this is something that has been bothering me for a while

why is it that the majority of check please/nurseydex content on this site always insists that nursey is always in the wrong in terms of (potential) arguments with dex about privilege and the very different lives they live? why do y’all continue to create content where nursey finally has some sort of awakening to the advantage he has over dex financially, but no one mentions dex’s whiteness as an advantage that he has over nursey? 

why have i only seen one post that says anything about DEX waking up to the fact that aside from his financial status nursey has NO OTHER ADVANTAGE OVER DEX? why does dex never fucking wake up and realize his privilege as a white person in y’all fics/headcannons/etc.? nursey is canonically a biracial black person (also reminder: biracial does not always equal half white) and dex is white. dex has an immense amount of advantages over nursey bc of his skin color and i am so tired of that being overlooked. 

where is a fic where nursey sits dex down and explains that nursey may come from money, but dex’s parents never had to give him a talk about how to act bc of how he will be perceived as a black man? dex’s parents don’t have to worry about their children being the next hashtag on twitter as victims of police brutality. dex does not have to police himself in public bc of his race. dex will have greater chances of success than a nonblack person in the same financial situation. i could go on for days about this. 

and let me be very clear: i am not trying to downplay any struggles that dex has to go through, or the struggles of any poor white person, and i love dex tbh. but y’all have to realize that he is still incredibly privileged. and dex needs to realize this in fic/headcannons/etc. as well. and yes, they are fictional characters in a comic and some of y’all might not think it’s this serious but it is a real-life issue and tbh, to an extent some of it is a bit anti-black. please stop subconsciously making nursey the villain in any situation where he discusses these topics with dex.

tl;dr: stop overlooking dex’s advantages and privileges as a white person, and please include it in content y’all create. 

After watching Grey’s Anatomy:

  • you don’t spell gray you spell grey
  • you’re basically a doctor
  • you freak out if someone has the hiccups 
  • planes make u nervous 
  • you have a thing for ferryboats 
  • you got a problem? just push one of epi 
  • when you hear Arizona you don’t think of the state 
  • you get emotional over scrub caps 
  • you will never forgive shonda 
  • you have trust issues 
  • you can never get attached to characters ever again 

anonymous asked:

Your writing is so fab! Could I request a oneshot sort of thing (or whatever you want idk) with Isaac being really close with y/n, and they have a weird relationship where they're always messing with each other or trying to piss the other one off for entertainment, then Isaac figures out y/n likes him and gets mega cocky about it, she (unsuccessfully) pretends to not know what he's talking about when he brings it up. So Isaac decides to be a little shit and tries to do little things to...

-          Say you’ll never let me go, cause I’m lost without my ritual.

 Musical Inspiration: “Ritual” – marshmello ft. Wrabel

Word count: approx. 1.3k

Pack movie night finds you curled up next to Isaac on the floor of Derek’s loft. Kira and Scott are cuddled up on the couch behind you with Derek on the other end all by himself and the rest of the pack are sprawled on the floor around you.

“What are they doing?” You hear Kira whisper to Scott as you and Isaac continue to annoy each other. Isaac’s elbow presses into your ribs so you return the favor, tugging on the blanket that’s spread out over the both of you so that Isaac only has the edge of it. He tugs it back but you have a firm grip on it and he gives up after a second.

“Who knows anymore?” Scott answers, not even bothering to whisper.

Everyone knows about your weird friendship with Isaac. You’re really close, but you have this habit of trying to annoy the shit out of each other when you’re together. It used to get on everyone else’s nerved but they’ve mostly gotten used to it by now. It’s gotten worse lately though. You don’t know if you’re to blame or Isaac is for the increase in pranks and little irritations but you’re having fun so you don’t even think about it most of the time.

“Looks like a mating ritual to me,” Malia murmurs from her spot in Stiles’ lap, causing her boyfriend to snort into his hand.

Isaac tenses beside you for a second and when you turn to check on him, he’s already looking at you like he’s just realized something. A slow smirk grows on his face and you don’t like the look of that. Oh god, he can’t know that you like him like that. Can he? Your thoughts must show on your face because he arches a brow, smirk only growing more prominent as he stares at you. You quickly excuse yourself to the bathroom.

You lean back against the door once it’s closed behind you, closing your eyes and wishing Malia wasn’t quite so observant or quick to announce her observations.  You stay there until you think your heartbeat’s settled so that you can go back and pretend to not be completely in love with your best friend.

