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Yuri!!! on Museum Experience

I… was extremely fortunate to be able to go to the Yuri!!! on Museum located on the 8th Floor of Shibuya Tower Records. (Thank you at my Twitter friend for booking tickets and coming with me!) 

Information about Sections in the museum and Photos taken inside are below!

We kind of went a bit late today? Around 7pm. We got our “ticket number” and waited to enter the museum. While waiting, we heard YOI music blasting out (I believe Yurio’s FS program) 

Once we “checked in”, the staff gave us 2 things: A stampbook and an audio guide. I obviously chose Choice A for the Audio since it had Victor and Yuri ^^; 

NOTE: As we have heard, there is a “secret” audio. All we know so far is that it includes Victor and ???. If you are going to the museum, YOU CANNOT GET THE SECRET AUDIO ON YOUR FIRST VISIT. You must enter the museum 6 times in total (6000 yen + tax). On your 6th visit, you will be able to receive the secret audio :’) Probably only possible if you are a resident in Japan. 

I will post some bits of the audio on a separate post ^^ 

The first thing you see when you enter the museum is a screen + a makkachin plush. These images have been floating around actually ? As you’ve probably heard or seen, if you touch the Makkachin a random GPF skater or Victor will pop out! When I touched it Victor came out and Aria-Stammi VIcino started playing (I wanted to cry because I WAS JUST SO EMOTIONAL HEARING IT). The part of the song that goes “STAMMI VICINOOOOOO” plays. I want to die he’s so beautiful 

For JJ (I heard while in the other room), Theme of King JJ plays lmao and for Seung-Gil, Almavivo plays. 

Before the second section, there is a display of screenshots from various competitions. 

There’s also a display of the GPF Medals from the anime! Made by the actual person who made the IRL GPF Medals :o 

NOTE: Photos were not allowed in 90% of the Museum. This is actually one of the strictest YOI events I have ever been to because there are actually Security Guards that are stationed in some places LMAO 

Second Section! It was a room full of brand new never seen before artwork drawn beautifully by the YOI Staff! The pictures that were on display are the same pictures that are included in the Bromide (will post later).

Each Picture is a new drawing of a GPF Skater. There’s also one photo of the winners (JJ, Yuri, Yurio) at a different angle. :’ ) 

Next Section is called the “Memory of Victor NIkiforov” LMAO why does it sound like he’s a dead man 

This was probably my favourite section of the museum.  There were 4 New Drawings of Victor that has not been released in Public yet (one actually has, but has not been released in any artbooks yet). It had a Victor standee and large artworks of Young Victor on the wall.

The 4 New Young Victor Artwork:

  1. Victor in EROS Costume ( ADGSKFDF… I love him… so much)
  3. Victor, looking bored and eating chocolates during an interview? while Yakov is sitting beside him 
  4. Victor running with Makkachin in Russia :’) 

Hopefully the rest of the images will be released online soon because HECK I NEED MERCHANDISE OF THAT 

After this it’s the long awaited life-sized Victor Statue ;)

I want to die a little bit inside because I FORGOT TO SMELL HIM (the Staff put Victor’s pefume / cologne on him. yes, the perfume was released several months ago by Movic) The security guy? took a picture of me and victor ;’ ) 


Next room has Yuri’s and Victor’s Duetto Stammi Vicino Costumes :’ ) They’re crafted really well and they even included the rings ;; 

Beside the costumes, they have images from the exhibition program… literally sobbing here… Also has the special banquet photo!

Next Section -> Kiss and Cry Room! Enjoy taking pictures of you and the GPF skaters!

They provided items such as Yuri’s onigiri on a table ^^; and the background of the photo place changes colour !!! I think it looks best when it’s purple?

The Final Room! -> A Room full of Original Keyframes from the anime. 

