blinds everyone with colors

This is why pasty white Paladins (who probably has some form of albinism) need to wear sun screen when they go to beach parties.

He’ll probably be picking feather bits out of his hair for days.

I love how Diana is so “huh. okay. I can do that.” about her powers. Diana can track bullets with her eyes fast enough to deflect them (and whether the gauntlets are bulletproof or not, the place where they impact glows superpower-amber…). No other Amazon does this.

When she heals from a laceration in a day, the Amazonian medic says “Strange…” but Diana doesn’t react.

And when Diana digs her hands into the masonry of the vault tower, something I would assume most Amazons can’t do, her reaction is exhilaration at the exercise/overcoming a challenge, not fear.

I mean, kudos to Hippolyta and Antiope and the other Amazons, because there is zero hint of any “I’m different and it’s scary” or “All of the other reindeer” bullying or animated Hercules “I don’t belong here” angst. It’s so refreshing.

(There’s that moment when Diana creates a shockwave, but it seems like she’s mostly ashamed of accidentally hurting her aunt. Also everyone is looking at her meaningfully. Diana runs off and does her “I am full of Strange and Bittersweet Emotions” pose thing, but examines her gauntlets with an intrigued expression…)

Diana feels normal, it seems. So much so that Antiope has to keep reminding her that she’s (physically) stronger than she thinks she is, and hints that she has more abilities than she thinks she does…but it goes right over Diana’s head.

Even Hippolyta’s outburst that Diana is “not an Amazon like the rest of us” makes a distinct whistling noise as Diana Does Not Get It. When Aries reveals that Diana is the natural-born child of Zeus and Hippolyta, Diana calls him a liar.

It’s like how we all think the way we experience the world is how everyone does, which is why color-blindness and synaesthesia (among other things) aren’t always identified in children.


“First, you need a gem at the core of your being.

Then, you need a body that can turn into light.

Then, you need a partner you can trust with that light.

Get open.

Get honest.

Invent yourselves together.

That’s fusion.”

it’s finally over… I can’t believe it’s finished… I lied about the 4 parts thing a little maybe ( ‘-’)

( jen-iii I hope these garnet’s thighs help sooth you after yesterday’s sadness)

also sorry for the changing style in every part….. this is what happens when you do something piece by piece without planning clearly in advance lmfao

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Some More Soulmate/Soul-Identifying Mark AU Ideas
  • AU in which the name/mark on you signifies the person/thing that will cause you, either directly or indirectly, to meet/end up with your soulmate
  • AU in which the name/mark  on you signifies the other that you will love, truly love, for the rest of your life but it doesn’t necessarily mean  that you will end up together or that your love will be even reciprocated
  • AU in which your marks are the eye and hair color of your soulmate
  • AU in which everyone is blind, not just color-blind but totally blind, until they meet their respective soulmates
  • AU in which everyone is deaf until they meet their respective soulmates
  • AU in which your mark is the remaining time you’ll have with your soulmate, so it’ll first tell the total time you will spend with your One then starts counting down once you’ve met them
  • AU in which your mark is a poem verse that best describe your significant other
  • AU in which your mark is the words your soulmate will tell you at some point, not the first or the last, just something they will say to you during the course of your acquaintanceship. So yes, it could something as unique as a lengthy monologue about your Plato or it could something as mundane as a ‘good morning’.
  • AU in which your mark is the place where you’ll meet your soulmate
  • AU in which your mark is the words/picture that your soulmate has ever written/drawn
I Wouldn’t Know

A little drabble I wrote In an Au where everyone has soulmate. When you meet your soulmate you give your ability to see color for each other. But what happens if you’re already color blind?


In an Au where everyone has soulmate. When you meet your soulmate you give your ability to see color for each other. But what happens if you’re already color blind?

It was rare really, not many people were born without the ability to see color. But it still managed to happen to you. When you were younger it never really bothered you. But as you grew older you couldn’t help but become sad at the fact. Hearing people rave about how happy they are to give up something you never had in the first.

You could only sigh as you stared at the sky separated by hues of white and grey. “You know this really is unfair.”  You say to the girl seated beside you.

She looked up from her phone. “Hm?”

“This-not being able to see color-it’s really unfair.”

“What’s it like?” she asked

“Boring, never find your soulmate Chae.”

Chaeyoung could only laugh at the response. “I don’t think that’s my choice.”

You nodded sadly knowing she was right. Unfortunately. “What’s it like being able to see color?” You ask her.

Chaeyoung freezes at the question, unsure of how to respond. Though she doesn’t have to as you phone vibrates, signifying the end of your break.

“I guess you can tell me later.” You say with a smile before walking back into the cafe. Chaeyoung smiles bittersweetly as she stares at your leaving figure. She slumped back into er seat as she thought back to when she had the ability to see color. Something she hasn’t had since she met you.

