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Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #293

(In my head, it’s like a cactus-creature. It moves. For, y’know, context.) (Dialogue from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.)

Saw a man refusing to let his pregnant wife off the porch because he “saw a rat the size of a dog and I will NOT let it bite you, please go back inside darling”. Made me wonder how protective the Maheswaran’s were of their baby.


get to know me meme

favourite actresses [1/5] - Sandra Bullock

I’ve learned that success comes in a very prickly package. Whether you choose to accept it or not is up to you. It’s what you choose to do with it, the people you choose to surround yourself with. Always choose people that are better than you. Always choose people that challenge you and are smarter than you. Always be the student. Once you find yourself to be the teacher, you’ve lost it.

The Price Of Everything // The Preacher’s Daughter Part Six [A Mitch Rapp Smut]

Author: @minhosmeanhoe

Series: Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader / Mitch Rapp x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Fingering, Shower Sex, Unprotected Sex, Hella Violence, Extreme Angst, Mitch Rapp Suffering, Very Illegal Endeavors, Underage Drinking, and Swearing.

Word Count: 11,884

Song: One More Time by Jon Bellion (this song is fucking hilarious and a big middle finger to Rose’s dad)

A/N: Grab popcorn and some tissues ‘cuz y’all are in for one hell of a rollercoaster ride. This is my favorite chapter yet, I really love it. Special thanks to @mf-despair-queen​ for providing me with canon American Assassin information. Love ya, babe. Also, can’t wait for your reactions at the end lol I might get death threats.

The air stilled and you could feel the thick tension dancing on your skin. In that frozen second that we realized my father had heard it all, I see his eyes flicker from mine to Mitch’s. Never in my life had I ever seen so much hatred in a man who believed in nothing but pure love before. Other than that, his face is completely unreadable which made it really hard to expect his upcoming action. Something I never would have thought to see my father do — never in my life.

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•Imagine deaf wizards.
•Imagine deaf wizards struggling through their schooling because they can’t hear the teacher.
•Imagine deaf muggleborn wizards teaching everyone sign language so they can communicate easier.
•Imagine a deaf pureblood wizard finding a way to create a spell that will show what the professors are saying in sign language.
•Imagine a deaf wizard a few years later improving on that spell and including a wand movement where typed words would appear by the professor for the students who don’t quite know sign language.
•Imagine the professors learning these spells and teaching themselves sign language to better help the deaf students.

Imagine mute wizards.
•Imagine mute wizards struggling with the application of spells because they can’t say the words.
•Imagine a muggleborn mute wizard helping the pureblood deaf wizard create the sign language spell.
•Imagine a mute wizard creating an “after lessons activity” where they and other mute wizards can study nonverbal spells.
•Imagine said wizard coming back after graduation to teach the new class dedicated to nonverbal spells, and loving the job no matter if the students are mute or not.
•Imagine 5th year mute wizards passing their OWLs at the top of their class because they got extra points for using nonverbal spells (the ministry must not have known they were mute, but the student body doesn’t care because that was a wicked battle they watched between their peers)

Imagine blind wizards.
•Imagine blind wizards always late to class because they accidentally took the wrong staircase, the staircase moved without them knowing, or they accidentally ended up in the forbidden 3rd floor corridor.
•Imagine blind wizards being insanely good at sensing magic and feeling where their peers are at in the hallways (kind of like Toph from Avatar)
•Imagine blind wizards who have to have their friends read them the newspaper.
•Imagine a new and improved Daily Prophet realizing this and finding a way for wizards to tap the page with their wand to have the articles read to them.
•Imagine Hogwarts allowing muggleborn blind wizards bring their seeing eye dogs with them to school to get around the castle easier.
•Imagine Magical Menagerie hearing of this and teaching some of their pets how to be a seeing eye animal so other blind wizards can get around the castle easier. (I’ll even sell him to you for half the price!)

