bling car

Felt like sharing this, my first Cars diecast which is “Bling” Lightning from Cars hope you don’t me sharing this and the Cruz and Fritter die casts (when their available of course) :)

look at the BLUE BOY. 

I wish i had more cars diecasts honestly, i feel like outta everyone in the fandom my “collection” is the smallest 

This $140,000 Hot Wheels car is allegedly the most expensive toy car in the world, created to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Mattel’s tiny cars and show why Humanity has way too much free time. Why is it so expensive? As you can see in the glittery images, it is all about the 23-carat bling-bling. The car has 2,700 blue, black, and white diamonds covering its 18-karat white gold frame. The blue diamonds are used to mimic the Hot Wheels Spectraframe blue paint, while black and white diamonds cover the underbelly and for the engine. For the brake lights, they used rubies.