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You're a very interesting person

Thank u I have the curse of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has given me multiple interesting stories.

Fun fact I know what the inside of a person’s chest cavity looks like.

… i somehow acquired twice the amount of savings that dad labeled as minimum necessary amount, in spite of paying fuck all attention to what i do with my money

and it’s rather disconcerting, somehow? like, how does this happen?

on the other hand, i just bought all of blind guardian’s studio albums, so *shrugs widely*

Blind Calum pt. 6

Word Count: 1.2K

It’s been a bit since I’ve written this, and I’m trying to get things written so I can reopen my requests. This one shows how Calum is dealing with things. Hope you enjoy this and feedback is always appreciated!

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Things were finally starting to look up since that day. Calum was hanging out with the boys more often, and he didn’t mind when some other friends came over too. His mood was getting better, and he was getting a lot more happier. Your own anxiety was slowly fading as Calum was helping you more and more. Overall things were finally going to be okay. Everyone pitched in on buying a new bass for Calum, so he could start learning how to play again. It was difficult at first. As he was in the studio you would hear him groan out loud or the sound of him throwing small things, but after a few days he was finally able to play some simple chords. “Babe come up here!” He yelled scaring you to death, so you ran up the stairs as fast as you could, but once you walked into the small studio you knew that it wasn’t something bad. A huge smile was plastered onto his face as he continued to play the same chord over and over again. The only thing that he wasn’t doing was going outside. Paparazzi littered your front yard waiting for Calum to walk out your front door.

Your eyes slowly fluttered open and you were met with Calum’s relaxed face while small snores escaped his plump lips. He was always so calm when he was asleep, and it was something that you’d never get tired of looking at. Slowly, you moved your body so you were straddling him, and your lips went down onto his face, and you left small wet kisses all around his face until you felt his hands move up your body. They stopped gently on your hips, and he’d squeeze your body slightly showing you that he was finally awake. His eyes slowly opened and you were met with the familiar misty brown color of his beautiful eyes. It was getting easier to look at his them now, but it still pained you knowing that they used to be a nice chocolate brown filled with vibrancy. “Good morning baby.” His morning voice was at full volume as he spoke. A smile crept onto your lips as your hand traced the tattoos on his collarbone. “The boys want you to go to the studio today baby.” A pained expression crossed his face as you spoke. He hasn’t left the house since the accident, and everyone knew that he had to leave eventually. Suddenly his breathing started to pick up, and he started to get jittery under you. “Cal I’ll be by your side to guide you through the crowds and everything. You promised me you’d try and get better. This will be good for you okay?” His head slowly nodded as a simple okay barely escaped his lips.

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Throwback Thursday time!  Today we look at one of our favorite videos from The Good Stuff, when we interviewed the blind author, Beth Finke.  We talked about everything from her experience of becoming blind, confusion on what the color teal is and how her perception of beauty has changed.