blink 182 reckless abandon


Matt did an outstanding job. And jesus Matthew keep it in your pants in parking lots. Mark’s old, you’re gonna break him.


(posting with the tracklist for nina/non-spotify users, assemble on your own)
(content warning for all the things in tom songs)

  1. “Dysentery Gary” (Enema of the State, 1999)
  2. “Untitled” (Dude Ranch, 1997)
  3. “Peggy Sue” (Cheshire Cat, 1995)
  4. “When I Was Young” (Dogs Eating Dogs, 2012)
  5. “Aliens Exist” (Enema of the State, 1999)
  6. “I Feel So” (Box Car Racer, 2002)
  7. “Dancing With Myself” (Loose Change soundtrack, 1999)
  8. “Asthenia” (blink-182, 2003)
  9. “Anthem Part Two” (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, 2001)
  10. “Dick Lips” (Dude Ranch, 1997)
  11. “Carousel” (Cheshire Cat, 1995)
  12. “First Date” (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, 2001)
  13. Down” (blink-182, 2003)
  14. “Toast and Bananas” (Cheshire Cat, 1995)
  15. “Wishing Well” (Neighborhoods, 2011)
  16. “Voyeur” (Dude Ranch, 1997)
  17. “Story of a Lonely Guy” (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, 2001)
  18. “Anthem” (Enema of the State, 1999)
  19. “After Midnight” (Neighborhoods, 2011)
  20. “21 Days” (Buddha, 1994)
  21. “Dumpweed” (Enema of the State, 1999)
  22. “Enthused” (Dude Ranch, 1997)
  23. “Please Take Me Home” (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, 2001)
  24. “Always” (blink-182, 2003)
  25. “Degenerate” (Dude Ranch, 1997)
  26. “Reckless Abandon” (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, 2001)
  27. “My Pet Sally” (Buddha, 1994)
  28. “Obvious” (blink-182, 2003)
  29. “Boring” (Dude Ranch, 1997)
  30. “Mutt” (Enema of the State, 1999)
  31. “Give Me One Good Reason” (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, 2001)
  32. “I’m Lost Without You” (blink-182, 2003)
  33. “Does My Breath Smell?” (Cheshire Cat, 1995)
  34. “Ghost on the Dance Floor” (Neighborhoods, 2011)
  35. “Romeo & Rebecca” (Cheshire Cat, 1995)
  36. “Not Now” (Greatest Hits, 2005)
  37. “Touchdown Boy” (Cheshire Cat, 1995)
  38. “Anxiety” (Angels & Airwaves, Love: Part 2, 2010)
  39. “All the Small Things” (Enema of the State, 1999)
  40. “I’m Sorry” (Dude Ranch, 1997)
  41. “Ben Wah Balls” (Cheshire Cat, 1995)

i’m so fucked up rn

On and On, Reckless Abandon: A Monkey D. Luffy Playlist

01 Once Upon a Time, Damn Seagulls | 02 Planetary (Go!), My Chemical Romance | 03 Anything, Hedley | 04 Reckless Abandon, blink-182 | 05 The Only Hope For Me Is You, My Chemical Romance | 06 Bones Shatter (Never Say Never), Hedley | 07 Freak Out, Avril Lavigne | 08 This Is It, Goodnight Nurse

anonymous asked:


E: Every Single Lie - Blessing a Curse
F: Feelings Mart - Sundressed
R: Reckless Abandon - Blink 182
E: Elucidation - 7 Birches
N: Next to Me - Assuming We Survive

nothing-but-neck  asked:

(If you're still doing the playlist thingy) my name's Taylor!!

T - Tell Me How- Paramore

A - Arcade Fire- Cars and Telephones

Y - You- The 1975

L - Let Love Bleed Red- Sleeping With Sirens

O - Obsessions- Marina and the Diamonds

R - Reckless Abandon- blink-182

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COTTON CANDY!! Rocky Road~ Neapolitan.... Green Tea!


cotton candy: three places you want to travel to?

Tokyo :D and so many places in Sweden, and I would looove to go back to Switzerland… but a place I’ve never been? Perhaps… Iceland!!

Rocky road: favorite songs at the moment?

Alexisonfire - No Transitory
I Am King - Love the Way You Lie and Lights covers
Peter Gabriel - My Body is a Cage (ok and now for non-BP related songs…)
Blood Brothers - Set Fire to the Face on Fire
Blink 182 - Peggy Sue, Carousel, Anthem, Reckless Abandon, 21 Days

Neapolitan: what stresses you out?

