[Blind!Dirk] Sick Day

Jake: seventh-tense

Dirk: terrachained

Editing: alexissam

Art: my-friend-the-frog

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Why is the sky blue

*Goes over and gently feels face before kissing and recognizing voice*

*Quietly huffs and whispers into ear after kiss being very very close to Hals ear with a serious voice.*

When sunlight reaches Earth’s atmosphere, it is scattered in all directions by all the gases and particles in the air. Blue is scattered by air molecules more than other colors because it travels as shorter, smaller waves. This is why we see a blue sky most of the time you lil shit.

Blind!Dirk brotzly headcannons

 what if 

  • something happened that made dirk blind? Like he couldn’t put on his tie by touch or fix his hair properly, so Todd begrudgingly helps him comb his hair and fix his tie. And he keeps doing it every morning, a Dirk is pretty sure he could figure it out himself but he just enjoys the attention.
  •   ‘You’re my seeing eye Todd!’ 'No, no I’m not.’
  • Dirk being very twitchy because he isn’t sure Todd’s done his hair right. And Todd sticking his tongue out in concentration trying to get the parting just so 
  • when dirk is annoying, Todd messes up his hair & refuses to fix it until he apologizes 
  • Also, todd holding disks hand so he doesn’t bump into stuff but he gets so sick of pulling dirk out of ditches and keeping him from running into things that he gets one of those child leashes 
  •  OR
  • He gets dirk a seeing eye dog AND it’s a corgi AND it likes to run between Todd’s feet all the time so dirk and him bump noses a lot 
  • Todd out walking the corgi on one lead and Dirk on another
  • The blindness being temporary but Dirk pretends he’s still blind after for the attention

blind dirk but he programs hal in his shades to function as new eyes basically where hal scans his surroundings and warns him if hes about to walk into something but hal is also an asshole to him sometimes and doesnt tell him when theres something in front of him and he walks right into a door

Alpha!Stridercest in which Dave and Dirk have parents, and they’re kind of shitty. 

They’re very religious and conservative living in Texas. When Dave was eighteen he decided to move out and follow his dreams, heading to an arts college in California where he ended up making it big as a movie producer before even graduating. Despite his parents saying he would never get anywhere in life, he really proved them wrong.

Not long after he left, they had baby Dirk. Who turns out to be totally blind.

Now Dave’s not too close with his unsupportive family and his work keeps his busy, so he doesn’t really talk to them all that much besides the obligatory phone calls home in which he only really talks to his mom and wow is it taxing because while they claim they’re proud of him, they always bring up something about how his subject matter is a little on the inappropriate side and if you keep that up, Davey, you’ll end up going to hell. 

So he doesn’t call often or come home at all. 

Dirk is raised in that very religious household where his brother’s fame is constantly praised but criticized. His parents brag about Dave all the time, but it’s more of a way to share in the fame. 

So Dirk does his own things. He gets into robotics and puppets despite his disability and he grows up not really know his brother. He finds out he’s gay but he’s smart enough to keep that hidden from his parents. 

They don’t support his hobbies. The puppets are too sexual and he’s asked to stop making them pretty quick. The robotics thing is okay, but when Dirk starts making robots that can seemingly think for themselves, Dirk’s told he’s delving into territory of playing god and that’s not right. When he’s caught having an intellectual conversation with his shades, they ban him from all robotics. 

And then the worst happens. They end up dying in a car accident and suddenly everything is happening really quick. There’s a funeral, Dave can’t make it, but Dave now becomes Dirk’s guardian. 

Dave’s not sure what to expect when he flies Dirk down, but it’s certainly not this kid. He’s snarky and confident, walking around with long, sure strides despite being blind and having to use a cane. He barely needs any help with anything, he’s nothing like mom and dad, and then this kid starts bringing out his laptop and asking for Dave’s credit card number so he can buy these weird things on eBay and shit. Eventually Dave just hands over his card and let’s the kid do whatever. 

Then suddenly there’s a robot. 

And Dave’s so fucking pissed because every time he asked his mom about Dirk, she would say, oh yeah, he’s pretty smart and capable, but there was always that /for a blind kid/ silently tacked onto the end in her tone and she never once mentioned robots. No way, this kid is fucking brilliant, and then his shades start talking! 

Dave’s just absolutely floored by his blind little brother and so immensely proud. His parents made him give up on family but Dirk is bringing back that pride.

Plus you have cute scenes of Dirk feeling up Dave’s face and saying he looks like a nerd, and then Hal popping in to confirm that yes, yes Dave does indeed look like a nerd. 

And one day something happens and for the first time since his parents’ death, Dirk finally starts grieving over it and starts crying and Dave pretty much panics because he’s not sure how to handle that. And Dirk’s babbling about every good thing he remembers mom and dad doing and then Dave starts remembering and he starts crying too because he never got to say goodbye and they last time he talked to his parents he had to cut off the phone call for a meeting and he never said that he loved them and never got to patch up his relationship with them. 

So they sit on the couch all night holding each other and crying. 

Somehow sex happens, I’m sure, because I ship them but whatever. This is cute, don’t even tell me it’s not. I love blind Dirk.

Was working on some apocalypse stuff when immortal Dirk and aging Jake came to pass.


Jake’s old and crinkled. Not quite a senior citizen, but toeing the line dangerously. It’s the only line he doesn’t want to be toeing dangerously, really. Fuck that treacherous line of maturity and all its back-aching, pudding-loving ways.

“Looking good, Grandpa,” a voice calls out to him. It’s mocking, but has a softer side Jake has learned to pick up on over the years.

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[Blind!Dirk] Emergency

Jake: seventh-tense

Dirk: terrachained

Editing: alexissam

Art: my-friend-the-frog



[Blind!Dirk] Crash 


anonymous asked:

imagine if dirk (or more possibly, dave) stole jane, jade, john, and jake's glasses and hid them, and all of them are wandering around half blind and grumbly, and dirk and/or dave is watching them giggling on the inside (and then somebody responsible scolds him)

bahah that would be mean!

then in revenge somebody could steal their shades, Dave just barricades himself in his room and refuses to come out until he gets them back lmao

Anon:your dirkjake is the cutest fucking thing in existence you need to know also that last picture eheheh

hhh thank youu! <3 I was going through the tags on that last pic and it was hilarious, bunch of people being like “oh myy” hhaha there shall be more pics

Anon:Suggestion- roxy getting way too drunk with john and jake and she can’t tell who is who so she calls one captain America and captain england

bUT wouldn’t that mean she knows who’s who :?


Anon:Hello!! This isn’t really a question, I would just like you to know that all of your dirkjake art is so beautiful and I love your pictures! I am infatuated with your most recent post of them. They are totally one of my OTPs, definitely because of your awesome drawings!!! ;D Thanx for drawing such spectacular dirkjake pics!!!!!


[Blind!Dirk] Fall