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jonghyun; quotes

“I resemble the moon? Yeah, that’s right since I always appear at night.”


“SHINee are really the best.”

— on his favourite group.


“There are not many people who would want to know the real me.”


“I love my mum so much. I’m going to live with my mum forever.”


“I don’t think crying or showing your sensitivity is a bad thing.”


“Being without the other members, I feel 5 times more free, but I’m also 5 times lonelier.”



i didn’t want to believe it…i didn’t think it would break me this much…

there’s so many things i want to say. to be thankful for. how much you and shinee have helped me through so much, even through the darkest times. but it’s hard enough to write this with shaky hands and a part of me still doesn’t want to believe it.  

it must have been so hard for you. i hope you know how many people are praying for you and will miss you. please rest well now. 

all the love. 


I try to keep kpop aspects off of this blog because that isn’t what it is about but this is a tragedy that I feel like I need to address. Jonghyun was my ultimate bias. From the first video I ever saw of SHINee he stood out to me. He’s dealt with so much over the years from his weight to insomnia and lately it kind if seemed as if he had been getting better. It seems now that was just kind of wishful thinking. I want to let anyone who follows me know that my inbox is always open if you need to vent or talk so please don’t let yourself suffer alone. I hope those who played a part in this tragedy-and I’m not naming anyone but I think anyone who has followed what’s been going on the last few weeks or days may already know - but I hope they have learned a lesson from this. Words hurt and they shouldn’t be taken lightly. RIP Jonghyun. You were and always will be my favourite. Rest in peace angel. You will be missed. 사랑해요.