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A Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day rec-list

So, I heard people are celebrating fanfic authors today, and I wanted to take the time to share some of my all-time favorites! (all are Gravity Falls)

Behold, the fic that firmly dragged me into the Gravity Falls fandom! I remember scrolling through GF fics on Ao3 for the first time, and this was one of the very first I read. It’s dark, has heaps of glorious Stan twin angst, and still lingers in my mind to this day.

Out of every single fic I’ve ever read, this one succeeds the most in getting inside the character’s heads. A bit of a canon divergence where, to save Stanley, Ford must confront his brother’s darker side within the mindscape. (Admission: I cried on multiple occasions while reading this.)

I once told myself I’d never feel pity for a triangle. I was bitterly wrong. An amazing imagining of Bill’s childhood, early life, and rise to power… with lots of inspiration from Edwin A. Abbott’s Flatland. 

A set of small scenes and vignettes of Stan’s life, from childhood to present. All of them are focused on the theme of family, and how Stanley relates to the idea over time. They’re very feels-y and sweet, and characterize Stan so well! 

Ah, where do I start with this? Probably the most pure examples of Fiddauthor and Mabifica I can think of. I adore the heaps and heaps of Pines family bonding in this and the slice-of-life feel it has… and yet there’s this feeling of something serious building in the horizon, and wow, I can’t wait to see what happens next with that!

The most fascinating take I’ve seen on Ford’s multiverse years. It features a very well developed OC, (honestly one of the best I’ve seen in this fandom), who becomes Ford’s traveling partner. Their interplay is equal parts hilarious and emotional at times, and is very deep without seeming forced. I really recommend this- it could use SO much more love! (It only has about 100 hits… and that needs to be changed ASAP! :D)

An amazing what-if centering around the idea of Stan and Ford accidentally swapping bodies on the electron carpet, way back in ‘82…

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I can't see it now

(What if Ezra had been blinded instead of Kanan?)

Kanan could see their expressions go from relief to horror as he helped Ezra down the Phantom’s ramp.

The kids eyes, or the scabby, burnt sockets where his eyes had BEEN, were covered in a bacta strip.

Hera meets them first, hugging Kanan like she hadn’t seen him in decades.

Kanan had only seen her cry once in their time together. That time had been when he’d gotten back from Tarkin’s star destroyer, her shoulders had dropped, her lek had quivered, and her eyes had gotten glassy.

She had all of those characteristics for a moment when she turned to Ezra.

“Ezra…” She said in a quiet greeting as put her hands on his shoulders.

“I’m okay.” Ezra whispered, grabbing one of her arms as if to steady himself.

Kanan could almost hear her say ‘No you’re not. Don’t lie to me.’ She’d said those lines often enough to him in the early days of their relationship.

She didn’t say anything.

“Hera.” Kanan said softly.

“Commander Sato’s going to want a report on the mission. If you’ll do that I’ll take care of Ezra.” Hera told him.

“I will.” Kanan stated simply.

No one else said anything as Hera led Ezra towards the Ghost.

It was all Hera could do not to gag or cry as she removed the bacta strip.

His eyes were gone, burned away by superheated plasma and leaving scabby, black sockets surrounded by angry red skin. Gone were those vibrant blue eyes that said more than words. Gone were the blue eyes that looked up at her with almost infinite trust.

It was horrible.

“This might sting a bit.“ Hera said as she dabbed a padded swab in a small tub of bacta.

Ezra was sitting on the edge of Hera’s bunk. She was kneeling down to his level with the contents of a large medkit spread beside her.

She gently started to swab Ezra’s left empty eye socket with the bacta swab, moving it in slow circles around and in the hole.

He tensed up instantly, his fingers gripping the edge of the bunk in a death grip and he let out a miserable whimper.

“Hera, please…” He pleaded. Ezra’s voice was strained and if he’d still had tear ducts Hera was sure he would be crying.

“I’m being as gentle as I can Ez.” She replied as she finished up the left socket.

“It hurts.” Ezra whimpered, his voice cracking like thin ice.