When you return, Isaac’s the only one that pays you any attention, holding up the blanket in an invitation for you to sit back down. He throws it over your lap, as you settle next to him, scooting closer so that it’s easier to share. And then, he just goes back to watching the movie.

You’re highly suspicious of his behavior and a little worried that something’s changed since Malia’s comment. Isaac never just sits still when you’re right there for him to annoy. You try to ignore the squirmy, wrong feeling in your stomach and watch the movie.

A few minutes later, Isaac jostles you as he leans closer to whisper in your ear. “I’m kind of thirsty, you want anything?”

His lips graze your ear as he speaks and send a shiver down your spine.

“I’m good,” you say staring at the screen, ignoring the feel of his hot breath against your skin. He doesn’t get up.

“You don’t want anything?” He asks again, his voice taking on a flirtatious tone.

You turn to look at his face and find him biting down on a grin. Well, he’s obviously figured out that you like him, but Isaac teasing you about it makes you feel a bit better about the situation. Teasing you’re used to, that’s just how you and Isaac are. You glare. “Maybe a best friend who’s not an asshole. Think you can find one of those for me?”

He laughs. “I’ll see what I can do.”

You watch him as he rises from his seat next to you and heads to the kitchen, shaking your head. What has Malia gotten you into? Isaac looks over his shoulder to find you staring somewhere in the vicinity of his ass, which… really wasn’t your intention but… it’s a nice one, so. Unfortunately, Isaac now knows you think so. When he comes back and settles down next to you again, he leans back into your space.

“See anything you like?” He whispers, right up against your ear again.

“Yep, this movie is great,” you answer, purposefully ignoring his meaning as you steal his drink from his hands and keep it for yourself. He doesn’t even protest, just laughing at you instead.

Throughout the rest of the movie, Isaac continues to drive you crazy. His fingers graze your arm, giving you goosebumps and he pretends to be surprised when he sees them.

“Oh, are you cold?” He asks mischievously, throwing an arm over your shoulders with another smirk. Then he leans in to whisper, “If you wanted my arm around you, you could have just asked.”

You dig your fingers into his armpit, tickling him until he takes his arm back.

Derek sighs in relief when the movie ends. “Thank god it’s over,” he says, eyes shifting from the televisions to look directly at you and Isaac. “Get out.”

“Harsh,” Isaac mutters, gathering up the blanket the two of you had been using.

“Yeah, Der,” You agree, pulling on your jacket. “Way to encourage pack bonding.”

Derek snorts. “If I have to see you two bonding any more tonight, I’m going to rip out my own eyes.”

Stiles snickers. “Let me guess, with your teeth?”

Isaac high fives him because you’ve all heard Derek threaten to use his teeth on you far too often to be intimidated by it anymore.

Derek sighs again, obviously wondering how this became his life. “Please leave.”

The group as a whole gathers up their things and makes their way out of Derek’s loft, leaving in groups of two or three until it’s just you and Isaac outside the building. Isaac always walks you home and tonight is no different.

“So,” he starts as you walk, and you can already tell he’s about to start in again with the teasing. “Anything you want to tell me, (Y/n)?”

“Hmmm,” you hum, pretending to think about it. “Nope.”

“No secrets you want to share with your best friend?” He asks, walking closer to your side so that his hand brushes yours.

“I don’t really know if he’s mature enough to handle my secrets,” you tease back.

“Well, if he’s mature enough for you to stare at his ass, I think he’s probably mature enough to keep your secrets,” He says, catching your hand in his and causing your heart to falter in its beating.

You stop walking and so does Isaac. You and Isaac don’t hold hands. You’re not sure what’s going on but you think it might be a good thing. You think.

Isaac moves to stand in front of you, his eyes on the left side of your chest. “Your heartbeat’s giving all your secrets away,” he says quietly, raising his gaze to your face.

“Isaac?” Your voice trembles. Things have suddenly gotten very serious.

“I promise, I’m a great secret keeper,” he says, leaning in until his lips brush yours. “I won’t tell anyone you’re absolutely crazy about me.”

You pull him in with a hand on the back of his neck, kissing him hard. You’ve wanted this for so long. And by the way Isaac’s kissing you, it seems he has too. You break away from the kiss, a smile on your face.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you lie.

