blew it up

You know what is funny to me is that people are shouting Sheith is dead because of false information form sdcc or because it didn’t get metnioned by the creators.

Yet the Sheith fandom blew up. Not because staff said anything but because of the show itself. We got our content out of the show not from staff saying that ship x is cute. And I think that is something very important to remember.

oh uh by the way here’s a little sneak peek of what’s been having me distracted for the past week or so (aside from playing The Long Dark):

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I used to be on a warrior cat rp site

One of the admins had a character she named Adolf, and frequently said things about how she was super proud of her German heritage. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind choosing a different name, and she blew up at me for “pushing my jewish down her throat” and complained about me “policing” her so vociferously that she got me banned. I was around thirteen, and was the first time I was actively impacted bc I’m Jewish

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Yo this is random but your last post reminded me of this one time I had a dream that became my death wish: Benedict Cumberbatch came over, I put twa on the stove, forgot about it, tea pot blew up, I died with Benedict bc of tea exploding so lmao idk man fire just reminded me of that

As a Sherlock BBC fan this is even funnier

fun fact: I almost set my house on fire when I was 8. Of course that wasn’t my plan, though.

the fucking lights in the facility blew up and now it’s pitch black and dani keeps making “ooooooh” noises like yES BITCH YES I KNOW IM A FUCKING SCAREDY-CAT STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME SCREAM ITS NOT GONNA WORK

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If Ash C wants to say anti-depressants are bad - who actually gives a fuck? She's allowed to. You guys are over here getting triggered over something somebody said. If people want to take advice from someone they KNOW has no medical training, understanding or authority - here have a Darwin award. You guys don't like being called immature but you're on here saying "Omg TRASH Costello", you SOUND like SJW twelvies. Drugs have perpetuated cases, and they've helped cases. Sit down kids.

I think Ash is the one you should be telling this to. She’s the one who blew the issue up and made a few comments into a 24 hour shit show. I literally left one comment and went on about my day but then I open my phone and I’ve got paragraphs of replies from her and it’s turned into a mess.