Jimin x Reader Soulmate AU [I Knew it was You the First Time I Looked into the Crowd] 2

1 2 (You’re Here!)

   I finally got to the library and I sat down, deciding to scroll through twitter once again. When I opened it, I saw a video had been posted by Jimin a minute ago. I opened it and I watched as Jimin got off the plane. I tried not to giggle as he said “Touchdown!” and then he turned the camera to himself.

   He raised his wrist to the screen and immediately my heart stopped. His wrist was glowing, and he had the same exact pattern I did. “Hello! You’re here!” he said. I smiled softly.

   "I’m here,“ I whispered. I immediately commented on the video those very words even though I knew they’d get lost in the sea of other comments. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

    I woke up the next day to my favorite song, Lost, this time. It was ten in the morning and I had to get ready quickly.

   I grabbed a nice party dress from off its hanger and I put on some makeup. I actually tried to look good, for once. I mean, who wouldn’t? I was about to meet my soulmate today. And he was an idol. He’d be dressed up too, so why shouldn’t I?

   I contoured my face just slightly and i added some nice eyeshadow for a little pop, and then I got dressed. I grabbed my curling iron which I’d previously plugged in and I began to curl my hair.

   Once I was finished, I realized I’d forgotten to put on lipstick, so I grabbed my favorite shimmering one and put it on. I did a once-over in the mirror, grabbed some comfy-yet-fancy shoes, put them on, and left.

   On the drive there, I realized there was quite a bit of traffic. I was glad I reserved myself a seat near the front of the stage.

   Once I was there, I went through security and I headed down to my seat. Even though I was super early, there were a lot of people there. By the time I got to my seat it was already two. The concert started at seven. I had five hours to kill, so I just opened up my phone and started rewatching BTS Gayo.

   I saw some of the people around me were trying to tune in, so I unplugged my headphones and turned up the volume some. I got some thank-yous and such when they realized I did it for them.

   Pretty soon a small part of my section was quietly watching my phone. Around five, though, I got a notification from twitter that they’d posted. I announced it to those watching with me and they told me to open it up, so I did.

   It was yet another video from Jimin. He said something in Korean that I didn’t understand. "Does anyone know what he said?” I asked.

    “I do!” said someone behind me. “He said that he’s backstage now with the others and that he can’t wait to see us!”

    Everyone who could hear her screamed, and that included me. “Thank you!” I said to her. “What’s your name?”

    “It’s Alex. What’s your name?” she replied.

    “It’s (y/n). Nice to meet you, Alex!”

    “The same goes for you! Who do you stan?”

    “I stan Jimin. You?”

    “Namjoon. But at first I was biased for Jungkook…”

    I laughed. “Doesn’t everyone stan Jungkook at first?”

   Our conversation lasted for a long while until the Wings videos started showing on the big screens. Everyone started screaming in unision, and I saw arms raised up in the air. So I raised my arms up and then I realized that my wrist was glowing a blinding gold.

   Everyone around me had different colors - red, blue purple, white… but none of them had gold. I smiled. Jimin must really be special.

   Not long after the videos ended, I heard the opening of Blood, Sweat, and Tears and smoke filled the stage. And then I saw him.

   Jimin was onstage now, singing Blood, Sweat and Tears when he saw it. Her wrist. It was gold, just like his. He stopped the choreography immediately, but he didn’t stop singing. He raised his wrist up into the air as high as he could.

She would notice this. She had to.

   Soon, he saw her wave her arm really quickly at him. He smiled. She knew. He continued to sing the song until the very end, and then he held both hands up to signal to the techies to stop the music.

   "You’re here!“ he shouted, holding up his wrist and staring at her. He ran over to Namjoon and asked him to translate. Namjoon nodded.

    Jimin told Namjoon something, and Namjoon nodded. Jimin then yelled into the microphone, pointing at me.

    "You! Get on stage!” Namjoon translated. I smiled.

   "You got it!“ I yelled back. I began weaving my way through the crowd until I got to the edge of the stage. I couldn’t reach all the way up, but then Jimin walked up to me and grabbed my arm.

    I felt a spark shoot through me and our wrists both glowed brighter than ever. Almost a blinding gold color.

   He pulled me up on the stage with him, and then he grabbed my hand, and raised both of our hands up. He showed the world our glowing tattoos.

   I heard some cheers, some boos. I was just happy that I was here, with Jimin. But then I realized something. He wouldn’t know what I was saying.

    "Jimin,” I said, and he seemed to melt at my voice. “Can you understand me?”

   He brought my hand to his lips and stared into my eyes. “I try. Namjoon helps. I learn English, you learn Korean, it works.” I smiled and nodded.

