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Imagine Blitz going temporarily blind on a quest and he and Hearth are incredibly stressed and freaking out because they don’t know how long it will last and they have no way to communicate properly without someone translating for them.

Kindness is a language the blind can see and the Deaf can hear.
—  Mark Twain

Here’s Aawari with her friend and future master, master Shoban who belongs to @rakiah :D Aawari loves how colorful Shoban always is, she probably timidly asked her if she could wear robes like hers one day… and who can resist this baby Nautolan’s sad puppy eyes? ;^) 

Fishblr Big Blind Art Trade!

We’re trying this again!

The Fishblr Big Blind Art Trade is a secret santa of sorts where artists create an art piece for another fishblr artist they’ve been assigned to. Right now I have the form set up so that we have until the end of October for sign ups, then November and December to work on our pieces. If you guys think it should be more time, let me know and I will extend it. It’s not really intended to be a holiday event, this is just the time of year I seem to remember it. ^^;;

  • This is open to anyone, of any skill level.
  • This event is worldwide, fishblrs from anywhere on the globe are welcome to participate.
  • All forms of art are accepted, it’s not just for digital or traditional artists. (If it’s a tangible thing though, expect to pay to ship it.)
  • You don’t have to actively participate in the tag to be a fishblr. If you tumblr, keep aquariums, and are at all involved in/aware of anyone who participates in the tag that’s good enough for me. That means those that just read are still welcome to join!
  • Because it is specifically a fishblr art trade, this is meant to be a pet art swap of aquarium inhabitants. So preferably only request animals that live in aquariums(/ponds)? (The form will say fish, but this does apply to inverts and amphibians that live in fish tanks too. If it fits in in the fishblr tag, it counts.) You don’t have to request your specific individuals if you don’t want to, but it is geared more towards that.
  • Additional rules are on the sign up form!

You can sign up here!

The last times I tried this, there just weren’t enough people signing up. So please reblog and share! This time the minimum number of participants is 15, but we never met even that number in the past. Sign up and reblog please!

(Updates will be tagged “Fishblr Big Blind Art Trade 2017″ and “Fishblr BBAT 2017″. If you cut the 2017 you’ll find old posts from previous attempts at this, so make sure you include the year for up to date information!)

*takes a breathe*

Okay, so here’s the thing. When you are talking to a blind person who you KNOW does the thing in question, don’t fucking tell them that it is a mostly visual medium.

Because guess what, just because it is for you does not mean it has to be for the rest of the world.

I was in a car today with someone who was trying to tell me that tarot is mainly in how you interpret the pictures. That you need to be able to see the images to get good readings.

Guys, this is not true. I read the tarot, I read the tarot without being bale to tell the images around eighty percent of the time. This does not make me a bad reader and if you fucking try and tell me it does, I will try very hard not to verbally rip your throat out.

Granted, this was the same person who was telling me that there is only one way to learn the tarot, going through card by card and trying to learn EVERYTHING ABOUT IT’s IMAGE, and was refusing to take into account people who may have different learning styles, disabilities or anything else that would keep them from learning in that exact way.

Hi, I am proud of myself for not yelling at anyone today.

It’s Read A Romance Novel Month! ❤️ Here are just some of our suggestions.

anonymous asked:

I just saw this question "How do I communicate with blind people? Like obviously there's Braille but is there some form of clicking I can do with my tongue to simulate Braille verbally? Edit: nvm you can just talk to them"

actually uhhh many blind people are monolingual braille users. it’s so typical of english speakers to think everyone else speaks english, oh my god,

you can recognize a monolingual braille user by the way a blind person uses their cane: if the tip is in constant contact with the ground as it sweeps from side to side, the blind person speaks a language in addition to or other than braille (some blind people don’t know braille at all, or use other alternate methods, like jaws, or moon, or tactile to communicate) fluently. if the cane tip only briefly taps the ground on either side of the person’s body as they move, they’re signalling to other blind people that they’re a braille user and either do not speak another language fluently or simply prefer braille.

