blind impression


Blinding camouflage “harlequin”

The author of the idea of “blinding coloring” Norman Wilkinson

The impressive picture. American merchant ship the USS Mahomet

Type standard coloring of the ship with the number 24. This is the same ship, just with different sides

No color photos, but still sketches. Imagine how the ship “War Clover” looked like in reality?

Ship SS Melita

Passenger ship Mauretania. Color image taken from the poster of those years was the boat


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Note: For @taesthetes and @optosomnio. As a thank you to the squad for my bday gifts. And @yoonminnings for being one of the sweet beans that dedicated a scenario for me. And for my followers who’ve been nothing but awesome  and understanding even tho I haven’t posted anything in ages. I was planning to post it on my birthday (16th august) but I couldn’t get it done in time. It took me like two weeks to finish this so I hope ppl will enjoy it.

Jeon Jungkook. 10 990 words. Assassin AU + Soulmate AU.

Warning: Implied smut.

[v.] to love for the last time - a bittersweet feeling of knowing that a love won’t last.

❝ Fleeting is the chance you take to glance at Jungkook but it’s  all you need to discern the look he’s giving you, something akin to desperate pleading for you not to take it.

But you do anyway even if you knew the forthcoming of the fall of his face and bob of Adam’s apple as though he’s trying to swallow bitter medicine.

Because you feel safer with a gun than you do with your soulmate.❞

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Person A has no idea how to fucking dance and they wanna impress their blind date so they begrudgingly take lessons from Person B (for fuckin’ 70$ a lesson?) But they do it and the first half an hour A is already annoyed, curtsying sarcastically whenever B says,“Let’s take it from the top, yeah?”

A and B have just that one lesson and after that blind date that went horribly, they’ve just been hanging out cus B lowkey likes A and genuinely would love to get to know them.

Deadpool’s whipping boy (Weasel), his pet (Bob the Hydra Agent), and his mother figure/roommate/kidnap victim (Blind Al). Or I suppose you could also call them Deadpool’s friends.

Weasel and Bob are adorable when they interact. Bob usually clings to Deadpool when he’s scared, but if Weasel is around Bob never leaves his side, and what makes it extra adorable is that Weasel doesn’t mind. He lets Bob follow him around, cling and hug him when he’s scared without pushing him away or even commenting on it.

Bob is the tallest and buffest of the group, but it’s never mentioned and somehow I’m having a hard time imagining him working out. We’ve seen him in a wifebeater though, so we know it isn’t part of his Hydra uniform.

And finally, I got the distinct impression Blind Al and Weasel were fucking each other behind Deadpool’s back in the movie, and you cannot convince me otherwise.

BNHA Thoughts

I love how (bare with me having only watched the anime thus far) Izuku treats everyone as normal people, rather than see them as amazing/invincible because of their quirks.

I mean, yeah, he idolizes people- but he always takes into account (in his analysis) that they are normal people at their core. Whether it be Kacchan falling off the log (which he takes that way too personally btw -_-), or Eraser Head taking on a group of villains (and succeeding at first), or All Might sending Nomu blasting off (like the pros: Team Rocket)…

Izuku doesn’t get completely enamored by the impressive/blinding heroic act. He’s relatively and consistently quick to react in a way that doesn’t put the quirk/action above the person who is using it. He takes more into account than the action’s success rate, such as: the user’s physical, mental, and emotional state, intentions, and he can guesstimate how much energy they have to spare as well as any abnormal behavior based on previous incidents/observations.

In this way he has a lot more potential than even the recommendations with his impressive observation abilities and quick thinking as long as he gets his quirk figured out. (And especially with all his luck 😘)

Because It’s You

Pairing: Yunhyeong X Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 3,438

Request: HI~ Can you do a scenario with a jealous Yunhyeong? Maybe angsty but with a fluffy happy ending? Thank you! -anonymous

Because you were more of an early bird, there was just something about being awake passed midnight that made you slightly uncomfortable. Some people found it peaceful when the moon and stars were out and how there were less people seen and heard outside in the streets. You, on the other hand, could not stand it. There were some nights that were never quiet to you. In your mind, it was chaos.

Thoughts of the past, the things you regretted doing, the things you wished you had done, your future - they all crept in your head for the next hour in two while you laid in bed. For the third night this week, you thought about your argument with Yunhyeong again.

You never saw him so mad. The anger in his eyes were clear, and that was not the only thing that made you want to freeze up and disappear. You remembered the bitterness in his voice with every comment afterwards. “Are you really going to ignore my feelings like this?” “Stop pushing me away.” “Fine, if that’s really what you want, I hope this is the last time we ever speak to each other again.”