   "Namjoon,“ I said, gesturing him over. He approached us and I waved at him. "Can you continue with the concert? And, where should I go? I’m guessing ARMY wouldn’t want to see me up here with you guys. They paid to see you,” I said, looking at my feet.

   I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Namjoon looking at me like a father would look at his child. “You can go into the wings. No pun intended.” I laughed, and nodded. I walked off the stage into the right wing, and Jimin followed me there.

   We listened as Namjoon said a little speech after apologizing for the pause in the concert. But then I felt a hand on the side of my face, and I looked into Jimin’s eyes.

    “Kiss?” he asked. I giggled at his small attempt at English.

   "Yes,“ I said, and I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned in. He leaned in as well, and soon, I felt his lips press against mine. They were just as soft as I had imagined.

   I heard a loud whistle next to me and next to us I saw Jungkook. He was grinning at us with his cute little bunny teeth and Jimin and I broke apart quickly.

   "Aish!” Jimin said. He tackled Jungkook to the ground and began playfully hitting him. I heard him say a few words that I didn’t understand and then he yelled, “Pabo!” I giggled.

   "Jimin, don’t kill him!“ I said, patting his back. He immediately stopped and got off of Jungkook, who was now laughing really hard.

   Jimin smiled at me and quickly kissed me again, this time shoving his tongue into my mouth for a few seconds before pulling away. "Beautiful,” he said, and then he walked back onstage.

   Before he got back, I noticed his lips were shimmering a very familiar color… I whipped out my phone and noticed that my lipstick wasn’t as heavy as before, and I giggled. I approached Jungkook, who was still on the floor, and I whispered in his ear, “Jimin’s wearing my lipstick.”

   This caused him to start laughing again, and he got up and ran over to Jimin. I saw Jimin blush deeply and I joined Jungkook in his laughter.

   Not too long after that, I heard the opening of the next song come on. I grinned and sat on the ground, listening to them sing.

    I joined in on the ARMY chant, screaming out the members’ names as they sang. More than once, I caught Jimin’s gaze.

   Finally, they all sang their individual songs. During Begin, everyone except Jungkook joined me in the right wing. I shook Hoseok’s hand, and Taehyung just straight-up hugged me. Yoongi gave me a high-five, saying “Thanks,” and Jin patted my head. When Namjoon walked up to me, he thanked me for being here.

   "Jimin has been looking for you for so long, he thought he’d never find you. So I just need to thank you for existing. Thank you for actually being here. Just, thank you.“

   I smiled and hugged Namjoon. "Honestly, I know exactly how he has felt for all this time. I’m so glad I finally met him.” I let go of Namjoon, who wished me good luck, as Jimin approached me.

    “Namjoon!” Jimin called. He said something to Namjoon, which was translated to me.

    “He said to tell you we’re inviting you on tour with us,” he said, matter-of-factly.

    “Wait, really?!” My eyes widened and I got excited. “Are you serious? I mean, I dont want to intrude but YES!”  

    Namjoon laughed at my answer and relayed it to Jimin. He seriously acted out my whole reaction, leaving me near tears from laughter.

    Jimin grinned and reached out to me. He grabbed my head and pulled me in for a kiss, and this one got a bit deeper than last time. However, even though it did last longer, it wasn’t long enough. The next song in line was Lie. We pulled apart, both of our cheeks burning, and he ran out onstage.

    The whole time he sang I watched him from the right wing, singing along. When it got to the chorus I was full out belting it to the stage.

    I caught the other boys looking at me with smiles on their faces and I ran over and sang in their faces loudly, making them laugh. Jungkook patted me on my head before I went back to the near-stage.

    When Lie was over, it was Reflection, and Namjoon patted my back as he left. Jimin walked up to me, breathless, and I smiled at him. Then I quietly sang him the chorus of Lie, in a teasing way. He smiled.

    “Good pronounciation,” he said. “Learn Korean. Please?” He pouted. I sighed. Who wouldn’t give in to that?

    “Okay…” I said. “But only if you learn English at the same time.” I held out my hand.

    “Yes,” he said, shaking my hand.

1 2 (You’re Here!)

I really want a fic where it’s in a modern day setting and the marauders are all in highschool, but Remus is blind and basically trolls everyone with it.

Peter: I wonder what color would match this…

Remus: The hot pink goes with your eyes.

Peter: Thanks, I was having a hard time decid— oh, you’re awful.


Sirius: Has anyone see my chemistry book? I haven’t seen it in a while.

James: I dunno. It might be under your bed.

Peter: Did you leave it in the classroom?

Remus: Oh! I saw it a few minutes ago. It was in the bathroom.

Sirius: I’m not falling for that again, you dork.

Sirius: *Walks into the bathroom later and sees the book on the counter*

Sirius: Son of a bitch!

