blind baker


Summary: It’s the year 1884 and Sherlock asks you to attent a ball with him to solve a case. At the very beginning, you don’t get his attention (though you didn’t want to either) but as the night draggs on, Sherlock seems to change his mind.

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Warning: Mild cursing

Word count: 3.962 (Oh, my!)

A/N: It was supposed to be a short one-shot, but then some ideas crossed my mind and I couldn’t resist it. I had to do research and god, it was pretty hard to find the small details that made this one-shot amazing.

*not my gif


-So…what do you think? – she asked as her friend got stunned.

-Oh, God! – she exclaimed and put both hands on her cheeks.

-What?! It doesn’t suits me, does it? – her friend scanned her up and down.

-You just…oh, my God! – she said as she jumped and clapped her hands.


-Oh, yes… sorry. - she calmed down and got closer to help Y/N with the dress.

-I don’t even know why I’m attending this ball. – she rolled her eyes.

-Stop complaining. These kind of occasions are unique. They are just…marvellous.

-You’re joking, aren’t you?

-Oh, shut up! Just look at you! – she smiled excitedly. – He’s a lucky man.

-Oh, please stop it. He only wants my help. That’s all. – she stated.

-That’s what you think. Look at us. John and I met in a ball and guess what…we’re married.

-Oh, yes. I just remind you that Sherlock Holmes is married to his work.

-Oh, yes. Sorry! – she said sarcastically as she shut her eyes and shook her head.

-And I should remind you that we met walking down the street.

-Baker Street. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? – she chuckled.

-I was on my way to a friend’s house!

-Yeah, and he accidentally bumped into you. Don’t you know anything about men?

-Of course I do but he is…he’s peculiar.

-You should get to know him better. That’s all.

-‘Love is a disadvantage.’ – she quoted him.

-Stop it. It’s going to be fun! – Y/N smirked – Do you have any idea how lucky you are?

-No, not this time.  – she shook her head and sat down on a chair to let Mary put some make-up on her.

-He’s one of the most important people in whole Great Britain and you are not even aware about it.

-I am but he just asked me for help and that’s what I’m going to do. Help. Anything else. After all-

-After all you both find each other interesting otherwise a man like he wouldn’t ask you for ‘help’.

-For the last time, Mary, I’m only going to help him. – she stated.

-Ok, ok. Fine. Just stop moving I’m trying to put some lipstick on your lips! – she asked and her friend looked at her with a ‘I’m not dating Sherlock Holmes’ look.

Mary almost finished helping her friend as John entered the room. His eyes widened and he smiled.

-Wow! – they both turned around to look at him.

-John, dear. – Mary greeted her husband. – What are you doing here?

-Well…umm…a friend of mine wanted to know if she was ready. And I think you are more than ready.

-Yeah; isn’t she?

-She looks stunning! He’s lucky without a doubt. – he smiled.

-Oh, could you two stop it?! I’m not dating him and I know he is not interested in women.

-And what if he changes his mind, dear? – Mary asked.

-Then…then…then I’ll tell him I am not interested.

-Oh, no. – John shook his head and got closer to her - Listen, Y/N, if he changes his mind you should better feel lucky. I know he might be a stupid dickhead but you should know he is a-

-John? – a deep voice was heard coming from the hall.

-What is he doing here?! – she exclaimed while panicking. – We were supposed to meet there.

-Well, I’m sorry. I had to bring him with me.

-Why?! – Y/N yelled at him.

-John?! – he shouted impatiently.

-Oh, God. – he rolled his eyes – Ok, I’m going to give you two minutes to get out of the room and if you don’t, I’ll let him come in. – he stated and got out of the room.

-Is she ok? – he asked to his friend preoccupied.

-Of course she is, just give her a minute.

-For goodness’ sake, we don’t have time. – he protested and started pacing around the hall.

-Listen, Sherlock; she’s a lady not a detective or a spy. Give her time. You should be thankful that she’s going to help you. Now, behave like a bloody gentleman!

-I am a gentleman. – he stood up firmly. – You should know-

Suddenly, Y/N got out of the room and got the gentlemen’s attention. They were both astonished. Her cheeks blushed but she decided to break the silence.

-Good evening. – she said.

-Good…evening. – he said but then cleaned his throat. – I think that…that…

-Sherlock. – Watson gave him a prod in the ribs.

-Oh, yes. I think we should go. – he glanced at his watch – Oh, we are going to be late. – she got  paralyzed – Is everything ok? – she nodded at last and followed him.

He put on his coat and so did she. He glanced at her and she noticed it but tried to look away. Both of them felt uncomfortable, still, they knew they had to do what they both agreed to do two days ago.

-Have fun! See you tomorrow! - Mary said to Sherlock and then took Y/N from her arm. - Give him a chance. Good luck. - she murmured and smiled warmly.