He was so mad at you that he snapped at you in front of everyone around, his six best friends and even her. Kang Jia. She was a beautiful model that was rising to fame, and she had the biggest crush on Yunhyeong. You could never compete with her. Not only did she look flawless but she was smart and kind, too. She graduated from one of the top colleges in Seoul, and when she had time, she would volunteer to do charity work.

Yunhyeong was also popular. You could tell when you were in high school, and all of the other girls would always stare at him and whisper to each other. When the girls would have a vote to see who was the most handsome boy in school, Yunhyeong was always number one. On Valentine’s Day, he received a lot of sweets and gifts and even love confessions. Of course he did. He was the type of boy that parents would approve their daughter to marry with almost no hesitation. You did not deserve someone like him. He definitely did not deserve someone like you.

Your phone suddenly dinged twice, and since you were already looking through your phone instead of sleeping, you read the text right away. One message was from your best friend while the other was from Bobby.

Best friend: I could not sleep knowing that my best friend is having trouble sleeping ㅠㅠ  I’m still mad that Yunhyeong yelled at you like that. Should I go find him & beat him up now?

Bobby: He was wrong to have acted out like that, but he really likes you, (Y/N). He’s really frustrated that you keep on pushing away even when he’s confessed to you… If you don’t like him (wHICH WOULD BE A LIE SINCE I KNOW YOU DO), why don’t you just tell him instead of always trying to change the subject like you never heard him? ;;

You replied to your best friend Ara first.

You: It’s 2 AM? Don’t go beating people up while they’re sleeping, lol… I’m ok. Really. Now go to sleep. You have work tomorrow. We can talk later. Good luck~ Love you ^^

You opened up Bobby’s message to reread again. You sighed, not wanting to answer him at all, but that would only result into him spamming you until you replied. Besides, with the read receipts on, he already knew you read the text.

You: I don’t like him. He doesn’t even want to speak me anymore, ok? He doesn’t like me, either. Can’t you just forget about it & sleep?

Bobby: Even through text I know you’re lying.

You: He likes Jia.

Bobby: No. You want him to like Jia. Every time one of us tries to help you and Yunhyeong get closer together, you always bring her up. “Oh, I saw Jia’s recent photoshoot.” “Hey, we should invite Jia to come along with us.” When we leave you and Yunhyeong alone (on purpose btw if you were so oBLIVIOUS), you would call out to Jia so that she would join you both. Idgi, (Y/N). If you like him, why are you pushing him to like another girl?

“Because…” you whispered, staring blankly at the phone screen. Because you were never popular at school. Because you did not look like a model. Because you were never if the top percentage of your school. Because you could be the meanest person alive if someone irritated you even a little. Because you have always done charity work to look good on your college applications and not because you wanted to. Your lips began to tremble a little thinking about yourself, and you held back your tears as you typed back a response.

You: Because, I told you. I don’t like him. Goodnight, Bobby.

Turning off your phone and placing it beside you, you flipped your body so that your face was buried in your pillow, and your tears were muffled. You hated the late nights. They were never really quiet for you.

Your face looked bloated like a pufferfish the next morning, but you hurried to do your morning skincare routine to remove any signs of last night’s tears. You did not have any plans for the day, but you were sure there were some errands to get done. As you soon as you finished brushing your teeth and left the bathroom, you immediately thought about a number of tasks to keep you busy after breakfast: getting the mail, cleaning up the house, doing laundry, buying groceries for the week, redecorating your room and calling your parents.

You heard your phone ring from your room, and you jumped onto your bed, grabbing and answering it right away. “Hello?”

“(Y/N)! Do not make any plans for today!” Ara yelled excitingly. “Thanks to me, the bestest friend in the whole entire universe, you are going to be going on a blind date!!”

Quickly, your eyes widened, and you sat up straight. “Blind date?! I don’t want-”

“Don’t say ‘no’ yet, please,” your friend whined. “He’s a friend’s friend, and I think you two would get along. His name is Jisung. His family’s not rich, but he makes pretty good money from being a company employee. He’s the same age as you. My friend also told me that he gets more charming as you get to know him. This can be your first step of forgetting about Yunhyeong!”

Yunhyeong. Your heart sank. It has been half the week since you two have spoken to each other, but your best friend was right. In order to forget about him, you needed to find someone else to be with, someone you matched well. Jisung could be that someone. “Okay, I’ll meet him. Where and when exactly?” you asked.

