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ID #27612

Name: Gabriela 
Age: 22
Country: Brazil

So… Who am I? I have to say, I’m not sure yet.

What I know so far:
- I just graduated university, and am now a psychologist. Now I’m pursuing a “specialization” in forensics psychology, something that I’m really interested, since before college. I wanna leave my mark on the world, positively. Make a difference, I don’t know how. It sounds totally narcisistic, I know, but I just wanna feel that we come into this world and leave it a lil’ bit better after we go.
- I really love movies - i go crazy on Oscar’s season and my favorite movie is Back to The Future - tv shows - lately mostly crime/drama/fantasy - reading - mostly fantasy - and music - i don’t know what i’ve been into lately. But in general i’m a HUGE fan of Ed Sheeran, Blink-182, McFly and Bruno Mars. The rest of the time i’m listening to either super down songs or super ‘high’ tunes. Apparently all sorts of media.
- I also love comics, specially Marvel, but not only. My favorite is definitely Fables, by Vertigo. Some might say I’m a huge geek, with all my superheroes / sci fi / fantasy stuff.
- Right now I’m a bit lost. I just graduated university in december, 2016. I never had a doubt about psychology, because I love understanding what goes on inside someone’s mind, to eventually help them, making a difference, leaving my mark on the world. But now, I’m lost: you know when you wanna help it but you don’t know how? Basically me right now.
- Since the end of university all my friends diverged. Quite literally. They mostly went back to their hometowns, and we simply lost touch. So besides lost, I’m feeling lonely lately. And hey, if you must be lost, at least you should be with a friend, amiright?
- I also love travelling, talking for hours with someone. Who knows, I’m hoping to make some real connection and eventually even meet people here!
- I like listening too (psychologist, duh), so, I don’t know, maybe if you wanna talk, I can and want to listen. We have to spread kindness in the world.
- Final specs: I’m 22, female, and looking for people around my age, to correspond with. So, 18+, preferably, all around the world. Gender doesn’t matter in the least to me. Just someone who respects all kinds of difference and believe women and all minorities should have all the rights that men have. I love spring and autumn, sunny days with some chill on 'em. What else? I’m a libra for those who care (I really think it describes me, being a libra), passionate and insecure. Hm, I also love dogs. I have one myself and I never knew I could love someone as much as I love him.
- I have preference for “snail mail”, since I love writing, even by hand, and we can exchange nice cute stuff, like postcards or bookmarks, things tipical to where we come from. But we can talk through email too. Here in Brazil we use a lot of messaging apps also, such as WhatsApp.
Well, I think that’s it!  

Preferences:  Preferably 18+, all around the world. Gender doesn’t matter. Snail mail/email/messaging apps.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Maura Murray (Part 2/2)

There are many theories surrounding the Maura Murray case, however, I’m only going to talk about the one I believe to be the most interesting. 

Many believe Maura’s abductor was Alden Olson, the owner of the YouTube channel “Mr112Dirtbag.” I’d like to mention that people suspect the “112″ in his username refers to where Maura crashed, Route 112. And the “Dirtbag” part could refer to an interview investigators had with Maura’s father in which he said, “Dirtbags kidnapped her!”

There are 3 videos in particular that may suggest he was in fact Maura’s abductor. The first video, posted on February 7th, 2012, was a 16 second clip of a ticket to a mountain resort named Bretton Woods located in New Hampshire. The ticket was dated “7/11/04,” just 2 days after Maura’s disappearance. People speculate this is where her body was dumped. A few hours after posting the video, he deleted it. A true crime writer following Maura’s case was kind enough to reupload it. You can watch it here.

The second video was posted on February 9th, 2012, the day Maura went missing. The video was titled, “Happy Anniversary” and just shows him creepily laughing for a minute before showing the words, “happy anniversary!” at the end. You can watch it here.

Lastly, the third video titled, “No Hope for Mental Wannabe” may contain more information on where Maura’s body is located. The last few seconds of the video flashes a poorly drawn face with a random object next to it, then the right eye of the drawing blinks. James Renner, a true crime writer obsessed with this case, may have figured out what the picture means. It vaguely resembles a map of the Bretton Woods Mountain Resort, the same place the ticket in the first video was bought.

The red abstract shape represents the building, when tilted a certain way the points on the shape correlate to the numbers on the map. The face resembles the golf course and people believe the right eye blinking corresponds to the specific area in which she was buried.

112Dirtbag was questioned by police but nothing has come of it. His YouTube channel has since been deleted, however, James Renner reuploaded all 5 of his videos and assembled a playlist that you can watch here.

30 Days of Doctor Who

Day fifteen: Which regeneration of the Doctor would you most like to meet and why?

  • Tenth Doctor: The Tenth Doctor is the Doctor that I would trust with my life. He’s also super fun which is key if we’re going to travel through time and space. Plus if there’s a chance I can get my own Tentoo I’ll take it.