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Divided... Or Not.

Roman Reigns x reader x Seth Rollins

1. Roman and Seth fighting over (y/n) to be with her. Roman is her best friend. She meets Seth through Roman at one of their shows. {You pick who she ends up with.}

2. (y/n) is in a romantic storyline with Seth Rollins while he and Roman are having a ‘feud’, they both like her but she loves Roman. After a match with Seth, (y/n) was at ringside then Daddy Roman gets his baby girl, takes her home and sexy daddy smut.

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Top 10 favorite things you love about westallen. Go!

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*frantically shaking magic eight ball*

Here we go: my “ten” favorite Westallen things.

I love that:

  • Iris never needed powers to be the most important person in Barry’s life, before or after the lightning strike.
  • Barry’s love for Iris never wavered.
  • Iris believed in The Flash before she knew who was under the mask.
  • Barry’s anchor, the single most important thing in any one timeline and universe, is Iris.
  • Iris always wanted Barry to meet the right person, someone who would “appreciate him for the amazing person she was always telling him he was” – whether or not it was her. 
  • Barry grew to respect the space between them (i.e. not sabotage her relationship with her other SOs) and even said she could have a happy future with someone else after confessing his love for her.
  • Iris met The Flash on the rooftop and fell in love.
  • Barry let Iris see him at his most vulnerable: masked-up, nothing-to-lose.
  • Iris respected The Flash’s privacy, even though she wanted to know more.
  • Barry, on Earth-2: “She is Iris!”
  • Iris, Flashpoint: “You are really cute, Barry Allen.”
  • Barry’s last words, both times, were for Iris: “I’m okay, Iris;” “I love you, Iris.”
  • Iris’ last words were “Barry, I love you.”
  • Barry thought of Iris as his Something.
  • Iris thought of Barry as her best friend for life.
  • Barry considered the bowling alley to be one of his favorite places in the world.
  • Iris did, too.
  • Barry didn’t hesitate when Iris needed help: he told her to jump and ran to catch her.
  • Iris jumped.  (Barry caught her.)
  • Barry promised Iris he’d get back Joe from Mark Mardon.  (And, in a way, he did.)
  • Iris: “I have not been able to stop thinking about you.  Because I didn’t want to.”
  • Barry’s blue spark only ever appeared for Iris.  (Even when he “repeated the feat” to revive Jesse, the spark was yellow).
  • Iris knew it was Barry from that spark alone.
  • Barry’s first real decision after waking up from a coma was to see Iris.  (Before Henry, before Joe, before anything else.)
  • Iris hugged Barry so hard the sincerity still carries through, three seasons and countless worlds later.
  • Barry broke Grodd’s mind control with Iris’ help.
  • Iris found her love for journalism because of Barry’s encouragement.
  • Barry’s relief when he saw Iris was okay after the Tockman incident was palpable.
  • Iris’ relief when Barry came back from the Speed Force after she pulled him out was even more intense.
  • Barry stopped thinking rationally when Iris was in danger because he’d rather get hurt than risk her getting hurt.
  • Iris was willing to give up the engagement temporarily to stop Barry from worrying about both of them so he could focus on himself.
  • Barry always wanted to tell Iris he was The Flash.
  • Iris helped teach Barry how to defend himself (boxing).
  • Barry took off after the mugger who stole Iris’ laptop.
  • Iris spent a lot of time with Barry while he was in a coma.
  • Barry saw four people in the Speed Force (on the first visit): three were his foster/parents.  One was Iris.  The most important people in his life.
  • Iris trusted Barry to keep her safe.
  • Barry was devastated the one time he couldn’t.  (Fast Lane.)
  • Iris and Barry both made peace with each other’s former SOs (Eddie and Linda, respectively).
  • Barry gave Iris a replica of her mother’s wedding band for Christmas.  Because he remembered she lost it on a fifth grade field trip and cried for weeks about it.
  • Iris got Barry a wallet the same year he leased an apartment in both their names and apologized.
  • Barry just beamed.
  • Iris comforted Barry after he had a nightmare about Savitar.
  • Barry comforted Iris after he told her about the vision of the future.
  • Iris used the same affectionate gestures as Barry, including hugs, cradling his face, and kissing his forehead.
  • Barry’s timing was often synchronized with Iris’, from facial expressions to the moment they both stepped in for a hug.  (See above.)
  • Iris helped blinded Barry around.
  • Barry earnestly confessed how much he supported her even though he couldn’t see.
  • Iris stole Barry’s fries.  (And while he rebuffed her, he didn’t get angry.)
  • Barry told Iris she looked really nice.  (And while she rolled her eyes, she didn’t deny it.)
  • Iris cancelled a date for the particle accelerator launch.
  • Barry risked a paradox to get a video from Eddie for Iris months later because he wanted to give her more closure.
  • Iris defended Barry as a kid even though Henry was widely accepted as a murderer (recall: even Joe thought Henry was guilty).
  • Barry’s greatest fear is losing Iris.
  • Iris’ expression during the Enter Zoom finale and her whispered Barry in a crowded room reveal hers.
  • Barry bought Iris a ridiculously large bouquet of flowers and promptly arranged them into her name.
  • Iris accepted “all of him.”  Barry, and The Flash.
  • Barry wanted to be “stupid in love” with Iris.
  • Iris: “This is what love feels like.”
  • Barry panicked when Iris’ life was in danger and stayed at her side every second in Untouchable.
  • Iris and Barry shared many a lovely kiss on the couch.
  • Barry and Iris also shared many a lovely hug elsewhere.
  • Iris communicated her feelings to Barry, happy, sad, angry, scared, and everything in between.
  • Barry reciprocated.
  • Iris was the reason there was The Flash.
  • Barry admitted his crushing grief to her in the wake of Henry’s death.
  • Iris told him she would wait for him.  “Wherever you need to go – I will wait for you.”
  • (And she did.)
  • Barry?  Sang for her.  An original song.  Because that is how much he loves her: there are simply no words strong enough to express it.
  • And here we are: Barry and Iris still as deeply in love as they were in the beginning, but more refined.  They know each other better, understand their relationship more clearly, respect each other more than ever.  They’re partners, teammates.  They’re each other’s world.  They have a beautiful relationship, an unwavering love that shows.  And it won’t die.