“Yay!” cheered Ara. “Meet him at the coffee shop near that big company at 12:30. You know, your favorite coffee shop that we always go to with the guys. Wear something really pretty. Have fun! Tell me about it afterwards.”

Ara hung up right away, and you looked towards your closet. “Something pretty…” you murmured to yourself, rolling off of your bed and heading to the living room. “I can decide after breakfast. I guess I do have plans.”

“He’s thinking about (Y/N) again,” Chanwoo commented as he slid another spoonful of cereal into his mouth.

Yunhyeong, having heard the youngest’s comment, snapped back right away. “I am not!”

Chanwoo rolled his eyes. “Really? Is that why you didn’t hear me ask you like four times what kind of cereal you wanted to eat?”

Bobby, hearing the two bicker, scoffed and lightly smacked Chanwoo’s head. “Go eat in the kitchen with everyone else.” Chanwoo frowned.

“I was just stating the truth…”

After Chanwoo disappeared into the kitchen, Bobby took a seat right next to Yunhyeong on the couch. “Are you going to mope around all day today, too?”

Yunhyeong leaned back against the couch and closed his eyes, letting out a groan. “I’m not moping at all…” That was a lie. Trying to ignore you was the most difficult thing he has ever done. He did not like it one bit. He should not have spoke to you harshly like that, and he regretted it. Now he was like a fool, sitting and wondering what you were up to. Were you still mad at him? Did you really think that he did not want to speak to you anymore? Were you eating and sleeping well? Did you miss him like he missed you?

“You should go see her,” Bobby mumbled.

“She probably doesn’t want to see me…” Yunhyeong answered, opening his eyes again, looking at the younger friend.

Bobby let out a small laugh. “She said the same thing about you, but that’s because you said so yourself that you never wanted to speak to her again. It’s crazy because I can totally tell that you two really do want to see each other and be together.”

“Should I go see her?” Yunhyeong asked.

“Do you want to?” Bobby countered.

Yunhyeong stood up from the couch. He ran his hands through his hair and thought about you, drawing your features in his mind. That was when he made his decision. He replied softly, but with determination. “More than anything.”

No one answered the door at your house, and you were not picking up calls from him at all. Anxious, he sent a quick text to Ara.

Yunhyeong: Do you know where (Y/N) is?

A fast response returned.

Ara: Why should I tell you? Oh, wait. Maybe I should. She’s at a blind date…probably with a guy who is better than you ><

“A blind date?!”

Yunhyeong switched to calling Ara right away. He could not believe the text he just read. “A blind date?!” he repeated when she picked up.

“Yes, blind date! With Choi Jisung, same-aged company worker who is more charming the more you get to know him. I am not! I repeat, am not! Going to let you ruin it for her, Song Yunhyeong,” Ara warned. “Not after that jerk move you pulled.”

“Where is the blind date held?” Yunhyeong questioned, sternly.

He heard Ara click her tongue on the other line. “Hey, didn’t you hear me?” she replied. “I told, I am not going to let you-”

“Ara. Where is she?”

The moment you stepped into the coffee shop, you began to fidget, nervousness hitting you. You had straightened your hair even more and wore a little bit of make-up. You picked out the nicest gray cotton shirt you could find and paired it with a white skirt and a small teardrop necklace. Hopefully, it impressed your blind date.

Your eyes searched the shop until you spotted a guy in his 20′s wearing a suit and looking your way. Figuring out that it was your date and bracing yourself, you walked towards the guy. Ara was right. As you observed him, he did not look like the general ideal type of many girls, but there was absolutely charming about him. “Are you Jisung?”

“I am.” He smiled. It must be the bright smile. “You must be (Y/N). You look really pretty. Please, have a seat.”

You blushed, a little flustered at the compliment but took a seat. “I hope you don’t mind that I ordered for you,” Jisung apologized. “Is kiwi juice okay?”

You nodded and felt the corners of your mouth go up. “I love kiwi juice.”

Fifteen minutes into your date with Jisung, you found out that he asked his friend to set him up on a date because he wanted to be in a relationship now after focusing so much on work. When his friend received a photo of you from Ara, Jisung thought that it would be nice to get to know you. From his order, you also noticed that he was an espresso guy, probably one of the ways he keeps himself up and working long hours. He looked attractive taking a sip from the cup of coffee. You were really worried that he would have been a mismatch with you, but he seemed like a good guy.

He seemed normal, a point that would not burden you if you were in a relationship with him…unlike how it might be if you were Yunhyeong. You could not imagine what people would say when they saw you with him. You even heard the mean comments just by being friends with him.

