and reality to his character that you can’t help but be drawn towards. To have a leader on television who can make quick, tough decisions and recognise the importance of working strategically and logically, while also balancing that with the needs and lives of his people, and not just their survival, but their actual lives, is so refreshing and important. 

I guess in a show that often forces you to suspend your disbelief, or forgive moments of terrible character, Marcus has always felt so incredibly alive and true and that’s why he’ll always be my favourite. 

help emily you made me have a million marcus feels just before sleep now i’m gonna have sad marcus dreams