blinded by the white (privilege)

He ran on ‘what have you got to lose?’

Republicans picked chaos because misogyny and white privilege are that blinding and entrenched in conservative politics.

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What's wrong with Blaire White? So she's anti-sjw, so what? She's expressing her opinion about topics she's lived through herself and has apologised when she has found out she's been wrong. If anything this makes her admirable. She speaks her mind and is apologetic when she's wrong. Isn't someone who speaks their mind better than someone who is vindictive and takes physical action on things rather than verbal debates?

From her Rational Wiki article:

- White asserts that “transgenderism is a mental illness” and that transitioning is ineffective for most people, which is denied by the American Psychological Association and soon the World Health Organization’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

- In the same video, she states she believes that there should be a “cure for transgenderism”, which is again denied by the American Psychological Association.

- White thinks that trans women who don’t pass shouldn’t use the bathroom of their preferred gender

- White doesn’t care much about preferred pronouns, referring to it as “policing someone’s behavior” and “being sensitive”.

- White only supports straight trans women (i.e. those attracted exclusively to men). She believes that trans lesbians are really just straight men, taking the liberty to call one “he” and “heterosexual.” Despite being a non-op herself, she criticizes said lesbian for still having a penis.

- White firmly believes that there are only two genders and calls non-binary gender identities “trans-retarded”.

- White believes that children transitioning is child abuse and “queer” is brainwashing.

- In her video “Triggering Trannies,” White freely admits that the LGBT community hates her for what she does, though she blows it off as “just the SJW branch”.

- White is blind to her passing privilege. She is 5'5" (1.65 m), her face is round, and her voice isn’t that deep for a woman. However, she scoffs at the idea of transphobia existing.

- “Rape: Anything. No, seriously, like, [feminists have] butchered the definition so bad anything can be rape now.”

- White is an antifeminist. Indeed, White calls feminism “cancer”. White frequently creates content of the type, “Feminism FAILS” or “Feminism is HYPOCRITCAL”[sic].

- White thinks rape culture doesn’t exist.

- White denies the gender pay gap.

- White believes female privilege exists and is an argument for antifeminism.

- “I recently tried a tanning lotion out and I really regret it, it’s not a good look. But on the bright side, I’m only a cornrow away from being able to demand reparations from you guys.”

- White frequently defends Donald Trump.

- Supports fat shaming.

- Against safe spaces.

- Not above casually hurling “retard” around among other insults related to mental illness.

- White argued that Islamophobia is reasonable.

- She routinely disparages Islam as a whole (rather than conservative or radical Muslims) while defending Christianity. (She herself is a Christian.)

- White (possibly nonseriously) suggested that gassing refugees would be a good nonviolent solution to the crisis.

- White had repeatedly opposed Black Lives Matter on video and frequently attacks them on Twitter. Infamously, White donned blackface to grossly misrepresent criticize progressives. She also routinely acts concerned about racism against white people while belittling racism in general. White participated in Milo Yiannopoulos’s “Privilege Grant” stream.

Nah, she’s a garden variety anti-SJW piece of shit and is undeserving of any respect or praise.

sometimes i wonder if white privilege automatically makes u blind to posts that literally state on here do not say the n word. do not be racist. in big bold letters. they think these words are just suggestions. they think stuff like this is worth playing dumb over. they think people are just being sensitive ig????????? open a book 

I really want to talk about Frank Underwood’s devotees:

Doug Stamper, the one who’s obsessed with him

Edward Meechum, the one who’s in love with him

Tom Yates, the one who’s addicted to him

And why it is only these white males who orbit him the way they do.

Is it because, unlike Claire, Jackie, Remy, and Freddy, who are aware their relationships with Frank, and the power imbalance therein are tied to their gender and race, Doug, Meechum, and Tom see the upper class white male Frank Underwood as some sort of personal god, one they can worship, because they see in Frank their (political, spiritual, sexual) salvation?

These men commit themselves blindly to him precisely because their upper class white male privilege blinds them to the danger Frank Underwood presents?


Blind Spot: White Guilt Relief!

