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Lance’s eye twitches and hell breaks loose.

Earlier, way way earlier, Lance had been excited. He had cheered among the civilians once Voltron and the Blade had successfully liberated the Planet Xenos from the Galra.

Sure, the adrenaline that comes during and after battle never fails to make him bouncy and excited but he is no fool, he knows the real reason behind his excitement.

It was the first time since who knows how long that Keith – uh, the Blade joined Voltron once again in these type of missions and Lance’s heart had beat wildly inside him when a Blade pod had hovered near him right after it had shoot a Galra pod on his blind spot.

Lance didn’t need any confirmation to know who it was.

“Getting slow, Sharpshooter?” Keith’s voice appeared nevertheless in his ears two ticks later and Lance had grinned so big that it was impossible to contain the gleeful laughter that left his lips.

“Yeah, yeah, try to keep up, Samurai.”

It had felt like old times, as old as they can be. Even with the clear and obvious differences (See: minus a lion and paladin armor but details), their dynamic was still synchronized and effective. Neither of them missed a single shot and they didn’t really need a warning before the other would cover their backs.

When the battle was over and both Voltron and the Blade landed to make contact with the planet’s Queens, Lance didn’t really even had a chance to greet Keith, not with the way the civilians had surrounded him almost instantly as soon as he exited Red.

Lance had welcomed them, of course, with a warm smile and a happy laugh, shaking off the praise once he had his ego filled but still enjoying the easy chatter the Xenians offered. He was probably on his twelfth selfie when something caught his attention.

A few nobles were chatting among themselves, far away from the crowd, mumbles being hushed between them as if they were sharing secrets and Lance narrows his eyes in curiosity, cocking his head to the side in confusion until he follows their eyes, wondering what on earth they could be glaring at so hatefully since the Galra was gone.

His breath hitches when his own eyes land on Keith.

Keith, who stands awkwardly among the crowd next to Kolivan but still smiling gently at the few Xenians that make their way towards him. Keith, who blushes and stutters at the beginning of his sentence when he gets praised and civilians thank him with pure honesty.

Keith, whose chest puffs out in pride right after with bright navy eyes because of what he has done and seeing who he has helped.

But also Keith, who frowns confused when the same trio of nobles from before make their way towards him, their faces promising nothing good.

Lance sees the way Kolivan steps in almost instantly, putting himself closer to Keith’s side as he addresses the noble trio. Lance’s still a few big feet away from the small group but their voices echoes around the courtyard almost clearly.

The eye twitching begins.

Lance’s moving before he even notices, blocking out Hunk’s confused call of his name as he makes his way over.

“You shouldn’t be here. You and your kind had been just vanished, gone! Voltron took care of that just a few fullinis ago! You are not welcome!” One of the nobles shouts, the one with one horn on his right side of the head and faint green skin.

“I can assure you that the Blade of Marmora is on your side, battling those who are part of the Empire.” Kolivan says, nodding respectfully, but the nobles wouldn’t have it.

“Hah! You are part of the Empire that enslaved our people!” Another noble snaps, their own skin red and with two horns, “Your kind is the enemy!”

Kolivan shakes his head. “No, the Blade of Marmora is not the empire,” he explains, calm and neutral as always, features never giving away anything but there’s this small sad gleam in his eyes that just breaks Lance’s heart, “We came here to help, to provide any advantage to Voltron against the battle and to give shelter to those caught in the crossfire.”

The nobles snort, laughing mockingly at the words Lance knows it’s not the first time Kolivan has gotten this treatment.

Keith, however –

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Fogged Mind, Heart Full


I’m practicing different atmospheres, as you saw (probably not but whatever) I did a practice Kissing scene with this dumb space boys.

nOW i’M GOING to uh… steamy? atmosphere? …..uh

They are horny boys with hormones in space, let them live. Let ME live, I’m practicing, it’s crap. 

Ps. I’m soooooo sorry if it is cringy tho. *Shrugs* Practice. 


Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

“L-Lance.” Keith pants as the brunet drops a trail of kisses all over his neck, pressing his lips harder just below his earlobe making Keith to shiver unexpectedly, “L-Lance –!”

“Sh.” Lance shushes gently against his skin and Keith can feel the grin he’s wearing.

“Stop teasing, you ass.” Keith grunts, pushing his hips forward and groaning in frustration when Lance’s hands on his hips pushes him away, “Come on!”

Lance chuckles and Keith suck in a breath when Lance’s hands move slowly down until they are cupping his ass.

“You’re so bossy.” Lance mumbles, his voice hoarse and husky against Keith’s skin, “I love it.”

Keith whines as he wraps his arms around Lance’s arms and brings him close, trying to get as much skin contact as he can through the clothes, “P-Please.”

“Ah.” Lance breaths out, biting on Keith’s collar bone and smirking when he feels the gasp his boyfriend makes in his lips, “There we go.”

In a quick move, Lance picks him up and Keith’s legs automatically wraps themselves around the brunet’s waist as Lance press his back against the wall.

“Let’s see how much stamina you’re made of, babe.” Lance whispers against Keith’s lips and Keith doesn’t lose a second before he smashes his lips against Lance’s.