There are keyframes from Victor’s Aria Stammi Vicino FS Performance, Nishigori Family, Yuri crying as he decides to continue skating as he has his silver medal, etc. There are also posters on the wall from the anime!! They have the Yuri Poster in Hasetsu from Episode 1 and the Yuri vs Yurio Poster from Episode 3 :) 

The last room is the shop :’ ) Thankfully all the items except for the full body yuri!!! on festival badges are not blind packs. 

Purchase merchandise worth over 5000 yen and you can choose a poster that is either the YOI Festival or YOI Museum Visual^^; 

My Thoughts : The Museum was smaller than I expected, but it was definitely worth it. Please go if you can. If you are in Japan or going to Japan from July - September, book a ticket at a Japanese Convenience Store and visit the museum! It’s one of the best yoi events I’ve ever been to. 

thanks for reading :) 


There was so! much! stuff! announced today - just today!!!

- Tokyu Hands collab - this isn’t all the merch, just a selection
- Coach Victor statue
- Another book (Victor’s thighs I’m)
- a ‘ROMANTIC BIRTHDAY’ themed kuji coming out in December (HMM who do we know who has a birthday then HMMM)

Get rekt wallet

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dan and phil definitely aren't together okay they're just two bros who have bonded so strongly over the years and built their lives are each other and seemingly do everything together including moving into a third apartment and pondering what pets they'll get in the future. you know, bros stuff. stuff that bros do

god i’ve been so blind. everyone pack up the shows over


These were all blind packs…

AND YET I GOT ONE OF EACH! ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

I still cannot believe it… I have no words to describe how happy I am! The first one that I opened was the one that had Kisumi and Hayato. They were my good luck charm ( ◜◒◝ )♡


namco opened a haikyuu popup shop in shibuya yesterday. it has exclusive goods and games where you can win prizes! i went and got my hands on all the tendo stuff (i had really good luck game luck for once so i got all the tendo prizes after only a handful of tries). the last pic shows my haul, everything is prizes except the rectangular acrylic keychain and the pass case. (the 2nd to last pic is the blind packed stuff i secured through online auctions earlier.)

there was also middle blocker merchandise, but it featured tendo overshadowed by three other middle blockers, so i don’t count it as tendo merchandise and refrained from buying it >:U

There are only three people I will accept as Derek’s alpha: Talia Hale, Laura Hale, and Derek himself.


i went to the Japanese marketplace yesterday and got pretty lucky with the blind packs i bought!! tho I was a bit disappointed i got Guang Hong from the most expensive one… ( ´•௰•`) i like him but he’s not a fave, so I’m giving him to a friend!! i was so happy they had YOI merch!!

late June and July YOI LOOT POST

Our amiami box arrived, and before we could get ANYTHING out, JoeJoe made himself very at home in it. He is very much a box cat and we love him for it. Amiami boxes are huge and wonderful and he is so, so excited whenever they arrive. Not only are they boxes, but they’re filled to the brim with all the paper!!

These are Bushiroad’s ‘rubber strap rich’ collection. I have no idea why they’re called ‘rich.’ They’re big, high quality rubber straps though with really cute art. I ordered them way back in January, which is quite a long preorder time for a series of rubber straps. o.o

On the contrary these had a really short preorder period; went up in late April or early May and came out in June. They’re A3′s second series of YOI acrylics. I really like this series a lot. The skating ones are a little unoriginal pose and outfit wise, but the art is super cute, and the non-skating ones are fantastic.  They’re a pretty good size too! ❤

Hasepro’s second series of YOI mini acrylics. They say ‘mini’, but they’re more medium sized than small. I like the art a lot it’s so chunky and huggable. The biggest reason I was excited for this set was these boys:

Barcelona date night husbands!! I love them so much. Precious as can be. 

Anyway this set came with a couple duplicates so I’ll be selling those (sorry no Barcelona duplicates though :( ).

Yuri!!! in Ice Water-in Collection by Kadokawa. These are hard to photograph. They’re those squishy pvc keychains with water in them where the characters float inside. Since it’s YOI, there’s snowflakes along with the glitter. It’s a really cute set. The cutest is definitely the KATSUDON Yuuri. He’s so excited, and the background is literally like— a photo of katsudon? It’s hilarious. The onsen Victor is almost as good. 

