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Pentagon as things I've heard on the bus
  • Jinho: Dance like nobody is watching, because they are not, they are all checking their phones.
  • Hui: When butterflies fall in love do they feel humans in their stomachs?
  • Hongseok: If Apple made cars, would it have Windows?
  • E'dawn: I just wanted you to know that somebody cares. Not me, but somebody does.
  • Shinwon: Don't look at me in that tone of voice!
  • Yeo One: If you ever get cold, just stand in a corner for a bit. They're usually 90 degrees.
  • Yanan: Today a man asked for a small donation towards the local swimming pool. I gave him a glass of water
  • Yuto: I let some blind guy borrow money the other day. He said he was gonna pay me back the next time he saw me. Wait...
  • Kino: If you know how many cupcakes I'm holding behind my back I'll give you both of them.
  • Wooseok: Your're so stupid you threw a rock at the ground and missed.

OMG I just realized something about Get Out. I’m not sure if anyone has already made this observation, but I think the reason why they chose a blind guy as the one to steal Chris’ body and eyes is to portray how being “colorblind” is actually a form of racism. The blind guy was never able to see Chris’ face, and claimed he just wanted a fresh pair of eyes, yet he still participated readily in Chris’ exploitation KNOWING what the Armitage’s had been doing this entire time. Also, the reason why he wanted a black man’s eyes was because of white people’s obssession with “feeling oppressed.” He thought that seeing the world through a black man would be artistic inspiration for him because of the dichtonomy between living life as a black person and living life with white privilege. Jordan Peele really is amazing :O


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Chapter 5

╳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

╳ Genre: fluff, smut, angst

╳ Summary: Being the Duff has really changed you.”“Excuse me, the Duff?” I asked, my voice rising a little at the end.“You know, the Designated. Ugly. Fat. Friend.”

No missed calls. No missed texts. Nothing.

It’s been 5 days since Jungkook and I’s little fling.  Most of my thoughts have been swarming around him. Disgusting, right? How am I supposed to act when I see him next? Am I supposed to act like it didn’t happen? Still treat him like the dick he is? But because I kind of liked it, should I act grateful? Okay, fuck that. The last option was too far. And I absolutely did not like it.

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I've seen a blog say that Chris and Seb aren't friends, that Chris hates Seb. What do you think? This is giving me anxiety, I think they are friends, but now I don't know.

They’ve both said multiple times that they’re pretty friendly, and that even if they go months without seeing each other between movies they’re perfectly capable of picking up right where they left off and it’s like no time has passed.

They’ve also both gone out of their way to compliment each other and each other’s work even when they didn’t really need to bring the other person up, and particularly with Chris I think it’s pretty easy to see when he’s not feeling very comfortable, yet in all the footage we’ve gotten from the movies press tours and different events we can see them constantly laughing and having fun being very at ease around the other.

They may not be the closest friends ever, but I do think they mean it when they say they get along super well (lbr we’ve all seen what happens in movies when the 2 main actors have zero chemistry or don’t get along, and Chris and Seb work AMAZINGLY together), and tbh even if we didn’t have lots and lots of evidence, just them saying so should be proof enough. They have no reason to lie, they’re both grown men and very professional and perfectly capable of making these movies together just keeping a polite work relationship, no need for them to say they’re good friends if they’re not, imo.

So I really do think they get along super well and feel comfortable around each other (which, with Chris’ social anxiety, it also tells you something), and I’m gonna respect what they’ve both said about the topic. But in case you’re still worried about it, nonnie, I gathered these for you <3

  • them sharing a private moment and laughing together while someone else was answering a question [x]
  • Seb walking out and going straight to squeeze Chris’ shoulder and Chris holding his hand [x]
  • you can’t fake THIS [x]
  • they’re both all Heart Eyes™ is2g [x]
  • ahemm… [x]
  • AHEMM…. [x]
  • and just… what even was this hug i swear [x]
  • the Chubby Dumpling Incident [x]

and honestly I just had to stop there because I could go oooon and on and I’d never see the end of it, so I hope these few examples will help calm you down!

I’d recommend unfollowing/muting/blocking that blog if it’s making you feel that bad about this, and just ignoring whatever they’re saying about these two or about Chris hating Seb, because, really, look at this man:


Uncomfortable MCU summaries
  • Iron Man: two rich dudes in suits cause collateral damage
  • The Incredible Hulk: man is discouraged from treating his anger issues
  • Iron Man 2: industrialist frustrates Congress
  • Captain America: man uses performance enhancing drugs to beat up a burn victim
  • Thor: family argument nearly causes genocide
  • The Avengers: hostile immigrants cause property damage
  • Iron Man 3: man with PTSD has an unpleasant Christmas
  • The Dark World: two brothers go on a road trip and things turn violent
  • The Winter Soldier: thousands lose jobs as government agency is forcibly shut down
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: a small animal and a houseplant kill people
  • Daredevil: blind guy fights an autistic man
  • Age of Ultron: Pinocchio is an asshole
The Fitting (Part 13)

(Secrets are getting harder to keep and Jungkook’s jealousy and insecurity are taking a toll on him.) 

Warnings:  9500+ words.  Oral. Intercourse.  A little more realism than I think some people will be expecting.  

You didn’t want him.  At least not tonight.

 That thought rattled through Jungkook’s mind as he sat in the back of the taxi on his way home.  You had refused him because you wanted to be alone.  Because you weren’t in the mood.  Jungkook closed his eyes and let his head fall back against the seat while he tried to process what had just happened.  You had refused him before, when you were worried about being caught by others at work, but you always made arrangements to sleep with him later.  Tonight was different.  Tonight you refused him, not because you were afraid of being seen, but because you simply didn’t want him.

