Justin: And then I add 40 to that.

Griffin: What? No, isn’t it 10d6 plus 4?

Justin: No sir, that’s 10d6 plus 40 damage.

Griffin: Wait, really? 

Justin: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Travis: It’s called Disintegrate, Griffin!

Justin: Yeah, it’s called “Disintegrate”, it’s not called, like, “Loving Caress from a New Lover”!

While it stands true that Jonathan and Nancy had a far greater bond then Nancy and Steve did at the end of Volume 1, the choosing of Steve should’ve been the end of this love triangle. However, in Volume 2 it is brought up once again that both Nancy and Jonathan have remaining feelings for each other, leaving a heartbroken Steve blindsided and forced to leave the relationship after Nancy drunkenly called their love bullshit. Steve genuinely cared about Nancy’s ass and in conclusion Steve Harrington deserved better.

The Proposal | Part Two

Summary: In which a fake proposal leads to the admission of real feelings.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,619

Part One

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A knock pulls Bucky away from the mirror and to the door. He takes his time unlocking it and pulling it open, unsure of who’s waiting on the other side.

“Are you ready?” Steve fiddles with his tie, not bothering to look up and properly greet his best friend. “We’re leaving in ten minutes.”

Bucky’s heart stalls for a brief second, long enough to remind him that it’s still there. It still works. It still feels. After everything that has happened with Hydra, he wasn’t sure that would be the case.

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Writing Prompts Based On Sentences I’ve Encountered In Latin Exercises:

- Life is about to become very uncomfortable for the poet.

- The gods order the sailors to pay the penalty - but we give weapons to the sailors.

- The husband has gold, the wife [has] a sword.

- Women have concerns about the deeds of men.

- Although I brought her ten books, nevertheless the goddess herself hates me.

- We can see ourselves in the mirror, but not you, vampire.

So...let’s talk about Astrid’s eye sight, shall we?

What if Blindsided did have a permanent affect on her vision? As in: Gothi’s treatment was only partially successful?

I once saw a post where people speculated that Astrid might not see well in HTTYD 2, because she had to squint her eyes compared to Hiccup:

Could be her vision was better/perfect before RTTE S4 happened :o

Victoria: Cal said he didn’t want to be king and he was obviously lying.

Me: ahaaha, well we don’t know that for sure, you goose

Victoria: People are rooting for him to be king. He has followers.

Me: aha! Who needs followers when you have Mare? Not Tiberias VII Calore hah

Victoria: It’s in his blood. This is his dream. The opportunity is right there.

Me: N-not this guy.My guy. aahhsdfghjk ha ah Not H im. 

Cal: *does the thing*


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Please do yourself a favour and avoid thinking about how genuinely blindsided Ben was when Rey didn’t join him.

Throughout TLJ all of the moments between the two of them are so specifically intimate. Even in the beginning Rey’s hatred of him is very personal and has nothing to do with their respective allegiances. We’re not watching members of two warring factions. We’re not watching a Jedi and a (kind of?) Sith. We’re just watching two people figuring each other out.

Then there’s the elevator scene, and again it’s so personal. “You will not bow before Snoke.” “You’ll stand with me.” Nothing about light or dark or the First Order or the Resistance. It’s purely about this thing between them. 

But then in the moments after their fight, when he’s internally celebrating their victory and his newfound freedom and strength, she turns it all around and begs him to save the Resistance and he realises that that was her motivation all along. She wasn’t here for him, she was here for ~the good of the galaxy~; she was just using him the way that every other person in his life has used him.

Han resented him for being Force-sensitive because it meant his son wouldn’t just be the mini-Han he had wanted. Luke was using him to propagate the Jedi religion (before he decided to murder him). Snoke is clearly trying to fulfil some sort of pet Vader fetish.

And don’t even get me started on the fact that Ben’s issues with Leia stem from the fact that he felt like she valued the Resistance over him.

Oh and also please do yourself a favour and avoid thinking about how even though this perceived betrayal must have cut so, so deep… he still tried one more time to beg her to come with him. How many chances would he have been willing to give if she hadn’t reached for that lightsaber?

Escape Room: Day Three

-A young girl arrived forty-five minutes early for her game, well before the rest of her team. Her parents explained that they had not expected to make it, as they had been out of state, but their daughter had been so excited that they got in the car at three in the morning and drove straight here. Her parents’ exhaustion was strong, but nothing compared to her excitement to play. I hope beyond hope to see her succeed and love every minute.

-For our hint system, we offer escapists a set of laminated cards, which are then collected when they call us in for help. This allows us to keep track of how many hints a group has remaining. One group feigned ignorance to this, refusing to hand their cards over, believing they could dupe us into free hints. They were subsequently outwitted, however, blindsided by our ability to count to three.

-As a kid discovered that he would be have a photograph placed on the winner wall alongside all previous successful escapees, he gleefully exclaimed, “We’re gonna be famous!” His joy solidified his fame as my new priority in life. I will now ensure that he is immortalized both in my tales and in my heart.

-I am pleased to report that, after an entire day on the road, the aforementioned girl escaped her room with plenty of time left and had an incredible experience doing so. This validated the drive to her parents and lifted a weight off of me. I do not know how I could have handled myself if she emerged disappointed.

-A father told his son that, as a general rule of life, you do not shoot people, especially not the people who are holding all of your money. This advice was not phrased in the most eloquent way, but it is precisely what a man held at toygunpoint would say.

-A group escaped from our hardest room at the exact instant that their timer ran out and began to sound off. For the last minute, the entire staff had been holding their breath and cheering them on silently from just outside. I love having a job that gets my adrenaline pumping by just watching other people accomplish things. It gives my days so much meaning with so little effort.

-While eating lunch alone in the break room, a spare walkie-talkie went off behind my back. I heard static, followed by the desperate noises of a baby, followed by the indecipherable words of a child, followed by the hiss of an open yet silent line, followed by nothing. I fear that those who have entered our rooms yet did not escape may still be with us. I can only hope they do not seek more to join their ranks, or worse still, feed patrons free clues. That just would not be fair.

-Despite solving the requisite puzzles with little difficulty, one team found themselves trapped in the first chamber, faced with one final problem. The door refused to budge, push and pull as they might. After a great deal of deliberation, searching for missed clues, and general frustration, they slid the door to the side and carried on their way.