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Hey love. Could you maybe do a quick summary of what's been happening since March 25th? That's the last day I was properly online and rn there's just so much going on.... Thanks so much!

Oh wow, I’ll try, but I’m really bad at remembering what happens when and dates and stuff, but here goes (if anyone wants to add on stuff i’ve forgotten, feel free!) 

Saturday 25th March 

  • Louis played Ultra fest with Steve in Miami to 100,000+ crowd and tweeted about it a lot.
  • Cheryl gave birth and Liam and Cheryl both released statements via IG I think
  • During the UK The Voice there was a ‘teaser’ ad for Harry and his forthcoming music. And news that music will come on the 7th April.
  • Harry also changed his IG icon to a white blank space, and posted three white squares like he did before Another Man. 
  • Gemma blew up at a Larrie on twitter - i think she might have deleted the tweets now? Anyway, it’s the same old stuff we’re used to.

Sunday 26th March

  • I don’t think much happened? Other than lots of media coverage off of the back of Harry’s ad and Liam’s news - you can google and it all comes up. 

Monday 27th March 

  • Liam tweeted about changing nappies.

Tuesday 28th March

  • Harry tweeted to let us know that he now has a website. 
  • He also updated his twitter header pic (as did Louis) - both of which feature blue and green. 
  • We also found out that Harry would be on SNL on 15th April, and possibly playing two songs as that is tradition. 
  • The Daily Mail ran a piece trashing the pap involved in the scuffle with Louis including how he has gone after other celebs in the same way and that he also “harassed” his ex. It’s worth noting as Louis is poss supposed to have a hearing soon.

Wednesday 29th March

  • Articles saying Harry’s single will be 5mins long and the album will come soon after. 

There’s probably a lot more, but that’s the best I’ve got at the mo - hope that helps. 

If anyone wants to add on things I’ve missed, go ahead! 


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Does G’Kar know what hair loss is or does he just like think Londo’s making an uncharacteristically radical statement re: the way gender/sexuality is perceived in Centauri society

Pop Punk for Cold and Snowy Nights

1. The Wonder Years - Hoodie Weather
2. Real Friends - Home for Fall
3. State Champs - Prepare to be Noticed
4. Somos - Familiar Theme
5. You Blew It! - House Dialect
6. Knuckle Puck - Your Back Porch
7. A Great Big Pile of Leave - Flying Fish
8. Sorority Noise - Dirty Ickes
9. The Story So Far - High Regard
10. Moderne. - Quietly
11. Head North - In The Water
12. Man Overboard - Dead End Dreams
13. Into It. Over It. - Upstate Blues
14. Modern Baseball - Broken Cash Machine
15. Vacationer - Glimpse


We are gonna make it, the sound that only we can beat !

Six of Crows, more like:

MAMA, JUST KILLED A MAN. AND ANOTHER. and another. I just stabbed a man. Blew up a man. oh no, there they go. mama, i think i might have fucked up a little. 

oh wait mama, you’re dead as well.

Chapter 21: Warm Words

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Your life with the Starks is great, it’s more than you ever imagined. You and Jon Snow have a beloved little secret, but will that change all very soon? What will happen to Jon and especially you as new series of events start to stir causing a plethora of mishaps and sinister evil beings try to plot against the Starks, what will you do to play your part in the Game of Thrones?

Chapter 19  Chapter 20  Chapter 22

Warning: Ramsay saying some crazy shit, as always 

Word count: This is the longest chapter, which is why it’s my favorite :-) 

Enjoy ~

A horn blows as a man yells from far away, “Open the gates!” The doors begin to open slowly as my heart start to race. I felt Sansa clutch on to me, she is tired of riding so I told her I would ride instead. This place looks like it had been here for thousands of years and will still be here thousands of years more. I keep the hood of my cloak up for no one to really pay attention to me, I just want to see Jon.

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I feel like the Chunin Exam arc was so damn hardcore and then Shippuden went in a completely different direction.

Like, Shino blew a man’s arms off, and team 8 dropped a whole army of bugs down on some team in the Forrest of death, presumably leaving them there to die.

Temari cheerily waved “bye bye” to a man as he was crushed by Gaara’s sand.

We all know Neji wanted to near kill Hinata. And Gaara shattered half of Lee’s body.

