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I'd like to ask if you will post more about the ryden lore to clarify some misinformation? do you think Ry's bi? I think he just didn't know he loved B back then (or I will say they fell in love with each other at different time.) To me, ryden was real for sometime without them realizing or being honest with their feelings. And what's your thought about the cabin album? like do you think cricket & clover represent B & Ry?

Hi anon! I’ve just seen all your asks! I’ll try to answer them one by one and as best as I can!
You ask me to clarify Ryden Lore misinformation, is there anything specific you are interested in?

There are a few things I see confused all the time. For example:

- Cape Town, the song. Everyone wants to know what happened in Cape Town because it was the last time Panic played as a 4 piece, it was the end of a tour leg but not the end of Pretty.Odd touring, they still had some tour dates scheduled with Blink 182 and others. In fact, when the split was confirmed in their website in July 2009, they told everyone not to worry, that those shows were still on. Can you imagine Ryan Ross missing an opportunity to play a show with Blink 182? That’s how screwed up things were at the time.

The Young Veins song, however, is not about that. It’s about meeting a woman there ( I don’t know if before or after the split) and falling in love with her. Ryan was ready to leave everything behind and stay there with her (notice how desperate he was to run away from reality) he wanted to throw his passport away and stay in CT. But Jon (bless his hippy soul!) stopped him from being ridiculous, later they found out that this woman (who wanted to marry Ryan) was in fact already married but her husband was in jail. Ryan told this story in a TYV show before playing the song. One of the first people he followed on Twitter was a beautiful girl from Cape Town named Cindy, after that summer (2009) he unfollowed her.

Now, Ryan does tend to mix topics in one song (most songwriters do) so I’m not saying there aren’t any metaphors about the split in the song but, if there are, they aren’t huge. He left her in Cape Town after loving her, it’s not about the band. It’s like with Northern Downpour, that song is special because it mixes a lot of things, it’s not just Ryden, but it’s also Ryden.

Whatever happened in CT band wise, it wasn’t a surprise for anyone. There were rumours about issues within the 4 all around 2009, they got worse around spring time. They were constantly separated in 2s in interviews, like Ryan and Jon will be sitting together all the time, Spencer and Brendon the same. Jon and Ry were writing songs together a lot. During the Honda Civic Tour they toured with Phantom and Ryan got really close with Alex Greenwald (a bit “in love” with him in a brotherly kind of way). Bare in mind, he was very young, many people go through a huge process of change at the end of their teen years or early twenties and become a different person, they evolve differently, and that reflects in their need for change and seek of different horizons, I think that happened to him. He was looking for something new, exciting. In general, not just music wise.

(I could say soooo much about things that happened in 2009 but I don’t want to bore you. There are many many other things that have been misinterpreted in the Ryden Lore besides the Cape Town thing, let me know if you’d like to know about something specific or if you’d like a small summary of a few ones)

- Is Ryan bi? Well I don’t know, only he knows, obviously. The way I see it with him it’s like this: When he gets into a room, the first thing he notices is the girls there. He’s a Virgo. It’s difficult to get the attention of a Virgo in general. You have to be very special. They notice beauty and admire it but forget it 5 minutes later. If someone stands out from the crowd for some reason (charm, personality, intelligence, etc) they will pay attention to that person, female or male. These people don’t have to be found special by others, as long as they (Virgos) see the magic in them. They can be very random with this.

He seems physically attracted to women in general. But emotionally attracted to men. As I said, I have no idea if he finds men sexually attractive at all, he might! He always has male figures he looks up to, admires and/or considers family. Spencer, Brendon, Pete, Alex, Dan… you name it. For some bizarre reason Shane at some point. (Shivers) So much to say about this!

- Ryan and Brendon. I think they were very very close and had an interesting relationship because B admired Ryan a lot! And Ryan secretly wished to be a bit more like B. Add to the mix emotional issues, experimenting years, stage livido, drugs and alcohol and well… That’s a recipe for disaster. I think something happened, and they probably didn’t take it seriously. Their emotional attachment was the worst part I think, because they weren’t aware of it. I think they were attracted to each other a lot (physically). I think Ryan was a bit freaked out by that, it’s funny because he has a type! If you pay attention, he likes people who look and behave a certain way! Ryan felt really vulnerable between 2007 and 2009 so…

Who knows!

- The Cabin. Oh man! I bet they had fun! I think they went a little crazy and took themselves a bit too seriously. Ryan was trying to outdo himself and be this lyrical/music genius without having fun so that’s why he never finished the musical. Cricket and Clover was probably a metaphor for many things, and the songs from the album were fictional stories with dashes of reality. Pretty.Odd is more real.

I’m sorry for the huge answer oO, I’ll go reply to the other two! x

Okay say this with me kids
blink is rehearsing for SHOWS
nothing is done for their album yet except for exchanging of ideas
if you say they are rehearsing for their album that will suggest their album is nearly done which is completely false
I’m assuming the album will be released early next year (unless they can perform a miracle and release it by the end of this year which I rather not. I want the album to be something that they are proud of cause they put in a lot of time and effort to perfect every song, not a rushed album cause the fans are complaining)
So please know the facts!!!!!