The kitty ears Yurio came out of his package a bit damaged, which I’m not happy about. It was slightly leaking and due to that it’s kind of foggy. I can seal the leak, but it still looks not quite right. At least it wasn’t one of my absolute faves, but it’s annoying. It’s not amiami’s fault of course, but it’s irritating that it happened. 

Not from amiami but @aitaikuji. I bought two Thai Animate blind packs from them a couple months ago and they finally arrived. I ended up with watergun Victor and Phichit on Ice Phichit. Of course, I really wanted a Yuuri, but this is the Phichit I definitely preferred and I was happy with either Victor. I’m going to try to find a lot with both Yuuris now so I can have a set that’s Victor and Yuuri and Phichit and Yuuri. How much I’ll have to bleed for that, I don’t know, but… ahahah #doitforhim. 

The second thing is the clear mascots from Furyu that were released recently! Victor has his biggest HART MOUF ever seen in YOI merchandise, I swear. It’s so adorable. They all look so happy. They actually… didn’t have an option to pick secondary characters on the site. You just bought a main character and got a random secondary character. But I wanted secondary characters! So I asked if I could pick mine and they said yes, and I asked for Leo and Phichit. 

I opened Movic’s YOI mini clear file box and immediately cringed because they were all blind packed which I did not know or expect. RIP this is going to take forever. I didn’t want to damage the envelopes too much because I planned on selling several of these, and I couldn’t use the exacto knife I usually use to quickly open boxes because it would probably damage the clear files. 

Anyway here they are. Unluckily for her @abarero was stuck on the couch cramping so she volunteered her idle hands on it. They’re ADORABLE and all the characters look super cute in them!! I love this art and wanted some good merchandise with it, but unfortunately the acrylic keychain set of it put the two Yuris together on one keychain which ummm wtf?? Why would you do that with two of the main characters. That just killed it for me. This clearfile set instead put Mickey and Emil together which makes a million times more sense. 

Not from amiami but @aitaikuji. These came earlier this week. The hand cream is by… I don’t even know. It smells nice and the pattern on it is ADORABLE. I want a sweater with this pattern. I will wear it every day during the holidays. Or something. 

The plush are the pitarest by Eikoh. They’re extremely cute. They also came with magnets and… straps so you can attach them to your collar and they can ride on your shoulder. lol. I love them. 

Yuri!! on Ice Pita! Deform FS Acrylic Keychain by Takara Tomy. Those weird keychains where everyone is squished. Listen I love them. They’re glittery and funny and silly. Also:

They’re shopping in Barcelona. I’m so easy.

Contrary to this post, I don’t often buy clearfiles because I don’t really have much of a way (or room) to display them, but the Ministop art was too effing cute. And when I’d already ordered the Pita keychains on FromJapan and this was so cheap on Otamart, I decided it was irresistible enough and I threw it on my order. 

Kotobukiya’s Pitanui plush. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW CUTE THESE ARE IN PERSON… if you have not seen them. RIP in pieces, self. Also they hug and their heads can pivot and wow, amazing. 

Using them appropriately. 

I bought this acrylic stand because I love this art of Yuuri and Victor so, so much and outside of this expensive perfume I really didn’t want that much, this is the only way I’d seen it available. I admit the hand placement for Yurio is kind of um, weird though. What were they thinking. Still pretty though!

Eros in the sheets

…Agape in the sheets too I guess.

These are Kotobukiya’s reversible dream cushion covers. The art on them is fantastic. I don’t have pillows for them yet because they require these weird special pillows that only Kotobukiya sells and they’re forty-five dollars a piece+whatever it costs to sell those big pillows to the US (a lot). As such @abarero is just going to make ones that fit. Anyway they’re really pretty. 

The little pillow in the middle is a MochiMochi Collecushion of Yuuri by HN and Associates. He is SO squishy. 