-Ladies first. – he gestured with his hands and before he closed the door he glanced at John worriedly. Sherlock could see that he was muttering but he could not understand him. John looked at Y/N and then turned his gaze back to Sherlock.

-Behave yourself!

-Oh, God. - he rolled his eyes.

Once the door was shut Mary and John exchanged glances. John cleared his throat and Mary burst out laughing.

-They are adorable. – she said.

-Adorable? – he looked at her chuckling.

-I bet they are going to be a beautiful couple.

-Couple? Sorry, have you just said couple? – he laughed and turned his gaze away for a second. – Sherlock Holmes dating? You must be joking.

-Oh, John Hamish Watson. – she looked at him playfully – Do you want to bet?

Meanwhile outside, the detective and Y/N were waiting for a horse-drawn carriage. They didn’t say a word and it was getting a little bit annoying. It was about to snow so Y/N looked to the sky.

-Fascinating. – she finally said.

-Sorry? – he asked and looked at her confusedly.

-The snow. Haven’t you ever thought it is wonderful?

-Yes, I have. – he said softly as he looked at his feet.

-You look worried. Is everything ok? Did I miss something?

-No…I’m not worried, I’m just…thinking. – he said.

-Are you sure? If you don’t want to attend the ball we can have some tea inside. It doesn’t bother me.

-No, it’s ok. – she looked at him concernedly, he lifted his gaze and looked at her.



-Why did you invite me to the ball? – she tried to make eye-contact but he ignored her.

-I told you that I needed some help, didn’t I?

-Yes, but why?

-Because I really need it. – he finally looked at her.

They could see a carriage coming and when it’d stopped the both got in. Sherlock gave the address to the driver

Y/N observed Sherlock. His hair was swept upwards from his face and worn high over his forehead. He was wearing a dark tail coat, trousers with a dark waistcoat and a sophisticated top hat. She could say he knew how to dress for this kind of occasions.

-You said that you need my help. – he nodded. – Now, why would you need it?

-I need you because you’re the smartest woman that I ever met and I’ve got a relevant task for you.

-Me? Smart? Are you serious, Sherlock? You’re definitely wrong. I’m not smart at all.

-Never underestimate your knowledge otherwise they will piss you off. – he paused – Also, I must confess that I find your intelligence quite interesting.

-You’re insane. – she said as she looked out of the window.

-I thought you already knew – they both giggled at the same time.

-No, seriously, what do you need me to do? – she turned her gaze at him.

-Have you ever heard I solve cases, haven’t you?

-It’s fairly obvious.

-Well…I have a case for us. – he said seriously.

-What?! – she exclaimed but the detective shut her up - Sherlock, does John know about this? – she whispered.

-Of course, he doesn’t. – he replied. – That’s why they thought we were going on a date. – she chuckled. – They are always cheering me up, it’s getting…irritating.

-Oh, come on. We have a case to solve. You should be happy! – he glanced at her with a small smile on his face.

-Yes, we do. – he said excitedly looking through the window.

A few minutes later, they arrived at a big mansion with an outstanding Victorian architecture. She observed detail by detail of it as he glanced at her. He could read her.

She was wearing a delicate embroidered organza gown that shined as gold. Excited but not that much. She was a little bit nervous apparently. Had no idea what she was going to face in a moment.  She wasn’t wearing much make-up. Nails recently cut. She had a new hairstyle; someone arranged it. Mary, probably. Cologne: an expensive one.

He shook his head trying to get back to the ‘reality’. He focused on the case again and cleaned his throat in order to get her attention. She turned her gaze up to him.

-Ready? – he asked.

-I guess so. – she said as he grabbed her arm and started walking towards the main gate.

-I just want you to know that I’m not good at this. – he stated and she looked at him confusedly – I mean… – he rolled his eyes – balls.

-Oh. But you’ve said it is for a case. – she looked around and whispered.

-Oh…yes, I have. Sorry.

-It’s ok as long as you calm yourself down. You look nervous.

-Oh, shut up.

-Sorry? – she looked at him but then noticed they were entering the main hall. – Sherlock? – she whispered.

-Yes? - he replied gently.

-Where are we?

-Governor’s house. – he answered. – Don’t ask why, just keep pretending you’re my date.

-We are not dating. – she scoffed.

-Of course we are not. Why would I date you? - he said and realized that he hurt her. – I’m sorry, forgive me.

-Alright. – she muttered and turned her gaze away - Now where were we?

-Pretending. Look, I know you’re not familiarized with this kind of stuff but I need you to help me tonight.

-Right, just keep me informed.


Inside the main hall

-Sherlock?- she asked as she observed the people dancing.

-Yes? - he replied glancing quickly over his shoulder at her.

-What’s the plan? - she kept watching the dancers.

-Ehmm… - turned his gaze at a man dancing with a lady. - I’m afraid that I really don’t have a plan. - their eyes finally met.

