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I associate Steve’s line “I can save today, you can save the world” with present day Diana even more so than past Diana, honestly.

Diana in present day is still trying to save the world. She went back to Gotham to fight Doomsday in BvS. She’s helping Bruce form the Justice League. She’s fighting Steppenwolf’s army. Steve’s words really ring true for Diana in the present. Steve made sure the world war ended when he blew up that plane, and Diana is still honoring his memory by continuing to try to save the world.

It wouldn’t surprise Steve at all that one hundred years later, Diana is still fighting.

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sorry that i blew up your activity by reblogging a bunch of seymour posts from you, i was looking for that one picture of him where its like dimly lit and hes looking up and his mouth is agape

i didnt even notice LOL, dont worry

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I'm having a terrible day night and I was wondering if you could share a funny or odd story. You don't have to but if you're bored please! 😀

“Back during the days of when jessika was in the process of trying to break up with her boyfriend at that time, said boyfriend not being able to take “go away” as an answer and continuously blew up her phone. One morning around 2 am I informed her that the next time he called to add me to the call on 3 way and let me answer the phone, which she did. And in my most convincing sleepy-aggravated voice, I asked, “why the fuck are you calling us at this time of morning?! Don’t you know we need some sleep, we’ve been fucking all night?!” And then I informed him I was john somebody and sent him a picture of my dick and asked him what he thought I’d be doing with it for the next several hours to his EX girlfriend. Rumor has it, he was highly upset”.

Dear Daddies Long Legs

[Following after this letter]


I’m sending this letter on with Harry because I’m sure he’ll know when the best time to give it to you is.

Well done. Your loyalty is something I know Harry and I are Kingsman will be glad to have. I’m very proud of y

In future, trust your gut. You were the only one to notice the drug in the champagne, even though the others surely have more experience with how it should have tasted. You knew and when you’re on missions, trust yourself and use it.

[several blank lines, then crammed near the bottom of the paper]

Maybe, if you’re convincing enough, you can get Harry to share a few more of our letters with you. Ask him about the ones he sent (to the house, but addressed to me) from his mission to Argentina. I nearly blew the first one up when half a dozen dead butterflies fell out.

I’m sorry I can’t be there with the both of you tonight. We can’t take any chances now that the end is in sight. But after the test, once Arthur’s said his peace and the paperwork is done, I’ll excuse myself and meet the two of you at home. It might be the right time for that conversation.

I’ll see you tomorrow, Eggsy.


(Dear Daddies Long Legs is an ongoing epistolary fic collab/rp with @trekkiepirate, @elletromil, and myself)

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You may have seen the anon I sent about ZS trying to dictate who 'gets to be a fan' now by how many of Tom's works they have seen-well it blew up tonight and it looks like she's even at odds with IS (if I read it right it looked like she was even accusing IS a bit of not being on the same level of fan as ZS-which would be fine by me, I mean who wants to be known as Public Stalker #1?)

I wouldn’t normally post a link to the other side, but it’s actually a fascinating read into the mind of a uber-nanny who thinks the more you see and do for an actor, the better fan you are. She’s pathological and this seems to be something we ALL agree on.

Random Autumn fact.

I have weird little brown shiny spots on my ceiling above my desk. They’re not very noticeable. You can only see them when you look directly up and peer close.

How’d they get there? Once when I was in 9th grade my parents weren’t going to come home until late, so I snuck over a guy friend. I ended up kissing him and we decided to date. When I brought him to my room to show him around, he had a 2 litre of Coke with him. When he tried to open it, it blew up, spraying the ceiling.

We’ve since broken up and I’m now dating @wolfluvr69. This was seven years ago. And yet whenever I tilt my head up at my desk, I see those little spots I never cleaned and smile.

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Last night Dina the fifth harmo lawyer started a hashtag #make5hapriorityepic and lauren liked it . So the trending happened.

Oh that. I like 5h’s lawyer. 👌🏻 well, there is a power struggle within epic records as always, she juz chose to speak last night daz why it blew up. She prolly did it because.. I’m guessing there is a decision to be made today within epic records re the girls that she needs buzz, to shake the label more. I am pretty sure there is a reason why she did it last night, perhaps something happened behind close doors and she is handling the legalities of such. But never too big, she can handle that. 🤙🏻

you: if you could have any superpower, what would it be?
me: the ability to dramatically and flawlessly set up a fold-up chair
with one hand
you: what

you: holy shit