Are you a white person who’s tired of political Facebook posts? You need Blind Spot! Because ignorance is bliss, and so is white privilege.

#1 reason Miss Minaj has earned my respect

I love how with the Taylor swift drama Nicki saw that, although Tay Tay was blinded by the naivety of her white privilege, Swift was willing to listen and learn. So Nicki educated her, calmed the masses, and handled it all like a lady; culminating in Taylor Swift’s role in Nicki Minaj’s VMA performance.

But when Miley Cyrus tries to be the gatekeeper of when and how a black woman can speak out about issues that affect black women in the music industry – something Gatekeeper Miley proclaimed in that same interview did not exist – Nicki Minaj decided she was having none of that. Nicki strategically called out Miley on the matter and now she has to own up to what she said.

In summation, Nicki Minaj knows how to handle herself. She knows when to be gracious, but will not take one ounce of disrespect.


Are you freaking kidding me?!?! Idk why I go to the comment sections anymore. It’s mostly full of blind white privilege who INSIST they are “honoring” Native American culture!!!! It’s so ridiculous they try to get offended over us being offended!!! But when you try to educate them they don’t want to hear it and fix their mistakes.

What makes me even more mad is that Ms. Stubbe changes her picture to support her irrelevant opinion and her white wine culture middle aged friend wants to openly mock Native Americans being “offended.” I cannot believe the idiocy, because it’s passed the point of ignorance because this is blatant disrespect, of these sad white people. Get outta my face with your “but I’m part native!!” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again every day until I die, that the government DID NOT HAVE TO PAY ME OR GIVE ME BENEFITS TO BE NATIVE!!! You could take all that away from me, because I hardly get to benefit from it anyway because it all falls into the hands of white people who would lose their native blood if you prick them, and I will still proudly own up to my culture, my heritage, and bloodline. I don’t need an “Indian card” to prove anything.

Keep Your Vanilla Friends Close and Your Ho Friends Closer

I am lonely and relieved; relieved that I have identified the weighty emotion that has hung precariously over me for weeks. Loneliness. It surprises me. While I have read other sugar babies accounts of loneliness and isolation I never expected it to happen to me. I have been far too disgustingly transparent about my ho life.

I have a small handful of friends. While others are surrounded by gaggles of friends and casual acquaintances, I have always had a very small circle. I trust these people a great deal. I thought I understood their characters and their motivations for being in my life. But then I began detailing my journey as a sugar baby to them and realized they neatly divided themselves into two categories.

 I had my ho friends. And I had my conventional vanilla friends. My ho friends were not necessarily sexually promiscuous, despite having healthy and modern views about sex, nor were they sex workers. In fact, none of them are sex workers. However, they all have one thing in common. They are creative, open minded people that understand there is more to life than scraping by in the lower middle class. They are people with ambition and dreams who understand and are comfortable with themselves. The conventional vanilla’s were the opposite. The obvious life, the societally approved life was fine with them. Between these two groups I got these reactions as I talked with them about my sugar life:

  • doubt that I could do it. I didn’t share this doubt in the beginning but in an odd and convoluted turn of events I did begin to agree with them. 
  • confusion about why I would want to do it. Why would I want to date older, unattractive, emotionally stunted men in the hopes of financial gain?
  • complete acceptance. I was a pretty woman in America. Of course I would only date men that could spoil me lavishly.
  • judgment and condescension regarding my life choices. They were better than me because they dated for love. They were looking for their soul mates and so were morally valuable in a way that I couldn’t be.
  • a superficial desire to do the same thing. I would be quizzed about the sites I joined, the profiles I created, the dates I went on and when I had my first small taste of success, they decided to join the dark side too. Of course, it was all talk and no action.
  • jealousy when the gifts and extravagant dates started to roll in consistently. When it became apparent that this was actually going to be my life, snide comments started to appear.
  • disbelief that men would give me anything. They struggled to get the men they were interested in to take them to dinner. I was getting electronics, trips, clothes, and expensive dinners to top rated restaurants. What was the difference between us? How did I amass these things when they didn’t?
  • horror that I would ever be so ungrateful to ask for more. Would I never be satisfied? Didn’t I feel greedy and unclean? I was a golddigger who’d struck gold but wouldn’t stop digging.
  • thorough pleasure and enjoyment of all my good fortune with suggestions on what I should get next

I’m sure you can guess which friends expressed which reactions.

