I don’t think the jury was bitter. Paul thought lying to them even in his goodbye messages was a good idea, as if nobody would talk in jury. Josh didn’t lie. He was upfront about it. That is part of the game. You have to own your moves and Paul didn’t. He acted as though he had been blindsided. That came back to bite him in the ass. Tough shit on him.


y;all catch me going back to services this weekend in order to give thanks and praise to the above for pulling the ultimate blindside this summer

Taking Centre Stage / Veronica Lodge

Words: 1597

Veronica frowned as she took you in-standing outside of the shed watching Archie rehearse. You were bobbing your head along to the beat and wore a smile on your face as you encouraged your brother.

When she’d moved to Riverdale, Veronica had no intention of finding love-especially because of the last relationship she was in, she thought she wouldn’t be able to love someone again for a very long time.

But then she met you and you completely blindsided her.

Veronica had met you through Archie-being his twin and closest friend, you were never too far away. The two of you had started out as friends but your relationship quickly blossomed into something more. 

As she finally reached you, you jumped as her arms wound around your waist which caused her to chuckle. Leaning back into her, you placed your hands on her and began to sway.

It wasn’t long until you had spun around in your girlfriend’s hold and taken her in your arms to dance.

Veronica rolled her eyes as you held her close, but a smile began forming as you sang along to Archie quietly into her ear.

Your brother had noticed your absence in the doorway immediately and found himself watching you and Veronica as you twirled her under your arm. Archie was happy for you and unknowing to you, in a way he was envious for how happy you were.

Archie’s voice faded out, but he continued to strum on his guitar-unable to hear as you went on singing his song to Veronica. 

When you finally came to a halt, you turned your attention on your brother as you entwined your fingers with your girlfriends, “We’re going to go out for a bit, okay?” you asked. “If dad gets home before I do, just let him know.”

Archie nodded and turned his back on you as you began to lead Veronica around the house into the street. 

She was silent as you both slowly made your way down the street and you could tell something was on her mind.

“What’s going on up there?” you questioned.

Veronica squeezed your hand, offering you a smile, “I was just thinking,” she said.

Shaking your head, you nudged her shoulder with yours, “I got that, V, what about?”

Taking a deep breath, she looked over at you, “I was wondering why you don’t ever do something about your talent.”

You sighed, “We’ve talked about this before-”

“And you’ve never really given me an answer,” she interrupted softly. “Music is your passion and you have a gift (Y/N)-I don’t understand why you hide it.”

“I don’t hide it,” you denied, “I just…I don’t want to take the attention off Archie.”

Veronica scoffed, “That boy has more than enough, I think he’d be fine.”

You shrugged, “I just…Archie fought hard to get to where he is-to be able to do this.”

“But you love it too,” she argued. “And you deserve to be happy.”

“I am happy.”

Veronica shot you a look, “You know what I mean.”

Your eyes dropped to the ground, “What if I’m not as good? Archie’s always been the one in the limelight-football, with his friends and now music. If I start performing, they’re all just going to compare us and I’m so sick of it,” you confessed.

Veronica remained silent as she let you continue-happy you were finally opening up.

“Our whole lives we’ve been compared over everything and it just gets so exhausting. I thought music was my thing you know?” you laughed. “It’s stupid, I know-but it was the one thing I had that he didn’t, but now…well, he got his chance before I did.”

Your girlfriend came to a stop, gripping your hand and holding you back as you tried to continue to walk. “(Y/N),” she began, resting her hands on your shoulders to force you to look at her. “Screw what anyone says or thinks-this is something that you love, something you’ve loved your whole life. If you want to sing, sing. If you want to perform, perform. Don’t compare yourself to him, because there is nothing to compare. You are two different people.”

Veronica began to worry that she’d said the wrong thing, you remained standing in front of her without saying anything for the next few moments. 

She laughed when you quickly pressed a kiss to her lips, taken by surprise-but she happily returned the gesture.

“What would I do without you?” you murmured, pressing your forehead against her.

Veronica shrugged, a small smile playing on her lips. “Who knows?”

Raising an eyebrow at your girlfriend, you crossed your arms and leant against the wall as she continued to jump up and down in front of you. “Okay!” she grinned, “I have amazing news!”

Gesturing for her to continue, she gripped at your arms and tried to calm herself down. 

“What would you say,” she began, “if I told you that you were going to perform Saturday night at the dance?” she asked.