-How can you not have a plan? - she asked worried.

-Well, as you know, I have no idea how this works so I thought you could help me. That’s why I wanted you to come with me, actually.

-Sherlock Holmes, are you afraid?

-I would not say afraid. - he added

-Sherlock, we’re talking about a criminal and you are afraid?!

-Shhh… - he whispered - you mention her again and you’ll probably be dead.

-God, tell me who are we looking for.

-A murderer. - he murmured - A woman, a poisoner.

-Oh, my God. Do you think the punch is poisoned?

-It could be. I’m not certain about it…- she frowned and stared at him - yet. - he added.

-So, what now? - she asked.

-Do you see anybody drinking? - he asked as he glanced at all the stairs.

-Oh, please. It’s a ball, everyone drinks. - she stated.

-Oh, yes. - he glanced at her, a ‘Really? Are you alright?‘ look on her face. - Well, ok. I think that’s time for dancing. - he offered his hand and she hesitated whether take it or not. - It’s alright, I don’t bite.

-It’s not you. I’m just concerned about all of us.

-Please; I know what I’m doing.

-Sherlock, people could die and you want to dance? - she whispered angrily.

-For your own sake! You’re coming with me. - he grabbed her from her hand and took her to the dance floor. - Now, teach me how to dance.

-This is absurd. - she protested as he put his hand on her waist.

She made an effort to stop him but he was stronger. She looked daggers at him. He raised an eyebrow.

-Not good?

-Deduce it. - she challenged him.

-I need you to teach me how to dance.

-You need me to help you with so many things, Holmes.

-Please, it’s for the case. I swear. - he stared at her which she found really uncomfortable.

-Right, but stop looking at me and focus on this. I’ll guide you; just follow me. It’s not that hard. - he added and glanced at her weirdly, then she noticed that he wanted to say something. - Ok, spill it out.

-The waltz is originally introduced as a ballroom dance with…a catchy rhythm, combined with the fact that the partners – in this case, us – are allowed to be so close to each other, made the waltz popular within other styles. The style of dancing made permissible by the waltz influenced several other dances and would be truly transformative on the world of ballroom dancing.

-Ok… - she looked at him astonishingly, shook her head and took a deep breath. - that was weird, Sherlock. Really weird.

-Well, I couldn’t resist it. - he looked at her.

-Stop looking at me, you bastard. - she scolded, he sighed and rolled his eyes.

-Right, so now what should I do? - he asked as he looked at his feet.

-You know how to play the violin, don’t you? - he nodded trying to show off - Oh, stop it.

-What? - he frowned.

-You’re doing it again. - she sighed.

-What? - he repeated.

-Showing off - she responded.

-Oh…- he realized - Sorry. Where were we?

-The violin, Sherlock, the violin. - he nodded - Do you play waltzes?

-Yes, why?

-You know the tempo, right? - she asked warmly.

-One, two, three…one, two - she was convinced that he already knew how to do it. - Oh

-So you know how to dance, don’t you? - she asked him.

-I beg you pardon. - he looked down. - I only want to polish my dancing.

-I know you do. You’ll do it fine. - a small smile appeared on Sherlock’s face.

-Could you help me? - he asked worried.

-Yes, of course. - she put her left hand on his shoulder gently and the right one on his hand. Y/N looked at him as she talked at him. - Put your other hand on my left shoulder blade. - he raised an eyebrow confused.

-I’m doing it. - he frowned.

-That’s my waist, Sherlock. - she giggled.

-Oh, sorry. - he obeyed and glared at her - Is this ok?

-Yes. Now, the tempo. - he took a deep breath and tried to dance - Come on, you’re an expert at this. You can do it! You’re even better than me.

-No, I’m not - he shook his head.

-Stop flirting, it doesn’t work. - he raised an eyebrow.

-I’m not flirting. I don’t even know how to do it.

-Then, congratulations! You’re doing it well. -she chuckled.

-Really? - he frowned.

-God, no. - she said sarcastically - Women will hate you.

-You’re a bad liar. - he stated

-I know. - she chuckled.

-Am I doing it well? - he asked

-Of course. - she said and he sighed in relief. - Now, give me the data.

-Miranda McSephire. Poisoner. Murderer, as well. Killed five children.

-Oh, God. - she whispered amazed.

-Yes. According to Lestrade she’s wealthy, brunette, with an average height - which makes her hard to find - and obviously she wants to kill the governor. Fairly obvious, don’t you think?

-Why would she want to kill the governor?

-Oh, good Lord. - he said as he glanced at her with a ‘Seriously? You must be joking’ look. He rolled his eyes and sighed. - The governor has the power to release all the prisoners of their cells if he’d want to. She has a brother in there, he’s also a murderer. He killed twelve people, anyway-

-Anyway?! - she whispered in his ear. - Sherlock, that’s terrible! How dare you to pretend it never happened?