I was and continue to be grateful for my ho friends. They have been an anchor, a rock for me as I continue in this life. I can talk to them about the stares and the judgments. The absolute ridiculousness of white men and their blindness to their own privilege. They cheer for me when things are great. They are outraged and encouraging when things are going wrong. But they are friends, not therapists, which means I cannot monopolize their time with me, me, me. For these friendships to be equal, to be healthy, I have to be just as interested in their lives as they are in mine. And I am. I hold back actually on the stories I tell and the things I reveal in order to make certain they never feel our relationships are one sided. This is where the feelings of loneliness begin.

While they support me, they will never truly understand. They do not live my life. They have no desire to. While I can explain to them in detail what is going on in my life, they will never intuitively or intrinsically understand. I am, when I put away my phone, ipad or laptop, alone. It is a difficult burden to bear. And so I am thankful for you today. I am thankful to you for reading, for liking, for reblogging, for commenting even when I don’t respond back. I am thankful to @brownstatuesquesugarbaby, @southernsugarxo, @lustington, @thotianaxoxo, @sugarbelle24, and every single anonymous user that has messaged me just to be friendly, to tell me they loved my writing, to tell me they were going through the same thing. You have no idea how grateful I am to each of you for reminding me that I’m not alone. For giving me a community. I appreciate you. I stop myself from messaging you hourly because I’m so excited you exist. Again, thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.

Bono, real name Paul Hewson, is a divisive figure in the music business. As the lead singer of the legendary U2, he’s famous for headlining one of the most inexplicably still-existing bands this side of the Rolling Stones. He’s also the living embodiment of the annoying liberal blinded by white privilege – if you look up smug in the dictionary, it’ll be wearing little Bono glasses.

But Bono’s origin story isn’t exactly one of privilege, white or otherwise. At the age of 14, his grandfather dropped dead of a heart attack. That’s awful, but far from uncommon. Then, while Bono and his mother were attending the funeral a few days later, his mother dropped stone dead from a brain aneurysm, right in front of him. At his grandfather’s funeral.

The traumatized Paul Hewson became a teenage delinquent, attacking teachers, classmates, and his own brother in fits of good old-fashioned Irish rage. According to Bono, “I believe my whole creative life goes back to when my world collapsed, age fourteen.”

Soon afterward, he met the three other bandmates who would go on to form U2, and channeled his grief into music, instead of punching.

5 More Insane Celebrity Backstories You’ve Never Heard

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I need Smackle and Zay bitchin' about white people, like yes, their friends are lovely but poc has to stick together

okay but YES BITCH this is probably the most beautiful concept ever

just the thought of smackle and zay having a class together and talking about how their friends are blinded by white privilege and can’t even handle spice just cleanses my pores.

“i don’t get how we’re in the middle of new york, one of the most diverse cities in the country, and there’s only like 10 people that aren’t white in this school.”

If someone tries to downplay the role white supremacy played in Trump’s win, tell them this:
  1. Report: the most accurate way to figure out if someone votes Trump is to ask if they think Obama is a Muslim. It was more reliable than asking if they’re a Republican.
  2. The same report found that “economic pessimism” and income were statistically insignificant in determining if someone will vote Trump.
  3. The median household of a Trump voter is well above the national median.
  4. Clinton won the majority of those making under $50K (Clinton: 52%, Trump: 47%).
  5. Report: those “living in areas more exposed to trade or immigration does NOT increase Trump support”.
  6. Non-whites are way poorer than whites on average, and they didn’t vote Trump (Clinton got 88% of Black, 66% of Latino votes).
  7. Report: There’s “a strong relationship between anti-black attitudes and support for Trump”. A majority of Trump voters polled believe blacks are less evolved than whites.
  8. Nearly 20% of Trump fans think *freeing black people from slavery* was a bad idea.
  9. and as Charles Gaba says: ‘not all Trump supporters are racist, but all of them decided that racism isn’t a deal-breaker. End of story.’

