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hello! i bought one of your 3d printed blind box toys a long time ago, and i was wondering if you were going to be selling figures of your new boys as well? i think they're really great and i'd love to buy one!

they are possibly being made into soft vinyl toys soon 

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God melly i can't stand the shit blind BG pulled with the dumb liam being tricked by cheryl. The comments are all of how she is a lesbian and that he is an idiot. I mean their perspective shocks me. Why there people who believe that a celeb aka liam could be so naive and blinded by a a lesbian's motives. Do they think liam is patrick star? Does he live under a rock? Noone could inform him? That's the second most awful blind 1dhq could seed. The unmentionable re zayn is the first

Oh hey, look! Another Blind Item solve from Blind Gossip in the thrilling Cherliam “Dumb Loammy Got Roped in By The Cougar Lesbian” Saga. Here’s one for the PR marriage pile, I guess:

These all paint a really specific picture that position Cheryl as the cougar lesbian villain who plotted against poor innocent Loammy Jean. We are now at a whopping TEN blinds printed and solved about Cherliam since Nov. 29. That’s insane, especially since these gossip sites are focused in the US and this is not a super popular celebrity couple. I would actually argue that these are from Loammy’s team and not 1DHQ. I’ve mentioned before that Liam is being positioned as the naive good guy here. As not to say he isn’t, but, the instagram post about the baby, the Rollacoaster magazine quotes, the blind items, all position Loammy as the lovesick dude who thinks he managed to land his teen crush and low key paint Cheryl as the bad guy. There’s a narrative here, you guys.  I will say, I’d be ignoring me own Boob Instincts signs are there that we’re at least heading for a Cherliam engagement (I’m sorry, don’t hate me). 

For what its worth, the last blind that Enty printed last month said this was only temporary:

For the previous Blind Item chapters, click here x, x

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i don't mean this in a condescending way i'm just curious. is blindgossip reliable?

They aren’t reliable - most blind item sites are full of shit. But what blind items are doing is presenting a narrative that’s usually given to them by folks on a celebrity’s team to try and control or present the way the narrative is going (similar to what we see with the mouthpieces in the UK tabloids). 

In Loammy’s case with Cherliam, they aren’t just printing these blind items, they’re solving them, and there have been ten solved blind items about Cherliam since Nov. 29. . That’s excessive by any standard, especially for a couple that’s not that well known in the US where these blind items sites are predominately based. What’s more, is that pretty much all of them have a very common thread of the evil lesbian  fame hungry cougar who tricked poor naive and lovesick Loammy Jean into having a baby. For me, that’s worth paying attention to.

i’d take the earth, palms a cradle (like a god
or girl playing god). inhale continents
and countries. swallow whole (til
what i lost in you fits back to me), easier
than a lullaby (or a sorry i can’t love you).
i would, i will, i swear it on the sea.
still listening? love letters from girl’s drawer
will reach you by tidal wave. message in a bottle,
bottle is my heart (stamped handle with care
but you, blind to fine print). girl seeking self
in a world divorced, world farther away
than the sky. girl forgetting the meaning
of her name in her native language. girl
playing god with kingdoms at her feet
to recall control: you, a hurricane.
(this is the aftermath.)
—  GIRL SEEKING SELF | paperharbors

3D printed ultrasound lets blind mother touch the face of her unborn baby 

Technology changes lives. Huggies Brazil used a 3D printer to give 30-year old expecting mom Tatiana Guerra an experience she’ll remember the rest of her life. The blind mom was gifted a 3D printed version of an ultrasound to help her ‘see’ her unborn baby for the first time. The experience was captured in a short film that has gone viral on YouTube and it’s a very touching moment. 

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18"x24" Digital Print on ¼" Plexiglass

(excuse the poor image quality)

My finished piece for the “She Blinded Me With Science” art show going up at Gowanus Print Lab in February (check out the flyer below for more info).


Come check out work by:

Alison Dubois | Anna Rose Anya Davidson | April Malig Benjamin Urkowitz Catherine Chi Darcy Smyth Garrett Hagen Hiromi Ueyoshi Iasmin Omar Ata Janet Sung Jeremy Sorese Jesse Balmer K.L. Ricks Kat Fajardo Kelsey Short KJ Martinet Lala Albert Lale Westvind Leah Wishnia Magnolia Porter Mark Ledgerwood Mia Schwartz Michael Zumbrun Nick Sumida Rachel Hardin Rebekka Dunlap Salomao Becker Sophia Foster Dimino Zach Hazard Vaupen

Making reading assignments clear to students who use electronic formats

When reading assignments are assigned in the form “Read pages 75-100 in the Book of Subject Relevance”, it creates a problem for students who use electronic formats such as Kindle or Bookshare. Those formats often do not include page numbers, and it can be difficult-to-impossible to know what to read just by seeing page numbers.

There’s a simple solution that allows students to do the assignment:

  • If you’re assigning a whole chapter, tell students which chapter you mean.
  • eg: “Read Chapter 3 in the Book of Subject Relevance (pages 75-100).
  • If you’re not assigning whole chapters, include the first and last sentence in the assignment.
  • This allows students to use the search function to find the place you’re talking about.
  • eg: “Read pages 75-100 in the Book of Subject Relevance. (From “I have a slightly plausible theory.” through “In conclusion, I have shown that I am definitely right.”)

It’s good to also include the page numbers, because that’s better for students who use the print edition, and it gives all students a sense of how much reading there is.

tl;dr Giving reading assignments in page numbers causes a problem for students who aren’t reading the print edition. There’s a simple solution to this. Scroll up for details.