Snorting, you shook your head, “I’d say you’re delusional.” 

Her face fell and her arms dropped to her side, “You don’t want to?”

Your brow furrowed, “I don’t know,” you admitted. “But even if I did, Archie’s performing.”

Veronica shook her head, “No,” she said. “He’s not. Archie broke his wrist and he doesn’t want to perform without his guitar,” she continued. 

“Is he okay?” you inquired, shocked at the news-having not known about your brothers injury.

“He’s fine,” she said quickly. “But I suggested to that girl who’s planning the dance that you would be interested in taking his place-she agreed without hesitation and audition. I think it was mainly because she was really stressed about the whole thing but that’s not the point,” Veronica rambled, slowly trailing off as she noticed your expressionless face. “You’re mad,” she stated.

“No!” you rushed out, “I’m not mad…I’m just…I don’t think I can do it.”

Veronica took a step closer to you, “Of course you can. Will you at least think about it?”

Seeing the hopeful look on her face, you nodded-causing her smile to return. “I’ll think about it, but don’t get your hopes up,” you instructed. 

It only took until lunch for you to come to a decision. You’d thought about the idea of performing all day since Veronica had cornered you in the morning and as time went on, it became more and more appealing. 

Veronica found you sitting at your usual table at lunch and greeted you with a kind smile. 

“I’ve been thinking,” you started, biting back your laughter as her head shot up as she looked at you. “I…I do want to perform at the dance,” you told her, “but I have one condition.”

“Anything,” Veronica insisted. 

“You have to be up there on stage with me.” Her mouth fell open for a brief moment. “Please?” you asked. “I need you up there with me.”

She carefully placed her hands on the table, “If it’s what you really want,” she said slowly.

“It is,” you nodded quickly. 

“Then I can do that.”

You made sure that Veronica didn’t tell anyone that you would be playing Saturday night so when the dance finally rolled around and you made your way to the centre of the stage-you noticed their shocked faces as you sought them out in the crowd.

You tried to avoid your brother’s eyes as you sang, your fingers almost dancing across the keyboard as you played. 

Turning your eyes on Veronica, you shot her a smile as she sang with you-your voices melding together with ease, Veronica’s fading in and out to keep the attention on you. 

After a few songs, they started to play music over the speakers which signalled your break. Veronica took your hand in hers and guided you to the bottom of the stage where she pulled you into a hug.

“I’m so proud of you,” she whispered against your neck, her words barely audible.

“Thank you,” you told her, nuzzling your face in her neck. “I would never have done this without you.”

As her arms tightened around you, you left your hands resting on her hips, “It was all you,” she insisted. “And you were so good.”

Pressing a soft kiss against her exposed skin, you tried to hide your smile. 


Lifting your head, your attention shifts to your incoming brother and friends. Veronica released you only for you to be pulled into your twin’s embrace. 

“You were amazing,” he exclaimed sincerely, squeezing you tightly. 

“I had no idea you sang,” Betty announced, hugging you when Archie finally pulled away.

“You definitely give this redhead a run for his money,” Jughead complimented, gesturing to your brother.

You shrugged bashfully, “Thank you,” you told them.

Veronica took hold of your hand once more, tugging your arm towards her, “Stop being so modest,” she told you. “You were incredible up there.”

“So were you,” you countered, meeting her gaze, making her roll her eyes.

“Tonight is about you,” Veronica said firmly. “And you were incredible,” she continued. 

“She’s right,” Archie commented. 

“Absolutely beautiful,” Betty added, her smile growing wider.

“Thank you,” you repeated, letting your eyes move across your friends faces-taking in their pride. When your focus fell back on your girlfriend, you felt as though your heart skipped a beat as her breathtaking smile remained. “Thank you,” you said again, your eyes locked on Veronica. 

Hiccup the Romantic

Hiccup has thought about kissing Astrid first multiple times and he always waited until the moment was “Perfect”. 

So even though Astrid was the one always initiating the kissing before Season 4 of RTTE, Hiccup was FAR from being the shy type of lover. He’s a romantic, and as a romantic he waited until the perfect moment to initiate their first kiss as a couple.

When Astrid was confiding in him about her fear of being permanently blind, Hiccup comforts her by saying that they’ll get through it together. Telling her that he will never abandon her side and that there will always be a “Hiccup and Astrid”. His genuine confession of commitment was practically a declaration of marriage as he leans in to kiss her before they were attacked.