Of course, there are lots of factors that went into Trump’s win. But white supremacy is not just one of em. It’s *central*. I think some people are in a bit of denial. They refuse to believe that white supremacy is *that* powerful. It is. And it is white privilege that blinds us from seeing juuuust how much power it has and to think “oh no it must be economic factors that is the main issue”.

We need to make central the tackling of white supremacy, in all the subtle ways it works. Tiptoeing around it, or not wanting to rile up or insult white people by pointing out the racism in their voting decisions, or preferring to just deal with the economic inequality and hope racism just naturally dissolves is to not be true to what all this research is telling us. We can’t be delusional.

Feelings of white superiority (conscious and unconscious) helped get Trump elected, which means it helped empower someone who will likely hurt white and non-white people alike. There has never been a clearer example of how racism hurts everyone, white, brown and black, its victims and perpetrators. For all of our good, educate yourself on what white supremacy is (it ain’t just about the KKK) and fight it when you see it.

PS. All of these reports are discussed and referenced in this vid at 13:30.

Dear Protestors:

I am every moment of the day seized by a physiological feeling I’ve never had before.  It’s the same way I would feel if I suddenly learned, deep into my secular life, that hell is real. 

I write this in a stew of terror and inevitability and hopelessness, which are of course just what our new president would be most helped by me feeling. 

So I’m writing to tell you to keep it up, regardless of what I’m about to tell you, because it’s grim.  But you’ll have to be smart.  Trump is now Vladimir Putin’s finger puppet, which makes him more dangerous than even is obvious.  He is already starting to follow Putin’s advice.  If you want the playbook, get Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible: The Surreal Heart of the New Russia, a non-fiction account by author Peter Pomerantsev.  Pomerantsev worked in Russian reality tv for a few years and he picked up how things work both on tv and off, as Putin has mastered the art of media manipulation far beyond the capabilities of any United States politician.  Save, now, one. 

The difference is that Trump isn’t nearly as smart as Putin.  He’s showing his hand already, in tweet #1 after the election.  Putin would have been calmer, and more patient, and let the protests build a little.  

Here’s what Trump said:  “Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!”

To parse that, his reaction to the protests is to say they’re unfair.  To whom?  He doesn’t say, just expecting you to understand: to him, and thus, to you, because your opinion is his.  And the weird description of the election as “open and successful” can only mean exactly the opposite is true somehow, but let’s not get bogged down in speculation like that.  I’m more interested in that following sentence, about the protestors.  

Here’s what’s going to happen as soon as he’s inaugurated.  There will be more coverage of protests.  The articulate leaders will be lauded on line and on cable for their courage.  And then one or two protests will turn into riots.  If there aren’t real riots, there will be thugs imported to make them into riots.  Then Trump will, unlike Obama, show up at the scene himself as the rioters are subdued.  He will made stupid, incoherent speeches and he’ll claim he’s going to solve everything.  And by some metric, he will.  There will be severe beatings or even “justified” killings of the worst of the worst, or maybe not the worst.  There will be more protests.  More smacked down.  And Trump will be there all the time, showing how he’s quashing them. Like Putin would. 

See: it doesn’t matter if the riots need quashing.  Or if he should be doing that.  Or if he’s been successful.  Instead, he’s now going to be seen in the media as on a quest for law and order.   There will be debates on cable news about whether he’s doing the right thing. This will legitimize them, as people will want to defend what he’s doing.  But the only reason he’s doing it is to get to the next thing: carrying on actual business. While you are rioting, he will be using all the surveillance state, and all the financial firepower, and all the innovations handy to him for lining his own and his old cronies’ and new friends’ pockets. Which is the least of it.  He’s there to associate his presence with law and order.  Like Putin does. 

I learned that from the Pomerantsev book.  Have I mentioned that you should buy it?

