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not to be um, that person but could y'all pray or send good thoughts to my cat frodo i just found out that he’s blind and blind cats don’t last long out here and i raised him since he was a kitten and im just. so upset


How can a blind cat even find this toy? | Credit here

sexual history does not define purity. i have seen pure. it is my friend silently moving things so her blind girlfriend doesn’t have to grope around for them. it is the seven year old student i had who learned how to sign “want to play” so he could talk to his deaf neighbor. it is the morning i woke up to find my dog and two cats all sleeping next to each other. it is in small beautiful moments: holding someone’s hand so they can work through a panic attack, giving someone a smooth rock from the ocean, a little boy being a princess, the look on a child’s face the first time they read a book on their own from start to finish. pure is paying for someone’s coffee, is giving up time for soup kitchens, is staying up late to help a friend work through things. it’s saying “yes, i’ll help,” even when you’re dead tired and you need help yourself. 

this world is full of terrible things people can do to each other and yet we don’t see “pure” as the moments that matter. we see it as one black or white possibility: either you are a virgin and holy or you are unclean. but people are not blankets of snow. we don’t dirty for letting people in. no. when we love, we only become more beautiful.

Reasons my patient might be a Fey

I have some small concerns that one of my patients might be a Fey or other faerie creature. Here are the facts about her:

  • White cat with odd coloured eyes, and deaf.
  • Stunning, immaculate long white fur.
  • Never a mark on her, despite frequent free roaming outside
  • Was rescued by her humans when she was approximately 6 weeks old. They found her trapped under an old tree by the road outside their house.
  • Where she was trapped, somebody (or something) had been trying to either dig her out or poke her with sticks, which were still stuck in the ground.
  • Day after her rescue, the tree was cut down and the stump dug up
  • Since her acceptance into the household, both family dogs passed away within a year of each other
  • The geriatric, black, blind cat however is unharmed, and actually had a few health scares that turned out to be nothing in the end.

Physically and medically she appears to be a perfectly normal cat, but I just…wonder.

anonymous asked:

Would you maybe possibly recommend the happiest, most sunshiney, most unsad dnp video you could think of? I'm stressed out about life and so much in the world I can't control and I need something v v happy and cheerful.

general dan and phil cuteness: 
poppin cookin
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gaming videos:
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Playlists For The Signs

Aries: ((St. Jimmy-// Green Day)) ((War Pigs-// Black Sabbath)) ((Smoke on the Water-// Deep Purple)) (Bungle in the Jungle- Jethro Tull)) (( Don’t Stop Me Now-// Queen))

Taurus:  ((Northern Downpour-// Panic at the Disco))  (( The Luckiest-// Ben Folds)) (( So LIttle Time-// Akarna)) ((Angels-/// Robbie Williams)) (( Someone Saved my Life Tonight-// Elton John))

Gemini: (( Going to California-// Led Zeppelin)) ((Sunshine of Your Love-// Cream)) ((Don’t Dream it’s Over-// Crowded House)) ((Everyday- Buddy Holly)) ((Build Me Up Buttercup-// The Foundations))

Cancer: ((House of Gold-// Twenty One Pilots)) ((Yes, the River Knows-// The Doors)) (( Sigh No More-// Mumford and Sons)) (( American Pie-// Don Mclean)) ((Landslide- Fleetwood Mac))

Leo: (( Semi- Charmed LIfe-// Third Eye Blind)) ((Laid-// Better Than Ezra)) ((I Want To Take You Higher-// Sly and the Family Stone)) (( Sunshine Superman-// Donovan)) ((Caress Me Down-// Sublime)) ((Squeeze Box- The Who))

Virgo: ((Far Behind-// Candlebox)) ((Motercycle Drive By-// Third Eye Blind)) ((Clint Eastwood- Gorillaz)) ((Baba O’Rielly-// The Who)) (( The Zephyr Song-// Red Hot Chlli Peppers))

Libra: ((Waterloo Sunset-// The Kinks)) (( Love Song-// The Cure))  ((Romeo & Juliet-// Dire Straits)) (( Linger-// The Cranberries)) (( White Rabbit -// Jefferson Airplane))

Scorpio: ((Candlite-// Frightened Rabbit)) ((Pepper-// Butthole Surfers)) ((Reel Around the Fountain-// The Smiths)) ((Lake of Fire-// Nirvana)) ((Flagpole Sitta-// Harvey Danger))

Sagittarius: ((Ruby Tuesday-// Rolling Stones)) ((The Wind-//Cat Stevens)) ((Born to Run-// Bruce Springsteen)) ((Lay me Down -// Dirty Heads))  (( Free Bird-// Lynyrd Skynyrd))

Capricorn: (( Tangerine-// Led Zeppelin)) ((She’s not There-// The Zombies)) (( KIll the Poor-// Dead Kennedys))  ((Let Me Go- Cake)) ((The General- Dispatch))

Aquarius: ((She’s A Rainbow-// Rolling Stones)) ((Comfort Eagle-// Cake)) (( Doctor My Eyes-// Jackson Browne))  ((Sweet Sixteen-// Think About Life)) ((Pork And Beans-// Weezer))

Pisces: (( How Soon is Now-// The Smiths)) ((Indian Summer-//The Doors)) ((Bus Stop- The Hollies)) ((Thick as a Brick-// Jethro Tul)) ((Into The Ocean-//Blue October)) ((Disconnected-// 5sos))


Blind Cat Who Loves Hiking Turned This Man Into A Cat Person

Just because a cat can’t see, doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate the great outdoors.

Patrick Corr, a 28-year-old filmmaker from Cork City, Ireland, proved that in a beautiful video filmed earlier this month, in which he goes on a hike with his blind calico cat, Stevie, at his side.

Watch this adorable cat’s full journey up the mountain here.