I don’t know why do people feel the need to tell you to play some other champ than what you want. I get it in ranked when you have 0 tank and the enemy have 3, but why in normals? If I wanna play Soraka jg I will go Soraka jg. I wanna try champs/roles, I am not playing blind pick so I can hear you say in all-chat “report support no tank”. Just let me do my thing and we will be fine no need to yell or flame.

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Off Limits

→ Reader x Blind!Chanyeol 

→ “We don’t need you, Y/N. Chanyeol doesn’t need you.”

→ Warnings: curse-words and fondling (slightly smutty) 

Word count: 1,6K

You could feel Baekhyun’s blunt eyes on your back.

His gaze tore through your clothes and skin like fire and you couldn’t help but feel so flushed as you sat and ate your lunch together with Chanyeol as he sat several meters away, being forced to sit with some of the guys in his drama class. 

You had been walking with him and Chanyeol out to have your eyes in the beautiful, yet humid and blazing summer weather, when Baekhyun had been invited to sit with some new acquaintances whom he had met in drama class. He seemed hesitant to leave you and Chanyeol alone, but was eventually pursued and sat down. You smiled at him as you took Chanyeol in the hand and led him over to a small shadowed hill a little past the full tables.

You sat down on the drying grass as Chanyeol tiredly plopped down beside you, the sound of his butt hitting the ground making you groan in empathy. Glancing over at him as he found his own lunchbox before opening it, you smiled lowly as his whole mouth was forcibly ripped open in a big yawn. You chuckled.

