so @queerlydeerly and i were rewatching yoi for the i dont know how many-eth time and i noticed something 

we’ve seen this look before. this look, where viktor looks at the man he wants to marry. we’ve seen it on him before and you wanna know where we saw it?

right before yuuri skated Eros for the first time in ep 3. 

I’m laughing bc Yuuri was a drunk mess when he asked Victor to be his coach, and I swear–
What Victor saw:


Victor’s had it so bad for Yuuri right from the start…

if i finish my assignments for today till 10 pm a stream will happen;

side note: guys, often times after streams you leave stream-related questions about effects/colors/stuff I used in my pics etc. and tbh answering them is really hard without writing 3 page essay with screenshots to explain stuff properly. If you’re curious about something I did during the stream, please, it is no shame to ask me in the chat!! Really!! It is super convenient for me to explain stuff when I have my PS put up in front of me and I’m actually focusing on that thing. There’s even a chance I’ll drop my stuff to go to another file to explain it, really, I’m there for yall. Annnnnd, after 1h+ of drawing I usually run out of things to talk about so you’re like, saving my life in there. If I don’t notice your question the first time, try @ me in the chat, this will highlight your message for me :D

Cia tonight yall! <3

i like to think about dave and dirk eventually becoming quietly very touchy and affectionate with each other because they both grew up extremely contact-starved, dave by a hyper-masculine upbringing that taught that stoicism is “cool” and that boys don’t need shit like hugs and physical affection, and dirk by being isolated in the middle of a fucking ocean. with the initial awkwardness out of the way and various issues talked through and shit they can just be bros who care about each other a lot and just like lean into each other all the time and sometimes hug if they need it and sometimes after a hard day of drawing and goofing off just flop down together and take a nap all tangled together.



Me, Logan Paul & iDubbbzTV go on a quest to cure our color blindness

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anonymous asked:

What are the biggest indicators for figuring out somebody's blind spot?

so blind: don’t really care about anything group related, noticeably uncomfortable around a lot of people they don’t know (at best) and edgy, misanthropic better than thou nose in the air PEASANTS type at worst

Sx blind: come across as dead inside, REALLY awkward when people want to be friends, and seem to have trouble expressing emotions or any passion for anything at best, jealous and self pitying manipulative fucking asshat who views people as objects at worst (i find sx blinds envy sx users for our ability to uh…. interact like humans). Like I’m talking edgy HA HA PEOPLE ARE JUST OBJECTS FOR MY USE AND AMUSEMENT :) and PPL say SO blinds are edgy….

Sp blind:
-are they dead or in the process of speeding up their own death (multiple bad and dangerous habits like drug use, alcoholism, smoking, gambling, unsafe sex, excessive and uncontrolled spending etc)
-are they known as “that guy that shouldn’t be alive right now” by multiple people
-have they continually made choices that will ruin their lives over and over and never seem t learn
-have you heard the phrase “I don’t know where all my money goes lol” at least weekly
-do they mooch or over rely on others for basic life shit
At best, always seems to get themselves into horrible situations
At worst, very seldom actually cares about any of the above and may actively or unconsciously seek out death (faux-nihilistic “life is meaningless so I’m gonna do what I want since I could be dead tomorrow")


The Colorblind trend has made a comeback on YouTube spawned by the infamous clickbait viral video titled IF YOU ONLY SEE RED YOU’RE COLOR BLIND. Loads of YouTube creators have jumped on the color blind bandwagon including our cuck of the week Logan Paul. Logan made a vlog claiming he was colorblind and having an exaggerated emotional response to seeing a sunset for the first time in full color. Logan pulled out the water works with a quiver of the lip followed by tears (and unironic dabbing) at how amazed he was. Clickbait like this is exactly what moms across the country watch to feel like they are hip to the latest in state-of-the-art meme technology. *BARF!!* So less than a week later the video THESE GLASSES CURED MY COLOR BLINDNESS! accumulated over 9.7 million views and tons of that sweet ad revenue for Mr.Paul. But alas! Today h3h3productions uploaded a new reaction video with his gay friend idubbbztv exposing the fact that Logan isn’t actually colorblind and that he in fact milks his own breasts for sustenance between vlogs. Being the cynical bastard I am, although I never saw Logan’s video prior to h3h3′s, I jumped for joy upon this magnificent discovery. Clickbait continues to earn jackasses around the world millions of $ in revenue year-over-year so it’s a little victory every time one of these cucks get called out. While I wish Ethan and Ian were a little more savage in their subtle exposé I guess typing this post will serve the rest of my meal. *mic drop*

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