blink 182 bass

Do you ever hear a song or a band and you just connect to it instantly?

Like, the music starts to play and you feel the beat pounding in your chest and the melody touches your soul and the lyrics will be stuck in your head for the rest of the month, but that’s okay because you love them so much anyway? And you can hear the emotion in the singer’s voice and the specific way the drummer keeps up the beat and the way the guitarist’s hands glide over the strings and the bassist’s tune is /so hauntingly beautiful/

And then one day you see them in concert, or at least see a video of it, and the singer is moving all over the stage and interacting with the mass of dancing fans who are all singing out of tune but nobody cares because it’s so great and the drummer is banging on the drums and smiling at the crowd and the guitarist is hopping around and everybody is moving to the beat and everybody is so in sync, at lest in that moment, and everything feels right in the world?

Because that’s the band that will stay with you forever. The songs will play through your mind long after the band retires or stops touring or breaks up, and you’ll remember the day you first discovered them and it made your life just a little bit better