So many vicious stuff went down. So much cruel stuff was done by major characters. (Also one of the reasons I think Shikamaru’s revenge arc on Hidan was not out of place in Naruto. It was another crazy horrific thing that seems pretty normal by Naruto main character standards.)

Chaotic Noise, Part 2

Shinra was so stunned by the sight of Shizuo Heiwajima carrying Izaya Orihara’s lifeless body that even he didn’t speak, for once mimicking his shadowy lover.

“Where do I put him?” Shizuo asked, eager to remove the sensation of Izaya’s body from his arms.

“Is he alive?” Shinra ran up to the two and held a finger under Izaya’s nose. Shinra exhaled when the man blew hot air onto his finger. “Thank God, I never really thought you’d do it!”

Shizuo grunted. “I’ll do you in if you don’t tell me where to put him down.”

“Uh, h-here,” Shinra led him back to his emergency room, where he kept a medical bed and supplies. He worked quickly to set it up while Shizuo dumped Izaya onto the bed. Izaya stirred, blood pooling from his mouth.

Celty was surprised by the sympathy she felt for the information broker. She hated him sometimes, mostly because of his claims to love humans despite all of the terrible things he did to them. Celty had at one point thought he might not be all that bad, but then, as always, he did something to tip him back onto her bad side.

“Can I go now?” Shizuo asked, but a knock echoed at the front door.

Celty had been looking forward to relaxing on the patio with Shinra but now realized that her dreams of relaxation were over. She went to the door and shuddered as she saw who was at it.

“Who is it?” Shinra called.

Celty slumped in defeat and opened the door. Shingen Kishitani and his young, dumb, American wife entered. They blathered on about something or other, but Celty A. Tuned them out, and B. Was so confused by Emilia’s way of speaking that she couldn’t discern what was being said.

Shinra popped out, fortunately, a blood-stained rag in his hand. “Dad, what’s going on? I’m kind of busy here.”

“We need you and Celty straight away!” Shingen’s speech was muffled through his gas mask. Celty wondered if he even had a face under there, and she shuddered as she pictured a smiling skull, or worse, a dark void not unlike herself.

“I’m busy with a patient,” Shinra insisted. At this point, Shizuo stepped into the room.

“Heiwajima?” Shingen asked. “He looks as stoic as always.” ‘Stoic’ was slang for ‘grouchy.’

Emilia craned her head around Shingen. “Ooh, scary! Tall and impassive, the blond man. Do lots of Japanese their hair is changed?”

Celty shook her head, wishing the woman would work her way around the Japanese language.

“The way you talk pisses me off,” Shizuo said point-blank, not a man of many words or much tact. Shinra laughed nervously, cornered in a room filled with many tense relationships: His lover who hated his father and step-mother, and his two good friends who were also bitter enemies. He was still confused about what had happened between Izaya and Shizuo.

He supposed he was to blame for it all. Introducing the two, at least. He should’ve known it would’ve been like oil and water, the boy who prickled at everything and the boy who enjoyed needling. But, deep down, he’d had a hope they would get along, that they’d be a group of friends or possibly even friends to each other. Both were lonely, Shinra knew, which was why he befriended both. An easygoing boy, he wanted to be with Celty and fix people and problems. But he’d only made things worse for Izaya and Shizuo, and consequently all of Ikebukuro.

Maybe it was up to him to fix it. Either this would end in disaster and he’d come back to a destroyed apartment and no trace of Izaya, or … well, he didn’t know what he hoped for.

“Okay, Dad, Celty and I will come over straight away.”

Shingen was just as surprised by this as Celty was. “Really?”

“Sure.” He looked at Shizuo, trying to stand tall and not to show fear. “Shizuo, can you look after Izaya?”

Shizuo and Celty seemed to think this was an equally bad idea. She waved her arms across each other in a “NO!” symbol while Shizuo broke his cigarette in two.

“What did you say?”

“Well, you hurt him, so it’s your responsibility to look after him while I’m gone. He’s out cold, so all you have to do is make sure he doesn’t choke while he’s sleeping. I gave him some pain-killers, so if he does wake up he’ll be woozy. He won’t be able to hurt you, if he can even talk.”

“So I have to sit and stare at him?”

Celty pictured a silent Shizuo staring at a sleeping, prone Izaya, with murder on his mind. This would be the ultimate test of patience for Shizuo. She prayed silently.

Please let there be an apartment when I come back. Or at least a room with a bed. And if Izaya’s dead, please let him be in one piece.