I put this blanket on my couch and before I could even open the camera on my phone, Ritz was on it. It could not have been more than two seconds before he’d made the blanket his new home?? It’s SOFT and it’s new and it is his. 

The History Maker cushions are by Kadokawa. They big and fluffy and they’re half bean bag-esque. Very comfortable. Ritz is our biggest cat (a big, ginger baby). The blanket is the OhizadeGoodNight!!! Blanket by Avex. I didn’t order the Victor because I actually thought the art of him for this particular merchandise was… really bad. He looked kind of sleazy and weirdly like he needed to take a bath? Also Makkachin was licking his armpit. IDEK. Bad job. Yuuri was cute though. 

The blanket is a soft sort of fleece-y material, which is very cat approved. It’s not super thick, so maybe a spring and autumn weight blanket instead of a winter weight one. 

hours later, Ritz moved. 

Lastly I played a few rounds of the June ‘Enjoy Your Trip’ Minna no Kuji with @sunyshore. I won this Yuuri Towel, which is pretty awesome!! I love this art of him. It’s fantastic. 

I also got this Yuuri can badge, which is like the biggest can badge I have ever seen. I won the Otabek and Minami rubber straps, both of which I’ll probably try to sell or trade. Then there’s two Yuuri themed sticker sheets I found at a tiny local con! 

I’m going to post the non-YOI stuff in a separate post since this ended up longer than I thought because I included a bunch of stuff not from the amiami order. 

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Yurimi (minami-yurio)

OK so you asked and the whole ask point is to be brutally honest so… brace yourselves.

I cannot. I dislike Minami so much. When I marathon’d the blu-rays the other night I was on my phone nearly the entire time during his episode. Something about Minami gets under my skin real fast. My friend thinks it’s hilarious and threatened to change out the blind packs she got me of Yuri only buttons with Minami ones because I react so strongly.  I have had many people explain to me why Minami is great and why I should like him but, I can’t. I can’t you guys I’m so sorry.

So… I do not like this ship at all. Yuri would eat Minami for breakfast in my opinion, and the fact he didn’t even know who Minami was when Minami considers them rivals on the Yuri on Stage event was hilarious to me

(send me a ship and I’ll give you my brutally honest opinion about it)

Yuri on Ice Acrylic Stands Sale

Item: Set of 5 Unopened Princess Cafe Acrylic Stands
Item Price: 2650 yen
Shipping: 500 yen
Total Price with Shipping: 3150 yen
Note: I do not know which five characters are included in this set as they are all blind packed but the image on the right shows all the possible characters


Item: Otabek Altin Tokyu Hands Arcylic Stand
Item Price: 970 yen
Shipping: 400 yen
Total Price with Shipping: 1370 yen  
Note: If interested, please purchase by September 15 as this item is about to exceed the free storage days limit

Item: Guang Hong and Leo Tokyu Hands Acrylic Stand Set
Item Price: 700 yen
Shipping: 500 yen
Total Price with Shipping: 1200 yen
Note: This is a set of both acrylic stands and cannot be sold separately

*All items are at my proxy and will be shipped directly to you from Japan via Registered Airmail
*Combined shipping is available for all items
*All items are will be paid in JPY and through Paypal only
*Item prices are what I paid for each item including the 300 yen proxy fee
*Feel free to send me an Ask or a Message if you are interested or have any questions

Smol Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast Funko Mystery Mini) Giveaway!

So blind packs are terrible, but I was totally smitten with the BatB Mystery Minis. In my attempts to collect the Enchanted Objects, I ended up with an extra Lumiere. Anyone want to give him a home?

You know how this goes, Reblog or Like to enter, doesn’t matter if you’re following me. Enter until the last petal falls - I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner on June 6th (for the dvd release!).

Unfortunately, open to U.S. residents only (so I can afford shipping, sorry)

I’ll send the winner an Ask to let them know they won and mail him out when they send me an address.