The much much worse thing is that Trump will be slowly eroding our institutions’ ability to respond justly. The protests, for instance?  I doubt there will be mass expulsions, but there will be a new dawn in all the sheriffs and police stations in the country that all the shit that didn’t fly, the stuff cops know they need to do to keep the animals in line, the stuff that used to get them sort of in trouble, that stuff is no longer being investigated.  And the reason will be that the funds for non-essential things like internal investigation will be redirected – not shut off, they wouldn’t actually stop that entirely, but times are tough and there are more bad guys and they need this sonic cannon, so no money for stopping cops from beating on people.  

It’s not going to be open season, but as in Russia at a certain point you’ll realize there’s no reason to complain because no one is going to do anything.  The laws will still be in place, but you’ll slowly realize the only way to get something investigated is if there’s danger that the whole system will be upended.  I know a lot of you have already realized this, but the Obama presidency gave cover to this dark idea; now it’s brazen.  

I use that as one example.  Everything we do, every part of government, is going to be dismantled, its efficiency and purpose compromised, until the government only does things because we’ve come to the window with the right bribe or the right business card showing we’re an insider.   This will become accepted practice, the saying one thing and doing another.  

A large segment of the populace will never be affected by this.  As long as we can still see Westworld, as long as iTunes still comes out with new music, as long as there’s alcohol, as long as there’s – hey, guess what? – weed for sale, there won’t be any effective opposition.  Having just enough comfort will be useful to the new regime, and likewise just enough “justice.”  There will still be victories, small ones, that make us feel like it’s not hopeless. Complete lack of hope leads not to sheep but bad consumers, irate citizens, problems.  So – and this is direct from that Pomerantsev book – some bad laws will be rescinded, some issues dealt with, some bureaucrats jailed for corruption.  All of it will be reported carefully by the media.  Even the complaints that some of this feels staged.  Because some of it will be.  

And in complete obedience will be – the media.  Trump has already made the media his bitch.  This isn’t new information.  What is new (to me at least) is that their cowardice is so shockingly transparent.  I’d thought that when, say, a candidate with ties to the Kremlin came to town, they might report on it a little more aggressively.  But no.  Not because they’re in bed (consciously) with Trump, but because Trump exploited a weakness that’s also a Putin favorite: the manipulation of the news’s need to feel objective.  The narrative that both sides do whatever horrible thing your side is doing.  

So: will we be hearing strong words about Trump’s call that there are “professional protestors” out there?  Oh yes, very skeptical.  But not of the man, but the words. Sort of an owl-head-tilt among anchors, as in, “this is an odd thing this man is saying,” rather than reaching for “this man told a lie today that came out of nowhere,” which is alarming, because his very first communication as a president elect tells several lies.  What are they again?

“Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!”

Professional protesters?  What the hell are they?  I’ve never heard of such a thing, but the media will look at it askance and shrug, and when it turns out Trump has been hiring protesters  (via the Putin playbook in Pomerantsev), we’ll finally know he was talking about himself, again.  That shouldn’t be a surprise, because all he is is Trump.  He doesn’t have much more of a philosophy than that.   Trump is a particular brand name we’ve never had before.

For those of you who said “We made it through Nixon, we made it through Reagan, we made it through Bush, we’ll make it through this,” this is not those things.  Those guys had an interest in continuing democracy, even if their version of it was stingy.  What we’re facing now is a unique threat to democracy because it exploits every single one of our weaknesses.  Trump is our shadow, the part of us we could never admit to, and unless we do something fast, we’re going to be taken down into the complete degradation of our system.

What happened on Tuesday will be analyzed and explained for the next 40 years.  We will hear a thousand overlapping reasons that Trump became president, and all of them will be true, or none of them, but none of them could happen in any other place, which makes his election the most American thing ever to have happened.   Every single thing that helped him get elected, from the screwy electoral college to liberal blindness to rage to the shitty job situation to white privilege to mental illness to racism to misogyny to rape culture to the eternal exclusion of the “other” is something that’s been alive in America, and something we couldn’t stand to look at.  These are our exclusive shadows, molded into a person.  