“She’s not even of the same status as Yunhyeong.”

“He wouldn’t like someone like her.”

“Does she really think hanging around him will get him to fall for her? Come on. He’s friends with Kang Jia.”

Ah, I shouldn’t think of him when Jisung is sitting right in front of me, you thought to yourself, having caught your thoughts drifting to Yunhyeong. Shaking anymore thoughts of him away, you looked back up at Jisung. Jisung began to talk a little bit about himself, mostly about his hobbies. As you listened, you smiled and picked up your cup of kiwi juice again and took a sip.

Slurping down on your drink, you did not notice that you were almost done with it until you no longer saw juice in your cup. Jisung also noticed and stopped his talk to look at you. Your cheeks became pink from embarrassment. He was only halfway through his espresso. “I am so sorry,” you laughed softly. “I must be nervous or something that I drank so fast.”

You stood up while you held the empty cup. “I’ll go order another one.”

Jisung chuckled and nodded his head over to the counter. “Don’t be sorry,” he said. “I think it’s cute. I’ll wait here for you.”

Giving him another smile, you turned around and made your way over to the register. Halfway, you received a text from Ara.

Best friend: How is the date doing?! ^^

You: It’s actually going great! I honestly wasn’t expecting anything.

Best friend: Great! That’s good that you’re hitting it off, but…

You: But?

You walked up to a coffee shop employee. “Can I get another kiwi juice please? Thank you.” Your phone dinged once more, and you quickly read it as you waited for your drink to come out.

Best friend: Yunhyeong knows where you are. He’s probably on his way to see you right now ;; Sorry!

Before you could reread the message to make sure you read it correctly, the bell chimed, indicating a new customer’s entrance, and there was just a feeling that settled in your chest. You looked up to find that that feeling was spot on.

Your hand felt like it was on fire when Yunhyeong reached out and grabbed it, holding tightly. “Let’s go,” he said as he started to pull you out of the shop.

“W-Wait, Y-Yunhyeong,” you babbled as you switched views between him, the confused employee who had your drink ready, and Jisung who was just as puzzled at what was going on. You tried to pry Yunhyeong’s grip off of you, but to no avail, he was stuck to you like glue. “I can’t just leave! I have someone waiting for me. Actually, two somebodies!”

Yunhyeong continued to ignore your comments and pulled you farther and farther away from the coffee shop, away from Jisung. Once you met another street, Yunhyeong finally loosened his hold of you but not letting go. You glanced over at him and then remembered that it was four days since you two last saw each other. He made it clear that he did not want to speak to you ever again. “What are you doing?” you asked him.

“I like you, (Y/N),” Yunhyeong confessed. Even though you had heard it before, it still made your heart do somersaults.

You bit your bottom lip. “I know…”

He then directly made eye contact with you. You wanted to look away and tell yourself not to fall in love with those eyes again, but you could not. “I know you like me, too,” Yunhyeong told you. “So, why are you out going on a blind date with some guy you don’t even know while I was at home worrying about you nonstop? How come he had a chance with you when he barely met you, and you can’t even openly reciprocate your feelings for me?”

“But Jia…”

Yunhyeong let out a frustrated yell, receiving a few looks from other people on the streets. He dropped your hand and moved both of his to your shoulder, squeezing them. Now, you could not look away from him even when you tried. You saw it again, anger flickered in his eyes. Your heart wanted to explode. “I don’t like Jia! (Y/N)! Stop it. She’s not you.”

Unable to keep your emotions bottled up any longer, you spilled. “I know she’s not me and that’s exactly why! Don’t you get it, Yunhyeong?!” Tears also began to spill as your words did. “I don’t deserve to be with someone like you. Why would you date me when there’s Jia who is popular among everyone?! Everyone likes her, so it only makes sense that you would. She likes you, too! I don’t want people to talk bad about you when they see you date someone like me, a nobody. Someone who is less than Jia. I like you, too, Yunhyeong, but I can’t help but imagine how much you will regret it when you’re with me and then see her again…” You covered your eyes and continued to cry, finding it difficult to make the waterworks stop. You felt so any emotions at once.

You were crying so much that your chest started to hurt, but you also felt relief from emptying the heavy feelings that you held all this time. Also, you did remember that you were in the middle of the busy streets in front of Yunhyeong which was embarrassing.

Arms wrapped around you, and you felt a weight on top of your head. In a more soothing voice, Yunhyeong spoke. “Is that what was bothering you all this time? That you weren’t enough for me?” You noticed your tears staining his shirt, but he did not seem to care. “(Y/N), I want you. I don’t care what anyone says at all. I don’t want someone who is perfect like Jia. She’s a good friend, but she isn’t someone who I see as a girlfriend.”

