• Before the after endings:
  • Zen: Clingy
  • Yoosung: A ball of sunshine
  • Jaehee: Mature
  • Jumin: Daddy
  • 707: Precious
  • V: In love
  • After the after endings:
  • Zen: Daddy
  • Yoosung: Mature
  • Jaehee: A ball of sunshine
  • Jumin: Precious
  • 707: Clingy
  • V: In love
Things that my bf does that make me regress at light speed:

• “whoooos a sleepy baby? Huh? Lil sleepy baby?“

• “where’s your hand, give me that hand.”

• let’s me steals his shirts that are literal pillow cases on me

• blows raspberries onto my tummy

• pulling me up on top his lap

• “I don’t remember taking ordered from a BABY”

• holds me reeal tight against him

• “I love my small little bean baby”

• letting me grab his thumbs cause his hands are too big

• looking at my pouty eyes and caving in, being able to see the crumbling defeat in his face

• whenever I get to bite his nose!!

BTS And Big Hit Entertainment Make Generous Donation To Families Of Sewol Ferry Victims

Via Soompi:

“BTS and Big Hit Entertainment were recently found to have donated 100 million won (approximately $85,000) to the Sewol Ferry Disaster 416 Family Council. Each of the seven members contributed 10 million won (approximately $8,500) and the agency added 30 million won (approximately $25,500) to the total.

Their donation is especially meaningful as it was recently uncovered that there exists a government blacklist on figures in the arts and culture industry. Supporting the families affected by the Sewol Ferry disaster was one of the reasons why people were placed on the list and discriminated against.

This is not the first time BTS have been involved in providing aid for the Sewol Ferry disaster. Back in 2014, BTS’s fans donated relief goods to families right after the incident occurred.

A representative of Big Hit Entertainment confirmed that the donation had been made, but stated that they hadn’t originally had any plans to make it public. They said, “From what I know, they planned to keep the donation private because they believe that you don’t make donations so that you can tell people about it. The members of BTS made the decision [to make the donation] and because we see this is a personal matter, we don’t think it’s right for us to speak on the matter in depth.”