“I know sweet heart, I know. But I have to make sure they’re cleaned out.”

“Please…” Ezra plead again.

“Be strong for me here, okay Ezra? It’s going to be over soon.” Hera asked him, taking a moment to gently bring their foreheads together.

Ezra nodded and Hera moved to his right socket. Every whimper that tore itself from his throat tugged painfully at her heart.

“And we’re done.” Hera said after a moment, repacking the medkit before tying a bacta strip back around Ezra’s eyes.

Ezra didn’t say anything.

That worried her.


“It hurts so bad.” He whimpered, rubbing at the sockets through the strip with the palms of his hands.

“Hey! Don’t do that.” Hera ordered as she grabbed his arms to still his hands.

“Sorry.” Ezra muttered sadly.

“Ezra, try to get some rest. You look tired.” Hera told him. That was a understatement, Ezra looked absolutely exhausted.

“I’m not tired.” Ezra said tiredly.

Hera fixed him with a look that said ‘don’t argue.’ before she even realized it. The effect was entirely lost on the eyeless boy.

“Try, for me kid.” Hera said as she pressed the door release.

“Wait.” Ezra heard the door open.


“Can you stay? I don’t want to be alone right now.” Ezra’s voice sounded far younger that it should have.

She had things on the ship that needed to be done. Hyperdrive recalibration, engine checks, system checks, galley inventory, all things that she’d been putting off because of her worry about Ezra and Kanan’s mission. Things that needed to be done.

But one of her family members was asking her to stay in one of their most vulnerable moments.

“For a little bit Ezra.” Hera replied, stepping back into her cabin and closing the door.

Ezra laid down and scooted back until he hit the wall, he was thin enough that Hera could still comfortably lay on the bunk.

Hera joined him and helped Ezra scoot into her chest like a child. It would’ve been endearing if it wasn’t for the fact of how horrible the situation was.

Hera listened to Ezra whimper and she cooed and comforted him until his breathing evened out and he fell fitfully asleep.

A few minutes of watching him judder and shudder in his sleep was the last straw for Hera’s control and she spent the next ten minutes crying silently into Ezra’s hair.

She couldn’t see how this would be okay.

(Are you proud of me @pep-no )