-I didn’t even finished the sentence. - he shut his eyes and sighed. – Dear, Lord. She knows we are here. - he exclaimed when he saw a woman who quickly glanced at him.

-What?! - he released Y/N and looked her in the eyes. She could see that he was terrified. -What do we do now?

-Run. - he took her hand and started running quickly as he looked for a place to hide. He saw an empty hall, rushed up to it and quickly leaned against a wall. - Quick, come here! 

-Sherlock… – she said as she breathed heavily.

-Mm? – he asked as he was looking the crowd trying to find the criminal.

-Please tell me you have a plan. - she looked at him terrified but he didn’t said a word. His face was pale of horror. - Oh goodness’ sake! - she cried as she buried her face on her palms. The situation unnerved her.

-Hey, hey…- he reassured her as he put a hand on her chin and the other one on her right cheek in order to make her look at him in the eyes - Look at me, look at me - he said as she inhaled and exhaled deeply - Everything’s going to be okay. It’s going to be okay. Don’t panic. - he said calmly and she nodded - Stay here, I’ll be back here in a second.

-Sherlock! - she cried but he was already gone.

He was gone. He squeezed between the crowd and tried to be unnoticed. Sherlock could see her and the governor, as well. The criminal had a needle and a syringe in her hands so he deduced that it would kill him. 

She was clever, very clever. It took him months to know about her sibling and her physical appearance. The serial killer was hard to catch, even Watson didn’t have a second opinion when they’ve been talking about her. Lestrade kept Sherlock informed but it was not enough, he needed more. Then, Y/N turned up in his life. He often talked with her about his job. The consulting detective also started asking her for second opinions, which were really helpful and outstanding. He was amazed by her cleverness.

However, when it came to the case he was curious, excited but preoccupied about the people. Specially about Y/N, who accepted to help him without a doubt always, which he found very grateful and kind.

Sherlock had never liked the governor.  Anyway, his life was in danger and he had to save him whether he liked it or not.

The woman was getting closer and closer to the governor who was talking with an important, foreign businessman. Sherlock was doing his best to catch the serial killer but it seemed to be impossible. She was now a footstep behind the governor. Sherlock’s heart skipped a beat and suddenly he stopped running.

Surprisingly, someone knocked her down. He saw that the criminal fell down to the floor. He wondered who could have been the one that did it, then he realized it was not an ordinary woman. It was Y/N. He got shocked but ran towards her when he saw that she fell to the floor too. He could barely breath by then.

When he arrived he could see Y/N lying on the floor and the poisoner standing by her side. He took her from the collar of her gown.

-What have you done to her?! – he shouted to her with anger in his eyes.

-Mr. Holmes. Finally. – a maniac look appeared on her face.

-You better tell me what have you done to her or-

-Or what? – she laughed and he looked at her terrified as he released her abruptly . He knelt down by Y/N’s body and tried to wake her up.

-Wake up, please. – he glared at the serial killer – You…monster! – he shouted as she laughed maniacally. He turned his gaze to Y/N again – Come on, wake up. – he saw the governor rushing up – Get Dr. Watson! – he nodded and ordered his assistants to do it as Sherlock took her pulse, he was losing her -Y/N, please, open your eyes. Don’t leave us!

-Look at you, Mr. Holmes. Worried, terrified, concerned about your lover’s life. Brave, kind-hearted.. – she paused – capable of doing anything to save you. Love is disadvantage, didn’t you know that? – he turned around and frowned.

-What have you just said? – he asked confused.

-Love is a disadvantage, Mr-

-Oh, shut up, Mrs. McSephire. You’re arrested. – said Lestrade catching and cuffing her. –  You’ll never see the daylight again. But don’t worry your brother will be there for you. I bet he has missed you so much. – he scolded as he tilted his head to Sherlock.

-Sher…Sherlock – someone said with a broken voice behind him. They coughed. 

Sherlock turned around to face them. He was still kneeling. It was her.

-Y/N…dear lord. – he softly touched her cheek. – It’s alright. It’s alright, just look me in the eyes.

-Sherlock. – he said under her breath.

-Yes, it’s me. – he whispered reassuring her – Stay with me. Keep looking at me. – he added worried. – Get John Watson! – he shouted to the ones who were surrounding him. A woman nodded and ran away.

-Sh…Sherlock. – she whispered as her eyes were half opened and were about to close. She put her right hand on his, which was on her chest.

-No, no, no…don’t leave me. Don’t. Look at me. – he looked at her and then turned his gaze up with tears in his eyes. He shouldn’t have taken her with him that night. He shouldn’t asked her for help.

-Sherlock, please…ple-

-I’m here, I’m here. Don’ you – he said as his whole body heavily fell to the floor.

-Sherlock…Sherlock! – he heard someone shouting at him as they were shaking his body.

