Hangeul Calligraphy x Latin Typography, 27 September – 19 October, 2016, Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center

anonymous asked:

I wanna see that blind au! Where can I see that good shtuff

There is actually not that much of it, but i can show you what i’ve seen anon!

This comic by @mk-doodles, was one of the first times i saw this AU.

To shelter a flame by yastaghr, is the first fanfic i’ve seen that uses the concept as a main plot point, it’s a pretty good fanfic actually (not in my cute fanfic list because it’s very sad and angsty and also contains nsfw scenes, so trigger warning for soul sex on this one guys!)

And unfortunately that’s all i got… it’s kinda sad that it’s not used very much, it’s a realy cool AU, let’s give it a more love!