You felt him stroke your back as to comfort you as he continued. “I want someone who isn’t busy all the time and can be comfortable around me and my friends. Someone who looks good whether she wears makeup or not. A girl who worries but is able to tell me all about it so that I can be there for her. She doesn’t have to be the smartest or the prettiest. She just needs a kind heart, and she just needs to love me. You’re who I want to be with, (Y/N). I honestly don’t think I’ll regret choosing to do so.”

“And I just can’t stand seeing you with another guy. When I heard that you were going on a blind date, I thought that I was going to go crazy. I thought, ‘What if I had to meet him if he became your boyfriend? Could I handle that? Could I just let the girl I like be touched, hugged and kissed by someone who wasn’t me?’ I didn’t know I could be so jealous.”

He pulled you away to look at your puffy, red eyes, and he laughed as he wiped your tears away. “Did I make you cry this much?” he chuckled. “Ara’s right. I am a jerk. I’m sorry for doing what I did in front of the others. I should not have let my feelings cloud our conversation and yell at you.”

“You’re not a jerk…” you sniffled.

Yunhyeong beamed. “You’re so cute.”

Taken aback by his compliment, you were even more surprised when Yunhyeong leaned in to kiss you on the cheek. You knew his lips were soft from the lip balm he usually wore, but you did not think if would feel as soft as a fluffy marshmallow. Then, you felt his soft lips on you again, but this time on your own lips. You were pretty sure there was nothing better than that - having someone who liked you just the way you are.

Qrow, Scorpions, Tyrian Purple, and Bromism: A Symptomatic Medical Analysis of Everyone’s Favorite Drunkle

Y’all thought I was done obsessing over RWBY, Tyrian, and Qrow’s condition? Guess again. Last time I suggested that Qrow wouldn’t die from Tyrian’s venom; I reiterate this claim, this time with scientific evidence. But to get there we have to do a little bit of in-depth analysis

I was reading this post from @pocket-dreamer (which, btw is an amazing analysis and I’m really impressed with it and I’m fully behind it as a theory), which got me thinking about the biology of scorpions. As they point out, scorpions are almost totally blind; but what really impressed me about scorpions, as I went looking through their biology and capabilities, is that almost none of them are lethal to humans, and none of them cause unconsciousness, delirium, or pulmonary edema–coughing up liquid as a result of liquid filtering out of your blood into your lungs.

Now, I know it could also be explained by the fact that Tyrian is way bigger than normal scorpions, and maybe normal scorpions aren’t lethal because the venom isn’t in big enough quantities. But just hear me out.

Tyrian, like the other characters, follows the color naming rule– “tyrian” is a very bright, very unique, kind of rare type of purple. The kind of purple that Qrow is bleeding, the kind of purple that Tyrian’s eyes were when he envenomated Qrow, and the kind of purple we see squirt out of his stinger when Ruby chops it off. So I went looking at tyrian purple, and I found out something really interesting about it. It’s rare because it’s manufactured from the secretions of sea snails. Their mucus, when in contact with the air, turns that lovely color, which people use as a dye. But what’s really interesting about it is the reason it turns that color is because of the chemical it’s based off: Bromine.

Bromine is generally a gas but can also be a liquid, and both forms are very toxic. And what do you suppose are some of the symptoms of exposure to bromine?

Cough with or without pulmonary edema, other varied respiratory distress, unconsciousness or coma, weakness, muscular ataxia, stupor, hallucinations, delirium, irritability, confusion, restlessness, and/or psychosis

This explains Qrow’s purple cough, his unconsciousness, his mumbling about the past, and their being unable to wake him. Plus the difficulty he had walking the night he got hurt. I know that it could also just be from getting cut, but he did seem a lot weaker than one might expect from a decently shallow slice across the abdomen (Qrow himself states it was just a graze). I’ve gotten cut across my abdomen clear from one hip to the opposite shoulder, and it bled through several bandages in a way we don’t see Qrow’s wound doing (until the venom really gets circulating), and I didn’t have nearly that much trouble walking. I was also a child when it happened, not a grown man who has been fighting most of his life that one might expect to have a pretty high pain tolerance.

Not only that, it also explains Tyrian’s madness. Psychosis is kind of his calling card, and the major symptom of bromism, which is prolonged bromine exposure. Apparently, bromism was formerly responsible for 5-10% of all psychiatric hospital admissions, before they started regulating bromine use.  If he or his tail is full of bromine, of course he’d be crazy.