-Damn it. It seems someone was really tired. – a female voice said.

-But it’s five o’clock, he should be awake!

-Shit, Sherlock! Wake up, mate.

Suddenly his eyes got wide-open as he heavily inhaled. He looked around, he was back at 221b, Baker Street. Three people were surrounding him and sighed in relief.

-Wakie-wakie! – she said chuckling.

-You…you are alive. – he exclaimed surprised as she frowned. John and Mary exchanged gazes.

-You alright? – John asked.

-What happened? – he asked worried.

-You were asleep, dear. – Mary stated and glanced at her watch. – You slept like for sixteen hours.

-What?! Sixteen hours?! – he exclaimed and jumped from the bed. – What about work? John, you should have woken me up!

-We tried to wake you up twice, but you seem to be a bloody heavy sleeper, Sherlock.

-And…you mumbled. – Y/N added.

-I never mumble when I’m asleep. – he frowned.

-Oh, really? – she said as she laughed – So, what happened with me? Did I died?

-Umm…How much did you hear? – he raised an eyebrow as he blushed.

-Fair enough to know that you wanted me to teach you how to dance waltz.

-Well…I can explain that.

-You already did, Sherlock. – John stated.

-So, a ball? John and I met in a ball? – Mary chuckled.


-Yes, John?

-Since when are you a gentleman? – John joked. Sherlock glared at the army doctor but they all ignored him since they were make fun of him.

-Alright…I think I had enough. – then headed to the living room.

-By the way, who’s Mrs. McSephire? – Y/N followed him as she asked him sarcastically.

-Oh, please stop it! – he shouted embarrassed.

Imagine asking Sherlock to try the cookies you have just made.

“So…” you said as you took the cookies you have just made out of the oven. You put some of them on a plate, took it and walk towards Sherlock, who was sitting on his armchair. As soon as you offered him them, he looked at you.

“Do I have to try them?” he asked with an “Please, don’t.” look on his face.

“Well, John is not here. He usually tries them, so please could you do it for me?”

“Of course,” he said as he faked a smile. He didn’t want to do it because he was really bad for this kind of things. “Anything for my best friend.”

“Thank you,” you said as he took one and put it in his mouth. He nibbled it thinking that they were going to taste good but no. As soon as he tried the damn cookie he wanted to throw it but he knew that if he would do that, he was going to break your heart so he tried his best to show you they were good, though they were not. “So?” you asked excitedly.

“They…” he hesitated. What should he say? ‘They are awful’? Instead he faked a smile and lied to her. “They are good. Good…job.”

“Perfect!” you turned around with the plate in your hands and walked to the kitchen. As Sherlock saw you were washing the dishes and you were showing him your back, he opened his mouth, frowned and slowly stick his tongue out.

“Oh, god. Do not ever try her cookies again.” he said to himself. But as you turned around he shushed, and faked a smile.

“I’m glad you liked them because I’m going to give some to my boss as a birthday present,” you chuckled.

“No!“ he shouted and you looked at him confused “You know what? I loved them. I’ll eat all of them,” he calmed down and stopped you. “Just…let me help you next time,” he stood up, put a hand on your back and tried to walk with you to the kitchen. “Now, let’s see…oh, you can start with this,” he finger pointed at the chocolate. “I’ll start with the dough,” he grinned and when he turned around he rolled his eyes.

Adrien the Civilian

For ML Angst Week of @miraculous-weeks

Day 1: Mistakes/Aftermath

It’s my first time doing something like this so… Enjoy the angst? It’s 3000 words and only lightly edited so I put a read more ok im sorry

Warning: Character death, heavy angst. You’ve been warned.

Edit: I just realized I also hit the other day’s prompts? I—

AO3 link

It wasn’t supposed to happen that way.

It was just a simple akuma attack. Just like any other.

The Baker, he was simply called, had the ability to turn everything into bread. He was a giant, however, easily towering halfway over Collège Françoise Dupont, and he wielded a giant rolling pin that could flatten everything in his path. The plan was simple—Ladybug would use her Lucky Charm, a bag of flour, and Chat Noir would come in and destroy the giant rolling pin with his Cataclysm. It wasn’t like they could just break that thing over their knees and call it a day, after all.

With their usual team effort, they had managed to blind The Baker with the flour and trip him with Ladybug’s string. She then hollered at him to use Cataclysm on the akuma’s rolling pin.

“Now!” she’d shouted, urgently.

He only did as he was told.

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Anders is a blind baker at the infamous little 'Baker Guide You' bakery and coffee shop. He doesn't see Fenris as others do, doesn't see tattoos, white hair, scars, or pointed ears.

But he hears a kind, deep voice. He feels gentle fingertips as the graze his to take his change. On blessed the day Fenris forgot his wallet, and after a silly suggestion - for a moment he tasted sweet, soft lips that reminded him of apple pie and red wine.

