wonwootie  asked:

Do you have any videos of shinee with dogs I need to see them to regain my sanity

worry not, I’ll provide you with all the shinee + dogs your heart can take (or not?) - starting with:

- jongkey and a small beautiful pup for the saem;

- more jongkey and a tiny pup for the saem;

- don’t forget the actual star of the bmu mv (+making of)

- and of the lucky star mv + making of (dl link only, sorry!);

- key’s dogs going to support them during the shooting of dtb;

- here you have jonghyun casually swallowing comme des down (feat. jinki);

- an entire key’s knowhow ep dedicated to comme des and garçons;

- and key’s my little television, of course~

- jjong & roo on 4 things show;

- oh and jonghyun’s instagram is also a great source for shinee + dogs goodness (preferably: fyjjong’s roo + blingstagram tag)

just like key’s insta;

- and lastly, I’ll leave here a pic of taemin with his pups adam and eve because we don’t get to see them enough:


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