Unwarranted guilt, math, when people come up to my car window after I’ve parked and stand there staring at me waiting for me to get out DICK IM COMING LET ME CHECK MY PHONE AND MAKE SURE I HAVE EVERYTHING STOP STARING AT ME, fielding weird, nebulous comments/compliments when I’m like… already engaged in a conversation? I don’t know how to properly articulate this, but like, please don’t interrupt my conversation to make some small talky comment at me because I won’t be able to hide my knee-jerk disappointment in you and then I’ll feel guilty for it so just DON’T put that on me, and… just small talk in general I guess would have been a better answer

Green tea: favorite ice cream flavors?

Pistachio ❤️❤️, black cherry (I’m TOTALLY eating some this week I’m SO EXCITED), orangy and peachy flavors… I don’t really ever eat sugar, so having limited myself I really just love ALL THE FLAVORS BECAUSE I CAN NEVER EAT ANY.

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thank you and goodnight: got a good friend moving out and there’s no goodbye gift as the gift of music.

(listen here)

na na na (na na na na na na na na na) my chemical romance // welcome to paradise green day // ready to go (get me out of my mind) panic! at the disco // surrender angels & airwaves // carry me home we are the in crowd // st. patrick pvris // check yes juliet we the kings // year 3000 busted // riot girl good charlotte // ocean avenue yellowcard // the middle jimmy eat world // (if you’re wondering if i want you to) i want you to weezer // like we did (windows down) the maine // how to be a heartbreaker marina and the diamonds // my friends over you new found glory // temptation greets you like your naughty friend arctic monkeys // jet lag (feat. natasha bedingfield) simple plan // bring it (snakes on a plane) (feat. travie mccoy & william beckett) cobra starship // timberwolves at new jersey taking back sunday // proof paramore // stoned the downtown fiction // fat lip sum 41 // rejects 5 seconds of summer // undercover martyn two door cinema club // talk dirty cody carson // bad reputation joan jett & the blackhearts // about a girl the academy is… // infinity against the current // damned if i do ya (damned if i don’t) all time low // reckless abandon blink-182 // come together echosmith // wake up hilary duff // she’s my winona fall out boy // thank you & goodnight (feat. mark hoppus) tonight alive // i kissed a girl mcfly // stay the night (feat. hayley williams) zedd // girls the 1975 // domino jessie j // lived a lie you me at six // kiss me sixpence none the richer // chelsea the summer set // this city patrick stump // fire escape love, robot // shake it off taylor swift 


01. Rebel Waltz - The Clash 02. Dear Prudence - Siouxsie and the Banshees 03. First Date - Blink-182 04. I Was a Teenage Anarchist - Against! Me 05. The Prayer Position - A.F.I. 06. Spellbound - Siouxsie and the Banshees 07. I Put a Spell on You - Marilyn Manson 08. Reckless Abandon - Blink-182 09. Take Your Time - Bad Brains 10. You Want It, You Got It - Rancid 11. Injection - Rise Against 12. Synesthsia - A.F.I. 13. But Tonight We Dance - Rise Against 14. A World Without Melody - Bad Religion 15. Without You - Bad Brains

[ listen ]

Blink-182 Songs As Zodiac Signs

Aquarius: Reckless Abandon

Pisces: Easy Target

Aries: Reebok Commercial

Taurus: Feeling This

Gemini: Shut Up  

Cancer: I’m Lost Without You

Leo: Anthem Part 2

Virgo: What Went Wrong  

Libra: Give Me One Good Reason

Scorpio: carousel

Sagittarius: Dammit

Capricorn: Not Now

You’re welcome =]

So I saw @captain-ass-ass post something about making playlists inspired by Mark and such, and it inspired me to create a playlist based on PopPunk!Mark. So this playlist is composed of songs that either remind me of Mark or songs from bands that I think he’d be into if he was into this scene. Enjoy! ^_^ (also Bri [@captian-ass-ass] made the transparent of Mark I used for the cover!)


01. Came Out Swinging - The Wonder Years // 02. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World // 03. It’s A Pleasure to Meet You - Motion City Soundtrack // 04. I’d Rather Make Mistakes Than Nothing At All - Mayday Parade // 05. Give and Take - Handguns // 06. Reckless Abandon - Blink 182 // 07. Sanity - We Still Dream // 08. Never Give Up - New Found Glory // 09. Timberwolves at New Jersey - Taking Back Sunday // 10. Slow Down - The Academy Is… // 11. Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am? - Fall Out Boy // 12. Going Away to College - Blink 182 // 13. Where The Lines Overlap - Paramore // 14. Angel With a Shotgun - The Cab // 15. With Me - Sum 41

Camp Life (Edit) 2

 Part 1

  “I can’t help but notice but you look overly disappointed for your first day of summer camp,” Camila said walking out of the building where all of the painting classes took place.