And when Astrid finally gets her sight back at the end of the episode, Hiccup doesn’t hesitate to kiss her during the sunset after she comments that the moment was perfect for it. And can I point out how passionate that kiss was? Seriously from that moment on all of their kisses has been Husband and Wife level of affection. 

So let’s get one thing straight: Hiccup is not a shy lover, he’s a romantic. And he’s not afraid of going in for a more passionate display of affection. 

I can’t wait for Season 6 Episode 6

Let’s do a recap here

Season 1 Episode 6 starts like this

and immediately cuts to the team with Keith making the saddest face

and he gets so impatient about Lance being in the the pod that he starts tapping the glass and annoying everyone else asking when Lance is gonna be okay

and then has this disappointed and worried look when he realises he has to keep waiting

and then Lance gets out of the pod and we get these faces

just look at that soft happy surprised keith

and then Lance flirts with Allura and happy Keith turns into grumpy jealous Keith

and in the next scene Lance is eating and Keith is literally sitting on the table watching him

and gets annoyed when Lance says he did nothing to help

and then we get these fucking devastated faces when Lance says he doesn’t remember any of what Keith did

they had a bonding moment, he cradled him in his arms

and then we have the castle landing on a moon that is literally just a big bi flag. like that is it, the moon is a bi pride moon, look at this shit

and we have Lance flirting with Nyma while Keith makes this face

and then he switches to unimpressed mode

and then we have Lance getting frazzled when Nyma suggests she go for a ride with Keith

and then rainbow on bi moon

followed immediately by keith just chilling and smiling with Rolo and definitely not being super super gay right after the pride flag was flashed up on screen

and then we have the sequence where Keith gets Lance’s lion back and this triumphant face

morphs into this soft, soft expression the second he says Lance’s name

and then they’re both just so soft (and Lance is making up the blue part of the bi flag rn)

and then this wonderful flirting

and “I thought we bonded” over a shot of another rainbow with Lance and Keith noticeably being the only Paladins off-screen

And now for Season 2 Episode 6 where Keith doesn’t speak until Lance says this

and when we’re shown him here he’s behind Lance glaring

and once attention is on him he looks super vulnerable

and the next shot we get of him he still looks vulnerable as heck but Lance has moved over to stand beside him

and then he does the thing where he explains his tagline use to Keith before Keith has to ask what he’s talking about

and then we have our token gay keith moment when keith cradles allura in his arms and has zero reaction to it even when she is flustered and blushing - I get the impression he wouldn’t devastated if she forgot about it…

and then we have Lance looking real upset when he realises Allura and Lance have gone off together (which parallels nicely with his reaction to Nyma suggesting Keith take her for a ride)

and then we have the moment when Keith is back in the red lion and he helps the others and he’s got this triumphant face

and then Lance starts talking and he goes all soft (kinda like he did when he started talking to lance in s1e6)

and then Lance gets this look and asks if Keith and Allura are an item

and Keith’s reaction is to let his expression get even softer


the softest fondest keith and he is so happy Lance just asked if he was single

and then switches back to this when Hunk starts talking instead

and okay this episode doesn’t have as much Klance as s1e6 but then we have


and holy fucking shit guys

which opens with Lance looking a little bi flag-ish again

with the blue suit and the red gun and the purple lighting on him and the gun and the everything

anyone else think maybe they kept their original suit colours just so lance could look a little more bi from now on?

and he’s got his eye on the targets

and he tells the “team” he’s gonna cover them but immediately brings his scope over to just one team member… *coughs*

and he just, y’know, follows keith for a while and watches him… instead of watching the enemy or any of his other teammates…

and then like two scenes later we have Lance’s “holy shit I’m bi” look and him flirting with Shiro (kinda)

and then we get multiple shots for the rest of this scene of Keith just glaring at Lance and looking thoroughly unimpressed (like he was when Lance flirted with Nyma… and Allura…)

and the very next scene starts with Keith still looking pissed 

and standing in front of his door like this when someone knocks on it, like he’s really not up for this shit right now

and then the door opens and it’s this vulnerable looking Lance

and Keith just immediately steps aside and lets go of that “I’m gonna fight anyone who dares to talk to me right now” stance

and Lance says he wants to talk about something and Keith looks so worried and then happy that he trusts him and tries to keep the atmosphere light for poor sad looking Lance

and then Lance says it’s because he’s the leader now and Keith’s expression just drops, he eyebrows literally just droop right there and then