 It wasn’t supposed to be this way.  Jungkook had planned this first date so carefully, making sure to take you to an out of the way neighborhood so you could relax and not worry about being seen.  He picked the most expensive restaurant in that neighborhood for dinner because he wanted to show you he could appreciate the finer things, that he had money to spend on you, that he wanted to treat you like you were special.  He read dozens of movie reviews before picking that stupid, boring foreign film where everyone was rambling on with lengthy speeches about god-knows-what and all the money was spent on costumes and none on special effects.  

He hated those kinds of movies, but he knew you loved them and the most important thing was that you have a good time.  And you really did seem to be having a good time.  

 Meeting your cousin had been an unexpected hiccup at the beginning of the night – but Jungkook was actually grateful for it.  Although the interaction was uncomfortably awkward, meeting her meant that the relationship was one step closer to being public.  One person close to you now knew your secret.  Jungkook anxiously awaited the day when everyone close to the both of you knew that you were a couple.

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Ignis & reader + "The irony of the situation is not lost on me"

I normally keep my ‘readers’ gender neutral, but I made this one a female reader, I hope that was ok. *suddenly very nervous* 

“Hey, Ignis,” you called from the kitchen. The sun was barely up, but you knew he was already stationed at his desk, fingers tracing the raised dots of Braille.


“Will you come with me to choose an outfit for the Dawn Ball?” You froze, halfway through making his coffee for him – a treat you had only just been allowed to graduate to making. It was probably the last thing he’d want to do.

“Come with you?”

You deflated, grateful at least that he couldn’t see your reaction. “Yeah,” you said, filling the French press with just-boiled water and setting the cap on while it brewed. You moved through the house and came to a halt in his study doorway. Leaning on the woodwork, you sighed. “You think you can take an hour or two off to come into town with me and help me? I promise the country won’t fall apart while you do…”

When he paused uncertainly, you stepped inside and ran a hand through his thick, grey hair. “I can’t see how I would be any help at all,” he said, taking his eye-shield off. You knew it was only to prove a point, although he did take the opportunity to rub at the old scar around his left eye.

Milky irises stared blankly back at you from his scarred face when he was done. “Just being there will help me for a start,” you said. “You know how I get in crowds, and anyway, it’ll be fun…” Your tone was perhaps overly bright, because Ignis scoffed. You sighed, “Your coffee will be ready,” you said, turning on your heel and returning to the kitchen. “I just thought it’d make a nice change of scene,” you said, somewhat stiffly.

When you returned, Ignis was leaning back in his chair, unseeing eyes locked on the ceiling, eye-shield twirling idly between elegant fingers. “You’re right,” he said. “I’ve been walled up in here too long. I’ll come with you.”

He inhaled the rich scent of the coffee and you left him, smiling, with his prize.

Ignis hated crowds almost as much as you did, but at least people tended to move around him when they saw the cane he used in unfamiliar places. Though, by the fourth dress shop you tried, his patience was beginning to run thin, and you were worried you should have just left him at home. You hid it from him as best you could.

His phone went as you stood in the changing rooms in the final dress. You knew this was the one. He was going to love it. Tactile, with lace and some sturdier fabric to contrast, revealing his favourite corners and curves of your body: it was perfect.

“Gladio,” Ignis said as he recognised the voice on the other end. “I’m actually out helping to choose a dress for the Dawn Ball… Yes… I know, well, the irony of the situation is not lost on me.”

You watched as his ears caught the heavy sigh that escaped you.

Ignis hated it. Hated shopping, and he hated all the reminders of things he couldn’t see anymore. Insecurities piled up inside you. What if he came to hate you for all those reminders too?

You bit your lip and played your final card. You approached him and slid your hand into his while he still held the phone in his other. You placed his hand right on your chest, and watched as his lips parted and he inhaled softly in surprise at your open boldness. He played his fingers over the neckline, and then down the shoulders. He seemed to sculpt you into being again as he explored you.

You heard Gladio asking him something on the other end, but Ignis had stopped listening. His hand had found the curve of your ass.

Ignis?” you heard Gladio demand.

“Hmm? Oh, sorry,” Ignis chimed. “I do believe we’ve found the definitive dress.”

Gladio’s laughter carried over the speaker, but you didn’t hear what he said in response.

“Indeed,” Ignis chuckled. “You’ll see for yourself at the ball what a lucky man I am.”

You knew you looked good when you walked through the gilded doors of the old palace ballroom with Ignis, but what made you feel good was the way Ignis held your arm. He squeezed his fingers just once, leaning in close and whispering, “No matter how many people ask you to dance, will you save the last one for me?”

“Iggy, there are only three other people in this room I would dance with other than you. Gladio, Prompto, and Iris.”

He laughed, bright and surprisingly loud.

Gladio pushed his way over to you and whistled appreciatively. Prompto stood beside him and also paid you a compliment, though with a bit more stutter and a bit less smirk than Gladio, and then turned to Ignis. “Iggy, they’re ready for you to give the welcome speech,” he said.

Ignis nodded and allowed Prompto to lead him to the small podium.

You couldn’t help crying as you heard Ignis speaking of the late king, of his sacrifice to return the dawn to the land, of the love he had for his people and his friends, of the hopes he harboured, and the dreams he cherished.

As Ignis returned to you when it was all over, Prompto passed his arm to you, and you gripped Ignis’ hand tightly as though trying to quell the tremors in his. “Thank you,” he whispered. “I couldn’t have done that without knowing you were there listening, and wearing that beautiful dress as well…”

“What about picturing your audience naked?” you grinned.

He snorted suddenly. “Oh, I’m not sure I’d have got very far if I’d done that, darling,” he chuckled. “I’ll save that for later. Now, might I have this dance?”