Do you ever think about Stiles and Derek’s first kiss? I bet it wasn’t some big kiss, it was soft and small, but it meant everything to them because it was the turning point of their relationship. 

Stiles was leaving the loft one morning after he fell asleep over the coffee table while he was researching the monster of the week.  He woke up wrapped in a blanket and on the couch and he thought he remembered Derek caressing his cheek, but that was probably a dream.

Derek gives him a cup of coffee for the road and Stiles leans into him as he took it and kisses him softly on the lips because Derek is the best for making him coffee and giving him a blanket and just being Derek. Then he  walks out the door and down to his car. 

He gets into the car and realizes what he did just in time to look out the window and see Derek running toward him.  Derek pulls the door open and takes Stiles face in his hands before kissing him for a second time, just as softly and so, so, sweetly. 

The third kiss is a little more heated, Stiles has his fingers in his hair and Derek’s hands have found their way down to Stiles hips.  Stiles doesn’t ever get home that day, instead he ends up sleeping in Derek’s bed, with Derek wrapped around him. 

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hello! can we get an update on the possessive!derek tag by any chance? danke schön <3

ahh! german right??? hallo

You Took Care Of Me by honestlydarkprincess (1/1 | 2,207 | PG13)

After a fight with a vampire coven, Stiles is badly hurt. Thankfully, Derek is there to take care of him.

The Mafia AU Nobody Asked For by IdSellMySoulForRecentlyUpdatedFanfiction (6/? | 12,651 | NC17)

When Stiles arrives at his new home in Beacon Hills, he’s barely able to babble his way to the room picked for him before something starts to fuck with his flight or fight responses to basic shit. It doesn’t take long for him to discover the even darker parts of the already suspicious town after he befriends the single person Scott told him to haul ass away from.
Dude Derek doesn’t even show up until like after the fifth chapter (what I’ve written to before I started posting this) but the first handful of chapters are basically gonna be Stiles befriending members of the Hale family as he tries to figure out why the hell they’re so feared and why everybody is getting pissy when the full moon is gonna be out. Will prob get pretty violent as our fav human figures some shit out

Plot Twist by redeyedwrath (1/1 | 2,600 | G)

“Straight worries he’s being homophobic to roommate, realizes he’s fallen in love with him” AU

Five Minutes and a Sequel by LadyDrace (2/2 | 544 | NC17)

Derek is really good at blowjobs.


I did a five minute writing challenge, and of course it’s smut.

Happy Birthday Vanessa! by LucifersHitman (1/1 | 2,653 | NC17)

Stiles was just trying to have a little me time in his favourite secret outfit with his favourite toy, why does Derek always have to burst in unannounced and more importantly was his sex life about to get a little more interesting?

Stupid Scott by the_diggler (1/1 | 3,601 | NR)

“Did he what now?” Stiles stops in his tracks. “Is that even a thing werewolves do?”
“Well… sometimes?” Scott fidgets, unable to meet his eyes.
“Sometimes,” Stiles echoes.
“When there are… feelings… involved?”
“Feelings,” Stiles echoes again, his gut sinking. “Why doesn’t anyone tell me these things?” he tries not to shriek.
“It’s kind of private,” Scott shrugs. “And besides, I’m telling you now!” he adds as an afterthought.
Stiles rolls his eyes and huffs, stalking off to class. Stupid Scott.

Part 2 of Stupid Derek

Stiles And Hales

I just realized something… Stiles has a thing for Hales, doesn’t he?

I mean, he’s literally dating one right now.

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And he kinda went really well with Cora too, right? They even kissed and all. Kinda.

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But let’s not forget the best one of them all :D

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Derek definitely teases Stiles when he finds out that he needs glasses at 25, because he can no longer see the tickets he’s writing. That makes it even worse when he discovers he needs glasses himself only 5 years later.

“You’re a werewolf and you need glasses, that’s so much better then when I needed them,” Stiles teases, but stops when he sees Derek in his glasses, his words stuck in his throat. 

“Do they look bad?” Derek asks, regretting all the times he ribbed Stiles for his black framed glasses when he had first gotten them, because now he knew he was going to get it all thrown back at him. 

Stiles swallows before he says, “No, they look great.  We’re going to have a lot of fun with this actually.”

He then grabs Derek by the lapels of his jacket and pulls him in to kiss him. “We aren’t role playing,” Derek mutters into Stiles’ mouth, but kisses him back.

“Sure thing, Mr. Hale,” Stiles says, nipping at Derek’s lip and eliciting a groan.

They role play, Derek will never admit how much he likes it, but he really likes it. 

Stiles says the glasses are the best thing to come into their sex life since they reenforced the ceiling and got a swing put in their bedroom. 

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Hmm I'm guessing maybe the frogs didn't get told "yet" and they could at a later date?

Bitty and Jack are probably waiting for Dex to get back so they can gather all their children and give them the your father and I have something important to tell you talk.

Once they break the news, Chowder will probably happy cry. “I thought you were going to tell us you were going to take us to Disneyland but this is even better!”

Nursey and Dex will look at each other, grin, and say, “We have something to tell you too.”

A second “deets exchange” brunch is going to be required.