 “I just thought the band was going to be a band that had more respectable people. It’s only the first day and I’ve heard girls screaming every time one of them walks out,” You sighed, looking at your feet as you walked. “The bands are usually more Rock and Alternative. I wonder what changed this year.”

 “I believe they identify as Rock or Punk. I’m not sure,” Camila shrugged. “They’re in Alternative Press so that’s gotta mean something.”

 “I don’t think it does,” You chuckled.

 “Now that I think about it, I have classes with the drummer. He’s teaching my class,” Camila said looking down at her watch.

 “I have private classes with that Luke guy. For signing,” You pointed out. “At least I have Red for piano.”

 “Yuck. I heard that guy is the worst,” Camila said linking her arms with yours.

 “Maybe, but his students are some of the best,” You pointed out.

 “Alright, Miss Piano Fingers, we have over an hour and a half before our next class. Let’s go to the lake,” Camila said staring to pull you to the docks. When you didn’t start running right away Camila let go of you, jogging ahead and then turning around to watch you.

 “Fine,” You laughed before starting to take off running. Racing through the camp you passed people who were carrying instruments, people who were carrying sheet music, and people who were carrying stacks of books. Camila, running faster than you, almost knocked over three people.

 “I am so glad that guy with the cello saw me in time,” Camila laughed stopping at the end of the dock and turning around.

 “Me too because it would have been bad if he hadn’t,” You said jogging to the end. Camila smiled and turned to look out at the lake. People were swimming, canoeing, someone had taken the sail boat out, and sun tanning on the shore.

 “Do you think they know our names?” She asked looking at you.

 “It’s a possibility. I know there were numbers on the applications they received instead of names,” You said looking down at the water, shocked that the lake was clear and not murky.

 “What if they really want to meet someone?” Camila asked.

 “Why would they want to do that?” You asked.

 “Maybe they liked our talent so much that they just want to meet us,” Camila suggested.

 “It’s going to be hard to do because they can’t see our faces in any of the videos,” You said sitting down at the edge of the dock. “It helps prevent favoritism so the votes of who gets in and who doesn’t fair.”

 “So, I overheard part of your conversation with the drummer yesterday,” Camila said sitting down next to you. “Why did you use your real name? You never go by your real name.”

 “I don’t know. I just thought different place, different name,” You shrugged. “I mean I like being called Blue, but I don’t know him.”

 “I think both of the names suite you,” Camila said pulling her phone out of her back pocket. “Well, my uncle wants to see me so I’ll be right back.”

 “Tell him I said hello,” You whispered as Camila got up and walked away. Looking out at the people enjoying their water activities you ran your thumb in circles on the side of your hand, humming Reckless Abandon by Blink 182.

 “Hello,” Someone said making your jump. Trying to turn around to see who was standing behind you, you feel into the water. Sinking to the bottom you waited for your bum to hit the lake’s floor, waiting a moment before you swam to the surface. Looking up you saw a blurry figure of someone standing there, looking down at you. Deciding that it was time to resurface you went to push off of the floor but got pulled back down. You looked down and saw that your shorts has gotten caught on an old log. Not knowing what else to do you tried pulling yourself free and then started thrashing around, the lack of oxygen getting to your brain making thinking difficult.

 Before starting to black out you heard someone jump into the water and arms around you. Whoever had sent you into the water and then saved you pulled you onto the docks, laying you on your side. With air rushing back to you, you started to cough off water onto the boards next to you. “Are you alright?” Ashton asked leaning over you.

 “Do you almost kill people often?” You asked sitting up.

 “Don’t sit up too quickly,” Ashton said pushing you back down.

 “What are you doing here?” You asked. “Don’t you have some girls to run away from or something.”

 “I was walking back to my cabin to change into some swim trunks and I saw you sitting here,” Ashton said sitting down and crossing his legs. “I thought I should try and say hello.”

 “How did that go for you?” You asked looking up at the sky, running your hands over your face.

 “It didn’t go so well,” Ashton chuckled. “Are you okay, (Y/N)?”

 “Oh my god,” You said looking up at Ashton.

 “What?” He asked, scared something was wrong.

 “You remembered my name,” You said giving Ashton a wave of relief.”You get a gold star.“

 “Why wouldn’t I remember your name?” Ashton asked as you sat up, taking a look at the damage done to your shorts.

 “These were my only good shorts,” You said running your hands over the gaping hole in the side.

 “I can buy you some new ones,” Ashton said, watching your hands.

 “I don’t need your help,” You snapped, angry that your favorite shorts were now ruined.

 “At least let me give you a shirt to wear so you don’t have to walk around camp with those,” Ashton said starting to stand up. “My cabin is right over there.”

