blind feel the music

Currently obsessed with the song “Keep Me Crazy” by Sheppard, and despite listening to it a ridiculous number of times over the past couple of days, I can’t get over how Perc’ahlia it is.

I mean:

I can hear a voice from the other side of the room
It says, “Yeah, I live a lie ‘cause I like it more than the truth”
I made my peace, I’m one with the war
But here you are without any warning


Darling, lately
I’ve been walking blind in the dark, never see the sun
You could save me
Give a little heat to the heart that was born to run
It was love in a minute, God, I admit it
Let’s make a break for the door

And I just really wanna write another Modern AU with these two (ahhhhh) <3

ladypajamas  asked:

To feel better. I open the blinds for sunshine. Play music that really gets my body going, and smoke weed until I feel like dancing :) After awhile the bad feels get shaken off. Smoking weed outside for a change sometimes is also a good picker upper. OH. CARTOONS FROM YOUR CHILDHOOD. Just let them run in your bedroom. hehe. Sending you loves and hugs if you don't feel good <3

Thank you hun 😁💕

13 soul-shattering Third Eye Blind lyrics

1. “Be a dream in color even on a winter’s night/Thinking Georges Seurat, afternoon bathed in light/Get your joy no matter who says it’s right/Their cover’s blown, find the story of your own” (Camouflage)

- At one point in an interview, Stephan Jenkins was quoted admitting that he actually doesn’t know what all the screaming lyrics in “Camouflage” are, which is pretty funny. But this one discernable lyric is like a constellation. It fits together so perfect and the words are so bright. If you need proof of the poets here, check this song out. Even if you can’t tell what the hell they’re saying. I love this song. Get more 90s or get more modern day Jim Morrison- you can’t.

2. “You want to know how deeply my soul goes/ Deeper than bones, deeper than bones” (I Want You)

– This ethereal ode to wanting someone feels like it was written in another dimension. Haunting, a little spooky, it is nothing short of a snake-charming song. It’s so strange that it actually reminds me of the Doors. It’s the perfect example of Stephan Jenkins’ ability to say so many things that you, the listener, don’t understand, but somehow they connect to create a meaning that you have created for yourself. It’s at once an ode to mortality and an echoing proclamation of desire. “Send me all your vampires…”

3. “And I’m hanging on your words / Like I always used to do / The words they use so lightly/ I only feel for you /I only know because I carry you around /In the background” (The Background)

- I challenge you to find a more heartbreaking or deeply resonating song. It’s those weird, very specific place and memory references that Stephan Jenkins drops that let you know that you have both no idea what he’s talking about and a very close understanding of what he’s talking about. Jenkins’ lyrics become your own because you are forced to create your own meaning for Haight Street (in San Francisco, the band’s hometown) and by doing so, his lyrics become your own. Who hasn’t carried someone around ‘in the background’? Jenkins just finds a way to say it that is both specific and soul-shattering.

4. “I’ve never been so alone/And I’ve never been so alive” (Motorcycle Drive-By)

- Are there things you’d like to do that the people you’re with don’t believe in? This song, these lyrics are the essence of estrangement from those you wish understood you and backed you up. Jenkins writes frequently about motorcycles, which is fitting because they’re a one person ride, usually. This song is so much about setting off on your own, but realizing that you are at the helm; that some people we wish were with us will never see the great things we will one day build.

5. “How’s it going to be/When you found out there was nothing/Between you and me/Cause I don’t care/ How’s it going to be?” (How’s it Going to Be)

- Is there a better “fuck you” song in the universe without explicitly saying so? This one hits the bitter nail on the head so eloquently, with such heartbreak, who hasn’t felt the way Jenkins screams about in the middle of this song? It’s that awful crossroads of not caring at the end of a relationship and wanting to make the other person think about how it’s the end. It’s such a bittersweet classic. “Where we used to laugh there’s a shouting match/ Sharp as a thumbnail scratch”- Jenkins’ lyrics are understated and packed full of sounds and feelings that we know in our guts.

6. “Time it passes and it tells us what we’re left with/We become the things we do/Me, I’m a fool spent from defiance yeah you got me but, I didn’t give up on you” (Blinded)

- I’ll be damned if everyone doesn’t have a person that this applies to. Someone that you’ve let go of but not really, or even a time or a place in your life that you still hang on to. Is it romanticized? Of course. Does it feel new and fresh and spur the soul on to optimism? I think so. I think “Blinded” is one of Jenkins’ best examples of robust, colorful, beautiful lyrical poetry. I cannot listen to this song and not feel the sun.

7. “If I could bottle my hopes in a store bought scent/They’d be nutmeg peach and they’d pay the rent” (An Ode to Maybe)

- One of my favorites ever. I actually got to meet Stephan Jenkins and I asked him what this, my unexplainable favorite lyric, means. He explained that it just seemed like what he thought his ambitions would be at the time. He had been couch surfing after college, and it really was just that; nonsensical. It made so much sense to me though and it still does. Wouldn’t all of our hopes have some sort of potency and pay our bills, freeing us?