“Why have you been up all night this time?”

Chanyeol gasps happily at my question. “The Weeknd’s new album is,” He pauses, his hand coming to rest on top of his heart to add extra effect to what he was about say. “splendid.”

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Sidelines (A/F)

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Genre:- Angst ( A slight fluff in the end )
Word Count:- 2K
Warnings:- Mild swearing
Request:- “Can I request a tae imagine of him being your friend and then gets jealous because you keep going out to blind dates and then confesses his love for you, thank you.”

A/N:- this has been long overdue but we reached 400 followers and our recent projects(?) have been receiving so much love and I couldn’t be happier so thank you so much for your constant support!! I really hope you liked it! Even though there’s no actually human interaction I feel like voices are very intimate so I wanted to portray it here, I could make a second part with them meeting if you guys would like just request it!!

~Admin Dee

My mind is fuzzy, the last remnants of a dream being chased away by the realisation that I am awake again. It was a nice dream, something about sitting in a big oak tree in meadow full of flowers but the details are fading fast even as I try to recall them. With a mental sigh I allow my brain to focus and cautiously opened one eye. The bright shine of the moonlight cuts the room in half and I see the twinkling stars in the dark and beautiful airglow. “Why am I awake.” I mutter to myself as I pull the duvet up over my head to keep out the noise of my phone.

Unfortunately the noise doesn’t stop and my brain is awake, turning over and allowing my hand to peak out from the duvet and touch the side cabinets in search of the vibrating device that disturbed my sleep, after my hand wraps around my phone I shove the warm duvet to the side and sit up straight to then realize that the ringing has stopped, flipping my phone over I roll my eyes as I see the clock reading 4 AM and 7 missed calls from my stupid best friend, Kim Taehyung, before I can tap on the name and call him back he is already calling me again.

“Yah!.” he exclaims as soon as I answer his call, “ I’ve been calling you since forever why aren’t you answering my phone calls,”, he continues to say, “ If you haven’t noticed it’s 4am.” I retort to him with a displeased tone to showcase that I wasn’t happy with the fact that he disturbed my sleep, my retort must have awakened something in his brain because it was quiet for a few seconds before I heard his soft voice speak up, “ I’m sorry.”

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Something about you part iiii

Something about you

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part five

Part six

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Newt made his way up the rickety stairs out of his case, he had spent a lovely morning with his beasts, as he neared the lid of the silk lined case, light piano music drifted to his ears. A fond smile on his freckled face, he lifted the lid and stepped out, y/n was sat with her back to the room, at the straight back piano, that was home to countless photographs of Mr and Mrs Goldstein and the sisters from their childhood, swaying along to the tune that she was playing, Toby asleep at her feet. Her hair tumbling about her shoulders, it couldn’t possibly be as soft and silky as it looked, he desperately wanted to run his fingers through it, but that would be wildly inappropriate.

Instead he settled on sitting beside her, she jumped, a little startled by his sudden presence. “sorry love, I must remember to step a little heavier’ she only smiled in response, shaking her head slightly.

‘Do you play?’ she asked curiously, music after all was her happiness and her dream, it had helped to comfort her through so much. ‘only a little, not a patch on you darling’ he kept this voice soft, not wanting to spoil the atmosphere in the room. She found his hands where they rested on his lap, newt’s heart sputtered in his chest, she placed his fingers on the keys, and slowly pushed them down to play a slower lower version of the song that she was playing, he got the hang of it fairly quickly, but he was enjoying her gentle touch on his long fingers. Eventually when she was satisfied that he knew the tune, she ever so slowly, removed her hands from his, allowing her finger tips  to linger on his knuckles.

She continued with her matching higher pitched harmony, bouncing along slightly. Newt looked down to her, a warm smile on his face, as he continued the piece that she had patiently taught him. she looked entirely at peace with him by her side, allowing him into her world as he had allowed her into his. Her beautiful eyes glittering with happiness, slight crinkles at their sides to go along with her smile, as her gentle fingers tickled over the piano keys.