The most important thing I learned from this, however is that bromine poisoning is almost never, ever lethal.  As long as Qrow keeps coughing, and they don’t get killed by Grimm, all they have to do is wait it out.

(granted there are risks associated with him not being able to eat or drink right now, but when the body is in a coma or near-coma state, it can last a lot longer without liquid before becoming fatally dehydrated. and a normal person can last 2 or sometimes more weeks without food. the pulmonary edema causes a little extra concern, though, because of pneumonia, suffocation, and exacerbating dehydration. but for these risks I rely on my previous explanation of why the writers probably aren’t going to kill him off at this very moment.)

Rock You Like a Hurricane- Part 1

See the rest of the series here!

*Y/SH/N = Your Superhero Name (Yeah, that’s right, I’m making this a thing- personally mine would either be Della Terra or Harpie)

Fandom: The Avengers
Warning/s: Age of Ultron spoilers? (Only one scene, and it was in the trailer anyway)
Rating: Teen+
Pairing/s: Some flirtation between the reader and most of the Avengers
Requestor: bmmrw

Summary: You are the Avengers’ latest recruit, with the power to harness and control the elements. But at one of Stark’s famous parties, the team and you find out that that’s not all you can do…

Words: 2,990


“Everyone,” Coulson announced, directing the room’s attention to himself and the new face stood somewhat behind him, “I’d like to introduce you to our newest recruit, Y/N. Or you may know her as Y/SH/N.”

A bubbling murmur erupted around the Agents of SHIELD present, as well as the Avengers lounging in the chairs in the corner.

Of course they would know you by Y/SH/N.

Everyone did.

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indifferent-istp  asked:

Hi, Could you compare dominant Si to inferior Se? I'm curious about the difference between Se being overwhelmed and Si balking at newness/differences and or negative feelings towards when experiencing through the 5 senses. Things such as reasons for not liking a new meal or being very bothered by an offensive smell. Also, can the broken ISFJ vs INFJ link be fixed? Thanks in advance and thanks for a great blog.

I originally typed Sansa as an ESFJ but am coming to realize that her Fe is more isolated and distant than it would be in a Fe-dom; she is a follower more than a natural leader, so she is an ISFJ after all.

But anyway. She and Littlefinger from Game of Thrones have Si/Se going on.

Sansa is incredibly naive when she starts out, because she is predominantly judging reality through her own subjective, nuanced, abstract, personal mythology – through her Si. She has taken everything she has been told about princes, and castles, and reality, and imposes that on top of reality. Thus, we have the Joffrey problem. In her eyes, he is a prince – a mythological reality onto which she projects nobility because princes are noble, honorable things. Thus, she does not see the reality of Joffrey (unlike her sister Arya, a Se user), because she is so blinded by her subjective impression of Joffrey. She overlays an ideal on top of him, thus changing him in her mind into someone noble, and glorious, and wonderful, and desirable … until he takes her father’s head, and she watches her beautiful mythology fall to pieces.

The idea that Si-doms are realists is not accurate; we are sensory-aware, but shifting reality into what we WANT IT TO BE, and what FITS OUR PERSONAL MYTHOLOGY, rather than seeing it as it truly is. It goes beyond tradition, or routine, or wanting sameness, to a perception of reality colored by our subjective, abstract impressions. Thus, we see what we want to see. This is true not merely in Sansa, but in both of her parents as well. They are rational but also unrealistic when dealing with reality, because they are not perceiving reality, but instead overlaying it with personal mythologies. I realize that is incredibly vague, but I’m not sure how to make it any clearer. Si is abstract. Si is impressions. Si is sensory abstractions and symbols. 

Si is “this happened to me, and is meaningful to me, and matters to me, so I will trust it, because I lived through it and it is mine.” In experience, is found truth.

Littlefinger has inferior Se, and it shows him the brutal truth about situations. The naked facts of what happened, free of his own perceptions. He knows damn well what the people around him are capable of… and at times, he is not careful enough in his interactions with them. One such example is when, discussing matters with Cersei, he is reckless in hinting at his awareness of her incestuous relationship with Jamie. This is impulsive. Unplanned. Uncalculated. And it nearly gets him killed, except that she uses it to prove a point: I have power and you do not. Littlefinger takes enormous risks, all the time, because of his inferior Se. It inclines him toward recklessness. Toward the pursuit of the finest things in life… which just so happen to include the Iron Throne. Ahem.


