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Do You Question Your Beliefs?

Be a rebel and question everything because knowing is better than believing. But how are you supposed to distinguish the difference between knowing something and believing it? This is where practicality comes into play - test out your beliefs and see if they work for you.

When I began my journey of living a conscious lifestyle it was difficult for me to apply what I’d learned because I was unsure whether these new ideas were true. So I started testing them out - I began with changing myself and seeing whether or not that change was reflected in my external environment.

I saw that when I changed my own behaviours - the way others behaved towards me changed significantly. This is just one example of testing out beliefs - but it led me to realise that challenging my beliefs is a vital part of growth. How do you know something doesn’t work if you’ve never tried it?

This was a question that stuck with me throughout the early stages of my personal development journey. Every time I encountered a new belief that I thought would be able to serve me I sought out opportunities to apply them in my life and see for myself whether or not they worked.

Blind faith isn’t good enough for me anymore - I need proof! But the proof is to be found in actions. If you pray to God for strength - does it give you strength or present you with opportunities to be strong? 

It is up to us to identify opportunities to grow - these can present themselves to us when our current beliefs are challenged. The next time something you believe in is challenged, ask yourself - what opportunity am I being presented with here? And seek to learn & grow from it.

Knowing is better than believing - knowledge is gained from experience.

Peace & positive vibes.


“Lemme cut you a deal. Trust me it’ll be worth your time.”

Ford likes this bar because he is allowed to openly carry his weapons and it has booths that are easy to protect. Stan likes this bar because the tables are secured underneath so no one can point a gun at him without Ford knowing. Also it has a drink that reminds Stan of beer.

@pinesinthewoods prompted me to draw some alien bar negotiations for Blind Faith AU. I wanted to challenge myself to do an actual scene, lines, everything. I love how the twins turned out

I got to the colors and realized that my coloring skills are seriously lacking so after many attempts I gave up. If you want to color this, throw me a message for the full sized picture!

Bonus: Here’s an screenshot of how I might have done the colors

Blind Faith: Chapter One

Chapter Two

Genre: Angst/Hurt/Comfort

Phew! Done with the first chapter! This is my fic based on the Blind Faith AU, where Stan and Ford get stuck in the portal together. Lots o’ angst in this story. Thank you to my sister, farfallavendetta, for editing this chapter and helping make it much better!! Hope you guys like it.

Stan groaned and stirred on what felt like stone ground. What the hell happened? Was he mugged? Had he gotten beaten up again? Was he going to wake up in some alleyway stripped of his coat and shoes? No, those were still there. Stan wiggled his fingers, his toes. So far so good. Nothing really out of place, no bruises…except… He hissed as a sharp searing pain lanced through his shoulder. Then everything came crashing back on him like a tidal wave. The basement, the portal, the fight… a searing pain, the lurching feeling of seeing his brother suspended midair, then grabbing him around his waist. White light, breaking through a gelatinous membrane, a tingling sensation, then nothing.

That meant…


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Blind Faith - Had to cry today


“What have you done to me brother?”

gravity-what pinesinthewoods It’s done! Again the mouth animation is a bit off but nyeeeh this was not easy. I did not use the slit pupils and replaced it with glowing eyes. 

Everything was pencil drawn. Toning and animation done on Adobe Phototshop! A total of 74 frames for this GIF art.

Edit: Changed the GIF to a smaller image. Booo…

Blind Faith AU

I like the idea of Ford being selectively mute

I love the idea that Stan doesn’t need to hear him talk to know what he’d say

And that Ford probably isn’t a fan of sleeping and dreaming which is visible in his journal when he hasn’t slept in a while. And that Stan reluctantly agrees to wear glasses when they’re back in their dimension.

I just love this AU