Tiger Sharkss sat on the floor of her shack, hunched over and hugging her knees. Her hair, once blond and tied back with a clip, now spilled over her shoulders in black curly tendrils.

Thoughts swirled around her head. Since she had been rescued from BLI, she hadn’t stopped thinking about the night she had been captured. The flaky contract, her sloppy execution, the face she never expected to see again.

What had she been doing there, in that old BLI bar? What kind of life has she been living, since the day Sharkss had lost her? Naturally, Sharkss hadn’t expected her to remember anything. But it had hurt to see her unrecognizing look of shock nonetheless. It was honestly fucking with the killjoy’s head.

She took a deep breath and looked up at the flowers decorating her home. At least she could take care of those, even when she wasn’t taking care of herself.

She stood up and stretched, catching a glimpse of her reflection moving in the metal watering can on the counter. She walked closer and squinted at herself, surprised to see how dark and long her hair had become. A strange side effect of using her Ravenkroft for prolonged periods of time.

“Good ‘Nix, what am I doing?” She mumbled to herself.

Standing up straight again, she tied her hair back into a loose braid, securing it with an elastic band from her wrist. She turned and walked to her bed, where her radio transmitter stood silent on the side table. She had turned it off upon returning home, at first with the intention of keeping it off for the night so she could sleep better. She hadn’t been able to bring herself to turn it back on yet.

But- she needed to get back into the world. Maybe she still wouldn’t leave her house for a few weeks and would still keep her shack cloaked from nearby wanderers, but it would at least be nice to hear other peoples’ voices again. She turned the knob to the “on” position and the transmitter crackled gently.


Good morning, Battery City! Looks like another great day out there. Keep smiling.


Inmate #0801, [interrogation video]

Found in BL/ind archives, shows footage of 20-year-old Gerard Way, who would later turn into the infamous rebel leader known as Party Poison, interrogated after being taken into custody by S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W operatives for refusing to wear his BLI headphones at the appropriate times and levels. Way claimed that the daily broadcasts were “unnatural” as he continued to show disinterest and even laugh through the interrogation. Many experts say this is the event that sparked the rebellion that would make it’s mark on Battery City history.