  • such a popular prince uuggggghhhhhhhhhh
  • he is so nice and suave with everyone, he doesn’t even try
  • he’ll be playing with puppies in the park and he just has this glow about him.
  • he would wear something like this
  • old ladies bake him cookies every day out of sheer old-lady-niceness
  • his best friend is his main bodyguard Wonwoo
  • he doesn’t speak much, but he is always hovering by mingyu
  • making sure the beautiful prince doesn’t get poisoned, although who would want to poison this beautiful man?
  • anyway
  • one day mingyu is doing his weekly playtime with the stray dogs when he notices something by the fountain
  • more specifically, someone
  • twas you, reader, you beautiful thing, reading
  • you loved reading, all books of all genres and sizes
  • specifically by the fountain
  • the sound of water was relaxing, albeit a bit risky to enjoy
  • so mingyu sees the radiant peasant goddess that is you and is thunderstruck
  • he has seen many princesses, ladies, and duchesses, but no one is so lovely, so peaceful, so radiant as you
  • needless to say, he is enchanted with you.
  • he slowly works up the courage to leave the puppies and talk to you
  • little did he know how bad of an idea this was
  • you see, dear reader, you didn’t really understand what the big yahoo was about this dear prince Mingyu
  • so when he comes to bother you at the fountain, you aren’t too happy
  • not only did he bother you during your favorite book during you super short break, you aren’t too fond of him
  • but don’t worry, that will all change
  • anyway
  • “what do you want?” you ask sharply
  • he is taken aback
  • he hasn’t been talked to this way before, but he soldiers on
  • “uh, well, you see,” he gets all flustered, his ears get a little red
  • you roll your eyes and get back to reading
  • mingyu is not dumb, he knows when he has been dismissed, and walks away without another word to you
  • but mingyu is not a wimpy prince, and he will not back down
  • he sends wonwoo to go around and try to get information about you
  • he found out that you are a servant for a wealthy lord in town and spend all your break time at the fountain reading
  • Mingyu can’t stop thinking about you
  • he wants to get to know you, all your likes and dislikes, everything
  • but you won’t talk to him while he is a prince
  • but that doesn’t stop him
  • one day he just sits next to you on the fountain
  • “sooo, what is your favorite book?” he asks
  • you’re silent for a very long time
  • mingyu fears he said something wrong
  • finally he speaks
  • “I like’The Modern Prometheus’“ you murmur
  • mingyu nods, making a note to read it
  • then you keep going, naming a bunch of books you like
  • mingyu starts to fear that you might never stop to take a breath
  • you do
  • mingyu is slightly overwhelmed
  • only slightly
  • you look over at mingyu and realize that he is till there
  • you give him a slight smile
  • “thanks for sticking around,” you muse
  • Mingyu is blinded by your gentle yet awesome radiance
  • he sees angels singing
  • then he just keeps giving you this blank look
  • “you don’t read much do you?”
  • mingyu honestly shook his head no
  • that got a little chuckle out of you
  • “don’t worry, we’ll work on it,” you told him
  • mingyu nodded enthusiastically
  • you smiled and closed your book, getting up to leave
  • “read some of those books,” you say before walking away
  • mingyu is all heart eyes
  • he runs back to his castle to go read the books you mentioned
  • he doesn’t come back until he does
  • it’s two weeks until you see him again
  • he is sitting at the fountain waiting for you grinning proudly
  • “i read all the books” he announced.
  • you rolled your eyes and sat down next to him and plan to ignore him until when he starts talking
  • he talks about the books and his favorite parts and how much he loved them
  • you’re so surprised you just start talking to him about the books
  • you actually spend more time than you had planned to talking to him
  • and it was GLORIOUS
  • finally the sun went down and you realized that you were going to be in big, big trouble
  • you stood up and left mingyu there, looking at you like an abandoned puppy
  • you sighed and shook your head
  • “we’ll talk later, okay?” you said before running off
  • your master was not happy but after many apologies he just sent you back to work
  • mingyu spent his free time reading up on your master and gathering information from wonwoo
  • and to be fair, he wasn’t a bad master, just your regular rich middle-aged man with a family.
  • one day mingyu happens to hear that your lord is visiting the castle on business
  • and he is soooooo happy
  • he starts preparing for something special~~~~~~
  • the day you arrive with your master comes around
  • he is welcomed splendidly
  • you enter through the servant’s quarters, of course
  • and you are unpacking when you hear running footsteps and panting in the background
  • there you see a sweating, panting mingyu (im crying at the image it’s so beautiful TTwTT)
  • “what are you doing here?” you asked hurriedly, while he grins at you devillishly
  • “come with me” he answers
  • “what?”
  • he doesn’t bother responding and just straight up kidnaps you
  • he grabs your hand and pulls you with him
  • you protest all the while
  • he runs down hall after hall, down the giant maze that is the castle
  • eventually he stops
  • in front of two doors
  • “a very special few have seen what you’re about to see,” he murmured
  • you start getting a little nervous
  • he opens the doors and inside are books
  • a giant libray, the likes of which you have never seen before
  • think of the biggest library you can then throw it out because this one is bigger
  • thats how big it is
  • needless to say, you are speechless
  • you needed to pick your jaw up from the floor
  • you looked at mingyu, who is smiling at you crookedly
  • “like it?” he asks
  • “like it? i… i love it!” you reply breathlessly
  • mingyu nods, obviously pleased with himself
  • “i love you” he says simply
  • you turn towards him
  • “what?”
  • his face turns red
  • uh oh
  • he thinks he made a bad move
  • “i… uhh…” he stammered
  • you walk over to him and plant a sweet kiss on his cheek
  • “i dunno about love, but you’re pretty sweet, and this library is yours, soooo…” you reply cheekily before wandering off into the library
  • mingyu stands there speechless for a while
  • and i don’t wanna spoil anything, buuuuuuuut……
  • you may be the future queen ;3

