Blind Faith: Chapter One

Chapter Two

Genre: Angst/Hurt/Comfort

Phew! Done with the first chapter! This is my fic based on the Blind Faith AU, where Stan and Ford get stuck in the portal together. Lots o’ angst in this story. Thank you to my sister, farfallavendetta, for editing this chapter and helping make it much better!! Hope you guys like it.

Stan groaned and stirred on what felt like stone ground. What the hell happened? Was he mugged? Had he gotten beaten up again? Was he going to wake up in some alleyway stripped of his coat and shoes? No, those were still there. Stan wiggled his fingers, his toes. So far so good. Nothing really out of place, no bruises…except… He hissed as a sharp searing pain lanced through his shoulder. Then everything came crashing back on him like a tidal wave. The basement, the portal, the fight… a searing pain, the lurching feeling of seeing his brother suspended midair, then grabbing him around his waist. White light, breaking through a gelatinous membrane, a tingling sensation, then nothing.

That meant…


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Reasons Why Steve Winwood is the cutest and nicest and most underrated person in Classic Rock

1. He joined his brothers rock band at the age of 12 and went on to form his own band, Traffic at the age of 19

2. Even though Eric Clapton suddenly left his second band, Blind Faith (basically leaving Winwood high and dry after only one album) he plays on Eric’s crossroads tour and they are still good friends.

3. When he tried to make a solo album, he brought in all his former band mates from Traffic, thus accidentally creating their reunion album.

4. Even though he played most instruments and and does all vocals on one of Traffic’s albums, he credits it to the band, not himself.

5. When one artist wanted to remix one of Steve’s songs and sent him a demo, Steve loved it so much that he rerecorded the whole song just for him to use.

6. Steve pushed Eric Clapton to sing on Blind Faith’s albums because he knew what potential he had to be a great front man.

7. Steve went on Roger Daltrey’s show as a guest, and also did music and backing vocals for all of the other guests on his show after that.



Also cutest old man ever: