“What have you done to me brother?”

gravity-what pinesinthewoods It’s done! Again the mouth animation is a bit off but nyeeeh this was not easy. I did not use the slit pupils and replaced it with glowing eyes. 

Everything was pencil drawn. Toning and animation done on Adobe Phototshop! A total of 74 frames for this GIF art.

Edit: Changed the GIF to a smaller image. Booo…


“Lemme cut you a deal. Trust me it’ll be worth your time.”

Ford likes this bar because he is allowed to openly carry his weapons and it has booths that are easy to protect. Stan likes this bar because the tables are secured underneath so no one can point a gun at him without Ford knowing. Also it has a drink that reminds Stan of beer.

@pinesinthewoods prompted me to draw some alien bar negotiations for Blind Faith AU. I wanted to challenge myself to do an actual scene, lines, everything. I love how the twins turned out

I got to the colors and realized that my coloring skills are seriously lacking so after many attempts I gave up. If you want to color this, throw me a message for the full sized picture!

Bonus: Here’s an screenshot of how I might have done the colors


Some what doing a comic. i don’t know. i had done a whole bunch of sketchs then they kinda progressed into a comic like format.
More blind faith.
Its one of those kinda first nights, when they realize maybe they shoudl take shifts of keeping watch, cause its not safe to be completely unguarded for reasons.

There will be a little more (but i wanted to get this done and posted before i go to work) blah. yeah

Reasons Why Steve Winwood is the cutest and nicest and most underrated person in Classic Rock

1. He joined his brothers rock band at the age of 12 and went on to form his own band, Traffic at the age of 19

2. Even though Eric Clapton suddenly left his second band, Blind Faith (basically leaving Winwood high and dry after only one album) he plays on Eric’s crossroads tour and they are still good friends.

3. When he tried to make a solo album, he brought in all his former band mates from Traffic, thus accidentally creating their reunion album.

4. Even though he played most instruments and and does all vocals on one of Traffic’s albums, he credits it to the band, not himself.

5. When one artist wanted to remix one of Steve’s songs and sent him a demo, Steve loved it so much that he rerecorded the whole song just for him to use.

6. Steve pushed Eric Clapton to sing on Blind Faith’s albums because he knew what potential he had to be a great front man.

7. Steve went on Roger Daltrey’s show as a guest, and also did music and backing vocals for all of the other guests on his show after that.



Also cutest old man ever: