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i watched the bling ring a couple nights ago and i really loved it sofia coppola is such a legend that soundtrack bangs!! also the actual real life bling ring case is so intriguing to me like there’s something really fucking interesting about those fame obsessed teens burglarizing celebrities homes… wonder what they’re up to nowadays

Red Lips and Creamy Thighs (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Summary: Y/N is a carefree flapper in the Roaring 20s and dances regularly at the speakeasy The Bling Pig. Newt is merely passing through the city and eager to leave when suddenly the sight of a young dancer ties him down slightly to New York City.

A/N: Sorry if I did some history errors, I researched the 20s but not in depth. Plus I’m Canadian so I know nothing of American history to begin with 😊

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“Y/N! I dare say your lipstick looks mighty fine today.”

“Why thank you Eileen and I see it is certainly not me who did that eyeliner on your eyes, it is too smoothly drawn!”

Y/N chuckled back at her friends while she laid back in her chair and watched herself take a puff of cigarette in the mirror surrounded by golden lights.

She was a flapper and a dancer. Once upon a time, Y/N grew up in a tight household where she was the youngest of five children, and the only girl. All her brothers were either into MACUSA or further magical education once they hit age 18. When it became her turn however, her parents told her she was to go nowhere but into a husband’s arms.

“You are to be married to a nice rich man who will take care of you.”

“But mom I want to study Magizoology!”

“Magizoology? Pff where is a young girl going to end up in a field like that? That is barely a job at the moment, and even less a WOMAN’s job.”

And so she fled, and ended up into the streets where she was fortunate enough that nothing bad has happened to her. Instead she started frequenting jazz clubs and speakeasys and got noticeable attention from young wizards. She started to dance a lot at the Bling Pig and would watch the nightly flapper performances. She soon caught the attention of Gnarlak, the pub owner and earned a spot in the dance team. Five years later and still looking 18, she became lead dancer at the club thanks to her avant-garde choreography.

“Hey Y/N, would you mind showing me the steps again to the foxtrot again?”

“Of course!” Y/N took a last swig of whiskey before hopping up from her chair.

Y/N moved with ease, dance coming naturally to her. She had been able to boost the business at the Blind Pig considerably with her skills in choreography, offering the customers combos never seen before.

“Wow, I still won’t get over how you can think of that!” The young dancer told Y/N.

“Thank you darling, you just have to think :”what has nobody done before?”

“Y/N!” The sly raspy voice of Gnarlak rang from the bottom of the stairs.

“Coming!” Y/N said, running down the stairs which led to the stage on the main floor below the dressing rooms.

“Hope you have something new tonight, the regulars are getting bored.”

“Oh don’t you worry sir, I’ve got something planned.”

“Good. Now get ready, it’s almost 9. Make me some money, girl.”

Y/N rolled her eyes as she clambered up the stairs.

Flappers were very often looked at as whores, who wore makeup and showed nothing but skin. But in reality, they were more than promiscuous jazz dancers. They were feminists. All of Y/N’s fellow dancer friends were women who longed for equality and the disappearance of misogyny. They shortened their dresses, for who were men to say that they couldn’t show their calves on a hot day when they walked around in shorts? They smoke and drank, for who were men to say that they were the only ones who earned a little break? They were loud, confident and sexy, for they were far too far in history to just be wallflowers and do what they’re told in silence.

“Girls!” Y/N gathered up her group of friends. “’Lizabeth, are you drunk again?”


“Whatever, you still dance equally as well luckily for you. Anyway, so goblin-face told us to spice things up for the old customers. Let’s put on our costumes and see what we can do.”

The girls undressed from their daywear and put on their shiny sequined dresses, the sight of fringe shaking around everywhere.

“Hmm.” Y/N looked. The dresses arrived mid-calf, which was already pretty scandalous. She grabbed a pair of scissors and cut through the dress of one of the girls, so the hem arrived mid-thigh.

“Ooh I like it!” Exclaimed one of the girls.

And so the half a dozen girls grabbed scissors and tailored their dresses.

“I like how it looks very much.” Said one, winking and lifting her leg so it rolled up and exposed more thigh.


This was Y/N’s favourite part apart from the show of course. The getting ready and the goofing off with her friends whom she called sisters. They did each other’s makeup, told stories of their mysterious lovers from the night before… Y/N didn’t have any to share but listened. After each “performance”, she would of course asked to dance by a gentleman along with the rest of her friends, but she did not go home with any of them.


“Oh c’mon Newt, it’s time we had a little fun.” Queenie clapped.

“Yeah, a wizard bar? I fancy what that’s like.” Jacob said, already tying up one of his shoes with a pastry in one hand.

“Look Newt, not even I like to indulge, but the Blind Pig is quite some fun.” Tina said.

“It’s dark, and jazzy and great for meeting strangers.” Queenie winked but pouted slightly when she still didn’t see Newt nodding to her idea. “Oh come on we only have one more creature to find! It can wait a night.” And then she whispered, “I bet he’d like the flappers.” closely to Tina’s ear which made her chuckle.

Before he knew it, the quartet were changed into evening wear and out the door. They were soon face to a poster with a red-headed lady and the words “Enchanting, beguiling, alluring” written on the bottom.

Queenie knocked and the poster separated and revealed a dark pub. They walked right in before the singer stopped and announced some dance number.

Soon, the dance floor cleared and a round of applause broke out, especially from male clientele, Newt noticed.

He felt a hand force his shoulder down into a seat and the man sat beside me.

“You look like a lonely fella. You won’t want to miss this then, trust me.”

Newt raised his eyebrows and turned his focus back to the dance floor.

