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Now before you guys get on my case, let me clear something up about the first image. By Sin, this goes under basic NSFW for me. In other words: Foul Language, Gore, or sexual things. Basically any blog catagorized as Adult Oriented.

The reason I decided to do this is to warn minors visually that this isn’t the kind of content that they should be following! Neat, right?

So far I only have 3 accounts with this, one for foul language and gore, and the other for very sensitive topics. The third one is not open to you guys really bc that one is definitely nsfw.

As you can tell, the visual personality for these two sonas are even different. That’s because the new one reflects my entire personality, while the other only reflects the positive. They are both bat based, but the regular is part goat while the sin is part rabbit.

Let me explain the rabbit-bat. She signifies even the parts like fear. I’m generally a person that’s scared to take my problems with others, and if cornered about them I lash out. Rabbits can blind predators if they feel cornered, they’re not as nice as you think. Both rabbits and bats are nocturnal, and I don’t sleep much at night. I also have a very particular sense of humor involving music. My hearing is also generally good as long as I’m not blasting music in my ears, and I’m literally the only one in my family who doesn’t use glasses. I’ve owned about 4 rabbits, and when me and my best friend apologized after our first fight, a bat flew by between us. Bats and rabbits mean a lot to me.



“Someone’s slipping through the hidden door
Snow White’s stitching up your circuit-board
No more dreaming of the dead as if death itself was undone
No more calling like a crow for a boy, for a body in the garden”

Took some pictures outside of my dad’s house, because listening to “Lungs” on repeat inside my head inspired me to wake up before the day got too hot. 

Ryan Wrecker

AU: Over On Wrecker’s Street

Words: 669

The fearless, bold man with the grey bandana wrapped around his head. Also known as the Blind Rabbit, Ryan is the owner and bartender of one of Los Santos’ famous pubs, the Rabbit’s Den. With an old, Victorian era theme, this bar was passed down through the Wrecker family generation after generation.

  Having grown up with this place as a second home of Ryan’s, his first job was working along side his brother and sister, his father behind the sleek wooden bar counter.

He knew the whole layout. The college football players would always sit at the twelve seater table by the window, close enough to the bar for refills of beer and always a good angle of the big screen television.
  The kind group of women who came in every Friday night in pretty dresses and beautiful makeup to have some wine always sat at the far right side of the counter, which had a straight-on view of the small, two-feet-high stage.
   A gang of bikers didn’t roll through town all the time, but they always visited Den. They’d park their bikes right by the entrance, close to the walking path. An tall, burly biker named Brutus was one of by the nicest people Ryan have ever met in the pub. Brutus even gave him a worn-out, seven-sizes-too-big leather jacket.

  Of course, Ryan didn’t remain at the bar forever. About two years after he graduated high school, he began working at a garage. Jason’s Auto, to be exact. Ryan had met his greatest friends at that garage, still in contact with them today.

His career in engineering came to an abrupt stop. Think four years ago, a young, energetic Ryan Wrecker replacing a customer’s car’s heat exchangers. Merely half an hour into the job, give or take, a coworker comes up to his station. His coworker instructs that it was no use repairing the engine if it was still in the vehicle.

Without Ryan’s consent, his peer calls over other engineers and before he knew it, the engine was being hooked up to the crane.

  “Lifting it up..”
“Watch your head, Dennis.”
“Roll up the wheeler, will ya?”
“Watch it, watch it!”

  The crane’s rusted steel arm twisted and crunched under the pressure of the engine. The support straps snapped, and shouts echoed across the garage.

“Wrecker, watch out!”

Ryan tried to block the flying pieces of metal with his forearms, but it was one moment too late. He was knocked back, a piece of shattered intake pipe launching into his left eye. He fell, landing on his back, blood dripping down his face.

   The hospital wasn’t the greatest thing in the world. His nurse was sweet, a man with an undecided accent in his early twenties. Ryan was told by his nurse that because of the injury, his eye was hopeless for recovery. Doctors removed it, but failed to find a healthy replacement. His left eye was an unusable glass ball, basically.
  An infection had spread to his right eye, which was to make Ryan fully blind in approximately a month. He wasn’t too happy about this.

He had to give up his job at Jason’s. But that didn’t lessen his confidence. He went to the first person he knew who had a spot for him.
  “Hey, dad?”

