pairing: arthur & ivan
rating: T
word count: 2000+
summary:  Arthur and Ivan are set up on a blind date, but Arthur is sorely disappointed and quick to judge Ivan based on his appearance. As the date progresses, he finds they are more compatible than he thought.

Arthur took another sip of his ice water. The condensation on the glass felt cool in his clammy hands. He glanced out the window, the blaring of car horns from the evening rush hour catching his attention. The noise disrupted the calm chitchat and clinking of silverware that surrounded him in the restaurant.

“Sorry I’m late!”

Another man sat down in the seat across from Arthur, catching him by surprise. “Were you waiting long?” the man asked while adjusting his blazer and pushing hair out of his face.

“No– Not at all,” Arthur lied, his words sputtering out of him. “I’m Arthur,” he offered his hand.

“Ivan,” the man replied, taking Arthur’s hand firmly with a smile. “I’ve heard so much about you.”

“…All good things, I hope,” Arthur replied, trying his darnedest to seem cheery. But his expression hardened as he noticed how small his own hand was in comparison to Ivan’s.

In fact, Ivan was simply large in general. He was excessively tall and much too wide. Even when they were seated, he stared down at Arthur, who was a man already much thinner and slightly shorter than average. Not only was Ivan tardy, but it turned out he wasn’t Arthur’s type at all.

“What are you ordering?” Ivan asked, too absorbed in the menu to notice Arthur scrutinizing him.

Arthur jumped. “I’m not sure yet,” he mumbled while scrambling for his menu. Even his voice is too gruff, he thought to himself.

“Everything sounds really good,” Ivan sighed, “I don’t know if I want the Singapore rice noodles or duck fried rice.”

“Where is that?”Arthur asked, squinting at the text.

Ivan leaned forward and pointed to the description of the duck fried rice.

“That does sound good.”

“I want to try the orange beef too…”

Arthur motioned at the waiter.

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i think the moment that sabotage started playing was the most pure and intense joy a movie has ever provided me

'SOPA 2014' is a hoax: We're all signing the wrong petition.

There is no SOPA 2014.  There are, however, a number of SOPA-like measures in the works that take after SOPA, including the Notice and Staydown Policy, the TPP, and the Voluntary Agreements, which are the measures we should be fighting.

For more information, refer to the article here.

If you don’t want internet policy to make it harder for for sites to host fanworks, this is the petition you should consider signing.

This should be an abject lesson for us all.  Stop the scare-mongering and get your facts straight before you participate in the panic.  I am guilty of this as well.


Monstrous Nightmare

I could not resist drawing one of my favorite crocodile-faced fiery beasts, the Monstrous Nightmare! I might also not have been able to resist making my own fancharacter and story…

Pictured are two colour variations I’ve seen in the movies and television series. I was over the moon to see a fully blue Monstrous Nightmare in HTTYD2 at the end but I do really like the Berkian blue phase because of the red tints.

jackie ibarra WILL be the next queen brittnee blair, both laying low for the first few weeks and then winning a crucial HOH when the odds are stacked against them. Then when given power, similar to queen b, jackie will flip the house UPSIDE DOWN and Au**in will be sent out the door as Jackie transforms into the BIGGEST comp KWEEN of the season as her weeks in power have only just begun