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Last night, basketball fans all over the us were subjected to prematurely-bought ads thanking various republican congressmen for repealing Obamacare and replacing it with Trumpcare.

While the hilarity of the ad is apparent in the face of Trumpcare’s crash and burn, it’s also important to add that even some of the congressmen in this video were against the bill.

In other words: “We popping the biggest bottles when Obamacare gets repealed tonight”

chasing cars|| charles xavier

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So, this is ½ for sweet baby Charles Xavier. The only way I’m going to fill my quota is 2 for Old Man Logan and 2 for Charles, so that’ll make four oneshots for the day.

Keep in mind, I’m currently working on an online driving class so at night I am more indisposed then during the day. If you send me a thoroughly detailed request it’s very like it will be posted after the more simplistic ones. 

Requested by Anon: After years of trying to track down Charles, you find him at the dismantled Institute with Beast. The sad thing about it is that he doesn’t remember you because he blocked out every memory of you from his mind with his telepathy. The reader refuses to leave until he does, learning of use and struggle. She makes it a mission to get him back to normal, and in doing so making the memory barrier break and Charles remembering her again. 

With my luck this is going to end up being 2 to 3 parts 

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Dear Lord, before we eat this meal, we ask forgiveness for our sins, especially Boyd, who blew up a black church with a rocket launcher, and afterwards, he shot his associate, Jared Hale, in the back of the head out on Tates Creek Bridge.

Let the image of Jared’s brain matter on that windshield not dampen our appetites, but may the knowledge of Boyds past sins help guide these men. May this food provide them with all the nourishment they need.

But if it does not, may they find comfort in knowing that the United States marshals service is offering $50,000 to any individual providing information that’ll put Boyd back in prison.

Cash or check. We can make it out to them or… to Jesus… whoever they want. In Your name, we pray. Amen.

So, totally wasn’t kidding when I said I tripped on my way into the restaurant for lunch. Gave my husband a purple nurple when reaching out and grabbing ANYTHING to keep from falling! Lol.

Did some shopping and stuff, got home and my ankle blew up! Now I’m sitting here on ice wondering if that margarita was worth it.

(It totally was)

okay so this is the first time I’ve used this headcanon.

But basically the idea is that Glimglam is a mad genius when it comes to magic and that she mixes spells and it allows her to get away with more Dark Magic than Twilight probably realizes. Because she doesn’t take on the “evil wizard with green/red” glowing eyes that most dark magic users have in the show. 

I’ll have more about it soon, based on a long theory I read a while back that I found actually pretty thought-provoking and makes her interesting as a spellcrafter. 

But just now in Komisch she just annihilated a tree instead of just setting it on fire or turning it to dust. Pretty dark stuff. It blew up and killed all life that was living inside of it. Like it was specifically designed to be cruel.

gabriel reyes’s new christmas skin is literally him as a ghost and he has a new voiceline where he makes a goddamn pun about it (”where’s your holiday spirit”) and yet people are still swearing up and down that he was a completely serious, no-nonsense edgelord with zero sense of humor 

[JP] Avatar Boards: (KH 15th Anniversary) Royal Mickey & Minnie

March 20 - 27


  • 2500 jewels


  • [NEW!] Guard Up XL x1 (39% activation rate at max level)
  • Attack Up XL x1
  • Abi(lity) 1 & Atta(ck Up) L 100% x1
  • Magic Mirror x5
  • Mickey & Broom Servant x1
  • Broom Servant x1
  • Mystic Stone x1
  • Huey & Dewey & Louie x2
  • Cid 5 x2
  • Avatar piece x4

Avatar Luck

  • Royal Mickey Coordinate: Hat - Skill +9
  • Royal Minnie Coordinate: Headband - Skill +9

I can’t believe you beat me to it

Just some heart warming stuff for you nerds! I had some dialog planned but i thought it would go better without words. I also wont be posting as much comics after this because im starting school tomorrow. kill me quick

int fans rlly feel so entitled like this is Kpop where they make music in KOREAN and they speak KOREAN just because bts blew up internationally doesnt mean all the members are required to know english like they try their best stop being ungrateful you roaches…