blind tasting team

First post to kick things off...

Well unfortunately this will only be a short one, am typing one-handed following a mildly dramatic cycling accident during the Edinburgh University Blind Tasting Team’s trip to Champagne (broken two bones in my hand) and so shall keep it relatively short and sweet and update properly at a later date.

  Despite the tiny bit of drama the trip was a resounding success, plenty of wonderful food and champagne to die for (or at least to forgo painkillers for as was the decision on Monday evening).  Hubert was a fantastic host, taking us on a fascinating tour and allowing us to taste a 2000 Blanc de Blancs, an 86 Blanc de Blancs and some Pol Pure Brut (In reverse order above); as well as trying three still samples from the previous year of the individual grapes that champagne is composed of (Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay), all pictured from left to right, the still wines at the front.

The 86 Blanc de Blancs was utterly divine, complex and just… nom (and yes that is a technical term), my least favourite was the Pure but after a small amount of time in the glass it opened up to be a little less austere and was perfectly drinkable.

Shall write more about champagne and food etc. at a later date; suffice it to say that between the 9 of us (the 7 team members, the captain of the St. Andrews team and James our guide from Pol), we got through approximately 27 bottles of champagne between midday on Sunday and afternoon on Tuesday.