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Actually the rest of the list in Mycroft’s notebook seems pretty incriminating to me, so I’m putting it out there for those who’d like to have a look:

Baker Street
Blind Greenhouse
???? (sorry can’t read that one)

I’m tagging a few people, I hope it’s ok (omg it’s the first time I do that…)
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Cinnamon by diceandpokerchips

Rating: General Audience

Word count: 2,075

Summary: Castiel, blind from an accident when he was six, usually spends his Thursday afternoons the same way. He orders cinnamon coffee and the special of the day from a bakery run by a man who smells like leather and motor oil, and he may or may not be a little in love.

the feels are real

it breaks my heart every time i watch TEH because in the scene where the bomb is about to go off, sherlock says “you’d still have a future … with mary” there’s a pause before he says with mary. it’s like he knows it’s true but just doesn’t want to say. i bet you anything he was wishing with all his heart that he could say his name next, not mary. “you’d still have a future … with me. we’d have a future together. just the two of us against the rest of the world.”

Sweet Tooth - One Shot

TITLE: Sweet Tooth
AUTHOR: fanfickittycat
GENRE: Romance, Smut
FIC SUMMARY: Baker Tom has a surprise for the OC, which includes a twist on the classic blind taste test
RATING: M (Smut, including the use of blindfolds)
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: This is one shot that follows the events of another one shot (Cake Tasting) but it can be read separately if you so wish. I hope you guys like it and I’m sorry that it’s late (also, I’m sorry if there’s any errors!)

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anonymous asked:

Hey, what color was the chalk at St. Bart's? A friend of mine goes to Roland-Kerr Further Education College and he saw some chalk on one of the buildings. "V.C. Hunts in cro-" It cuts off after that. The writing is really jagged, done in a hurry. I thought it was a reference to some video game, but maybe not?

The chalk was yellow. Just like paint in the black market case.

Hunts in crowds? Maybe, I think. It’s the most logical explanation.

Thank you. I’ll stop by later and take a look myself. After I visit the Yard, since I’m on my way right now. Maybe the files there will help with his message… if it is his.