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Person A leaving Person B little notes all over their house/apartment that say stuff like “Reminder: I love you.” and “Hey, you’re the best!” Person B then responds by leaving sticky notes for Person A around. Bonus: The notes that B leaves say stuff like “Of course I’m the best.” and “I love me too.” for onho or taekey! I feel like if it was onho, ming should be leaving really cheesy notes ^^

pairing: taekey (kibum / taemin)

genre: humor
rating: pg
word count: 852
a/n: couldn’t stick to the prompt as closely as i’d like but i think this is pretty much how a game of love notes would play out between kibum & taemin. 

monday: on the mirror

“enjoy your day.”

“as long as it’s not with you i will.”

tuesday: toothbrush cup

“remember i love you!”  

“i love me too!”

wednesday: remote control holder

“be sure to dress cool: it’s hot today.”

“so’s your face.”

thursday: on the fridge

“i’ll be home late tonight.”

“you won’t be missed.”

friday: tucked in a shoe

“you look beautiful today.”

“i look beautiful every day.”

saturday: cutlery drawer

“i’m so lucky to have you in my life.”

kibum laughs at the note beneath his fingers.  the slate is where he left it (thank god) & he prints out a quick note for taemin.

“i only mostly regret choosing you.”  another chuckle as he switches out the notes.  he makes his way down the hall & rummages in the closet, brows furrowing in concentration as he fiddles with the tags on the hangers & makes sure the outfit he picks for today coordinates.

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omg Tommy Edison did a video with a fidget spinner and a fidget cube.

TW: Food ingredients and unsanitary. Not sure if it’s actually unsanitary, but he makes a mess that might trigger someone’s OCD.

I love how Tommy answers questions about blindness and shares videos of himself experiencing things for the first time. He was born blind, so things we don’t even think about are total surprises to him.  

Btw he is not autistic, but he has a really interesting way of playing with the spinner!

Here’s a link to his channel. He’s hilarious.

During my first year of college, I tried many new things to get out of my comfort zone and learned many life lessons throughout the year.

In high school, I mostly focused on school, running, drawing, my blog (which I started during the middle of 11th grade). I was not really “social”, and only hung out with 1-2 friends at a time. I did really well in all, and I was very happy.

In college, I decided to branch out, since I would describe myself as introverted in high school, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and be more social.

I’m a bioengineering major, entrepreneurship minor, runner for a division 1 cross country and track team, freshman representative for the Chinese Student Association, write articles and take photos for Spoon University, and work in a bioengineering research lab. I was also posting 3 times a day on my blog, and also made sure to post on my food art Instagram every day, and my personal/running Iinstagram every 2-3 days. I barely had time to draw, which is one of my favorite things to do.

I attended a bunch of events first quarter to try something new, and learned that all that social activity took away my time to do things that I am passionate about. I and found myself looking back in high school, and living in the past because I wasn’t as happy. However, that was an important learning experience for myself.  

Here are some life lessons I have learned during my first year of college that I hope helps you.

1. Most important: Never take anything personally. The more people I met, the more I started to realize that you’re just not compatible with some people. Think of it this way: If you know that you are only trying to be friendly, but the other person doesn’t seem to like you, then that is their problem because they’re obviously blind and can’t see your awesomeness. They are not worth your time. Same thing with getting rejected from something. Once you stop taking things personally, I promise you will feel happier because it’s not your fault if you’re just trying to be a good person.

In high school, I never had the desire to branch out and meet new people from my school, therefore, the people whom I hung out with share many similarities with me.

You don’t have to get along with everyone, and you’re not limited to anyone either. Be nice to everyone, because you don’t have time to make enemies and/or deal with drama.

2. People are worried about themselves. I personally don’t think it’s necessary to try so hard to present yourself. People don’t judge you as they may seem to in high school. Everyone’s mostly minding their own business.

3. Find your own method of time management. In college, no one is going to tell you what to do. You can have class from 1-9 hours a day, and you need to plan the rest of your time well.