Originally posted by silent-micka

Imagine Sherlock mourning for you, his wife.

-Sherlock, are you alright? - John asked as he saw his best friend sitting on his armchair with a miserable face.

-I miss her; I miss my wife. I miss her smile, her tenderness, I miss her all. She was my entire world and I lost her in a single second, John. - he said as he shed a tear. - I would do anything to have her in my arms again.

Cinnamon by diceandpokerchips

Rating: General Audience

Word count: 2,075

Summary: Castiel, blind from an accident when he was six, usually spends his Thursday afternoons the same way. He orders cinnamon coffee and the special of the day from a bakery run by a man who smells like leather and motor oil, and he may or may not be a little in love.

Blind/Mute/Deaf Sterek Rec List

For the amazing Angsty who kindly answered this post (seriously you were the only one… but you would’ve been my first choice anyway ;)) and gave me the idea for my new rec list!! Sorry it’s a little later than supposed darling! Hope you enjoy ^^

Let’s start with : Blind!

Stiles -

Darkness Before Dawn by lanoirpapillon / 856 w. / T

“Due to the actions of the Alpha pack, Stiles goes blind. After the threat is gone, Stiles has to learn to live without his sight, and maybe Derek would make the perfect seeing-eye wolf.”

Put Me Next to an Open Window by orphan_account / 959 w. / T

Derek has always mentioned, in passing, the side effects of turning. There’s always the chance it won’t take and the person could die; after that, though, there is any number of other things that could complicate life further. He never expected one of those things to actually happen—they’re considered rare, those malfunctions—and certainly never to a member of his own pack.

Guide by peenwolf (hellafab) / 1511 w. / G

Stiles goes for an angry walk in the woods.

The Stories In His Skin by Sangwin / 1565 w. / Not Rated (I say T to M, depending on how sensitive you are. See warnings in fic.)

There is a scar on the side of Derek’s neck, towards the back, just along the curative. Stiles fingertips always manage to find it.

It’s Just Like You to Come and Go by wednesdays / 2465 w. / T

Stiles is blind. Derek may or may not like him a little lot.

I See You Better by theroguesgambit / 4685 w. / T

He dreams, sometimes, of his last moments of seeing.

At the church in Mexico, Stiles is blinded by a Berserker. Derek uses his new wolf status to act as a guide dog, while Stiles adjusts to his new reality.

The Beacon Bean by SPCMRose / 5681 w. / Not Rated (I say G)

My dear Angsty, this one was part of Fluffy’s original rec list that started the fanfic war but it’s just too good to not add it to Blind!Stiles ;)

He’s blind. His mate is blind. Looks like Derek will be relying on his stunning personality to win him over. Derek is so screwed…

AKA: Derek’s back in Beacon Hills, and decides to head out for a coffee. Stiles is blind, and Derek’s found his mate.

Stiles is a baker~

Blinded by the Light of Your Smile by Tribi / 9489 w. / Not Rated (I say T) / warning : girl Stiles

Derek is blindfolded, Stiles is blind, and the sidewalk is trying to kill them both. The major death happens off screen a few years in the past.

Music and Curry by LadyFaceElena / Series / Total 15465 w. /  E to M

Part 1 : Let Me Keep This One

“You’ve gone quiet again. Did I freak you out?” Stiles looked concerned and he was still holding on to Derek’s arm which had gone tense.

“No. I… no you didn’t,” Derek said in a rush. “I just didn’t expect to meet anyone. Like you,” he added.

“Fantastic and glorious?”

Derek bit his lip for a second, then said, “Well yes. Kind of.”

Cornerstone by Vendelin / 83738 w. / E

Suffering from PTSD, ex-Marine Derek Hale moves back to Beacon Hills to open a bookshop and find a calmer life. That’s where he meets Stiles, completely by accident. Stiles is talkative, charming and curious. Somehow, despite the fact that he’s blind, he’s able to read Derek like no one else.

And here are some WIP or Incomplete fics. BUT! Rest assured that if they’re in this rec, it means the words they’ve written so far are worth it ;)

I Made a Resolution by Dream_tempo / 5136 w. / T / WARNING - INCOMPLETE / ABANDONED

His senior year of high school, Stiles gets into a wolf-related accident and loses his sight. From there on, everything is different, no matter how much he wants it all to stay the same.

Oddly enough, the one person who seems to understand it all the most is Derek.

He Sees Me for Me by Karlarado / 23999 w. / Not Rated (for now, I say T) / WARNING - WIP

Derek and his adopted daughter move to Beacon Hills to try and start up a normal life. They meet Stiles in a park with his service/seeing-eye dog and while Malia bonds with the dog, Derek ends up bonding with Stiles.

Windows by dr_girlfriend / 44428 w. (so far) / WIP (updated regularly, srl read it!!) / E / *This fic was submitted by the other in this post here, and so much thanks to her for doing so!!!