I’m curious about the difference between Se being overwhelmed and Si balking at newness/differences and or negative feelings towards when experiencing through the 5 senses.

Inferior Se being overwhelmed manifests in … the world being too loud. Too fast. Too tinged with noises, and smells, and scents … and you pull away from it because these things are distasteful to you and you would much rather live in your world of Ni-abstractions and symbols and visualization of what you want. You do not want to experience things because your imagination is more fun. (Or, you over-indulge them to the point of self-endangerment, because … new experiences are something that you want.)

Typically, INXJs are interested in new sensory experiences, but hesitant to engage in them at times because of their intensity. It’s too … sensory, and they are clumsy with hands-on things. Se has external spacial awareness, but the lower it is, the less skilled you are in knowing where you are in space.

Si balks at newness and differences because it has no past frame of reference to determine if this new thing will or will not be pleasurable for them. There is no established mythology, and instead the new experience forces them to “create” a new mythology. Typically, Si-doms are not overwhelmed by sensory things, nor do they pull away from them, but they are most comfortable with some past precedent before engaging in the experience (like, someone showing them exactly what to do, so they do not fail).

Things such as reasons for not liking a new meal or being very bothered by an offensive smell.  

Si creates taste impressions, so it knows if something is off in a recipe. How Se handles this, I am unsure. Both are sensitive to smells they do and do not like.

Sorry about the link. Type isfj x infj into the search engine for another example.

Advice: Description with Blind Protagonist

Anonymous asked: I don’t know if you’ve been asked about something similar to this before, but I was thinking about writing a story with a blind protagonist in 1st person POV. Do you think it’d be hard for a reader to follow if it was written with the absence of description of sight?

Not at all! Remember there’s still sound, smell, taste, touch, and emotion to rely on. Plus, if something needs to be described, you can have other characters describe it, or have the blind character describe their impression of it based on what they’re picking up with their other senses.

My post Horror by Daylight goes into detail about using other sensations to describe things, so definitely check that out. :)
what happens now, like logistically?

A little something for youguysimserious because it was her Birthday this week, and she’s just generally a fantastic lady.

Basically, because I obviously wanted to tie my brain in knots, I decided it’d be fun to look at what might have gone down after Felicity saved Oliver. Y’know - like, logistically. 

Rating: T (for Teen. Also for Terrible idea) | Riddled with Arrow season 3 finale spoilers, naturally | Not my characters etc. | Unbeta’d, so please forgive any typos. | Title is a line from Crazy Stupid Love.

Save the city. Save the guy.

Now what?

Stand in the middle of the docks, still wearing the freaking A.T.O.M. suit, and make heart eyes at Oliver, for starters.

Felicity’s well aware that the whole thing is a little absurd. And considering that her day started with her super-fast meta-human friend releasing her from a dungeon in the top secret headquarters of an international group of assassins, that’s really saying something. Or actually, was all that was yesterday? Ugh, stupid timezones. Anyway, the point stands - this is ridiculous.

But it’s good-ridiculous for a change, so Felicity lets herself have a moment to just beam at Oliver. Who is very much not dead, very much thanks to her.

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On Chirrut’s Blindness in Rogue One

A week ago I finally got to watch Rogue One and really, really loved it. Some elements were a bit odd (CG Tarkin cool but scary, tentacle monster very scary but the film over all was excellent being a nice flowing war film with great characters. One of said characters I was most anticipating was Chirrut Imwe played by Donnie Yen.

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This dude is a bad ass in all senses of the words. He is a great brand new character for the Star Wars universe and one of my fav characters in essentially a film void of characters like Jedi involved with the Force or the Skywalker saga. Chirrut provides a unique look at the Force from the perspective of a non Jedi yet someone who clearly has a great faith in the Force. It’s heavily implied this man is capable of low level force abilities in the story and I don’t think the Force was completely abesent of the film becauseo f Chirrut.

But here’s the thing, as a fan of Star Wars I was wondering just what would make Chirrut different and make him stand out from past characters. Because he is not the first blind character or blind character connected to the Force in the franchise. Notably in the original intended “inbetween” saga, The Force Unleashed, we had a character named Rahm Kota, a former Jedi general who at the start of game 1 is blinded from a lightsaber strike by protagonist Starkiller.

Most recently a character very similar to Kota appears in the canonical Star Wars Rebels. This is Kanan Jarrus, another Jedi survivor of Order 66, who is blinded from a lightsaber strike by Darth Maul. Also notedly like Kota and Chirrut he is a Force user who is part of the Rebel Alliance. So by the time Chirrut comes along I already have an impression of blind characters and blind force connected characters in the Franchise.