6th Stage Side Report: Merchandise Trade Ranking

Even though it’s less likely for US fans to trade UtaPri items (because buying specific characters or complete sets is easier and less risky compared to buying single blind packs), I thought it would be fun to make a list based on my experience during 6th Stage and the advice that my friend gave me! I wouldn’t take this information as absolute, and I’ve actually gotten quite lucky at times, but if you’re interested in getting some insight into trading and acquiring items, keep reading!

I divided the Shining Idols into 5 different tiers, and ranked their average “Trading Difficulty” (how easy it is to trade the item for what you want) and “Acquisition Difficulty” (how easy it is to get the item you want using an average collection) on a scale from 1 to 5, with “1" being the easiest and “5" being the hardest. These rankings are based on popularity in Japan, rather than the US. I’ve also ordered the characters within the rank, although it was a bit tricky at times to decide who was more popular than whom. I haven’t really ranked the Heavens characters because they’re still new and not as many people bought Heavens items during 6th Stage, so trading those was a whole different ball game. 

Please don’t take this list as meaning that any character is “better” than another, because that’s definitely not the case! This is about merchandise value and demand, not the characters themselves. 

- Camus
- Natsuki
- Cecil

Acquisition Difficulty: ★ (1 to 2)
Trading Difficulty: ★★★★ (3 ½ to 5)

The reason there’s such a big range for “Trading Difficulty” is because I noticed a surge of “low-key popularity” when it came to Camus, who is easily considered one of the least popular characters both in Japan and the US. The recent Quartet Night concert coupled with the May release of new QN singles, as well as item quantity (possibly), might have made getting Camus more difficult and trading him away easier compared to Natsuki and Cecil. I’ve also noticed on Twitter and during 6th Stage that there are quite a number of people who are fans of the “Baby! My Strawberry!” Shuffle Unit pair of Ren and Camus. During 6th Stage Goods Sales, his hooded towel sold out faster than anyone else’s, suggesting that perhaps Movic expected a lower demand for Camus items and produced less, but not enough to last throughout the day. 

I’ll take this time to talk about the special can badges that came with purchases of 5000 yen and over…I had gotten one Camus badge, and at the time I didn’t want it, so I traded it away. That turned out to be a huge mistake when I decided that I wanted it back to have a full Quartet Night set!! My friend was unable to get it back for me, and I couldn’t find one anywhere for a reasonable price, not in stores nor online. My extreme difficulty in selling my stash of Camus items made me want to get rid of them so badly, and now when I actually want a particular item of his, it’s impossible! The rarity of that badge seems to be so great that I’m convinced that Movic simply didn’t make that many. Now that I’m starting to collect full sets of certain Quartet Night items, I’m going to think twice about trading every Camus item that ends up in my possession. But other than that, it’s still common to find his items for cheap, and until that changes, he remains significantly less popular than most of the other characters.

As far as Natsuki and Cecil…sadly there isn’t much to say about them. Because they are often the hardest to trade, they’re often taken to secondhand shops, especially Cecil. Their items can easily be found for close to retail or even below that, so if you’re collecting either of them, I highly recommend that you wait a little bit and buy trading items secondhand instead of ordering blind packs and box sets. At K-Books on Otome Road in Ikebukuro, there were so many Cecil items that the hooks were getting full and his items were starting to overflow into the Natsuki section, and light rings from this year as well as previous years could be found in a basket for a mere 648 yen (retail is 500 yen), which is nothing compared to the 3000 yen Ai light rings that I often see on Mandarake or Surugaya. It’s quite depressing and I even feel guilty about not being passionate enough to collect his items!