And you know who didn’t help?  Media outlets.  You know who’s going to allow Trump to destroy democracy. And what will be their thanks?  His rage.  It’s already started.  You guys in the media, you egged on those professional protesters.  One of his plays is to accuse people of doing the thing he’s done.  He’s doing it here.  Media, this one is on you, and it’s staying on you.  Just because the populace would rather watch The Walking Dead than think about what the new restrictions about to hit their lives doesn’t mean you get to pander, just because it’s easy.

Thinking is hard.  It’s troubling.  People don’t want to do it. I know: I taught freshman composition. 

Protesters, you have a hard row to hoe, but I salute you.  You’re up against someone who is two moves ahead of you (Trump) and twelve moves ahead of you (Putin).  There’s a way around this, a way to remember what’s decent about us, but as of right now I have no idea what it will end up being.  Maybe one thing: we’re not Germany 1933.  We aren’t docile.  We’re not Russia right now, people whose spirits have been effectively managed.  We are a nation of bellyaching pains in the ass with the right to be heard hard-baked into us.  I think that spirit of rebellion is maybe just a little, good thing, even if it’s also what fucked us this time. 

The hardest thing to us to understand is this shift, because we’ve never seen it before: from the law of justice to “might makes right.”  That’s what’s about to happen.  And for “might” substitute “money” or “power” or “ratings,” and you have the capitulation of the people who were supposed to keep us vigilant.  

When I described how I feel every moment of the day, I think what you’d call that feeling of helplessness and inevitability is “fear.”  I think that’s exactly what it is, fear to an extent I have never felt before.  And I’m reminded what David J Morris said – that fear is what got Trump elected [here, I would add that this will be just one of the theories for the next 40 years].  And fear turns out to be how he will rule, too.  To fear him is to give him power over you, and if we don’t operate out of blind fear, we stand a better shot at keeping him from driving the national school bus into a volcano. 

Read the book I mentioned. It’s at least a way to understand the game.  And remember we aren’t Russia – yet.  And at least Trump’s objective is much easier to manipulate than Putin’s.  Trump only wants attention.  And unfortunately we have to give it to him.  Your outrage unfortunately makes him stronger.  Maybe the best question right now is whether it makes you stronger, too.  

White Privilege

Recently while browsing on YouTube I happened to stumble upon a video titled “Why White Privilege Is A Dangerous Myth” I knew watching the video would’ve been a waste of my time because I and many others do believe and KNOW that white privilege is VERY alive, healthy and strong even today, but me being curious me decided to watch it and see what a woman called Lauren Southern had to say about this. I was right, total waste of my time. White privilege is very real and I’m gonna let you, Lauren, and any other person who can’t see that white privilege exist, know why by stating facts:

• Did you know that a black college student has the same chances of getting a job as a white high school drop out?

• Did you know that white male college graduates have a 97.6% employment rate, meanwhile black male college graduates have a 92.8% employment rate – Which correlates more closely with the job prospects for white men who have some college education but no degree [92.5%] ?

• Did you know that a black man with no criminal record/history whatsoever is as likely to get called back for a second job interview as a white man fresh out of prison?

• Did you know that compared with white men, African American and Hispanic women make even less than white women?

White Man: $1.00
White Woman: $0.77
Black Woman: $0.64
Hispanic Woman: $0.56

• Did you know that black Harvard graduates have the same shot at a job call-back as white state graduates?

• Did you know that in a study, fictitious job applicants with white-sounding names got 50 percent more callbacks than those whose names sounded African American or foreign, even when the resumes were otherwise the same?

• Did you know that more than twice as many black people killed by police are unarmed compared to white people?

• Did you know that after killing nine innocent black Americans (including a state senator) Dylann Roof led police on a fourteen hour manhunt for him, was given a police vest to wear during his arrest and while he was in custody officers used their bodies to shield him from harm and he was given Burger King. Meanwhile, Sandra Bland was stopped for “improper signaling a lane”, was yanked from her car, forced to the ground while multiple officers used excessive force to arrest her, she was charged with “Assault on a Public Servant” and seventy-two hours later ended up dead in her cell?

