“Those leather pants of Aaliyah’s from “More Than A Woman” were custom made. I designed them myself and sewn by a tailor I always used for Aaliyah, Joe LaGrand. Since it was an all dance video, I wanted a vibe similar to what Aaliyah wore in “Try Again”, hence the leather pant. So I went to a leather sex shop in Los Angeles for inspiration & came out with that design in my head. I have those pants, along with most of Aaliyah’s other wardrobe, in storage. Most likely never to be worn again.” - Derek Lee (Aaliyah’s Stylist) / @dleestyle 💕 | The OG trendsetter(s). Aaliyah & Derek did this in 2001. Let that sink in #InnovatorsOverImitators 💅🏻

You know how it’s like an instinct for wolves to protect their mate?

They don’t even think about it, it just comes to them naturally. Their mate is caught in a dangerous situation or is going to be in a dangerous situation and they’re ready to defend them.

It’s sort of like this scene.

Derek caught sight of Stiles getting ready to do something risky, something that posed a threat to his safety and he immediately came chasing after Stiles, trying to get him to stop and ready to protect him if anything were to go wrong.

Just like a wolf with his mate.

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I love your art!! It's so gorgeous!! Could you do Gavroche in 55 or Prouvaire in 96??

I’m sorry it took me so long to answer!!

Here they are, I really hope you like them!
Thanks a lot for requesting and for not coming to me for making you wait so long ;;


Derek Hale X Reader 

Word Count: 415

Requested: Anon

Request: Could I please ask for a teen wolf Fic? The reader and Derek are best friends (and secretly love each other) and usually Derek doesnt wasn’t the reader around when he shifts in case she gets hurt, but one day it happens and Derek discovers the reader is his anchor because she manages to help him stay in control? Thanks so much ❤

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You hadn’t ever seen Derek shift he somehow managed to make sure that you were nowhere near him when shifted and you had no idea how he did it. You always seemed to be somewhere else when there was a problem in Beacon Hills, it wasn’t that you didn’t know about the supernatural, your family was usually a big part of the problem considering but Derek somehow managed to shelter you from everything when you moved the Beacon Hills. “Derek!” You called as you jogged up the stairs to his loft. When you got up there he was a bloody mess on the floor and Cora and Peter were nowhere to be found, you could see from here he was too weak to control the shift properly but you had to help him. “What happened?”
“(Y/N) stay away from me!” Derek warned.
“Derek you need help and no one else is here!” You said taking a step forward and he growled. “Derek you’re not going to hurt me.” Derek looked up his eyes glowing bright red and you continued forward.
“(Y/N)!” Derek warned trying to push himself away from you but you were more able bodied than he was, you crouched in front of him and noticed his eyes were still glowing and his canines were showing and you took a deep breath calming yourself before reaching out and placing your hands on his cheek.
“Derek.” You said gently stroking your thumb over his cheek, he grunted in response “you’re supposed to have an anchor right?”
“Yeah.” He managed to say.
“Well, what’s yours?” You asked, he stayed silent and then after a minute, his eyes turned back to their normal green.
“I told you to leave.” Derek glared.
“Yeah, yeah where are you hurt?” You asked going to lift his shirt.
“I really wish you’d listen to me.” He mumbled leaning forward hand cupping your cheek and bringing your face closer to his.
“Bet your glad I didn’t…” You whispered and you were sure that he almost smiled but before you could be sure he connected his lips with yours. “Derek seriously where are you hurt?” You asked pushing him away.
“I’m not.” He smiled lifting his shirt.
“How..?” You asked frowning.
“I’m a werewolf.” He smirked.
“Yeah, but you weren’t healing.” You argued pointing at his bloody t-shirt.
“Guess you’re my anchor,” Derek said leaning forward.
“Me!?” You asked.
“Yes, you.” He assured laughing before leaning forward to kiss you again.

Requests and general question!

Request: Can I get an imagine with Derek Hale where he is really over protective of you and he doesn’t like having you out of his sight but he falls asleep and you sneak out to go shopping with some friends and when you get back to the loft he is waiting for you and you are in a lot of trouble. Thank you thank you thank you                                                                                                                                                                                       Warning:None!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Note:I did it in Dereks POV also but it’s short so l hope that you’re going to like it and if you do let me know..:))                                                                                                                                                                                            I got out from bathroom and saw Derek sleeping on the bed,he usually never sleep during the day but l guess that he’s tired.l came closer and kissed him on the cheek before putting a blanket over him.I quietly closed the door and went down to watch tv.Somewhere during the movie l got a text from my friend asking if l maybe wanted to go shopping with her. Since l didn’t want to wake Derek up l wrote the note and left it on the table before l left.                                                                                                                                                            Derek P.O.V                                                                                                           l woke up and saw that was already evening,l checked the clock and it read it 6:30pm.l got up and went to the bathroom to see if Y/N is there,but she wasn’t.I went  down the stairs and into the kitchen but she wasn’t there either.Confused but also panicked l took my phone and got back into the living room.l dialed Y/N number and it started ringing,but she wasn’t picking up.l dialed her again ‘Come on pick up,pick up.’But still nothing and just then when l was about to dial her again l heard door unlocking and Y/N entered into the house.                                                                                                                     Y/N P.O.V                                                                                                             I left my keys on the commode by the door and then l saw Derek standing with a phone in his hands and upset look on his face.And l know this can’t be good.’Hi baby!.’ I came closer to kiss me  but he stopped me ‘Where the hell were you Y/N?’ l looked at him surpriesed,sure Derek is acting overprotective but this much?! ‘Out with friends.’ He raised his eyebrow ‘You went out without telling me.’ l looked at him really annoyed ‘I didn’t want to wake you up,so l wrote you a note.’ His face softened a little,but he still  looked upset.I walked over the table and took the note so i can give him ‘Here read it,but one thing j won’t you to know.l’m not your property Derek,l have my life too,l have friends too and it’s okay that you want to protect me but this is getting out of hand so l suggest you to start controling it.’I turned and went upstairs to our bedroom.l wasn’t angry at him,l was just upset about him not having trust that l can protect myself. Sometime passed and l was sitting on the bed reading some book,when Derek walked in and sat down next to me ‘Baby l’m sorry.’ l didn’t say anything just continued reading a book when suddenly ‘Do you hate me now?’ l looked up from my book at Derek and he had a scared look on his face.l closed a book and put it on the night table.l look back at him and put my hands on his cheek ‘I may be angry at you sometimes but hate you,never.’ He smiled and l smiled back hugging him.’l’m sorry Y/’re right l crossed the line and l promise it won’t happen again.’ l pulled away from him and smiled ‘It’s okay baby you didn’t do anything wrong.’ He brushed his nose against mine ‘You have no idea how much l love you.’ l smiled and kissed him ‘Actually l do,because l love you too.’