“What if he pukes or somethin’?”

“If he stops breathing, give him mouth-to-mouth-” Shinra stopped when Shizuo’s face made it very clear there would be no mouth-to-mouth. “Give him chest compressions. Gently, or you’ll break his sternum.”


“And if he vomits, turn him over and press your palm to his back as if he’s choking. But hopefully he’ll just sleep.”

“Hopefully.” Shizuo looked back at the room with a disdainful look in his eye.

Celty looked at Shinra, who had the ability to read her without her PDA. What the HELL are you doing?

He smiled, trying to reassure her-and himself. “Shizuo, keep your phone close. Call me if you need to. I’ll let you know when we’re returning. Help yourself to the fridge.”

He started to follow his parents out, but Celty quickly typed a message for Shizuo. Please please please don’t destroy the apartment. If you have to kill him, take him outside first. But try not to kill him, too. Just think of him as a baby you’re watching while he takes a little nap, okay?

“I hate babies almost as much as I hate him,” Shizuo said, which less than reassured Celty. She slumped in defeat, then typed a final message.

Just do it for me, okay? Even if you’re mad at Shinra. I don’t know what he’s doing, but he seems to have some kind of goal in mind. Just think happy thoughts.

“Killing Izaya would make me pretty happy,” Shizuo said, but part of him was angry about the situation and he wasn’t sure he meant it. Still, Celty calmed him, and he was pretty sure he could avoid killing the flea for her sake. “But I won’t do it here.”

Celty typed out a reply. Thank you. I’m really sorry about this. Trust me. I wanted to relax today, too.

Shizuo managed a small smile. “Still don’t know what you see in Shinra, but hey, as long as he makes you happy.” He envied their easy bond. In all of Ikebukuro, Celty and Shinra had the most normal relationship. He didn’t love Celty in the same way as Shinra, but he knew Shinra was damn lucky to have her. In a way, she was the most normal person in town.

She was a damn good friend. And for her, he’d avoid killing the flea here.

He watched the quartet walk out, realizing with the sound of the door shutting that he was locked in an apartment with the last person in Ikebukuro he wanted to be with. In all of the world, really.

“I need a cigarette,” he muttered, sitting on the couch. He wanted to avoid looking at Izaya. Even a glance at him made Shizuo throb with a red-hot anger. Izaya’s best protection was to be in a room away from Shizuo.

As soon as he sat and lit the cigarette, he heard a cough. His hair stood on end like a dog spotting a rabbit. He knew Izaya’s every sound, and even his smell. Izaya wore cologne, the same since high-school, that he thought smelled good but Shizuo thought stank. Of course, it was because he now associated it with Izaya. He hated fur-lined coats and black hair, and butterfly knives and cheap cologne. He also hated his own phone because Izaya had his number and would call to antagonize him.

He’d once refused to add Izaya into his address book, but because he continually forgot Izaya’s number, he always picked up because he thought it was for work. Tom told him to add it in just so he knew to avoid it, and that there were apps to block it, but Shizuo was too lazy to do this. Tom did it for him, yet Izaya would find new numbers and Shizuo would always pick up. Izaya was clever and Shizuo was dense, this was well known even to Shizuo himself. Another thing he hated.

Izaya coughed again. Shizuo sighed and snuffed out the cigarette. Bothersome flea.

He wanted to turn on the TV to drown him out, but the paranoia of hearing that cough was too overwhelming. Shizuo hated reading, so he avoided the books that lined Shinra and Celty’s shelves. They were mostly medical and folklore, but a few amused him. Celty seemed to have a fascination with aliens. He noted there were also a lot of Quentin Tarantino films on the DVD shelf. He knew these films because of Kasuka.

He heard Izaya groan in the room. Shizuo himself groaned, agitated that he felt obligated to check in on him. He stomped over and peeked in the doorway. Izaya had curled into a fetal position on his side. Shizuo had a hard time picturing him younger; he just assumed he’d always been the way he was.

He was about to walk away when Izaya mumbled out, “Shizu, that hurt.”

Shizuo froze. His hand gripped the doorway so tightly a small crack formed in the wood. He released it, flashing back to Celty’s texts.

Shizuo was on the edge of preparing himself for a fight, verbal or otherwise. Yet Izaya seemed to remain asleep. Sleep-talking, Shizuo supposed. He must’ve been thinking of the knockout punch Shizuo had delivered.

