Blind Faith: Chapter One

Chapter Two

Genre: Angst/Hurt/Comfort

Phew! Done with the first chapter! This is my fic based on the Blind Faith AU, where Stan and Ford get stuck in the portal together. Lots o’ angst in this story. Thank you to my sister, farfallavendetta, for editing this chapter and helping make it much better!! Hope you guys like it.

Stan groaned and stirred on what felt like stone ground. What the hell happened? Was he mugged? Had he gotten beaten up again? Was he going to wake up in some alleyway stripped of his coat and shoes? No, those were still there. Stan wiggled his fingers, his toes. So far so good. Nothing really out of place, no bruises…except… He hissed as a sharp searing pain lanced through his shoulder. Then everything came crashing back on him like a tidal wave. The basement, the portal, the fight… a searing pain, the lurching feeling of seeing his brother suspended midair, then grabbing him around his waist. White light, breaking through a gelatinous membrane, a tingling sensation, then nothing.

That meant…


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“What have you done to me brother?”

gravity-what pinesinthewoods It’s done! Again the mouth animation is a bit off but nyeeeh this was not easy. I did not use the slit pupils and replaced it with glowing eyes. 

Everything was pencil drawn. Toning and animation done on Adobe Phototshop! A total of 74 frames for this GIF art.

Edit: Changed the GIF to a smaller image. Booo…

  1. ‘39 – Queen (Note: Literally the best song ever. Ever.)
  2. Ticket to Ride – The Beatles
  3. Keep Yourself Alive – Queen
  4. Royal Orleans – Led Zeppelin (Note: Best song ever.)
  5. Mellow Yellow – Donovan
  6. Everybody Wants You – Billy Squier
  7. My Kind of Lover – Billy Squier
  8. Seaside Rendezvous – Queen
  9. She – The Monkees
  10. You Should Be High, Love – Billy Squier
  11. Communication Breakdown – Led Zeppelin 
  12. Romance in Durango – Bob Dylan
  13. Scandal – Queen 
  14. Love Kills – Freddie Mercury (Note: This is the original song, not the ballad.)
  15. Mr Tambourine Man – Bob Dylan
  16. Wots… Uh the Deal – Pink Floyd (Warning: Possibility of crying, certain.)
  17. Fun It – Queen (Note: The video footage is not for the song, but it’s cool.)
  18. The Guv'nor – Brian May
  19. Hots on For Nowhere – Led Zeppelin 
  20. I’ve Got a Feeling – The Beatles
  21. Dancer – Queen (Note: Right up there with the best songs ever.)
  22. Let Your Heart Rule Your Head – Brian May
  23. Two of Us – The Beatles
  24. Lady Stardust – David Bowie
  25. Beltane Walk – T. Rex
  26. Hijack My Heart – Queen (Note: B-side to “The Invisible Man”; warning: Roger’s voice will make you orgasm.)
  27. Kashmir – Led Zeppelin 
  28. Rollin’ Over – Brian May
  29. Pain Is So Close to Pleasure – Queen (Note: You can’t tell me it’s not the gayest thing ever. Written by Freddie and John together. Deacury. Gay. It’s gay.) 
  30. Sea of Joy – Blind Faith
  31. It’s a Hard Life – Queen (Fun Fact: Roger HAAAAAAAAAATED the video.)
  32. On Top of the World – Cheap Trick
  33. Dance the Night Away – Cream
  34. Lady Grinning Soul – David Bowie 
  35. How Many More Times – Led Zeppelin 
  36. Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon – Queen
  37. Life on Mars? – David Bowie
  38. Mr Bad Guy – Freddie Mercury
  39. Green Is the Colour – Pink Floyd (Warning: You’re going to cry. There is no avoiding it.)
  40. Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy - Queen
  41. Shake It – David Bowie
  42. Last Horizon – Brian May (Note: Instrumental, but also heartbreaking.)
  43. Moonage Daydream – David Bowie
  44. Tangerine – Led Zeppelin (Warning: Possibility of crying, high.) 
  45. Teenage Wildlife – David Bowie
  46. Why Don’t We Try Again – Brian May (Warning: It *will* break your heart.)
  47. Golden Years – David Bowie
  48. Made in Heaven – Freddie Mercury
  49. Mambo Sun – T. Rex
  50. Fascination – David Bowie
  51. My Fairy King – Queen 
  52. So Far Away – David Gilmour (Warning: Possibility of crying, extreme.)
  53. Maybe I’m a Leo – Deep Purple
  54. Sunny South Kensington – Donovan
  55. Cymbaline – Pink Floyd
  56. Kingdom Come – David Bowie
  57. Get It On – T. Rex (Note: Marc Bolan is the glammest shit to ever happen.)
  58. Peace Frog – The Doors
  59. The Ledge – Fleetwood Mac
  60. Rain Must Fall – Queen
  61. Young Americans – David Bowie
  62. Young Lust – Pink Floyd
  63. Honey Hi – Fleetwood Mac
  64. La Japonaise – Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe
  65. Starman – David Bowie
  66. Who Needs You – Queen (Note: Makes you wonder who mistreated John.)
  67. Velvet Goldmine – David Bowie
  68. I Was Born to Love You – Freddie Mercury
  69. It’s Late – Queen (Note: Very dramatic, three guitar solos.)
  70. Colours – Donovan