Newts hand brushed against hers as they continued to play, feeling bold, newt intertwined his fingers with hers, he lifted her hands to his lips and placed a light kiss to the back of her soft hand. “newt I’ she began, but newt feared that if he didn’t say what he needed to now, then he never would. With a deep breath he began “you have become so very dear to me, I don’t think that I can imagine my future without you in it.  When you started to pull away. I thought, well I didn’t know what to do with myself, you’re  my last chance.’ He was whispering by the end, his voice cracking slightly. Newt brushed the tears from her soft cheeks with the pads of his thumbs, she leant into his touch. As that breath taking smile graced her face, newt felt a wash of relief.

He cupped her cheek in his hand, brushing his nose against hers, before bringing their lips together in a tender kiss. “would you do me the honour of being mine?’ she gave him a teary nod, ‘so long as you do me the pleasure of being mine.’


Have a great day and be safe  

A relationship with no trust is like a car with no gas,you can stay in it as long as you like but its never going anywhere.
—  Relationships Take Work not Lies (P. Rysin)

The only thing I could think of when I saw this

is Bokuto yelling “GUYS GUYS IT’S TIME FOR OUR SQUAD PICTURE EVERYONE GET READY” and then everyone indulges him because they all love this baby

Also now that we’re at the training camp there’s going to be a lot of Bokuto’s face

He’s so beautiful I might cry

And Tsukki??? Oh my God???

My poor fucking heart???

Bonus: New favorite pairing

And I promise this is the last thing, but sweet Yachi why

Okay I lied, it’s not the last thing, because LOOK AT HOW CUTE ENNOSHITA IS


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Blind Ignis confessing to his crush please? please? First kiss is great too!

(I originally was going to write these as two pieces. But considering it’s blind!Iggy I felt this was more heartwarming. And it made me feel super duper goooooshy inside. Also I was really just going to make this a headcanon post. But LOL. That didn’t happen!)

How long had it been since he had seen the beautiful colors of the world? A world covered by darkness he knew now, but the lights of Lestallum still offered hope. And it being the only place where he could see the shapes of others passing by him, which gave him some sense of familiarity amongst the crowds. But with the influx of people, the cane he had received at the start of his blindness came in handy more than ever now.

Tapping his cane against the ground, the area sounded more quiet than normal. It had to be closer to the night, as during the ‘day’, more people would be about. Feeling things brush against his feet, he slowly made his way into the market. There, he had a friend that had helped after his, Gladio’s, and Prompto’s return to Lucis.


Ah, there was that voice. Your voice. With his friends not always in town, you were able to calm  a usually very reserved, ever strong Ignis. Normally, he only asked you, stayed near you when the recollection of what happened in Altissia came back to haunt him. You had created a soft spot in his heart.

Gripping onto his cane, he wobbled over towards you. Your footsteps had grown closer, but he wasn’t exactly sure what direction you were in. “Ah, evening! You usually aren’t here this late.” He replied back to only the mention of his name. The shuffling of clothes next to him meant you were right there. He turned his head to his left side, feeling your arms help him up.

“You always come on Thursdays late. And if it weren’t for me, you’d be knocking into everything.” You goaded him. A smile crossed his face. “And you say this every time. Stop acting so surprised.”

“Oh, but it’s the fact you do stay that does continuously does.” Ignis quipped as both of you headed into the marketplace. You rubbed his shoulder, but where quiet. It let him know that you weren’t upset at him and that he was genuinely happy you were there.

Tonight’s ingredients seemed familiar when he requested them. Specs was determined on what he needed. Besides you also being here on Thursdays, it was the only day you two would eat together. Discussing the week, what each of the other was up to, enjoyed food. It was pleasant.

When you had checked the back, it crinkled as you spoke. “You sure you only need so little to work with tonight? Usually you like a lot more extravagant stuff.” Putting his finger to his lips, he waved it off.