Derek has a new neighbor who won’t stop looking.

That’s it for Stiles!! If you want more Blind Stiles, you can visit my ladies own rec list HERE!

Derek - 

Sourwolf Inc by LadyFaceElena / 4665 w. / M

And then there was Stiles. Dear god was there Stiles. He tried to avoid the strangely scented human, but it seemed any time Derek needed anyone, Stiles was there. When he was shot and dying, when he was poisoned. Twice. When he was possessed and aching, and cold and lonely, and grieving. It was always Stiles.

Feeling You by secretfanboy / 6158 w. / T

When Derek loses his sight and hearing saving Scott from an attack, the Stilinski’s take him in. As nurse and patient Stiles and Derek grow closer, but what will happen when Derek gets better? Will Stiles be left with a broken heart?

Cirque de la Lune by LadyFaceElena / 21058 w. / E / Bring your tissues!!

Derek’s jaw tensed. “Why are you here, Stiles?” he repeated, his voice sounding powerful and angry. Not the timid, unsure Derek Stiles had known before.

Stiles felt something rush though him. “Because I had hope. That maybe my stupid act of letting you go really was the right thing? Because we’re strong now and I still want you. I dream of you every night, Derek, I swear to god. Every night. And every time I let myself sit still for a second I feel your lips on mine, your hands on me, and I promise you if you reject me tonight I’ll leave, but I’ll never get over you. I’ll pine for you until I die.”

And here are some WIP or Incomplete fics. BUT! Rest assured that if they’re in this rec, it means the words they’ve written so far are worth it ;)

Summoning A Mate by Saskia / 3603 w. / G / WARNING - INCOMPLETE / ABANDONED

Blinded by a hunter, Derek has no intention of ever finding his mate. What good is a blind werewolf to anyone? But when Isaac and Scott hire a witch to summon Derek’s mate, a storm brings more than just a Stilinski to their little town.
Will Derek be able to fight his desire and reign in his wolf from claiming his mate? And what if Derek’s past isn’t finished with him yet?

And now : Mute

Stiles - 

Smooth Sounds of Stiles by literaryoblivion / 957 w. / G

To Derek, Stiles’s incessant chatter is like one of those noise machines, and he tunes it out, until he doesn’t have to anymore.

Can’t Wait by RBnC / 2388 w. / G

It’s really a chance encounter. Derek wasn’t going to sign up to T. A. the stupid class but he needed the credits for FAFSA to kick in. He never would have guessed he’d meet the rambunctious ball of energy.

And here are some WIP or Incomplete fics. BUT! Rest assured that if they’re in this rec, it means the words they’ve written so far are worth it ;)

Ink’d by sourwulfur / 17089 w. / T / WARNING - INCOMPLETE / ABANDONED

Several years ago, most of the Hale family died in a fire. Since then, Laura and Derek Hale moved to New York; until recently. They moved back when Stiles Stilinski and Scott McCall were sixteen, opening a tattoo parlor that they owned and operated, named Ink’d. The Hales have always been known for being secretive; and, Stiles, well, he may just accidentally stumble upon their secrets.

That’s it for Stiles!! If you want more Mute Stiles, you can visit my ladies own rec list HERE!

Derek - 

Silence is Golden by werewolfsaz / Series / Total 1487 w. / G

Part 1 : Please Say Hello To Me

I’ve seen you in here hundreds of times, browsing through the DVD’s, picking up a few metal CD’s. I always wanted to say hello but I didn’t know how to approach you. I mean, I’m not much to look at and I have a terrible habit of rambling when I’m nervous. I can feel the babbling threatening to burst out everytime I see your lithe form with its long black hair, sharp green eyes and gentle face. I rush out of the store every day, kicking myself for not saying ‘hello’ this time. And every single time I promise myself that next time I’ll do it. I’ll walk up to you, smile winningly, say something witty and introduce myself. Yes, thats the plan. The very next time I see you.

There’s a Revolution in My Bedroom by ObliqueOptimism / 3478 w. / T

Derek is a man of few words, but that’s okay, he has Stiles now.

you never said a word by waywardgirl / 6868 w. / T / bring the tissues!

Slowly, but surely, they worked themselves around the circle of chairs until eight sessions after the first they finally found themselves sitting next to each other.(Or the one where Derek and Stiles meet in a counseling support group for teens)

Last but not least : Deaf

Stiles - 

Explosions by Doteruna / 282 w. / T

This one is actually impressive in his level of feels versus the number of words…

One of Derek’s worst fears comes to life; someone attacks his pack in his own home.

I found this scribbled in the back of my math notebook and decided to post it.

Pretty Eyes by oddballgirl / 430 w. / G

kid!Derek wants to talk to kid!Stiles but doesn’t know how. So he asks Laura to help…

Wild Tonic by officerstilinskihale / 11010 / M

Stiles nodded and smiled again, his teeth flashing brightly and he signed something again, before looking frustrated with himself.