  71. Rock n Roll Suicide – David Bowie 
  72. Dogs – Pink Floyd
  73. Foolin’ Around – Freddie Mercury
  74. TVC 15 – David Bowie
  75. Abandonfire – Roger Taylor
  76. Green – Ibex (Note: Freddie’s band before Queen, 1969, later called Wreckage; warning: possibility of crying, high.)
  77. San Tropez – Pink Floyd
  78. Over the Hills and Far Away – Led Zeppelin
  79. Guide Me Home/How Can I Go On – Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe (Warning: Possibility of crying, definite.) 
  80. Hot Dog – Led Zeppelin
  81. Tusk – Fleetwood Mac
  82. Memory of a Free Festival – David Bowie (Warning: Possibility of crying, moderate.)
  83. Affairs – Queen (Note: Demo.)
  84. Let There Be More Light – Pink Floyd
  85. Barcelona – Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe
  86. Five Years – David Bowie (Warning: Possibility of crying, very likely.)
  87. Down By the Seaside – Led Zeppelin
  88. Dragon Attack – Queen (Warning: You might explode.)
  89. Man Made Paradise – Freddie Mercury
  90. Polar Bear – Smile (Warning: You will cry.)
  91. Was it All Worth It – Queen
  92. Candy Store Rock – Led Zeppelin
  93. Sometime In the Morning – The Monkees
  94. Most High – Page & Plant
  95. The Nile Song – Pink Floyd
  96. I’m In Love with My Car – Queen (Fun Fact: Roger wrote this song and wanted it to be the B-side to Bohemian Rhapsody, for the royalties, obviously, and Freddie refused, so Roger locked himself in a closet and said he wouldn’t come out until Freddie agreed. Freddie gave in.) 
  97. Pigs (Three Different Ones) – Pink Floyd
  98. Going Back – Freddie Mercury (Note: Recorded under the pseudonym “Larry Lurex” in the early 70s; cover; warning: possibility of crying, definite.)
  99. It’s Gonna Be Me – David Bowie (Warning: Possibility of crying, moderate.)
  100. Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) – Queen (Fun Fact: Written for their Japanese fans, by Brian, because the first time they went to Japan was like Beatlemania but Queen style.)
  101. Sexual Revolution – Roger Waters
  102. You Take My Breath Away – Queen
  103. Modern Love – David Bowie
  104. I Can’t Live With You – Queen
  105. I’m Scared – Brian May (Note: It’s obviously Brian’s coming out song, it’s the gayest thing in the world.)
  106. Leaving Home Ain’t Easy – Queen (Warning: Possibility of crying, moderate.)
  107. The Ocean – Led Zeppelin 
  108. Shining In the Light – Page & Plant
  109. Let Me Entertain You – Queen
  110. Fool in the Rain – Led Zeppelin
  111. Dreamer’s Ball – Queen
  112. For Your Life – Led Zeppelin
  113. Get Down, Make Love – Queen (Note: You will orgasm.)
  114. Soul Love – David Bowie
  115. Jeepster – T. Rex
  116. I Can’t Reach You – The Who
  117. The Prophet’s Song – Queen (Fun Fact: Brian wrote it about a dream he had.)
  118. Sunrise – The Who
  119. Fashion – David Bowie
  120. Welcome to the Machine – Pink Floyd
  121. You Are the Only One – Queen (Note: Demo; warning: possibility of crying, HIGH.) 
  122. Earth – Smile (Note: Smile is pre-Queen, the original lineup consisted of Brian May, Tim Staffel, and Roger Taylor. Freddie saw a show and started tagging along as a groupie and back-seat driver, and Tim left to join a band called Humpy Bong, and asked Freddie to sing for Smile– Smile then decided to change the name to Queen and eventually found John Deacon after going through a few bassists; warning: possibility of crying, very high.)
  123. Love of My Life – Queen (Warning: Possibility of crying, high; written for John, obviously.)
  124. Anybody Seen My Baby – The Rolling Stones
  125. Man on Fire – Roger Taylor
  126. Jealousy – Queen (Warning: Possibility of crying, moderate.)
  127. Last Summer – Rod Stewart
  128. Dancing in the Streets – David Bowie/Mick Jagger (Note: Best thing ever.)
  129. Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…) – Queen (Fun Fact: written for their first manager, Norman Sheffield, who stole a LOT of money from them.)

This playlist has no theme, and no order, they’re just songs I enjoy. 


“Lemme cut you a deal. Trust me it’ll be worth your time.”

Ford likes this bar because he is allowed to openly carry his weapons and it has booths that are easy to protect. Stan likes this bar because the tables are secured underneath so no one can point a gun at him without Ford knowing. Also it has a drink that reminds Stan of beer.

@pinesinthewoods prompted me to draw some alien bar negotiations for Blind Faith AU. I wanted to challenge myself to do an actual scene, lines, everything. I love how the twins turned out

I got to the colors and realized that my coloring skills are seriously lacking so after many attempts I gave up. If you want to color this, throw me a message for the full sized picture!

Bonus: Here’s an screenshot of how I might have done the colors