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Blink 182 Whats my age again баян cover 

Band tees..

Don’t you just hate those people who wears band tees and have no clue what is on their shirt. Some girls thinks Nirvana is a clothing line..

I remember when I saw this girl who was wearing a nirvana shirt and I was like oh hey you like nirvana? She was like uh what is that? Like what ??

You should reblog this if you ACTUALLY listen to the bands on your shirts..

Failing To Call Teller A Twink To His Face: The Highlights

- so many punks enjoy Penn & Teller????? Even just in the queue outside I had my bastards of young jacket and my chain belt and I just didn’t look out of place at all I chatted to a blink 182 fan and the guy behind me had tartan skinny jeans and purple hair and there were so MANY of us I feel like I’ve found my People
- Penn has the voice of a TV evangelical preacher which is very bizarre considering he Definitely Isn’t One
- I got a 3♧ for the “Love Ritual” bit and I’m so happy
- Teller is. So cute tbh I love him all his daft little mannerisms are even more endearing in person
- there was a bit during the love ritual when Penn said a bunch of stuff including “love is for all genders and all sexualities” and “bearing in mind our magic is no substitute for grindr, or tinder” and I was just so happy I felt so included and when you have a 6'7" very loud slightly scary magician on your side you feel pretty damn safe there
- Penn also at one point yelled “if Donald Trump can quote Mussolini then god damn it I can quote Stalin” which is such a mood tbh
- they did like a pretty equal mix of stuff I know and love and also new stuff that I hadn’t seen before which was awesome
- they did a whole routine just using like a kid’s magic set and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen
- I don’t want to spoil anything for people who are yet to see it but holy mother of shit it’s such a good show I can’t believe it happened
- I didn’t get to meet them afterwards cause of increased security after Manchester causing delays, and my dad wasn’t happy to wait in the car for me so I just had to go and therefore did not tell Teller he was a twink
- I also didn’t get to thank him for being the reason I might not fail my drama this year cause he explained silence and tension and directing audience focus in performance better than any of my teachers ever had
- but I’m sure I’ll inform him some day somehow
- and I’m not even sad about that cause the whole thing was so so damn good