Lower Mid-Tier:
- Otoya
- Masato

Acquisition Difficulty: ★★ (1 ½ to 2 ½)
Trading Difficulty: ★★ (2 to 2 ½)

The demand for Masato and Otoya items were the highest among people in my proxy shopping list, and I was able to get those items for just about everyone who requested them. Also taking their secondhand merchandise prices into consideration, it was easy to determine that Otoya and Masato were lower in demand among Japanese fans. After I was able to trade Animate Cafe badges to get all of the characters I wanted, I listed Otoya and Masato as “wanted” characters, and Masato was quite easy to get—so easy that I ended up with three of his badges at the end of my trip. Masato light rings seemed to like coming to me too; I think I got at least four of them when I bought them, but when it came to trading for an Ai light ring, they couldn’t help me at all… 

- Ren
- Reiji

Acquisition Difficulty: ★★★ (3 to 4)
Trading Difficulty: ★★ (2)

Ren, Reiji, Otoya and Masato are more on a spectrum in terms of popularity, so it was initially really difficult to split the Mid-Tier and Lower Mid-Tier until I remembered some key differences in acquiring items. My friend told me half-jokingly, “Ren fans will give everything for Ren” (as a Ren fan, I totally understand what she means). Although there doesn’t seem to be as many Ren fans compared to the upper tier characters, there is still a fair amount of Ladies who are very dedicated to collecting his items, making acquisition quite competitive. While looking for Ren’s Lawson Legend Star Charm in Japan last year, I lamented to my friend that I couldn’t find one at all, and she replied, “No one lets Ren items go.” She had volunteered to trade items on my behalf during 6th Stage and had a really hard time trying to get a Ren bangle, and was quite surprised when I said I was trading away a Ren can badge (until I told her that I was trading for other people; hardly anyone overseas requested Ren items). I ended up buying a Ren badge for myself at a secondhand shop. 

Reiji, while listed below Ren, is only listed there because I didn’t have as much experience with his items as I did with Ren (since I prioritize Tokiya and Ren items, I only go for Reiji once I’ve gotten those two first). His being a part of Quartet Night contributes to his popularity, although the demand for his items are still up in the air and one could say that his popularity is still not quite as clear-cut compared to Ren. But his merchandise is clearly in a different category compared to the lower tiers. 

Upper Tier: 
- Syo
- Tokiya

Acquisition Difficulty: ★★★★ (4 to 4 ½)
Trading Difficulty: ★ (1)

While I ranked Syo and Tokiya similarly to Ai and Ranmaru in terms of Trading Difficulty, what sets them apart from the Super Top Tier in terms of “acquiring" them is the frequency of their appearance in blind packs, and their prices in secondhand shops. During 6th Stage and Animate Cafe Trading, it was easier for me to acquire a Tokiya item compared to Ranmaru or Ai, but that was probably due to the fact that I had a pretty good selection of items. And despite buying so many Light Rings, neither my friend nor I was able to get a Syo ring without trading for it. So when I opened my 6th Stage Can Badges, I was really lucky to have gotten multiple Syo, because it made trading a lot easier! I’ve listed Syo above Tokiya because I tend to see Syo’s items priced slightly higher than Tokiya’s. In terms of popularity in Japan, I think Syo edges him out by just a bit!

The interesting thing is that, even though Ren items are often harder to find, Tokiya items tend to be more expensive. During the time I was looking for the Ren Legend Star Charm, my friend explained, “People leave Tokiya because he’s good money,” which gave me a good laugh. XD 

Top Tier: 
- Ai
- Ranmaru

Acquisition Difficulty: ★★★★★ (5)
Trading Difficulty: ★ (1)

If you buy blind packs of items in Japan and get Ai or Ranmaru, consider yourself extremely lucky! Even if you aren’t a fan of these characters, due to their extreme popularity the chances of trading them for the characters you actually want are very high! Trading between Ai and Ranmaru is more likely to happen than trying to trade with any other character. Trading to get either of them using any other characters can be difficult, but if you’re successful you’re very likely to save some money, because often times their items in secondhand shops will cost well over the retail price. If you already have the characters you want and aren’t looking to trade, I heard that these are also good to sell to secondhand shops like Lashinbang or Mandarake. 

I wish trading was something that could happen more often and on a wider scale in the US! You can probably tell that I love talking about UtaPri merch XD I promise I will have another real report about the event itself soon!