 “I’m not supposed to go to your cabin,” You said thinking back to the rules. Looking down at your shorts you thought about what would happen if Brianna saw you and decided you couldn’t go through the torture all summer. “I don’t really want to be seen like this so I’m going to take you up on that offer, but I’m not staying long.”

 “You don’t like me very much,” Ashton said walking down the dock.

 “No, I just don’t know you,” You said hugging yourself, trying not to shiver.

 “We could get to know each other,” Ashton suggested. “What are you here for?”

 “Are you going to remember if I tell you?” You asked looking at the back of his head as you followed. “I’m surprised you even remembered my name.”

 “Why wouldn’t I remember your name? I just talked to you yesterday,” Ashton said turning his head to look at you as he turned the corner.

 “Whoa,” You said stopping. The celebrity guests always stayed off camp grounds and in a special cabin that campers were not allowed to go into. This cabin was a two story cabin, with a porch, and a view of the forest in the back. Ashton chuckled and shook his head as he walked up the two steps and grabbed the handle to the screen door.

 “Ash,” Michael said as you two entered the cabin.

 “You don’t get much camp life in here,” You said looking at the flat screen television that was hanging on the wall.

 “Where’s Luke and Calum?” Ashton asked as Michael walked into the living area.

 “They’re just finishing their class,” Michael asked staring at you as he talked. “Hello.”

 “Hi,” You said placing your hand in front of the hole that was in your shorts.

 “I’m just grabbing a shirt and then I’ll be gone,” Ashton said walking toward the stairs. “Come on then.”

 “I shouldn’t go up there,” You said staying in place. “I’m not even supposed to be in here.”

 “Are you worried someone is going to catch you?” Michael asked walking over to the window.

 “Yes,” You admitted, looking at the coffee table full of addition tapes. “Plus, Camila is probably looking for me.”

 “Then follow me,” Ashton said slowly stepping up the stairs, waiting for you to follow. Giving in you rolled your eyes and followed Ashton up to his room, stopping in the doorway when you saw how neat his room was.

 “So, do you carry drums with you wherever you go or just at camp?” You asked as Ashton walked over to his suitcase.

 “Not all of the time,” Ashton chuckled looking back at you and then looking back at his clothes.

 “It’s not like carrying a sketchbook around I supposed,” You said crossing your arms and looking around the room.

 “So you’re an artist,” Ashton said walking over to you, holding a shirt out for you to wear.

 “That’s why I’m here,” You sighed grabbing the shirt from him.

 “I meant you’re taking classes for drawing,” Ashton said as you walked into the bathroom that was attached to his room.

 “Something like that,” You nodded, closing the door. Ashton shook his head and walked over to the window, looking out at the people that were watching the cabin.

 “You can leave your wet shirt in there. I’ll dry it and give it back later,” Ashton said when he heard you open the door.

 “I didn’t know that you delivered,” You said walking over to the bedroom door. “I should really get going. I have class in about twenty minutes and I don’t want to be late on the first day.”

 Without another word from Ashton you walked out of his room and down the stairs. Michael and Calum were down in the living area and the kitchen, silently watching you as you scurried out of the house. “Was that the girl from yesterday?” Michael asked as Ashton walked down.

 “Uh yeah,” Ashton said nodding as he walked over to the couch, sitting down and looking at the coffee table.

 “What are you doing?” Calum asked.

 “What do you mean?” Ashton asked as Luke walked in.

 “You know you’re not supposed to hook up with the campers,” Calum said watching Luke sit down next to Ashton, the look of pain in his eyes.

 “Why did we agree to do this again?” He asked staring into space.

 “We owe Ted a favor,” Michael reminded.

 “You know, it’s a lot of pressure to try and find the next big thing,” Calum said turning the television off and grabbing a guitar out of the corner of the room.

 “What happened with you?” Michael asked looking through the tapes. He grabbed tape number eight and popped the CD in the player.

 “Fans happened,” Luke answered, being very vague as he watched the telly. “You know, I never thought it was fair. Number right was in all advanced classes. You come to camp to learn stuff and not relearn what you already know.”

 “Maybe she just wants to relearn on what she already knows, you noob,” Ashton said hitting Luke with one of the couch pillows.

 “Are you still looking for this girl?” Luke asked snatching the pillow from Ashton.

 “Of course,” Ashton answered. “She’s very talented.”

 “What about the girl that I just saw walking out?” Luke asked. “I think he name’s (Y/N). I have a private class with her in three hours.”

 “I’m still looking for number eight, but that doesn’t mean I can be her friend,” Ashton said leaning back, keeping his eyes on the screen.


hope you liked it.