to have a conversation with a monolingual braille user, you stand face-to-face about 3 ft (1 meter) apart, and take turns tapping out grade 2 (grade 1 is, like fingerspelling to ASL, not the only form of the language or even close, and most braille users will laugh at you if you try to use grade 1 in a conversation). to tap braille, you must be aware of how braille is formed — two parallel rows of three vertical ‘dots’, so there are six in all: this is called a ‘cell’. when talking to someone, taps and pauses at the left and right as the cane swings in a metronomic pace denote the ‘dots’ in the cell which would be raised on paper, so that each cell takes roughly 3 seconds to communicate. you tap the cell backwards, so that the mirrored cell is right-side-around for the person you’re speaking to, exactly like the function of a manual braille slate.

if you’re sighted, of course, you don’t have a cane: in the united states, at least, it’s illegal for a sighted person to use one in most situations (take note, you scum-of-the-earth daredevil cosplayers). however, you can emulate the use of a cane in conversation by snapping your fingers at your sides, either keeping your hands still and using both hands or using your dominant hand to swing back and forth in the same metronomic movement we are using.


The wait is over, and the time to apply is now. Meganes!!! is a charity fanzine dedicated to the megane, glasses-character, trope in anime and manga. All profits will go to a charity that is directly involved with helping our blind community. This is an artist only fanzine. Please check out our FAQ and schedule before applying. We can’t wait to see your work!

Applications will close on November 17th.

Feel free to ask any questions you have.


FAQ | Schedule

melmercury  asked:

I've been trying to learn this sp so sx thing for a while but I never get it! Would you mind to explain this for me? Sorry to bother you with this!

really long post warning

(here’s the source i’m semi-summarizing, it’s got a lot more info)

So, the theory is that 3 basic human instincts evolved for survival purposes, and they are Self-Preservation, Sexual, and Social. Every person has a primary instinct that fuels them, and they use a secondary instinct to further the goals of the first. The primary instinct is used in its purest form, while the secondary is more abstract (acting under the first). Your blind-spot is your final instinct, or the one that’s usually omitted.

Sp: what you kinda think of when you think survival, it seeks safety and comfort, considers the essentials, practical, individualistic, “I’m going to gather these resources so I Don’t Die” 

Sp/So: “I will take care of myself by finding a community to survive in.”

Sp/Sx: “I will take care of myself by pursuing a focus (person/thing)”

Sp-blinds: (Sx/So and So/Sx) have difficulty taking care of themselves, are often reckless, and can /become/ their community/fixation if they’re not careful. On the flipside, they can also begin to overcompensate, becoming neurotic, and shuting themselves off to the outside world. 

Sx: not only about relationships, it’s more about energy, “all or nothing”, it’s focused, competetive and seeks out singularities. It’s about the forces that power people, passions, and intensity.

Sx/Sp: “I will pursue my fixation by gathering resources”

Sx/So: “I will pursue my fixation by finding a community”

Sx-blinds: (So/Sp and Sp/So) often feel like they’re missing something in their lives, as though they’re passionless, and can come across as cold at times. They may overcompensate for Sx and become obsessed with a specific person/relationship, “stalker-ish behavior”. 

So: wants to further the entire human race, contributes to the group, and cares about the whole. May wish to achieve some form of social status, tends to try and maintain appearancs.

So/Sx: “I will strengthen my community by focusing on a person/thing”

So/Sp: “I will strengthen my community by taking care of myself.”

So-blinds: (Sp/Sx and Sx/Sp) often made to feel antagonistic for not contributing to the whole, they may be disinterested in maintaining appearances, and sometimes overcompensate for the lack of So by becoming hyper-aware of social structure and function. 

Then there’s:

Syn-flow: Sp –> So –> Sx –> Sp

Contra-flow: Sp –> Sx –> So –> Sp

the syn-flow types (Sp/So, So/Sx, Sx/Sp) are the ones that “embrace the human condition”, while the contra-flow ones (Sp/Sx, Sx/So, and So/Sp) “reject it.” Idk, I kinda gather that the syn-flow types make more sense in accords to human nature and generally how you’d think about surviving. I.E. survive in the wild –> build a village, (Sp–>So) is kinda how humans have always been, whereas Sp –> Sx is obviously a more individualistic approach. 

The thing is, we aren’t hunting and gathering anymore, so you won’t die if you’re an Sx/So and you won’t have to worry about not building a village if you’re So-blind y’know what i mean? idk
Netflix: Make Daredevil available to blind people

That's right people the show about a blind lawyer turned super hero can’t even enjoy his own show. Netflix is not providing the blind community with the much-deserved ability to enjoy the show they created by not having an audio description option. That being said most of Netflix’s shows don’t have this option and I believe starting with Daredevil is a great step. Doesn’t the blind community deserve the same right to enjoy Netflix that everyone else does?