and he gets all dejected like he shouldn’t have gotten his hopes up about Lance actually trusting him and thinking they’re close

but then Lance looks so vulnerable and tired and sad and Keith just looks so worried and soft

and he does his best to comfort and reassure him

and when Lance goes to leave he still looks super sad and dejected and Keith calls him back in such a romantic trope kinda way

and then he’s so soft and gentle and smiling and fond and jokes with him to try to lift his spirits

and Lance clearly appreciates it and look at this soft fond look he gets in return

and in the very next scene, they need to take the lions out, only like Lance said there are six paladins and only five lions, but Keith knows that Lance thinks he’s the one who will end up with no lion so before anyone else even has a chance to say anything, Keith voluntarily gives up the black lion and opts to stay at the castle so Lance won’t have to give up Red

and then when they’re on the Galra ship we have Keith looking to Lance when he’s deciding to go off on his own, and Lance agreeing with Shiro that Keith needs to stick with the rest of them while looking very worried about Keith

and then we have the fight with Lotor’s generals where Lance is bowled over by the force of a shot and Keith is sprinting to his aid before he even hits the ground

and right after that we get Lance saving Keith’s ass when he’s caught off guard and almost gets hit right in the face

he’s got you buddy

and then keith is so busy giving the softest of smiles to lance that he forgets he’s mid-battle and lets one galra general run by him and is almost blindsided by another one

anyway this post has ended up waaaaay longer than I was expecting considering I’m only talking about klance moments in THREE EPISODES but basically the point is that every episode 6 so far has been blessed and full of klance goodness and I think that season 6 is where we’ll get some canon klance and season 6 episode 6 will probably be beautiful if these are anything to go by

this has been a uh… a PSA I guess… that was… really far too long I am so sorry

but like… if there’s this much klance in three episodes alone then like… I dunno why anyone thinks it wont be canon at this point

remember when the Bold Type played on all our stereotypes of female boss figures (specifically the ones portrayed in media) by introducing Jacqueline into the show as looking hella dominant walking into that meeting just after she rejected all of Jane’s ideas via email and totally set it up so we’d assume she was the “bitch boss” and then immediately blindsided everyone by instead making her a compassionate, thoughtful, hardworking, powerful, three-dimensional character who expects a lot from her employees because she believes in their abilities and they stuck by that characterization for the entirety of the season, never resorting to villifying her as a plot device #iconic

lemon eyes by turnyourankle

Harry/Louis /  Explicit / ABO - Alpha Louis, Omega Harry / 50k

It’s not proper for omegas to mess around with alphas before finding their bondmate. But Harry doesn’t give a damn what’s proper and fully intends on getting as much experience as he can before even trying to find one. As far as he’s concerned, the right alpha won’t care, and he’ll have some fun on the way.

And who better to start with than Louis Tomlinson, the alpha with the worst reputation on campus?

AKA the versatile ABO.

i know everyone has talked about this but i just gotta… express myself with my own post because i really can’t get over the fact that keith full on stopped mid fucking battle to smile softly at lance like? keith??? who is usually 100% focused in battle??? this hotheaded, intense fight boy literally stopped. to. smile. at. lance… he continued to smile even while acxa ran right past him and didn’t fucking snap out of his lovesick gaze until she got in front of him. he seriously almost gets fucking blindsided by ezor and i’m just??? oh my god??? how long was he going to just keep smiling and staring at lance if he didn’t notice acxa??? would he have gotten kicked right in the face by ezor??? fucking hell, probably

keith honey, you might be just a little bit whipped

Writing Prompts Based On Sentences I’ve Encountered In Latin Exercises:

- Life is about to become very uncomfortable for the poet.

- The gods order the sailors to pay the penalty - but we give weapons to the sailors.

- The husband has gold, the wife [has] a sword.

- Women have concerns about the deeds of men.

- Although I brought her ten books, nevertheless the goddess herself hates me.

- We can see ourselves in the mirror, but not you, vampire.

Victoria: Cal said he didn’t want to be king and he was obviously lying.

Me: ahaaha, well we don’t know that for sure, you goose

Victoria: People are rooting for him to be king. He has followers.

Me: aha! Who needs followers when you have Mare? Not Tiberias VII Calore hah

Victoria: It’s in his blood. This is his dream. The opportunity is right there.

Me: N-not this guy.My guy. aahhsdfghjk ha ah Not H im. 

Cal: *does the thing*


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