Isaac scoffs and kisses you again like that’s all the proof he needs.

You nip his lip in retaliation.

He tugs on your hair.

You grin into the kiss. He’s still the best friend you know and love and it seems, despite things taking a turn for the romantic, that isn’t ever going to change.

Cafe (A Derek Hale Imagine)

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Request: Could you do a Derek Hale imagine where you and he broke up and you moved away and after three years you move back to Beacon Hills and run in to him at a cafe and start talking again?

Pairing: Derek x Reader 

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Author: jeffdavisspawn

Never. Never. Never ever ever.

These words passed through (Y/N)’s mind as she drove out of Beacon Hills.

You screwed it up. You made it too real and now you’re left here with a broken heart.

“He was the one”, her mind screamed, “and now he’ll never speak to me again.”

Never ever ever will you fall in love.

3 Years Later

The pack is having a meeting at Scott’s house where they are discussing the current problem in Beacon House expect most of them were preoccupied with their own thoughts. Stiles was currently trying to stop Malia from making hickies on his neck while Scott would sneak little kisses from Kira every once in awhile. All of the teen romance in the room made Derek sick. No, literally sick. He always hated the aroma of love and lust every since (Y/N) left.  

“Come on, guys! This is serious!”, Derek encouraged to the teens trying to get them to stop messing around.

“Umm..actually..not really..what we’re up against isn’t really threat.”, lulled Malia.

“Whatever, I’m going to get some coffee while you sit on your asses and make out.”, announced Derek leaving the room.

As Derek exited the room, Stiles whispered something, “He’s just salty because of (Y/N).”

Derek decided to go to the nearest cafe on Davidson Street. As he opened the door and got in line to get coffee, he heard a soft voice.

“Derek?”, it said. And he turned to see who was talking and it was her. Her, even more beautiful than as she left. The sudden nostalgia mixed in with passion hit him like a sonic boom. The girl Derek had been in love with was there right there in front of him. He tried to remember all the speeches he had formed in his head since the day she left, all the things he wanted to say, but they seemed to slip through his grasps.

“(Y/N).”, he stated, his mouth slightly agape. The girl approached him and hugged him tightly.

“I thought you hated coffee.”, she whispered in his ear.

“I’ve kinda acquired a taste for it.”, he said back.

She gave him one tight squeeze and released him for her embrace.

“We have to catch up!”, (Y/N) said.

“Of course. Just let me get my coffee.”   

After Derek got his coffee, he found where (Y/N) was sitting and grabbed a seat next to her. And 35 minutes later…

“Sooo, you’re telling little socially awkward Scott McCall and scrawny Stiles Stilinski not only survived 3 years of high school but become an extremely rare True Alpha and the host of a dark demonic evil spirit?”, (Y/N) asked.

“I’m sincerely telling you the truth.”


“I know. Who knew I’d be ‘Derek Hale. Mentor of the high school’s supernatural.’”

“I did. I always knew it”

Derek blushed a little.

“I miss you.”

‘Did I really just say that? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!’, Derek thought.

“Well, miss no more. I am officially a resident of Beacon Hills once more.”


‘Awesome? I never say ‘awesome’. Who says ‘awesome’ when the love of your life says that she’s moving back?’

There was some awkward silence before (Y/N) broke the ice.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For three years ago”


“I pushed too far. I know that. You weren’t- we weren’t ready that type of thing.”



“We were. I was just..just scared of losing you, of doing something completely stupid and losing you. But I know. I’ve seen young love survive. Even younger! We could-”

But Derek stopped himself to say the words, to express the possibility of getting back together. I mean, for god sakes, he just seen (Y/N) today and he was already gonna bombard with that.

“We could what?”


Again with the silence to which (Y/N) broke.

“Would you maybe..possibly..wanna go get coffee another time?”

25 Days of Sterek 
Day 4 - Baking Cookies

Stiles Stilinski had never been much of a baker, but he had always loved baking Christmas cookie with his mom when he was younger, and with his dad after she had passed away, so when he moved across the country he wanted to continue the tradition.

That was how Stiles ended up with one of New York City’s most attractive firefighters standings outside of his apartment. 

“No, no I’m fine,” Stiles insisted as tall, dark, and handsome fireman walked into his apartment, his face stoney as he walked into the kitchen where the tray of cookies that had caused the incident sat, looking incriminating. 

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