blink of an eye

Situation: person A has a really bad wound of some kind that has debris stuck in it. Person B (who is close to A) and person C find them and realize they have to get them patched up immediately but they can’t leave the debris in the wound. B tries to pull the debris out while C holds A down, A screaming through cloth as things are pulled from their flesh. B and A make eye contact at one point and B, who was already having trouble just listening to A’s pained gasps, has to stop the (rushed) procedure bc it’s all just Too Much. A is groaning on the ground, sweating and breathing heavy, wincing at every breath as it shifts the wound. B takes deep breaths too, C attempting to comfort them and saying that they’ll take over the first aid. C finishes taking the debris out of the sound, B holding A’s hand tight and A gripping back tighter through the pain. Eventually it’s over and it’s all A can do to stay awake. They whisper a weak “I’m sorry” to B and pass out. B and C solemnly take A to get better care, B’s hand never leaving A’s

Lucien’s at his desk when he hears Elain call him from the foyer.

“In here, dove!” He replies, straightening papers.

Elain bursts through the door with a wide grin on her face and a smear of dirt on her chin, holding something. “Look what I found! We’re keeping him.”

She holds out her arms and in them is something moving, something with reddish fur—

“He was all alone, poor thing.”

The baby fox raises its head, nose working and big dark eyes blinking as it sniffs the air.

Lucien laughs. “Elain, angel, that’s a wild animal, I don’t think it belongs indoors.“

“But look how cute he is,” she coos, and the fox yawns contently as though to emphasize her point.

“Well, that’s trouble,” Lucien says, as Elain pets it, “I’m afraid I can’t handle competition for best-looking fox in your life.”

Elain giggles. “Don’t worry, you’re still my favorite.”

Lucien really should fight her harder on this, but if anyone can successfully domesticate a fox, it’s Elain. She’s already done it once, after all.

He rises from the desk, comes around to get a better look at the little rascal, who’s squirming in Elain’s arms. “What’s his name?”

Elain smiles. “Lucien Junior. Because he’s just like you.”

“Because he’s a handsome redhead?”

“No,” Elain says blissfully, extending a finger to the fox, who gnaws harmlessly at it. “Because he likes to bite me.”

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I feel like 16 is so applicable to Supercorp

‘You’re getting crumbs all over my bed,’ Lena said, poking Kara in the ribs.

‘Sowwy,’ Kara said around a mouth full of food. ‘But saving the city burns a lot of calories.’

‘You could have eaten in the kitchen,’ Lena said.

‘But you weren’t there,’ Kara said, smiling adorably.

‘That’s sweet,’ Lena laughed. ‘But if you don’t clean up these crumbs I won’t be here either.’

‘One moment,’ Kara said. And within the blink of an eye all the food was gone and Lena was sitting amidst clean sheets.

Lena laughed, having a superhero for a girlfriend had its perks.

Fic Update: Blame It On The Poptarts Chapter Twenty

Thanks for the response to the last chapter. I don’t own Once or any of its characters. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy :)

Emma yawns and stretches in the hospital chair as she hears a groan from the bed. With a smile, she sits up a little straighter and opens her eyes fully to see Regina slowly blinking her way back into consciousness. Finally, warm, if not sleepy, brown eyes flicker open to fix on hers, “Hey.”

“Hey yourself,” Emma says, “You scared us all for a little while there.”

“I did? Sorry,” Regina replies still feeling a little groggy, “What happened? How’s the baby?”

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35 Weeks

35 weeks went by in the blink of an eye. Before I know it I will be holding my baby boy in my arms rather than my tummy. Although I feel as big as a house, and I am so excited to hold Leo for the first time, I am also so going to miss being pregnant. Those little kicks, stretches, hiccups, they’re like nothing else. They’re magic. I will miss those special moments that only he and I share, I will miss waking up to him wriggling around, and falling asleep to his happy little kicks. I am so grateful for every day I have gotten to spend carrying my precious baby boy, each of which I spent falling more and more in love with him. ❤️

Poor Woo

“Oh Sangwoo. I know I’ve heard of you somewhere.”


“The name rings a bell and that face of yours is unforgettable.”

 He blinks.

“I have a favor to ask of you. It’s pretty small but I’d appreciate it more than I can say.” She blinked slower.

Oh Sangwoo raises his chin, never losing eye contact. She is not even close to perturbed. “Okay?”

The woman stretches, revealing a chubby belly not quite to Woo’s liking, but something about her has him enthralled. She’s a bitch. To his shock she turns around and bends over. Now in his face is a fine ass. “Please spank me, young man.” 

Sangwoo is lost for words. He never plays with a woman’s body typically. Their minds are so much more fun to fuck with. This one has left him frozen and feeling like his body and soul are separated. “Okay,” he blurts finally, and swings his hand back. 

It was loud. 

It was loud when Oh Sangwoo hit the ground. The cuffs were like ice. Shit, he thought. One person’s face stayed glued in his mind as someone led him away. They were already gone.

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What are some main differences between your species and humans? What's your purpose here? How come y'all look so weird anyway, huh? If you wanna take over earth you're gonna have to fight through our best defenses and there's only /three/ of you >:0!!!

Tord: The Human race grows fast but it’s intelegance and lifespan is so little, my kind grows fast and is able to use full capacity of their brains. Currently our purpose is to grow our civilization and get enough knowledge to become immortal. As for looks why are humans on a multi scale of colours from white to orange to brown to black? It simply is how we are born and where we grew up in. Also there is over 20 trillion people of my kind and we are easily able to destroy Earth within a blink if an eye. However you guys are too weak to do any damage or even to be able to find us, plus we like to observe how you guys grow and progress.