“What were you thinking?” he muttered aloud. “Wanted a broken jaw, did you?”

Shinra hadn’t had to wire it shut. Shizuo had held back. He’d been annoyed at Izaya and wanted him to stop talking. Even he’d been surprised by his own restraint.

“Nn,” Izaya muttered, hugging himself about the mid-section. “Cold.”

Shizuo snickered. “Yeah? Maybe it’ll wake you up.” His body tightened; he didn’t want this. Izaya waking up would trigger him. He had to honor his promise to Celty.

He ran in search of a blanket to fan out atop Izaya. Eventually he happened on one that was so soft and fluffy he held it to himself and stroked it. Shizuo wasn’t in need of comfort; he was content with a roof over his head and a futon to sleep on. But this blanket was like stroking Kasuka’s cute if annoying little cat.

He shook it out and threw it atop Izaya. It billowed and Izaya grabbed at it, snuggling into it like that damned adorable cat. “Mm, thank you.”

Shizuo’s eyebrow quirked. Was he waking up?

The groggy information broker had a smile on his face, but it was a gentle, content smile. It didn’t aggravate Shizuo as much as the cocky smirk he usually displayed.

“Smoking is bad for you.” Izaya spoke, but his eyes remained shut. Shizuo flinched, but his feet were frozen in place. He was programmed to defend himself when any sign of Izaya alerted him. Was the broker up to something? Had this been his plan all along?

“You waking up, flea? Want some more?”

Izaya’s only reply was to turn onto his other side. Half of the blanket slid off and he sighed, disappointed. Shizuo dutifully returned it to him, echoes of caring for a sick Kasuka in his mind.

As he tucked the blanket in, a hand reached up to his. Shizuo froze, waiting for the trigger to attack. But there was only a gentle squeeze before the hand moved away. “Thank you.”

Shizuo wondered if Izaya was awake, or if he even knew it was Shizuo in the room. That stuff Shinra doped his patients up with was pretty potent. Even Shizuo, who tolerated it better than most, had thought he’d seen stars in the ceiling once.

Shizuo backed away and sat in the chair near the bed. He laced his fingers and rested them on his jittery knees.

Chill it out, man. For Celty’s sake. The flea won’t hurt you. He’s out of it. Sleep-talking. You gotta learn to control yourself. Can’t attack a sleeping, injured man.

Even him.

Man, I hate him even when he’s like this.

Actually, when don’t I hate him?

The rogue blanket slid down again, aided by gravity. Izaya’s coat was draped over the edge of the bed, and his shirt tugged up to reveal his back and one hip. He wore pants with an unusually low waistline for a man.

Shizuo was close enough to see his ivory skin prickle. He sighed and returned the damned blanket to its place over Izaya. Izaya chortled and murmured, “Fluffy.”

Shizuo scratched his head. “What the hell, man?”

He slumped back into his seat, thinking after a while that he ought to grab a book after all. Or maybe a magazine from the john, if there was one. Anything to keep his eyes off the flea.

He wandered into the bathroom, which was immaculately clean. In a rack by the toilet was a medical magazine, and one on supernatural phenomenon. Shizuo smirked when the address revealed it was Celty’s subscription. Somehow it amused him even more that a dullahan had magazine subscriptions.

When he returned to read it, he was irked: the blanket had fallen entirely to the floor and Izaya was curled up shivering again.

“Damn it, Izaya, you’re annoying even when you’re unconscious!” Shizuo spat as he stooped to retrieve the blanket. He tossed it atop Izaya and stomped to the chair, where he flopped with an exasperated sigh. He flipped through the magazine, which had been dog-eared at several pages.

“Shizu, why’re you so mean?” Izaya muttered. “I’m so cold and you’re so cold too.”

Shizuo’s fingers clenched the pages of the magazine. “Izaya, are you awake? ‘Cuz I think you’re just fucking with me.”

Izaya turned over on his other side and smiled sleepily, but his eyes remained shut. Shizuo didn’t think he looked angelic at all, but he definitely didn’t agitate Shizuo as much as usual like this.

“No, no fucking, Shizu.” He giggled, then he was silent again.

Shizuo decided he needed some noise to drown out Izaya’s sleep babble. He went in search of a radio or CD player. He found a remote, but it didn’t seem to turn anything in the living room on – until Shizuo felt a cool breeze on his face from the fan. Agitated, he tossed it to the couch before he broke the power button.