Imagine wizards in wheelchairs.
•Imagine wizards in wheelchairs petitioning the school board to get ramps or elevators in the building because “how are we supposed to learn when we can’t get to the classroom?”
•Imagine wizards in wheelchairs creating a version of wheelchair quidditch (like wheelchair tennis or basketball) which becomes a huge hit with the student body.
•Imagine drunk wizards in wheelchairs having wheelchair races down the hallways.
•Imagine Hogwarts changing its interior design to accommodate for wheelchairs.
•Imagine wizards in wheelchairs at the battle of hogwarts placing spells on their wheels to make them move by themselves as the wizard ruthlessly attacks death eaters.

Imagine wizards with AD(H)D.
•Imagine wizards with AD(H)D sitting in the back of the classroom so as to not interrupt as often.
•Imagine wizards with AD(H)D getting free time to run or fly around the quidditch pitch to burn off some of their steam.
•Imagine wizards with AD(H)D creating potions to help students focus during school that work a lot better than the muggle medication.
•Imagine muggleborn wizards telling pureblood wizards with AD(H)D that they aren’t worthless or stupid because they can’t concentrate as well as their peers.

Imagine wizards with diabetes.
•Imagine wizards with diabetes finding a way to check their blood sugar without having to prick their fingers.
•Imagine house elves finding out that some of their wizards need food with less sugar, so they start putting healthier foods out during meal time and never mentioning it to anyone.
•Imagine wizards with diabetes helping Madam Pomfrey in the hospital wing and being able to identify certain things about a patient without needing a spell (like if the patients blood sugar is too low or too high)


Kim Jongdae//Collision Course - Part 1

Originally posted by sooranghaes

Summary: You were the typical girl with big dreams who moved to the city as soon as she had the chance, and somehow ended up in the wrong part of town - but you somehow manage to get swept up in an entirely different situation than you’d planned. (1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5)
Scenario: mafia!AU/hacker!AU
Word Count: 7,641

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The Book of Beginnings

          The Book of Beginnings is a medium sized journal with robust structure and archaic atmosphere. A unique item born from hundreds of hours of care and attention to structure and detail. Made with reverence to the strength of medieval bindings and their laden with symbolism aesthetic. The book has a purpose to achieve three things: comfort of writing, structure to last centuries and to ensure it’s owner is filled of pride and confidence of his or her writing companion.

The front cover is decorated with a central single-line rhombus with floral and geometric tooling inside. Surrounding it is a chaotic pattern of thin branches and leaves, weaved around four Abraxas medalions. All this neatly guarded by a triple-line rectangular border. The back cover is guarded with the same border as the front cover with similar floral patterns and the binder’s maker mark. The book back is decorated with floral designs and poppy heads, symmetrically aligned. The The inner covers are decorated with gold.

This book is size A5, 15.5x22 cm (6x8.7 inches) sewn on 5 hemp cords, which are attached to the boards made from two layers of mill board to prevent bending and for extra protection. The  binding is in brown goat leather. It has 448 pages blank, unlined, smooth cream colored Clairefontaine Trophee  paper. The paper possesses great qualities for writing with fountain pens and ink as it exhibits no feathering, no bleedthrough and only faint show through. Drying times vary with the type and amount of ink.

A special adhesive is used that doesn’t harm the book over time and all the processes can be reversed. Even after many years the book can be rebound without significant damage being made to it in the process. The book is entirely handmade with special care being taken at every step. Book edges are sprinkled and coated with beeswax to prevent moisture from harming the paper. The handpaper endpapers are “made” (double layer of paper) and sewn to the book body for extra durability.

Master List

Original: 28/12/2015

UPDATED: 07/02/16
RE-UPDATED: 26/06/2016

Dirty Preferences:

1. How he fingers you
2. What they’re like during sex
3. Blow job
4.Where would each of the Outsiders have semi-public sex with their girl?

