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RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC having an evil as fuck laugh or giggle?

You guys have no idea how much I missed writing other characters. Love me some Choi boys, but it’s good to be back to the regular hcs.

Hope you like this! ^^

RFA + V and Saeran and a MC with an evil laugh


  • Look, he’s blinded (deaf, actually) by love, your laugh sound like the most angelic of chants to his ears
  • So he never noticed before until he saw this colleague actress talking to you during a little casting party
  • And the other lady was nodding and listening attentively, like she was taking mental notes or something for everything you were saying.
  • Curious, he approached you two. “What are two adorable ladies like you talking about? Me?”
  • “She’s teaching me how to make a great villain laugh for this movie I’m doing.” The actress says plainly. EXCUSE ME WHAT, MISS?
  • “Yeah, you know… because I have that evil creepy laugh sometimes, she heard and asked me to teach her, cool, right?” If you say so… he doesn’t see nothing villainous in you.
  • But as you two watch the movie, he listens to his colleague’s evil laugh and… yeah… the resemblance is uncanny.
  • He’s definitely taking the evil laugh workshop with you for when he plays a villain, it’s pretty convincing.


  • He’s playing LOLOL while you read a magazine
  • Then he hears this laugh and wonders if he got killed by some new villain in the game or something… but his avatar looks fine.
  • He takes his phones off and hears again, what the hell? It’s… you?
  • He heard you giggling or  chuckling before, and they are a little… different from what he ever heard before, but your laugh really is something else.
  • But hey, if you’re laughing, it means you’re happy, why would he judge, then?
  • “Yoosung, have you ever read these magazines and their tips to satisfy your man in bed? Listen to this… the erotic pizza”
  • He chuckles nervously. From the way you’re laughing so mischievously, he’s so sure you want to try doing the erotic pizza. Lord help him.


  • Okay, your laugh is always different
  • Sometimes you do the snore thing, sometimes it’s a super high pitch and… sometimes is this low weird laugh
  • She always find them funny, she laughs too whenever you do it, but she’s laughing at your laugh.
  • And it’s not different when you two are in the movies.
  • You laugh because of some scene, she laughs at your laugh, and keeps giggling even after you stopped laughing already.
  • “What are you laughing?” you ask. “You’re just so funny, MC.
  • Though you have no idea why she thinks you’re funny, you smile. It’s good to see her so happy.


  • Another one who didn’t notice before because he’s too caught up in your spell
  • But Elizabeth is not, and the poor thing is all bristly whenever she hears you laughing
  • Both you and Jumin are surprised, and you are a little worried she might not like you
  • But she does, as she’s usually snuggling in your lap and rubbing herself against you leg, so… Elizabeth, what’s good?
  • Then he puts two and two together, and… yeah, it’s your unique laugh he never cared so much.
  • And he still doesn’t, he just hopes Elizabeth gets used to it one day, he doesn’t want an animosity between his two most precious ladies.
  • “She loves you as much as I do, my love. Perhaps you can try to tone it down a little for a while?” “But Jumin… how can I not laugh when she does these cute things?”
  • Ah yeah… a fair point.


  • First time he heard, he couldn’t stop laughing.
  • Honestly, he doesn’t mind at all, he thinks it’s funny.
  • He’s always trying to find the perfect joke that will unlock the evil laugh
  • Just so he can throw a punch line about it.
  • “What’s up? Did you finally finish that plan to rule the world?”
  • “The only world I plan to rule is yours” would sound a lot sexier if it wasn’t for the evil laugh
  • But… it’s still pretty sexy.
  • Who’s laughing now?


  • Okay, he had a pretty evil laugh during his Mint Eye days (Christmas DLC, anyone?)
  • Now that those days are gone, he doesn’t laugh much because he’s super self conscious he will sound creepy
  • But what the hell? You sound even creepier than him sometimes. So that makes him more comfortable about it, if such a normal person like you do that, why can’t him?
  • So it’s kinda like a competition, somehow. Who does the most evil laugh?
  • And it’s okay when you two are alone, but sometimes you do that in front of RFA members
  • They all are judging silently, because who will dare to say a thing? And Yoosung is like: “Saeyoung, what are they doing?”
  • “The same thing they do every night, Yoosung, trying to take over the world!”


  • This poor blind man
  • Is it Halloween already? Why is he hearing this witch’s laugh?
  • Oh… it’s just you…
  • It takes him a while to get used to it, tbh
  • But he does eventually, and turns out your laugh is just another very spirituous part of you that amuses him
  • And he even praises you if you ever say something negative about it.
  • “Your laugh is wonderful as you, my angel. I’ts so good to know I make you that happy to this point, you know?”
  • Yeah, you do. And although he can’t see it, you’re giving him a very shy smile, no, not a laugh, just a smile.

Seven: “Hey Yoousung what are you gonna be for Halloween?”
Yoousung: “Ah, I’m gonna be a cute puppy!”
Seven: “Awh, haha Jaehee what are you going to be for Halloween?”
Jaehee: “Working.”
Seven: “Oh…right. Hey Jumin, what are you gonna be for Halloween?”
Jumin: “Rich”
Seven: “…True…How about you Zen? What are you going to be for Halloween?”
Zen: “Fucking beautiful.”
Seven: “Mmm…Oh and what about you V!? What are you going to be for Halloween?”
V: “Blind”

Thought I just HAD TO contribute to the Mystic Messenger Halloween Tag! Somehow…and this is the poop I came up with…LOVE ALL THEM GUYS.

And extra!

Seven: I think you and me Yoousung are the only one’s who are really going to dress up tonight!”
Yoosung: “Oh yeah! Seven what are you going to be for Halloween? Haha.”
Seven: “A depressed disappointment.”

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but Blind!Dean with a good toy lightsaber as a jedi for Halloween with robes and a yoda backpack and Sam as Chewy and Castiel as Leia the hut slayer (formerly known as slave leia) Dean enjoys whacking his loved ones with the light saber.


and dean is desperately trying to find someone who will describe how cas’ looks (dean is shamelessly turned on by the idea of cas wearing that costume)

“Sam, i will give you $100 if you describe cas right now”

“eww!  dean no i don’t want to tell you knowing you’re getting off on it.”

Panic! At The Disco Bonus Track Masterpost

Vices and Virtues:

Too Weird to Live, Too Weird to Die!



The Blind Date - Halloween Drabbles

Masterlist | Halloween Drabbles

N/A: I’m following this Halloween Prompt thingy :) I’m quite blocked so probably most of what I’ll do is going to be s*it… but well, send one in if you want to!

I’ll be doing them today and tomorrow… unless I decide I suck at doing drabbles, which can happen too!

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12. You are the tenth zombie I asked about being my blind date.  I don’t care if you aren’t them are not.  I’m tired from looking, I don’t need you to talk, I just need you to help me eat this sundae. + Jungkook

‘Good night!’

In that gloomy restaurant he was the only person dressed as a zombie. It had to be him, so you plopped on the couch in front of the zombie boy with an annoyed smile and a sigh. In comparison to the last nine zombies you had faced, he was extremely cute, even with his poorly applied make up.

‘You must be… Jimin, right?’ You leaned forward with interest, analyzing his gorgeous features. He was all big eyes, and soft skin, and it really was an improvement, since the last zombie boy you had talked to was a thirty year old with obvious mommy issues. ‘Please, tell me you are Park Jimin. I’m desperate.’

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