  A year later, after the incident, his father passed away. Struck with such grief, Ryan fell into depression. It was until the funeral, where his dad’s will was read out to the relatives. His mind vanished into the abyss at the moment, so much he didn’t listen to a word the reader was saying until his name was spoken.

  “…And to Ryan Wrecker, my eldest son. I pass on ownership of the Rabbit’s Den pub into his hands, and for him to finally work behind the counter.”

  When Ryan later stepped into the Rabbit’s Den for the first time without his father’s presence, a thought dawned apon him.
“This place is mine.”

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Hey lovely, who's your favorite band/artist and one of your favorite songs from them? I wanna expand my library.

florence and the machine is lik e the best !!!!! some of my personal favs are: rabbit heart, blinding, breaking down, only if for a night, third eye and various storms & saints
im also hella into regina spektor, one of my ultimate fav songs is apres moi !!! other faves are: better, samson and us 

rip i named so many more than you asked for my b,but i hope you dig these !!!!!!!!


Lab-grown eyeballs could restore vision to the blind

A breakthrough stem cell experiment just brought us a step closer to lab-grown human eyeballs and restoring vision to the blind, according to new research published in the journal Nature.

A team of biologists discovered a new way to grow parts of the retina, cornea and lenses of eyeballs. In the experiment, the researchers restored vision to blinded rabbits by growing new corneas from stem cells. There’s just one big challenge ahead.

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Burning, the roads through my mind are on fire
For the light you shed was blinding
A rabbit, caught in your glow, I am frozen
In the yielding tar, sticky and golden

I foresee this ending in a shower of flame
So drink your holy water soon
And I’ll wash my loving hands
I’m through

For I am of the sun
And this night is getting on
When the dawn breaks warm I’m gone

Standing, at the edge of your forest, I’m standing
And the milky bed reminds me of the miles I have yet to tread

And the heart-stained sheets I used to wrap around my waist
Well I hope you find the peace you seek
Wake me up in five, six weeks

For we exist at night
And a silent strip of light
Unfurls against the mountain side

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and i know you feel it too

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basically just what happened between philip and lukas after the water/lake scene from 1x07

Philip is shocked when Lukas sits down next to him. It’s an act of kindness he’s never seen from Lukas. He doesn’t push, or try harder to get Philip to come into the water. He just sits down beside him, probably freezing his ass off, and wraps his arms around his knees.

“My mom used to take me swimming. I used to stay under for so long it freaked her out.” Lukas says, eyes on the water.

“What was she like?” Philip asks.

Lukas’ pauses, his lips curling up slightly, eyes glazing over.

“She smelled like flowers. She had a really soft voice. She was kind. She used to sing. She was good at it, too. She was always singing, or humming.” He says.

“Dad was, too. But when she died, it was like….like she took music with her.”

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*jumps on the henry/hook bonding wagon*



Honestly, he would have been surprised if the boy hadn’t bolted.

The idea had been simple: take Henry on the Jolly Roger, out somewhere into the open sea or hidden away in some cove – anywhere, just past the town lines. They didn’t know for sure that the Witch wouldn’t be able to cross them, but Emma’s thinking was that she wasn’t strictly looking for Henry and probably wouldn’t notice Hook’s absence, and so she could keep him relatively safe – or out of the crossfire, at least – by getting Hook to take him away.

Of course, he was too old by now to buy the “going on a random adventure with your wannabe-stepdad” excuse, so he knew good and damn well what was going on; along with that, the boy had big, heroic dreams, an adventurous spirit, and his mother’s (and grandmother’s) stubborn streak.

In fact, Killian had been so sure that this would happen that he’d packed a bag in advance, figuring that fighting it would just make it worse and turn the boy against him, to boot.

(It was something his brother had done a few times.)

And, being a twelve-year-old who’d been raised in an aggressively mundane world where witches lived in books and swordfighting was something that happened on a stage, Henry wasn’t exactly difficult to find, even if Killian hadn’t been a trained navigator with a depressing amount of experience in tracking people through forests in the dead of night.

“Storybrooke is that way,” he drawled, leaning heavily against a tree, bone-weary in a way that didn’t have anything to do with exertion. When the boy jolted and whirled around, he jerked his head south. “And several days on foot, at that.”

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