What did make Chirrut stand out though? What works in his favor is just why the character is blind - this was Donnie Yen’s choosing. He, like most of the cast, picked a trait that would be a part of their characters permitted by director Gareth Edwards. Yen has portrayed many a warrior monk and martial artist in film (his credits are numerous to put it lightly) so he needed Chirrut to be distinguished from his other roles. The solution was Chirrut in fact would be blind and his blindness would enforce his faith in the Force.

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To refresh, Chirrut in fact was born on the moon of Jedha and a monk who guarded a temple which was connected to the Jedi. According to an additional guidebook (A DK Rogue One information booklet) Chirrut was part of an Order quite as old as the Jedi which held great faith in the Force similar to the Jedi (named The Whills). Chirrut strongly believes in the Force despite ridicule from other characters (even from best friend Baze Malbus) that they are unfounded. Throughout the film he is constantly reciting the mantra “I am one with the Force, the Force is with me” and displays noted abilities such as when he famously fights a squadron of Stormtroopers in the City of Jedha.

Unlike both Kota and Kanan however his blindness fueled his faith whereas both Jedi initially believed their connection to the Force was lost due to their blindness. It was the loss of sight that gave Chirrut a differing perspective and an almost greater connection with the Force which in effect became his sight and he demonstrates this many times. Such as when questioning Jyn on if she could truly trust Cassian Andor and when in the climactic final battle sensing the approach of the Imperial Walkers.

Before hand the Jedi were always kind of seen as a religious order, comparisons to say Samurai, or more aptly Christian Crusaders weren’t unfounded. With Chirrut though the aspects of the Force feel more like a faith and give new insight on it in the Star Wars franchise cementing Chirrut’s own iconic status.

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I gotta figure, Narrator Chara has to be pretty damn impressed with Blind!Frisk's raw, unfettered determination to get that far. I mean, pacifist or not, getting by with trial and error, dying through everything, is pretty hardcore, actually! It's you, Frisk, and you is kind of a badass determinator.


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“I’m not actually the person you were set up on a blind date with but I was eating alone and you asked if I was someone else and wow you’re cute so of course I said yes and now you think my name is something it isn't” Prompt for gendrya omg

Arya doesn’t mind eating alone. She likes it, really - an hour or so of relative solitude between work and home. It keeps her out of Bran’s way when the Reeds are over, and she doesn’t have to cook or do the dishes. She especially needs that solitude now, after three hours of work meetings with fucking Ned Dayne and his color-coded spreadsheets and his insistence that he could totally handle taking the lead on the new client, even though she had offered first, and-

“Excuse me,” says a deep voice, “are you Jeyne?”

Arya looks up to tell him to piss off, and holy shit.

He’s tall, taller than any of her brothers, and he must work out because his arms look like actual tree trunks. He has the black hair-blue eyes combination that really shouldn’t be her personal weakness, and he’s staring at her blankly for far too long before she realizes he’d asked her a question.

The functioning part of her brain tries to say “No, sorry,” and the less-functioning part of her brain tries to say “Are you the star of a mediocre film adaption of a YA novel because you are gorgeous,” and somewhere in between those her traitor mouth says “Yes.”

He smiles, extending a hand. “Gendry. Sorry I’m late - have you ordered already?” He blushes slightly. “This probably isn’t a great blind date impression.”

Oh. Oh.

“No. I mean - I haven’t ordered - it’s okay-” she stammers. The waiter miraculously chooses that moment to stop at their table, and she takes the extra few seconds as he orders to collect herself.

“So, Jeyne, what do you do?” Gendry asks as the waiter scurries off.

“Accounting.” She grimaces. “It’s boring, but it pays the bills. What about you?”

“Graphic design, mostly. I draw in my free time but design is more practical.”

He’s an artist. A huge, brawny, gorgeous, unfailingly polite artist who, she learns, is from King’s Landing, likes dogs, and appreciates someone with a snarky sense of humor.

“Sorry - excuse me for a minute,” Arya mutters, and tries to walk as calmly as possible towards the bathroom. She locks herself in the first stall, pulls out her phone, and does something she never thought she would do.

“Sansa,” she says, “I have a problem.”


Just got these in the mail!  I love designing for letterpress.  I hope I get to do it more as time goes on.  Its safe to say that I like a good blind impression just as much as I like backlighting & lens flare.  The inspiration for this was dug up from old camping permits and from the building on the grounds.  I worked off a scanned pencil sketch of the building and lined it out in illustrator.

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