Clean Preferences:

1. How he hugs you
2. What he loves about you.
3. Their nickname for you
4. You baby girl names
5. They tell you they love you for the first time
6. What is the Outsiders favourite thing(s) to see their girl wearing?
7. Your nickname for him
8. What’s the Outsiders favourite feature(s) on a woman? And/or what do they notice first off?
9. How they hug you… (day)
10. What they buy you for your birthday
11. How many children you have with them…
12. What movie you watch with your boyfriend
13. Your favourite song to listen to when you dance with your boyfriend
14. What modern TV show would you watch with your boyfriend?
15. What modern movie do you watch with your boyfriend?
16. What super-hero movie do you watch with your boyfriend?
17. What SCI-FI TV show do you watch with your boyfriend?



1. You argue with Darry
2. You meet Darry for the first time… and embarrass yourself.
3. You think Darry doesn’t love you
4. Darry is jealous and gets upset (request)
5. You are pregnant
6. Darry gives his little girl a bath…
7. Give Me Love
8. His little girl cries when he leaves for work
9. Christmas Imagine
10. You leave Darry Part 1:
11. You come back to Darry Part 2
12. Quiet sex whilst the kids are asleep
13. Imagine losing your mind at Thanksgiving because of the gang and their antics
14. Seeing Darry for the first time after you left for college
15. Darry comes home after hearing about his parent’s dying…
16. Imagine trying to convince Darry to wear his new glasses…
17. Imagine getting glasses and being too embarrassed to wear them…
18. Imagine yelling at Darry for the way he treats his brothers…
19. Imagine telling Darry and the boy’s that you’re pregnant…
20. Imagine Darry walking in on you undressing…
21: You found out that you cannot have kids…
22: Imagine Darry finding out that you have had an abortion…
23. Darry comforts his little sister who gets bullied for her red hair…


1. Trying to convince his daughter to go to bed:
2. You catch Sodapop staring at you:
3. Sodapop writes you a love note
4. You and Sodapop fight
5. Imagine seeing Sodapop in a towel and liking what you see…
6. Sodapop tells you he loves you after a fight…
7. Sodapop finds out that you self harm…
8. Sodapop eats you out…
9. You marry Sodapop….
10. You see Sodapop after he comes home from war…
11. Imagine Sodapop coming home from war and noticing how different he is…
12. Sodapop is having a bad day
13. Sodapop comforts you when you think you’re a failure
14. Sodapop being there for you when your father dies.
15. Imagine being Sodapop’s tutor
16. Sodapop meets his little girl for the first time
17. Sodapop runs off after Darry upsets him, and you find him and comfort him
18. You and Sodapop have a miscarriage
19. Sodapop tries to make his little girl laugh
20. Imagine telling your big brother that you’re being bullied at school…
21: Imagine hugging/making out with Sodapop…
22: Sodapop’s last letter to Sandy…
23. Sodapop’s little girl tells her daddy that no one likes her…
24. You tell your best friend that you have a crush on him…
25: Imagine finding out that Sodapop is being conscripted to war…
26. You cry to Sodapop about a guy who used you…
27: The truth…
28: Why doesn’t he love me…


1. Ponyboy has a panic attack
2. Uncle Ponyboy
3. Ponyboy can’t pay attention in class because of you…
4. Ponyboy tells you that he likes you, and then asks you out…
5. Ponyboy admits that he likes you
6. Imagine Ponyboy trying to impress you, but failing
7. Imagine Ponyboy asking you out on a date…
8. Imagine having feelings for the new boy in your class…
9. Imagine giving Ponyboy an F and him getting very upset about it…
10. Imagine Darry and Sodapop walking in on Ponyboy having sex…
11. Imagine Ponyboy getting brought home by the police, drunk...
12. Imagine Ponyboy walking in on you getting undressed…
13. You find Ponyboy after he has had a fight with Darry…


1. Steve eats you out…
2. Imagine Steve taking you out for a date…
3. Imagine Steve writing a letter to his little boy that died of cancer…
4. Can’t you see that I love you…


1. Getting drunk after a fight with Two-Bit
2. Imagine comforting Two-Bit after Johnny and Dally die
3. Imagine your big brother finding out that you’re not a virgin…
4. Imagine telling your Two-Bit that you’re pregnant with his child…
5. Imagine how Two-Bit would act on his wedding day…
6. Imagine watching a horror movie with your big brother…
7. Two-Bit asks you to marry him…


