blew chucks


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Summary: After an intense game of water polo with the other VIXX members, you take Leo into the locker room to confess your feelings for him.

Genre: Fluff/Smut

Length: 2087

Requested by Anonymous

The whistle blew as you chucked the ball right into the opposite team’s goal, making Ken, the opposing goalie, release a high-pitched cry of frustration. Hongbin chuckled with a wide smile and splashed his failed teammate playfully, but Leo was not happy. He gave you a threatening glare, but you just laughed it off. Leo became a different person when he was playing games, especially when he was losing at those games, but it was cute to you. He was normally so introverted, but put a ball in his hand and put him in a team and he suddenly became the most competitive and involved player.

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