He walked up and hit the power button to what he assumed was the radio. It blared on at what must have been close to maximum volume. He grit his teeth and covered his ears before exclaiming, “Shit shit shit!” and lowering the volume.

He turned around and saw Izaya standing in the doorway, groggily rubbing his eyes. In the other hand he clutched the blanket. He looked like a helpless child.

“Hey, Shizu, what’s all the noise?”

He was awake enough and he still recognized Shizuo, but he seemed fearless. Shizuo stared at him, not sure what to do. “Um, the radio. It was too quiet.”

“Sounded too loud to me,” Izaya retorted without the hint of a smile. Shizuo balled a fist.

“I’ll turn it off.”

Izaya wobbled. Instinctively, Shizuo went to catch him. He was surprisingly light, and his skin was warm. Shizuo almost felt like he was holding a child or a woman, Izaya was so small and fine-boned.

Izaya clutched Shizuo’s vest. “Sorry, Shizu. Guess I’m still pretty tired.”

Shizuo felt like he was looking at a different person. This Izaya wasn’t trying to piss him off. He was vulnerable. But maybe there was a knife hidden in that blanket. Shizuo remained on edge.

“Stop trying to manipulate me. I’m not as stupid as you think.”

“You’re never what I think,” Izaya said, his lids fluttering over his eyes. “Where am I? This isn’t your place.”

Shizuo was alarmed he knew what his apartment was like. If he wanted him dead, it would surely be easy enough to send someone after him, then. But that was no fun for Izaya, and he knew anyone would have a hard time killing Shizuo.

“Shinra and Celty’s. She took you here after I knocked you out.”

“You came too?”

“Celty guilt-tripped me.”

Izaya snickered. “She’s such a mother. Can you help me to the bed?”

Shizuo put an arm around Izaya’s mid-section and pulled one of Izaya’s around his neck. Their height difference made this a bit of a stretch, but he managed to walk Izaya back over to the bed.

Izaya sat on the edge and looked like he was about to nod off right there. “You know, when you’re not trying to kill me, you’re not such a monster.”

“Keep talking and that’ll change.”

“Ah, there’s the Shizu I know.” Izaya wobbled back and Shizuo closed the distance before he toppled off of the bed. He grabbed him by the shoulders and wondered what to do with him. He seemed so delicate in this condition.

“Does it hurt?”


“Your jaw.”

Izaya shook his head. “It will later. But I feel pretty good right now. You could do whatever you wanted to me and I wouldn’t feel it.”

This seemed like some sort of invitation to Shizuo, but he didn’t understand the motivation.

“Just go back to sleep. Shinra and Celty’ll be back soon.”

“It’s nice that you pay attention to me. In a nice way.” Izaya gripped Shizuo’s arms. “It’s nice …”

Shizuo was confused by the repetitive use of ‘nice’, but Izaya was nodding off again so he guided him down and pushed the pillow under his head.

“Hurry up and get better so I don’t feel bad about wanting to kill you.”

“Do you really want to? If I leave you alone?” Izaya shut his eyes but kept on talking.

“If you left Bukuro I would leave you alone.”

“You wouldn’t chase me down?”

“No. I just want you out of here.”

Izaya sighed. “You really hate me. Don’t you know that’s why I keep pestering you? Because I know if I leave you alone you’ll forget all about me.”

“What?” Shizuo snapped. “What the fuck do you want from me, then? Leave me alone and I leave you alone. Wouldn’t it be nice to never think about each other again?”

“Deep thoughts, Shizu …” Izaya was starting to drift away again. Shizuo was relieved. “I hate that I don’t understand you. That everyone loves you and you don’t even know it. You don’t even try to make them love you. You try to chase them away.”

“Shut up and go back to sleep, Izaya.” Shizuo sat down and flipped open the magazine forcefully. Unfortunately, it tore. He’d have to apologize to Celty and buy her a new one.

“Okay.” Izaya’s chest was rising more slowly. He was falling asleep again, thank goodness. “I hate you, Shizu.”

“Feeling’s mutual.” Shizuo’s face heated, but he tried to calm himself. Izaya was injured and exhausted and high. He was rambling. Shizuo wanted to sleep too, he realized. So he put the magazine over his face and fell asleep.

I’m finally catching up on worlds united and