Reblog and sign, please.

Thank you.


….many blind people can text and use technology,,,,
Like do some research ?
And it’s not just this that annoys me
I also see ppl in the blind community who might say something, in this case addressing something that has to do with their blindness, and of course theres always that person who’s like “IF UR BLIND HOW CAN U TYPE LOLLLLL”

Sorry it just annoys me when ppl say stuff like that I hear it so much and just ugh

Cane Tip:

When shopping for long white canes, you will actually want your cane to be kind of long. Aim to get a cane that extends a good two full steps in front of you. The simple formula for this is to get a cane that, when stood up straight, reaches somewhere around the height of your mouth or just below your nose. Many sighted cane instructors will not think having a cane this long is very important, but in the blindness community, this is standard. A cane of this length allows you to have two full steps worth of knowledge of what is in front of you, enables you to walk faster and with greater confidence and giving you plenty of time to maneuver around obstacles that you come across in your travels.

So I finally lined this properly! These are some new ocs, a pair of psychic twins called Ricky and Ava!

Oxygen (Doctor Who) & Sherlock parallels

Previous Doctor Who/Sherlock parallels in Series 10:

The Pilot (opening episode of Doctor Who Series 10) & Sherlock parallels

The Smile (Doctor Who) & (smiley) Sherlock

The Smile (Doctor Who) & Sherlock parallels

And a look back at Series 9 etc parallels here

And: Looking back: Jenny & Vastra & Foreshadowing The Plan

Breaking through the Eurovision and my birthday madness to give you this! ;) This episode was written by Jamie Mathieson.

  • We open with a couple, one trying to admit their feelings to the other: “You realise life can be so brief, so I just wanted to tell you, if we get through this…” Here, it’s a possible pregnancy announcement, but it’s set up similarly to Sherlock’s “John, there’s something I should say” at the end of His Last Vow. There, it was an aborted declaration of love- and in Doctor Who the moment literally becomes a dying declaration of love as one of the two die- see here for more thoughts on John & Sherlock, and the aborted/dying declaration of love trope.
  • Nice moment again acknowledging the double meaning of phrases- one saying “I still can’t hear you. You’re wasting your breath.” You can take this literally- he literally can’t hear the other. and they are literally ‘wasting’ the oxygen they need to survive. But, it also symbolises a break down in communication, neither truly ‘hearing’ what the other wants- like John and Sherlock literally not hearing each other when Sherlock is in Soo Lin’s flat in The Blind Banker- they’re not communicating their relationship to each other properly.
  • The Doctor drawing a skull on the blackboard again reminds me of Sherlock and his skull.
  • The Doctor took an oath to guard the vault= Sherlock taking a vow to “always be there” in The Sign of Three.
  • When they come across the first walking corpse (hey, Mary is the “dead woman walking in The Six Thatchers ;) ), Bill is disturbed that he remains standing in his suit: “Can we just lie him down?” Reminds me of The Lying Detective, where Culverton says people pretending to be dead in films are “just living people lying down.” For more, see:  The Lying Detective Opening: John stopped lying down= John living ‘a dead man’s’ existence
  • Bill asking the Doctor “Do people ever hit you?” and the Doctor replying “Well, only when I’m talking.” Seems like Sherlock has that problem. ;) John in A Scandal in Belgravia: “I always hear punch me in the face when you’re speaking but it’s usually subtext.”
  • The effect of the screen turning red when Bill blacks out is very similar to the cliffhanger ending of The Lying Detective. For more on that moment and it’s possible references (*whispers* Bond…) see here. 
  • The Doctor repeating that he “needs to think”, just like Sherlock.
  • The Doctor saying they have “five whole minutes” left. Five minutes (and years) is a recurring time mention in Sherlock- see Someone’s got “five years” on their mind.
  • The Doctor’s quip: “I’m sorry, I just thought I was tweeting.” Compare with John in The Lying Detective“Sherlock on twitter? He really has lost it.”
  • Throughout the episode, the Doctor keeps plans from everyone because he knows they will hurt- Sherlock keeps his plan from John in The Lying Detective “because he won’t like it.”

Thanks for reading and see you next week! <3 x