“I’ve got no need to think up a new recipe right now, but I am sure you will enjoy it.” His blindness had prohibited him from cooking for a while. But the sound of your voice made him glad he started picking it up again. “Now, come along. We need to get back or else it might take all night.” In your general direction he gazed before beckoned you to follow until you were through the streets of Lestallum.


Ignis began to cook when you two had returned. He still was iffy to have you help him. For tonight, he wanted it to be special for you and this was calming his nerves considerably. He could feel the feeling in his throat as you stood next to him. It was just for protection from him hurting himself with the stove or knife.

“Are you sure you don’t need help?” You questioned, your tone sounding bored.

“Almost done. Just a few more stirs and the meat needs to be cooked just a bit longer.” Ignis ran his fingers through his hair as he continued. “Can you please set the table? Much appreciated.” You grunted before he heard you going into cabinets and getting things out.

The smell of the food wafted into the room when he added a bit of parsley to the top of the dish. Again he asked for help, you having to take one of the hotter things. Having been in this apartment as of late, he knew how to get to the table without help at least. His hands shook though. Ignis winced, knowing exactly what would happen.

Dinner resumed as normal. Your normal discussions took up more of the time. Composed as he was, his fingers drummed on the table when there was an awkward silence. Taking a deep breath, he took the dive. “Thank you. For being here, it means a lot.” His sentences were short, but his voice was unwavering as you listened. You were about to talk until he commenced. “It’s been awhile since we’ve known each other; and forever if me if this comes off as rude, but I care for you, more so than you would think.” He bit his lip before adding on. “Forgive me if this was sudden.”

He could hear your breath in the silence, and something dropping onto the table. Ignis couldn’t tell as he just stared straight, hoping his eyes were focused on you. This… had to have been going horribly. You weren’t responding. If you did not accept it, he understood. But he hoped your response would be positive.

The car slid, he could tell before he sensed you walking towards him. Ignis blinked as you began to speak and your hand on the side of his cheek. “What is there to forgive. You were just speaking your mind, Iggy. No need to be serious, okay? If it makes you feel any better, I like you too. ”

Lifting his hand, Ignis patted the edge of it, before he was able to find it. Rarely, he never showed such a relieved expression. You were here and had accepted something he was worried you would not.

“You don’t know how delighted I am to hear that.” He lifted his head up before lifting himself up from the chair to stand next to you. The taller man leaned his head down to your, placing his head awkwardly against yours until realized he realized that you fixed the position.

Now, he was really shaking all over. If he could see you, this would have been so much easier. His hands rubbed the side of your face while you laughed as you kept asking him what was going on. But his hands shoulder your shoulders. “Oh bother…” Ignis scoffed before he whispered to you. “I’d normally wait longer to ask. But, we’ve had dinner more often than not. Could I kiss you?”

Again he waited for that response you were teasing him. Feeling your hands upon his skin again, your fingers tickling his cheeks, he felt the plushness of yours touch his. There was your answer to him. His insides were turning to putty in your hands right now. While he wanted to question why, some things he knew were better left unasked and just himself follow your lead.

Blind!Cas, Seeing!Dean

Castiel comes across it by accident.

He’s tidying the table of his research, moving things onto the counter in order to set the table for dinner, when his fingers brush across a notebook.

Slim. Hardcover. Worn pages.


Thinking it another one of his roommate’s brainstorming journals, Cas opens it up to run his fingers over the back of a page of handwriting; Dean presses his pen against paper like he’s trying to rip a hole in it. but instead of finding the regular drawings of undercarriages and engines, Castiel finds words. This in itself isn’t entirely unusual—he may have simply come across a page filled with notes—but as his fingers lightly search out the raised markings, he notices a distinct lack of numbers and equations. In fact, the entire page seems to be filled with the same words, over and over again.