8. “Everyone’s got to face down their demons/Maybe today you could put the past away” (Jumper)

- I’d actually just say the entirety of “Jumper” is a soul-changing lyric. For those moments when staring into the blackness feels exhilaratingly cathartic, “Jumper” is a timeless anthem. It’s sick with truth and hurt. It reverberates pain, but somehow hope, too, as Jenkins and Tony Fredianelli scream in the background.

9. “I believe in the sand beneath my toes/The beach gives a feeling, an earthy feeling, I believe in the faith that grows/And the four right chords can make me cry/When I’m with you I feel like I could die and that would be alright, alright” (Semi-Charmed Life)

- I first heard this song in 6th grade and it changed my life. I knew damn well that I didn’t know what he was talking about (crystal meth?) but the freedom of this song woke up my soul. Doesn’t everyone want something else? When I listen to this song, I can feel the heat of the summer sun beating through the verses and reminding me to stay young and feisty. It’s a rebel yell, a refusal to lay down.

10. “The stars they shine in an empty void/Life is not to fear, life is to enjoy” (Burning Man)

- I cannot count the number of times I’ve been mid-panic attack or in a terrifying moment and these words have come to me. Life is not to fear, life is to enjoy. Don’t be afraid because it doesn’t solve anything. Enjoy your life. Live like a fire has been lit under your ass. Be the burning man.

11. “How do you do it/Now I’m overwhelmed by a violet sky/And we fly/In a decayed orbit/sixty six thousand miles an hour/Goes by, when we kissed and only now do I feel your mouth, like an ache, you never knew/And it was right in front of you” (Good Man)

- This song is the weirdest recounting of an aching relationship, but his bizarre description choices are so beautiful. The mysteries of his references are part of the echoing questions about what was missing, what stops any of us from being a “good man.” This song breaks my heart.

12. “These secret garden beams/Changed my life so it seems/A warm breeze blows outside/ I don’t break stride/ Thoughts are warm, and they go deep inside of you/ And I never felt alone, til I met you” (Deep Inside of You)

- When someone becomes all of your being, the love and loss of that love is everything. It cleans you out, like the hollowing of a gourd. This song is so raw, so exhausting in its description of love and loss.

13. “And that girl is like a sunburn I would like to save/ She’s like a sunburn” (Never Let You Go)

- If you know anything about sun damage, you know that technically, you do save every sunburn you get. The freshness of the pain, that red skin, the peeling, that sensation comes and goes, but sunburns add up to your cumulative sun damage. Jenkins writes in these ins and outs, leaving you knowing exactly how that feels. Save the pain, get the sun spots, and maybe the pain is lurking for a later day. Jenkins brings the sun to each song, making you feel the heat of your last sunburn.

since i’ve found you (74k; homeless harry; rich louis)
give me a memory i can use (41k; vampire harry)
i would follow you (20k; werewolf harry; established relationship)
once upon a dream (33k; fbi agent harry; psychic louis)
you and the moon and neptune (34k; soulmates fic)
give me a memory i can use (41k; vampire harry; PhD student louis)
the beginning of everything (30k; artist harry; rich louis)
when the stars come out (30k)
i built this bed for two (8k; breaking up/making up)
close your eyes, clean your heart, cut the cord (15k; surgeon louis; popstar harry)
it’s your image burnt into my mind (47k; music student harry; blind/artist louis)
initiate the feeling (71k; teachers au)
never be (117k; study abroad au)
we’ll cast some light (74k; demon hunters au)
the things you hide (27k; spy louis; photographer harry)
taken by the wind (12k; witch harry)
parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme (27k; practical magic au; witch harry; detective louis)


Jason, a blind and autistic 8 year old, feels the music.

If this doesn’t move you, then you’re not wired right.

sssnee  asked:

woah i didnt know that being tonedeaf is a learning disability. i thought it was only just not able to hear notes in music. i feel so stupid and blind not knowing all this

A lot of people don’t know since being tone-deaf is not considered to be particularly bad, so there’s next to no awareness of it other than ‘tone-deaf people can’t sing for shit’. I don’t blame you for not knowing.

The effects of tone-deafness vary depending on the person, some don’t hear some pitches, some can’t really tell notes apart. Most can’t tell the subtle mood changes in music, either, and only notice the more outward things like ‘this song is angry’ or ‘this song is sad’ but nothing underlying.

It, strangely enough, only affects their perception of music, as it doesn’t effect their ability to hear literally anything else at all.

Conan is canonically tone-deaf, but also has perfect pitch. Some people think it means he’s not really tone-deaf and just needs to train his vocal chords, that he’s just lazy about singing.

But he tries, he tries really hard, and people who are tone-deaf have it really fucking hard. Music probably sounds more like pots and pans than anything. It’s also why he’s relatively uninterested about music, his interest is limited to the violin, because Sherlock Holmes played the violin. The one piece he seems to like, Ave Maria (which is movie canon only, btw), is very spaced out and the instrumentation is not very chaotic (as in a lot of instruments doing their own thing), so I think it’s why he can at least enjoy it in movie canon.

Him having perfect pitch is really strange in a tone-deaf person, but could be explained. In an easier to understand analogy, it’s like a color-blind person being able to tell you what color is what perfectly, but their perception of that color is completely different from yours.