1. Johnny is secretly dating Dally’s little sister:
2. Johnny kisses you after thinking you’re going to leave him…
3. Dally walks in on you and Johnny making out.
4. Your first fight with Johnny
5. Imagine adopting Johnny from a very young age
6. Imagine having your period and taking it out on Johnny…
7. Imagine being Johnny’s teacher and asking him where all his bruises came from…
8. Imagine comforting Johnny after his father physically and emotionally hurts him…
9. Imagine Johnny seeing his little girl for the first time…


1. You argue with Dally
2. Being angry at Dally:
3. Dally say’s he loves you after a fight
4. You and Dally fight
5. You and Dally shower together
6. You walk in on Dally cheating on you
7. Imagine Dally hitting on you as you walk by
8. Dally’s wedding vow’s to you
9. Imagine being Two-Bit’s sister and Dally trying to hit on you…
10. Imagine cuddling with Dally…
11. Imagine Dally coming to your house, blind drunk, and trying to win you back… Part two here:
12. Imagine Dally lying beside you when you’re asleep…
13. Imagine telling Dally that you love him for the first time… Part two here:
14. Imagine Dally dating a girl with anemia…
15. Imagine Dally finding out that you’re pregnant with his child…
16. Imagine Dally eating you out…
17. You get drunk and do it with Dally…
18. Dally tells his little girl why she doesn’t have a mummy
19. Dallas Winston: my girl…
20. Imagine Dally breaking up with you…
21. Dally’s reaction to his girl bringing a puppy home…
22. Imagine accusing Dally of cheating on you…
23. You write a letter to the baby you miscarried…



1. Couple moments
2. Day in bed with Darry
3. Best friend moments
4. First time with Darry
5. Fighting with Darry…
6. Couple moments with Darry (gay)


1. Couple moments
2. Day in bed with Sodapop
3. A date with Sodapop
4. Your first time (PG)
5. Best friend moments:
6. Happy couple moments


1. Couple moments
2. Best friend moments:
3. Being Ponyboy’s best friend…

Steve: -

1. Best friend moments
2. Your first time with Steve


1. Couple moments
2. Best friend moments
3. First time with Two-Bit
4. Two-Bit cheats on you…


1. Couple moments
2. Best friend moments:
3. Sex with Johnny moments


1. Couple moments
2. A day in bed with Dally
3. Best friend moments
4. Couple fights

LGBTI Stories:

1. Sodapop and Steve’s first kiss
2. Sodapop comes out to Darry…
3. What Steve and Sodapop would be like in bed together
4. Johnny and Ponyboy’s first kiss
5. DarryxMale


1. Ponyboy and Sodapop see their brother dancing for the first time
2. An imagine based on life (Request)



1. Being married to Darry
2. Being Darry’s best friend…
3. Having sex with Darry…
4. 10 things Darry has never told his brothers…
5. Dating my little sister: the ten things you need to know
6. Being married to Darry Curtis…


1. Dating Sodapop Curtis…
2. Being best friends with Sodapop
3. Dating Sodapop Curtis (Modern headcanons)
4. Being married to Sodapop…


1. Dating Ponyboy Curtis
2. Being best friends with Ponyboy…
3. Sex with Ponyboy…
4. Ponyboy is a father…
5. If Ponyboy grew up in a foster care home…
6. Ponyboy Curtis head canons

Steve: -0


1. Being best friends with Two-Bit…

Johnny: -0


1. Dating Dallas Winston
2. Dating Dallas Winston (Part 2)
3. Being Dally’s best friend…
4. Dally takes your virginity…
5. Dallas Winston head canons…
6. The ten reasons I’m in love with you…
7. Being married to Dallas Winston…
8. Make up sex with Dally…

TOTAL: 190

Finished the blind tooling on the third small journal. The design is a bit more brave than the previous two. Today was very cloudy and didn’t have time to finish everything I had in mind. Tomorrow all this tooling is going to be full of silver. Looking forward to it with feelings of excitement and a bit of fear.