4. Realize your limits. Everyone has a different limit, and it’s something I believe you should experiment with early on in life to find out.

In high school, I was very successful in running, so everyone seemed to know who I was. I came into college feeling like another face. I was injured, and not doing as well in everything as I would like because I was involved in too many activities. I do believe in trying new things to explore, but realize that you have a limit. Learn to prioritize.

5. Learn to say no. I like to be a nice person, but I also believe that in order to be able to help people, you must take care of yourself first. By spring quarter, I started to feel tired of having to do so many things, so i worked up the courage to say no to some of the things, so I could have more time to study for my test, finish homework, or simply because I need to go run.

Missing a party to study is ok, in fact, no one seems to really care. I never party because I rather study and do quiet activities in my room such as drawing on weekends when I have a little extra time, and my friends understand that. Don’t feel weird if you are not into things that everyone else seems to be, and you don’t have to make yourself do things that you don’t want to (unless it’s school work because you’re here for a degree), either.

6. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something. I don’t party or drink. But that doesn’t mean I don’t isolate myself from people who do. I have friends that like to party, but they never force me to do something that I’m not comfortable with. You’re not “weird” if you chose not to drink because your true friends will accept you for who you are.

7. Appreciate your parents. Don’t take them for granted and become friends with them. 

8. Get to know your professors. Don’t be intimidated, they want to help and it’s fun to make friends.

9. Don’t be shy. That’s not how you get what you want. Plus, don’t be afraid to speak in class, and someone probably has the same question.

10. Make friends in classes. You can make great study buddies and share notes when either of you are absent.

11. Use a planner (paper or electronic, whichever you prefer) because physically writing helps you remember things more.

12. Take advantage of your resources such as interlibrary loans, databases, writing centers, tutoring, friends, professors, gym, and anything else.

13. Don’t buy your textbooks from the bookstore since they usually cost more. Get them from a friend, or find them online. 

14. Be confident. Fake it until you make it. That’s how you get many things in life.

15. Prioritize your health. Without it, you have nothing.

16. Make a list of things to always carry with you. For example: Food (quiet food in class), headphones, planner, phone, laptop, gum/mints, chargers, notebooks, etc.

17. Learn to adapt to change. Don’t expect it to be easy. I thought I was a very independent person in high school and that I would love college, but so many things change. I struggled my first quarter, then I got used to the routine. It will be hard at first, but you will learn and grow and become a better and more mature person than you were before.

18. Don’t be afraid to try new things. The more you know about yourself, the better equipped you are to make decisions about what you want in your life.

I have more life tips here!

How to Study Effectively

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How to be Productive and Achieve your Goals

How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

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Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle-earth [full album]
Nightfall in Middle-Earth is a concept album by Blind Guardian, released in 1998. It is Blind Guardian's sixth studio album. The album is based upon J. R. R....

The album retells the events in The Silmarillion, beginning with an episode at the end:

