Hiccup the Romantic

Hiccup has thought about kissing Astrid first multiple times and he always waited until the moment was “Perfect”. 

So even though Astrid was the one always initiating the kissing before Season 4 of RTTE, Hiccup was FAR from being the shy type of lover. He’s a romantic, and as a romantic he waited until the perfect moment to initiate their first kiss as a couple.

When Astrid was confiding in him about her fear of being permanently blind, Hiccup comforts her by saying that they’ll get through it together. Telling her that he will never abandon her side and that there will always be a “Hiccup and Astrid”. His genuine confession of commitment was practically a declaration of marriage as he leans in to kiss her before they were attacked.

And when Astrid finally gets her sight back at the end of the episode, Hiccup doesn’t hesitate to kiss her during the sunset after she comments that the moment was perfect for it. And can I point out how passionate that kiss was? Seriously from that moment on all of their kisses has been Husband and Wife level of affection. 

So let’s get one thing straight: Hiccup is not a shy lover, he’s a romantic. And he’s not afraid of going in for a more passionate display of affection. 

So...let’s talk about Astrid’s eye sight, shall we?

What if Blindsided did have a permanent affect on her vision? As in: Gothi’s treatment was only partially successful?

I once saw a post where people speculated that Astrid might not see well in HTTYD 2, because she had to squint her eyes compared to Hiccup:

Could be her vision was better/perfect before RTTE S4 happened :o


I don’t really like drawing Hanzo as a super “tsundere” since the term has such a negative implication to it due to terrible animu portrayals which show them as abusive and unapologetic for it.

I see Hanzo more as a flustered fluffy mess when it comes to the cowboy and doesn’t know what to do with himself when the cowboy blindsides him. But I hope this was okay?  Thank you for the ask @funkeyfun64!

“I loved Blindisided but not just because of Hiccstrid. I loved that it actually showed a unique way of training a specific dragon. That is something that I’ve been wanting so badly to see on the show. How exactly do you train different dragons? Cause, let’s be honest, it can’t just be the hand thing. Seeing Astrid using the clicks to train it was so exciting to me.”

understand and come to terms with the similarities between you and your enemy before going into battle with them so you aren’t that dummy who gets blindsided by the “we aren’t so different, you and i” monologue

Drabble: Blindsided

Hiccstrid get some rest before heading to Berk, just because I think it’s unrealistic that they got there the same day as the accident.

“Well, that was a busy day,” Hiccup remarked as he and Astrid arrived back to the center of the Edge.

“Is it dark yet?” the blonde asked, half-climbing-half-falling off of Stormfly.

“It’s dusk,” Hiccup answered. He gave Toothless a pat on the head before continuing with, “But you might wanna start thinking about getting some rest. I was hoping to leave as early as possible tomorrow. The sooner we get you to Gothi, the better.”

Astrid let out a sigh.

“You okay?”

“I’ll be fine. I just…well…could I sleep in your hut tonight?”

Hiccup smiled. “Of course.” After giving Toothless his evening meal, he led Astrid into his hut, the Night Fury following close behind. “Alright, the bed is about ten steps ahead of you.”

The blonde slowly made her way over to the piece of furniture and, sitting on the furs, removed her boots, socks, and armor. She then nestled beneath the covers. “Hiccup? Toothless?”

“Yeah, we’re still here.” Hiccup was curled up against his dragon.

“Are you coming?”

“Coming where?”

“Bed. Where else?”

The auburn-haired Viking realized that Astrid wanted him to sleep beside her, rather than on the floor with Toothless. Removing his leg so as not to accidentally kick her with it, he climbed onto his bed and tugged the furs over him. “Better?”

Nodding, she cuddled into his side and buried her face into his chest. It wasn’t long before a couple stray tears escaped her sightless eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Hiccup asked, his arms winding around her middle.

“I’m just…I’m scared. What if…what if Gothi says I’ll be like this forever?”

“Like I said earlier, we’ll make it work.”

“But I don’t want to hold you back. You can’t waste your life worrying about me. The others need you, and Berk needs you, and –”

“You’re not holding me back, Astrid.” He hugged the blonde tighter.

Silence fell over the room.

“Hiccup?” Astrid said eventually.


“Thanks. For…for everything.”

Do you think Hiccup will pull that you can’t fly “in your condition” when Astrid is pregnant?

I mean yeah, its a reasonable thing to suggest not flying a dragon while pregnant (or at least engaging in combat on dragonback) but like… that child is literally the child of two Dragon Riders. It should be flying on dragons before its even out of the womb.


Summary: When Lucy agreed to go on a blind date she hadn’t been expecting, well, this. A valentine dedicated to my followers.

Rating: T

AN: This wasn’t what I planned on giving you for a valentine but the other one started to turn a tad angsty and you all deserve some fluff from me for once. ;D Hope everyone had a wonderful day full of love (whether it be romantic, platonic, or even self). 

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Lucy evaluated her reflection in the store window thoughtfully. Not a single blonde hair was out of place, but she found herself lightly running her hands over the loosely curled strands just in case there was any frizz she missed. Her make up was impeccable (as it should be considering she spent over forty–five minutes agonizing over it), and the little black halter dress she had finally decided on (another hour long process) clung to her curvy body in all the right places.

She looked good. Damn good. 

She smiled at the thought, but immediately sobered back into a fit of nerves when she recalled exactly why she was dressed up in the first place. Down the street, sitting innocently on the corner, was a busy restaurant with a single man sitting at a table, waiting for her. A man who she was apparently suppose to find from a white scarf.

Lucy had half a mind to just turn around and go back to her apartment. This whole thing was completely ridiculous and she didn’t know why she had ever listened to those twins Gem and Mini when it came to her love life. Blind dates never turned out well for anyone. It was like the unwritten rule in the dating world. So exactly why she had spent hours on her appearance for a night that was ultimately doomed to be a complete disaster was completely beyond her, but she had a feeling that the twins insistence that the person they were setting her up with was ‘perfect for her’ probably had something to do with it. 

A sigh passed her glossed lips, fogging up the glass of the lovely shoe display. Maybe she should just go shopping – those pink stilettos in the corner there were incredibly cute. She could totally rock them. 

Of course, then Gem and Mini would never let her hear the end of it.

The thought of their echoed words of infinite frustration immediately had her stepping away from the (oh so tempting) display and towards the restaurant at the corner. One night of disaster would be better than a lifetime of nagging from those two. Being that they were both actors, they had the annoying habit of impersonating close friends, especially when said friend had done something silly or stupid. It was hilarious most of the time, their impersonations were always spot on which made it even funnier, but the joke wasn’t quite so amusing when it was her lack of dating prowess on front and center stage.

Checking her phone before she stepped through the restaurant doors, she reread the message Gem had sent her. 'He will be at Rainbow Sakura Restaurant at 6pm wearing a white scarf and sitting at a table for two. Have fuuuuuun!’ It was five after now (was fashionably late still fashionable?) so if this mystery man had any kind of manners he should be in there. Waiting for her. 

God, tonight was going to be awful. She just knew it. 

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