Frowning, Cas turns his attention to only a small section of the page, chewing his lip as he attempts to decode whatever Dean has written. Though he hasn’t been blind all his life, Castiel had been very young when he’d lost his sight; the markings of a seeing person take time to figure out.

“Hey, Cas, smells aweso—Cas?”

Cas is crying.

“Cas, you okay?”

Dean’s footsteps are loud as he approaches, carefully reaching out to touch. “What’s wrong? What's—oh.”

Carefully, the hand pressing against the notebook page gets pulled into the grip of another. “…Cas?” Dean sounds terrified, but Castiel can barely put what he’s feeling into words. Turning, he throws his arms around his friend, squeezing tightly. Dean’s tense shoulders marginally relax.

“I love you, too,” Cas hiccups. His fingers close around the soft, baggy material of Dean’s tee. “So much.”

At Castiel’s soft confession, his roommate slumps against him. Dean’s arms tighten around Cas’s body and a hand weaves through his hair, every movement screaming relief.

On instinct, the moment Dean pulls ever so slightly back, Castiel mimics him, the other carefully pressing their foreheads together. “Can I kiss you?” Dean breathes.


It’s soft and lovely, and Cas feels almost broken apart by its sweetness. Whimpering, he wraps his arms about his friend’s wide shoulders and pulls him as close as humanely possible.

It takes forever for them to drift apart, if only because every inch of gained distance is followed by a handful of chaste kisses and tender touches.

“So what, uh—” a sniffle, almost swallowed by a laugh when they finally part. “What’s for dinner?” Dean nuzzles into Cas’s hand, the latter brushing wetness from the former’s cheeks. He can feel Dean’s grin against his palm.

On the table, the notebook sits open and reads: I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you. I love you, Cas.

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Hello! I just found your blog a few days ago and it's already become my favorite headcanon/writing blog! Could you maybe please write some headcanons about if both Noctis and Prompto had a crush on the same person and it ended up turning into a love triangle? o u o

Oh? Really? Your favorite? I’m…wow…I’ve made it to a favorite list I feel so special. I’m glad you like the blog, and thanks for being patient with my terrible updating patterns. 

I’m using different pronouns for this one, cause it’s easier. 

  • You don’t notice they have a crush on you for a very…long time. At first you thought they were just really good friends, but when Noctis touch actually lingers and you catch Prompto staring at you while you’re reading. You know somethings up.
  • Gladio and Ignis both know they like you because Noctis told Ignis and Prompto told Gladio and then Ignis and Gladio told each other. Like the gossiping kings they are, they know everything about everyone.
  • Both Ignis and Gladio choose to stay quiet about it though, despite how they act. Noctis and Prompto are both very…fragile. When it comes to romantic relationships. They aren’t experienced in that department.
  • As time passes, you start to develop a crush on the two of them, and that’s when things really get complicated. No one has confessed but you like them both and both the boys like you. You cuddle with Noctis longer in the mornings, you do Prompto’s hair when the blond isn’t awake enough to do it himself, you hold Prompto’s hand more. You start doing little things that show you like them back but they are still hesitant to confess.
  • Surprisngly both boys know they each have a crush on you, but their competitive attention seeking attitudes…aren’t that aggressive. They don’t care who you end up with, of course Noctis would like to date you and so would Prompto. But if it came down to it and you picked the opposite, they wouldn’t hate you for it. They just couldn’t.

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Request:  Hi >_< I was wondering if you could do a one-shot where the reader is blind but a hunter too sorta like daredevil. And dean makes the comment about on how only douches wear glasses inside/dark not knowing she’s blind and she overhears it maybe deanxreader in the end. I love your stories they make me so happy

Request: Can you do one where the reader meets the boys at Bobby’s house? And she’s super badass?

Request: I was hoping you would do one where the reader is sarcastic and funny and meets Sam and Dean. And maybe she surprises them with how well she can fight? With a little romance between her and either of the boys? Thank you!!!!

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