  1. In “War of Wrath”, Sauron advises his master Morgoth to flee the triumphant Valar in the War of Wrath. Morgoth sends him away and reflects on the events leading up to his defeat.
  2. In “Into the Storm”, Morgoth and Ungoliant, fleeing from Valinor after having destroyed the Two Trees, struggle for the possession of the Silmarils.
  3. “Lammoth” is the scream of Morgoth with which he fights off Ungoliant.
  4. In “Nightfall”, Fëanor and his seven sons mourn the destruction wrought by Morgoth, including the slaying of Finwë, Fëanor’s father, and swear to get revenge on him, in spite of the Valar’s disapproval.
  5. “The Minstrel” is most likely about Maglor, son of Fëanor, who composed the song “The Fall of the Noldor” based on the Kinslaying.
  6. In “The Curse of Fëanor”, Fëanor expresses his wrath and anger and relates the misdeeds he commits, especially the Kinslaying, in pursuit of Morgoth.
  7. In “Captured”, Morgoth addresses the captive Maedhros, Fëanor’s son, and chains him to the Thangorodrim mountains.
  8. In “Blood Tears”, Maedhros relates the horrors of his captivity and his deliverance by Fingon.
  9. “Mirror Mirror” recounts how Turgon, in view of inevitable defeat, builds the city of Gondolin, aided by Ulmo (“The Lord of Water”).
  10. In “Face the Truth”, Fingolfin reflects about the destiny of the Noldor.
  11. In “Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)”, Fingolfin recounts his Noldor army’s passage from the icy waste of Helcaraxë and the prophecy by Mandos about the Noldor’s fate; he reflects on his own and his people’s guilt and foreshadows their ultimate defeat.
  12. “The Battle of Sudden Flame” refers to the battle in which Morgoth breaks the Siege of Angband using his Balrogs and dragons. The lyrics tell of how Barahir of the House of Bëor, with great loss to his own company, saved the life of the Elven king Finrod Felagund, and in return Finrod swore an oath of friendship to Barahir and all of his kin.
  13. “Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)” is about Fingolfin riding to the gates of Angband to challenge Morgoth to a duel. Fingolfin wounds Morgoth seven times but is eventually killed.
  14. “The Dark Elf” refers to Eöl who seduced Turgon’s sister and fathered Maeglin, who would eventually betray Gondolin.
  15. In “Thorn”, Maeglin reflects on his situation and decides to betray Gondolin to Morgoth.
  16. “The Eldar” is Elven king Finrod Felagund’s farewell to his people, dying from wounds sustained by saving his human friend Beren from a werewolf, thereby fulfilling his oath to the House of Bëor.
  17. In “Nom the Wise”, Beren mourns his friend Finrod. Nóm means “wise” and was the name given to Finrod by Beren’s forefather Bëor.
  18. In “When Sorrow Sang”, Beren sings about his love to the Elven princess Lúthien and his death at the teeth of Morgoth’s wolf Carcharoth. Last part is about Mandos listening to Luthien song about their grief experienced by being different in kin.
  19. “Out on the Water” refers to the last dwelling-place of Beren and Lúthien.
  20. In “The Steadfast”, Morgoth curses his captive Húrin who steadfastly refused to reveal the secret of Gondolin.
  21. In “A Dark Passage”, Morgoth ponders his triumph in the fifth battle. The song also relates the origins of the kindred of men and Morgoth’s curse on Húrin to be witness to his children’s tragic fate.
  22. “Final Chapter (Thus ends …)” concludes the album, speaking of Morgoth’s victory by the “treachery of man” but also of the hope for a new day.
  23. “Harvest of Sorrow” is the bonustrack on the remastered version of the album. Túrin mourns the loss of his sister Niënor.

The cover art for the album features Lúthien dancing before Morgoth, from “The Tale of Beren and Lúthien”.

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Since I saw your Jacob with s/o that goes blind I've been picturing this kickass assassin that always has a hood up (or wraps over the eyes) and everyone just thinks they're just shy or something but then the hood goes down and there's horrible scars over the eyes that happened years ago from a mission gone bad. And they're just like "oh I thought everyone knew" but they're so well adapted that no one could tell. (A bit like Daredevil I suppose)

I honestly think that would be super cool as I made an assassin/rogue character in WoW that was an undead named Blind Mary. XD; She used the sound of a beating heart as a means to hone in on her target and do lethal kills—stabbing them in the chest with ease and then doing as she pleased with the body. (As the undead function in that game allows you to eat corpses to gain health…when used in PVP, people hated you as they took it as the equivalent of a middle finger gesture. lol).

I imagine a blind assassin would be the most deadly as their other senses would be heightened a bit, but their weaknesses would indeed be loud areas such as factors. Perhaps instead of eagle vision, they would have eagle sound and be able to locate their target’s footsteps a lot easier than most.

Lovely idea, really, anon. ;)


Someone explain this to me.

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Some years ago you wrote a Blind!Cloud fic and there you mentioned hard-of-hearing!Sephiroth. I was wondering if you would be as kind as to wrote something small on HoH!Seph, I'd be forever grateful.

oooooh. That would be chapter 3 of Gaining Sight.  If I remember there was a small bit of backlash (and a lot of support from hard of hearing readers too) about it so I’ll take a moment to remind readers that I do have someone to ask about day to day life while blind. She’s awesome and I love her to death. I don’t have someone who is hard of hearing or deaf. So…if you don’t like this one. Tell me. Or rebagel and fix it. Teach me something new so I don’t make the same mistakes twice. 

