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y’all this won’t let me rest so i had to straight up write a fic. so enjoy ~1.7k words about alec wearing magnus’ jewelry.

available on ao3 [here]

The first time it happened, Alec found a long string of beads in the folds of the bed sheets when he went to remake the bed.

Magnus was long gone on a consultation, though Alec remembered vaguely, in his sleep addled brain, that Magnus had pressed his lips to Alec’s temple softly and whispered, “I love you” before he left. The sun had been barely above the horizon then.

Alec rarely ever left after Magnus, who abhorred early mornings, but this time, he had the loft to himself before heading to the Institute. With the bed empty, he decided he would put the sheets in the washer so Magnus didn’t have to waste any magic on it tonight. Besides, he liked the smell of the detergent he’d bought.

As he was stripping the mattress, Alec found the tangle of jewelry. It took a moment for him to figure out what exactly it was, running one of the beads between his thumb and forefinger. The slide between his fingers triggered his sense memory and he suddenly realized it was the triple looped bracelet. He was very familiar with how it rolled across his ribs when Magnus trailed his hands up Alec’s torso, shirt rucked up. Sometimes he found little circle indentations on his skin after being tangled up with Magnus, their bodies pressed so close together that they couldn’t distinguish their separate heart beats.

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What, you getting sleepy? 

(tiny steve rogers cosplay by me


Oh no it’s another design I am so sorry Awakening tag. _(:3」∠)_

This time it’s my last MU of the three, Aeolys.

Her design is mostly inspired by Middle eastern or Indian or… Egyptian style? Desert life, I guess. Since I was thinking “What if mama fled with me but then brought me back to Plegia when the chase settled down or ended so now I have heavily Plegian styled clothes but Chrom trusts me anyways” kind of thing. 

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comikel  asked:

Your perspective is SO on point and I think largely cause your anatomy is so consistently excellent ! Any recommendations for books or resources for either?


…and before I answer this, I just want to say as far as anatomy and perspective in design are concerned, “pick your prison, and remember you have the key”. You can design and tell stories without them. 

As far as anatomy goes, I’m about to go back into the “gym” for that actually; it’s been too long. I’d say that the best resource is life drawing. Just looking carefully at the human body. Draw your own body. Draw your friends’ bodies. See if there’s an art student’s league wherever you are and draw there. And when it’s time to draw the model, get right up under there. Stand close enough that you can see how the forms sit in front, on top of each other or how the weight is pulling on the body. Get close enough to smell the model!

Just look VERY CAREFULLY at the body. Don’t look so much at your drawing. It’s unimportant. Look very carefully at the body. Draw over your drawings. Respect trees and paper, fill up the paper with drawings… but most of all look CAREFULLY. Try all the tricks. Blind contours, left hand, all that.  Leave a pile of drawings in your wake.

Here on tumblr, I’ve seen some guides on the simplification of forms. They can be useful; they often have interesting shortcuts/shorthand for describing form. Though I always drag them off my feed, I never look at them. The long, but fruitful road, is figuring out some of those things for yourself… Your bound to come up with some of your own shorthand.

Good luck.