Soulmate AU

I thought of a soul mate au where everyone is color blind (black and white) and the first and only color you see is the color of your soul mates eyes. So you could just be walking up the street and in the corner of your eye you see a bright flash of green, blue, brown, ect. And you turn around and see the most gorgeous person, and the most beautiful color you had ever witnessed and just stare in utter awe at the sight.

One on the left is bashed because:
-Sonics arms are blue
-Sonic is too tall
-Sonic has sports tape
-Everyone has sports tape
-Knuckles went Hulkles
-Knuckles has fingers
-Tails looks the same except costume from Mobius 25 years later counter part
-Amy is actually useful (at least in RoL)
-Despite being named “Rise of Lyric” it is not a karaoke game
-tangles the theme “fear of death” for the villain Lyric
-Dr. Eggman is like a dick neighbor and has no boundaries
-not vocal sound track
-empty hub world
-minor glitches that doesn’t kill you
-wasn’t made by Sega but hell you’re going to blame them anyway
-time travel
-non proper character exposition for most of the cast
-Sonic Dies?
-its not classic Sonic
-Sonic’s eyes aren’t black
-Bash Roger Craig and plead for Grifith, even though you did the same exact thing for Grifith
-confirm the Sonic cycle
-because it’s not SA3
-bash it for a glitch that actually helps you and can only be done if you knowingly do it
-get mad because you did the above constantly and your game froze
-Eggman lost weight and you resent him for it
-Metal Sonic looks the same
-Unfinished game
-no chao garden
-no story to officially hold the game
-it’s partner “shattered crystal” take place in different continuity that will utterly confuse you
-voice cast
-doesn’t play out like a usual Sonic game
-oh cool Shadow is here?
-Shadows actions in the end make you question weather he’s really a bad guy or just someone who wants to beat the shit out of Tails and Sonic
(Notice how some complaints are reasonable and some are stupid)

One on the right gets bashed for:
-Dr. Eggman looking too real
-seeing Eggman’s eye color
-game breaking glitches
-unfinished and rushed
-Sonic’s voice
-everyone’s voice
-Amy is useless
-tangles the theme of friendship and being there for a friend no mater what (Shadow and Rouge)
-Silver is too slow
-it’s no use
-Elise’s father bitterly sealed a fucking angry monster into his six year old daughter
-Sonic dies
-Sonic gets kissed by Elise
-Elise kisses a dead corpse
-Elise fell in love all to fast like most 16 year olds
-Shadow has a Shadow!
-Mephiles is Shadows’ shadow!
-Blaze is here… for some reason
-time travel!
-came too close to being a Sonic Adventure 3
-no chao garden
-Knuckles is here too, because he and Mrs Master Emerald are going through hard times
-Eggman wants iblis that’s inside Elise… 0_0
-story line is intricate but has holes
-everyone is color blind!
-game never happens because someone blew out a small flame
-you played a shifty game just to find out in never happened
-Mephiles love story with Iblis is side swept (jk)
-Elise kisses Sonic, Amy doesn’t react: out of character
-game glitches to make you die
-speed max mode is a death trap
-glitches every five seconds

These two games are being compared and it’s fucking stupid, only thing in common is TIME TRAVEL

Full view please (to see all the details my OCD self insists on putting in).

That anime trailer of Tales of Zestyness was so gorgeous I just had to draw a scene from it. I’ve never attempted painting scenery of this magnitude before so I’m pretty happy about how it turned out. :B

(But this took a lot of hours, tears, and flailing on the ground to complete.)


As I see people talking about politics, I feel the need to warn people to watch out for the IS-Ought problem, which is sometimes difficult to notice and is often used in conversation.

This problem happens when a person talks about something that *IS* an issue, and the person they are speaking with dismisses the “is” an issue with the idea of how things “should” be.

Doing so adds nothing to the conversation, does not address the original point, and only serves to ignore the original issue. So don’t do it if you want to have a productive conversation - EVEN IF your ‘ought’ is a good idea.

Look for the keyword “Should” in the response, which often times indicates an ought response.

Is: Traffic is really bad on this road, maybe we need to widen it?
Ought: Everyone should just use jetpacks, that way we don’t need roads.

Is: GMOs are proven to be safe and reliable, there is no evidence indicating they are dangerous.
Ought: Well We shouldn’t use GMOs at all, the entire agriculture industry should go away and everyone should have micro farms in their back yard.

Is: Black Americans are being incarcerated at disproportionate rate, we need to reform our justice system
Ought: We shouldn’t make such a big deal out of race. If everyone was color blind this would all just go away

Is: There’s no evidence that an assault weapon’s ban would do anything to reduce the number of mass murders or gun deaths, since they are used in such a tiny number of crimes.
Ought: Well we shouldn’t even have guns available to the general public, all they do is cause problems.

This has been your weekly Rob public service announcement.