Sephiroth doesn’t actually remember what caused it, but he remembers he was about four when Gast and Hojo put him through rigorous tests about his hearing. They didn’t like the results. It was the only place where Sephiroth tested “below average”. Gast seemed to think Sephiroth’s other “above average” senses would make up for it. Hojo seemed more ready to make Sephiroth work for it. Gast left, so Sephiroth worked for it. 

For a while Hojo seemed paranoid that Sephiroth would lose his hearing completely, or that he was already deaf. Sephiroth already knew how to speak, so the pediatrician that Hojo despised most of the time, said Sephiroth would be fine with hearing aids. Hojo had him learn sign language (both midgarian and wutaiian versions) just in case. Sephiroth got used to speaking and signing at the same time. 

His hearing did get worse while he was in Wutai, but not at a pace he noticed. It was actually Angeal and Genesis who suggested that Seph was having hearing problems and he had it checked. It took a while before he had a set of specially made hearing aids that brought him back up; he was still a SOLDIER and it was hard to get it right. Sephiroth also used signing as a method of silent talking, after their military hand signals were compromised. Wutai soldiers didn’t understand the midgar signals. . 

Sephiroth got used to reading most of the things he watched…and it actually opened him up to watching more foreign films. Good for him too, because he hates the Continents obsession with movies with lots of explosions and no story. He also is attached to music he can feel and likes a good bass line more than anything. Genesis thinks it’s awful, but admits Seph had a point when he made Gen hold his hand against a speaker. 

As he got older Sephiroth learned how to get out of things by pretending his hearing was worse than it was. Sometimes he shuts his hearing aid off entirely and pretends the battery died. Hojo learned about it fast and assures Sephiroth it’s not funny anymore. He’s an adult. 

Seph still thinks it’s hilarious.


at first i was just doodling a steven but then i had an idea and things got out of hand

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How do you think so/sp and sp/so establish a deep emotional connection with someone? It's definitely not impossible, but lacking the sx variant, how does it happen?

This topic has been touched before here and is a good starting point to get an idea:

But I have still no real clue tbh. It’s just really difficult to discuss because the perspectives are so different. What may feel really deep and intense to someone sx-blind looks still shallow from a sx-viewpoint but the sx-blind hasn’t experienced anything -really- deep in their whole life so they just wouldn’t know and are convinced that this is how deep things can get? There is definitely a cognitive bias.

so/sps (sp/so not as extremely, but still to a degree) somehow have a really bad perception when it comes to emotional connections. Like just an example dialogue I had a while ago with so/sp INFP friend:

so/sp INFP: I wonder why friend A doesn’t visit me anymore when she is in town. It’s so weird because I’m her -best- friend but her text replies are so sparse and she has time for everyone else except me.

me: Have you considered that… you are not her best friend (anymore) and she doesn’t want to see you?

so/sp INFP: ??? tbh that idea didn’t even cross my mind before…

sx-blinds are either too importunate or too distanced. They are either convinced that everyone loves them or everyone hates them. And they really have trouble evaluating that gray area in between.

Also when someone sx-blind tries to mimic a sx-connection (because lots of love stories build on that idea so it comes across as very appealing) it gets obsessive and unhealthy in a second. I would even argue that most stalking cases are initiated by so/sps. Because again, sx-blind seem unable to find that sweet spot in between where you are very close with someone but not so much that it suffocates you.
Taking that into consideration I actually prefer it when relationships with sx-blind stay shallow but healthy.

And sorry @any sx-blind who reads this and thinks “whaaat? that’s not true! i’m awesome at this!”; you are in the same category as any sp-blind who thinks they are awesome at handling finances or any so-blind who thinks they are socially gracious. Better recognize your weaknesses instead of staying delusional.