The girls one by one descended the staircase onto the center of the pub, heavy fur coats on. Y/N followed behind without a coat, hidden behind her friends.

“break a leg ladies” she whispered behind them as the music started playing.

It was a slow sultry jazz song that began, sung by the woman-creature. The girls started slowly moving, together forming a big bundle of white fur with their boats.

Newt merely contemplated lightly, not finding a bunch of girls moving suggestively very interesting. Until, she came out.

The music suddenly changed and the ladies shimmied off their coats and kneeled down, revealing Y/N.

They carried on dancing popular dances with a sensual twist. They shimmied, hopped, shook their hips. The whole time, Newt was completely entranced by the lead dancer who seemed to stand out a lot, at least to him. Everything about her was perfectly sculpted; the way her face was designed, her deep red lips he would kill to kiss and bite, her sharp eyes fluttering under a bird’s wing like set of eyelashes, her velvety smooth thighs… he looked at every detail in close, and her entire body as a whole. How it moved, swayed. How her waist would look when she put her hands on her hips. Her red as blood lipstick. Her smooth as cream thighs…

For the first time in his life, Newt felt this weird animalistic desire in him. It resided deep inside his abdomen and all he could think of was her flesh and his lust to feel it.

Queenie sitting beside, looked at him astonished. She didn’t imagine Newt having such thoughts, but she liked this side of her friend and decided to give him a little helping hand. She excused herself from Jacob and wandered to Newt’s table.

“Fancy any of them?” She winked.

Newt blushed a deep red and didn’t respond. His focus remained on Y/N who’s skirt was now clutched in her hands so it revealed her quick feet, and even higher up of her thighs.

“She is lovely. She moves like a bird.” Queenie commented. She turned around and got two drinks and gave them to Newt. “for the nerves.” She said. “You know, when you ask her to dance once the performance was over.”

“I-I’m not going to ask-“

“You should, or someone’ll beat ya to it.” The man beside him suggested. “Suppose Y/N’s the one you’re staring at. The one in the middle with the hella beautiful red lips?”

Newt nodded shyly.

“Yeh after the show men just throw themselves at her. Well at all of them actually, but mostly at her.”

The Magizoologist’s gaze went back on her who was laughing a sexy laugh. He brought his cup to his lips and took a couple gulps.

Too soon to his opinion, the show ended and the singer came back and started singing as people stood up to dance. He saw indeed that men would go towards the fringe-covered girls and buy them drinks. He wasn’t too sure how to feel about this Y/N, for she was gorgeous but he could assume the reputation flappers had. To him, and most foreigners, they looked like young girls dancing and drinking their days away, and seducing their nights away. He pushed that possibility of Y/N out of his mind and could not deny that he was extremely attracted to her nevertheless.

Y/N cheered and down a shot with her friends.

“Amazing tonight ladies.” Her friend said.

“Hear hear!” Another cried out, before being led to the dance floor by a black-haired gentleman.

Y/N watched her friends get picked up by men one-by-one and sighed. There were cons to her life as a flapper, true, but it was way better than being a housemaid. It was fun. Just then she saw a man with honey curly locks looking at her from a table at the far end.

He seemed…different from the usual customers she usually saw. He seemed innocent, and almost kind. He was neatly dressed in a blue coat and a yellow scarf she didn’t recognize.

She decided to go toward him.

Newt was still admiring Y/N when slowly her figure drew bigger and bigger and before he could escape, he realised she was coming right at him.

“Hello sir.” She said, accepting a seat from the three men who stood up for her.

Her voice was fruity and playful, and words seemed to ooze off her tongue slowly. Everything about her screamed sex appeal. But the thing was, she acted in no way suggestively to give off that impression.

“Please, call me Newt.” He said, confidence slowly rising inside him from the influence of alcohol.

“Newt. That’s now a name I hear every day.”

“And yours is?”


Newt watched her say it, in a way a rose would say it was a rose.

They resumed with small talk, a bit of where are you from, and this and that but nothing too in depth. Eventually Newt grew tired of conversing and felt the urge to touch her again. He stood up and offered her his arm and went onto the dance floor.

“I must warn you, I am terrible at dancing.”

“You don’t have to worry about that, Newt, I think it’s cute.” Y/N winked.

Newt soaked in the feeling of the sound of his name in her voice, for this may be the last time he saw this girl. They danced and danced and laughed and drank and laughed some more. Newt’s eyes the entire night were turned in one direction only.

The night closing in and the pub emptying, it was finally time to go. Y/N watched her friends follow their newly acquired men home.

“Well it was pleasure meeting you Y/N. You are a delight.”

“Wait, you’re not asking me back to your room?” Y/N looked at him in stupor. Never once did a man dance with Y/N to not want her in his bed the next day.

Newt misinterpreted this. He sighed to himself.

“Look, I’m sorry. I know you are a beautiful lady and are young and go home with a guy each night but I’m just erm not that kind of guy.” He felt bad for her really, and longed to see her again if it weren’t for this promiscuity.

“I beg your pardon?” Y/N practically shrieked. So he thought she was a whore then? Wouldn’t be the first time. But still, she thought he was different.

“I’m really really sorry, Y/N. I genuinely don’t want take you home with me. I see you’re mad at that-“

“And I see you willfully misunderstand me. Good night.” Y/N stormed off.

How dare he think all she wanted was to sleep with him?

Newt stood aghast. All he was trying to do was help her, why did she get so mad at him? He tried to shrug it off for he probably wouldn’t see her ever again. Yet his body told his mind otherwise, for it yearned for those creamy thighs and red lips.


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