I can go on if you’d like? White privilege is stronger than ever so when people say it’s not and argue against the fact that it is, it really shows true ignorance or just how blind some people can be. White privilege and reverse racism are things white people will never have to struggle with or worry about. #BlackLivesMatter isn’t excluding, against nor saying “Fuck you, you’re not important” to other races. No one even cared to try and start #AllLivesMatter until they saw people start using #BlackLivesMatter. Of course all lives matter, but right now we’re focusing on the black lives being taken by police brutality every month. My question is, why do white people WANT to be oppressed so bad? You’ve never suffered racism and you never will [Thats a whole other topic I’ll be discussing on this blog as well, so watch out for it]. Overall, white people are privileged and everything I stated above were pure FACTS. In the end I know I’ll be getting either PRAISED for everything I said above – By the educated people who get it and have their eyes open to the real world or I’ll be getting CRITICIZED – By the people who can’t see past their own country and see stereotypes as “racism” or find the fact that because hashtags and movements aren’t made for their race that has been in power for centuries racist also. Then again, talking to a white person with their eyes closed all the time (Or any uneducated person for that matter) is like talking to a brick wall. They’ll never get the point. For all I know, I could end up having to make a part two of this.. We’ll have to see. - A

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this whole "ziam vs larry" is something that is hurting me a lot in this fandom, they're literally fighting bc of this, hating on each other for nothing, can people stop being like that for a sec and just support? always fighting for everything jeez

See, when I look at the fighting between Larry and Ziam shippers I see Ziam shippers fighting against the hypocrisy and utter bullshit that some Larries preach, and a lot of that has become accepted by most of the Larry fandom as a whole. 

Ex: Zerrie is real, Sophia is mom, beard worshipers, inability to understand the basic concept of social media being a tool for marketing, etc. Yet, they claim to be “fandom detectives” on the scene to give YOU all of the the details. (There is this thing that goes on in the Larry fandom where the big blogs do all the “digging” and all of the smaller blogs eat it up without fact checking a word.) 

But, when Ziam blogs try to talk some sense into them, we get violently attacked for trying to spread some knowledge. I’ve talked about this on my blog before but I actually think this is a pretty accurate model of how racism works in the real world, instead of a racial bias in this case the Larry vs. Ziam conflict in terms of shipping is at it’s very core difference in OTPs. Now, I don’t have time to break apart every single layer of the shipping part of the Larry vs. Ziam conflict but I would like to summarise the best I can.

So, as I’ve said when Ziam shippers share their knowledge with Larries, we get pushed away and ignored, even when we call them out on the their hypocrisy. In comparison to racism you could say that the Ziam shipper is a poc pointing out the inequalities in our society that still keep most if not all poc as second class citizens, and the Larry shipper, is a white person blinded by their privilege refusing to acknowledge any of the poc’s issues, and telling them that the civil rights movement is over, then quoting MLK. It’s the same sort of system of oppression happening within the 1D fandom.

Racism itself is another part of the conflict with not only Larries, but also the rest of the fandom. Ziam shippers are made up of a large portion of the 1D fandom’s poc. Therefore, they call out others on racist remarks, and since obviously they’re talking about racism, it’s going to end up with a small scuffle and the white person saying “Ugh, I didn’t mean it that way get over it!”

Another factor to consider in the Ziam fandom’s oppression is that silence of our ideas is forced by all of the rest of the fandom’s willful ignorance and/or cognitive dissonance. That forced silence and distance from the rest of the fandom leaves us completely segregated, to where our thoughts and ideas never even reach the conversation of the rest of the fandom. So, we aren’t trying to start fights at all, we’re screaming at the top of our lungs and no one is listening to us, and when we end up talking about the people who are ignoring us, and rightfully upset about it, it’s like they hear their name being called and then they pretend to listen and tell us to shut up, like you just did, and ask us why we can’t just be like them? Why do we have to be different? What’s with all the hate?

So, here’s the answer to your question. No, I’m not going to stop discussing Larrie’s hypocrisy, no I’m not going to support their ideas instead of correcting them when they’re just factually incorrect or just plain problematic. Instead, I’m going to continue what I’m doing and fight for what I believe to be true, even if no one will hear me except my fellow Ziam shippers, because we have to stick together. We’re in this all alone.