“You’re welcome,” Derek told him, feeling a wave of relief when Stiles’ face brightened. That would’ve been awkward if Stiles hadn’t been trying to say thank you.

“I had a really good time, so yeah. I’m glad you came with me,” he said, feeling his face grow hot. Derek wasn’t usually like this. He wasn’t confident. Sure, he had the looks and he could flirt shamelessly when he got hit on, but he always got shy around the people he genuinely liked, not that there was too many of those.

But Stiles didn’t let him dwell on that. He gripped Derek’s arm, grinned cheekily and pointed at himself before lifting two fingers. It took a while for Derek to get it but when he did, he couldn’t stop a smile from spreading across his face.

Me too.

Sounds Like Love by dalex_allen / 20433 w. / E

Derek meets Stiles in English class. Stiles is deaf.

And here are some WIP or Incomplete fics. BUT! Rest assured that if they’re in this rec, it means the words they’ve written so far are worth it ;)

Passing Notes to Say 'I Love You’ by AceLotti / 18618 w. / M / WARNING - INCOMPLETE / ABANDONED

Love is Deaf. You can’t just tell someone you love them. You have to show them.

That’s it for Stiles!! If you want more Deaf Stiles, you can visit my ladies own rec list HERE!

Derek - 

You don’t have to hear your heartbeat to feel it by redhoodedwolf / 1186 w. / G

It took Stiles longer than he’d like to admit for him to discover his TA for Mythological Studies was deaf.

Give Me A Sign by WhichWolfWins / 2215 w. / E

Stiles decides to learn sign language so he can communicate better with Derek and he ends up using it to communicate his feelings for him.

Laughter is the Best Medicine by literaryoblivion / 4432 w. / T

He hasn’t always been deaf.

Although, sometimes, he wishes he was. Mainly because he knows what he’s missing. He remembers what the rustle of the wind in the trees sounds like, remembers what kids playing in the playground sounded like, what laughter sounded like.

He misses it. A lot.

Through the Silence, Hold onto Me. by Inkforwords / 5040 w. / T

The pack has a run-in with a witch and while the spell that was cast on Stiles had thankfully worn off after her gruesome and timely demise, the spell that got Derek hasn’t seemed to. Or at least there are some lingering side effects. Derek is, for the time being deaf and will only let Stiles get remotely close to him when he’s upset.

Falling on Deaf Ears by CupcakeTerminal  / 5908 w. / T

“That night Derek fell asleep content which probably explained why he woke up the next morning deaf. He had long ago accepted that someone out in the Cosmos hated him.”

Feeling You by secretfanboy / 6158 w. / T / *Also Blind but not for long*

When Derek loses his sight and hearing saving Scott from an attack, the Stilinski’s take him in. As nurse and patient Stiles and Derek grow closer, but what will happen when Derek gets better? Will Stiles be left with a broken heart?

Speak to Me by Ember / 9168 w. / T

Derek became deaf from the fire that took his family long ago, and has refused to speak since. But when he is forced to speak in the court case of the woman who betrayed him long ago, he begrudgingly accepts the help of a newly graduated speech pathologist. Stiles, however, is about to teach a whole lot more.

Bones Straining Under the Weight by weathervaanes / 15645 w. / E

One of Stiles’ favorite things about life is Derek Hale’s food blog. He never expects to meet the man in person.

Counting to Infinity by artenon / 15,763 w. / T *submitted by derekhaleisagryffindor, thank you!!*

When Derek goes deaf, he finds himself going to Stiles for help. Stiles does.

I’m Derek Hale’s Boyfriend by LadyFaceElena / Series / Total 59540 w. / E to M to T

Part 1 : Just Let Go

And then Derek’s warm, strong arm came round his middle and held him, grounding him, bringing him back to the present. He smelled musty like sex and cologne, and his chest pressed against Stiles’ back was cold and sweaty. But it was more comfort than Stiles had ever felt in his life. Derek pressed a kiss to the back of Stiles’ head and just that little gesture told Stiles it was okay to just let go. To be in the moment, and close his eyes and just… let go.

That’s it for Derek!! If you want more Deaf Derek, you can visit my ladies own rec list HERE!

Ok I have one last for you guys… and this one comes with a heavy warning… If you want to cry yourself to death, be utterly depressive afterwards and ask yourself about the existence of life, go right ahead :

Blind/Mute/Deaf Stiles

Senses by Doteruna / 237 w. / Not Rated ( I must say I don’t know what to rate it either…)

Another drabble I found in my notebook and wanted to share. Stiles and Derek have an argument that ends with Stiles leaving the house.

And this is the END of this rec! I hope you will all enjoy it, especially you Angsty, and that it will bring Sterek Joy and Happiness in your gloomy days :)

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