Truth May Vary

Yes, hi, excuse me, passing through, dropping crap all over the fandom. 

Hi. So, I did the prompt! @pink-paladin-lance hope you like it, tho I didn’t made it as angsty bc I craved fluffiness and well, …yeah. Hope you like it anyways!

Ps. Long Post. So yeah! No warnings? Just mean aliens, psh. 

Nothing much to say? Enjoy! 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and the idea come from @pink-paladin-lance (:

Edit: ….Did i fixed it the damn problem or? 

“Alright! Another win for Voltron!” Hunk shouts animatedly as he wraps an arm around Keith’s shoulder, shaking him as he cheers, “Did you guys see how Keith dodged that laser beam when one of the Galras tried to sneak up on him? Keith, buddy, that was amazing! You totally flipped them!”

Keith laughs as he takes off his helmet and brushes Hunk’s praise off. “What? No, come on! Are you kidding? Were you even present when your Lion completely crushed that rock and saved the entire village? Because I was and it was out of this planet, man.”

“Okay, guys, but I think I speak for everyone that the best part was when we formed Voltron and we completely destroyed that Robeast because Shiro’s plan was on point!” Pidge cuts in, grinning behind her shoulder to meet their leader, “If it hadn’t been for your quick thinking, the battle would have taken a lot longer.”

Shiro chuckles from his place besides Allura and waves the compliments off with a hand. “No way. The plan was a success because your plants held the Robeast long enough for us to make a move, Pidge. You have been improving a lot since the day we found of about your Lion’s power.”

Lance watches from the sidelines as he stands besides Coran, a few feet away from the team. He smiles fondly as he hears them cheer and praise each other, their adrenaline and enthusiasm that always come from a winning battle still running through their blood.

“Wait, wait, but did you guys notice when Lance –” Keith’s sentence is suddenly cut off when the Prince of the Royal Family from the Kingdom they just saved clears his throat abruptly, catching everyone’s attention and making Keith’s proud grin to dim, replacing it with a frown.

“On behalf of my people and my Mother, I would like to express our gratitude towards the brave Paladins of Voltron who saved us today and forevermore, for it is their duty to defend and serve this Universe from the claws of evil.” The Prince says, voice high and powerful.

He stares into each of the Paladin’s eyes before they fall on Allura. “Princess Allura, please, as a thank you, allow us to escort you and the entire team to our Castle in order to present you an exquisite and well deserved banquet in your honor.”

Allura smiles and opens her mouth to respond but Lance’s voice beats her to it.

“Sure, dude!” He shouts happily, walking a few steps until he’s standing beside Allura and Shiro. “A banquet is always appreciated! I mean, Voltron really kicked some serious ass today if you know what I mean.” Lance can hear the way his team groan and chuckle at his words, too used to Lance’s cocky facade and he can feel Allura’s playful smack of her hand on his ribs.

Lance’s grin fades when the Price stares down at him unamused and something inside him drops unpleasantly.

“Blue…Paladin, of course.” The Prince says, a bore and uninterested tone on the back of his tone as he forces a rigid polite smile, “While I agree with you on the fact that Voltron surely won this battle by their own hands, I have to ask…”

He pauses, letting his words linger in the air as he takes a step towards Lance and clicks his tongue.

“Why are you on the team? I’m sure that your … talents, if you even have some, can be of much assistance back in the Castle.”

Lance’s smile falls and he hears the way someone behind him takes a sharp intake of breath but Lance doesn’t bother to turn around to found out who exactly.

“Well, I am the Blue Paladin. I have to be where the team is, of course.” Lance says, mouth twitching in what he hopes to be a smile but ends up being a grimace.

The Prince clicks his tongue once again and shakes his head as if in disappointment. “Ah, my apologies, Blue Paladin. I had just assumed that you were just filling the spot for the time being until the true Blue Paladin claimed the title.”

Lance doesn’t need to turn around to know what’s happening behind his back. He can feel the tense air that has settled on the team. He can hear the hard shallow pants from Hunk’s end as the Yellow Paladin tries to suppress the urge to lunge at the Prince. He can hear the soft faint sound of Shiro’s arm activating itself along with Keith’s bayard. He can even feel Pidge’s deathly glare that goes through him to get to their target that is the Prince.

He feels the grip of Allura’s hand on his suit tighten and the way Coran’s hand find its way until it’s resting on his shoulder.

But the Prince doesn’t. He doesn’t see, feel or sense any of what Lance does because they are not his team, they are Lance’s.

The Prince continues.

“No offense, Blue Paladin, but I had actually thought that Princess Allura here was the rightful Paladin for the Blue Lion. Having her leadership and power aside, she seems to be such a good fit for the title.”

Lance doesn’t disagree.

“Of course, I might be wrong. After all, there must be a reason why you are fighting besides Voltron itself. I speak out only because I believe your talents have been blurred by being surrounded by such powerful people and I’m merely concerned about the efficiency in future battles, thinking that your efforts may not be good enough –”

Lance can’t even come up with a response because suddenly there’s a body rushing past him and then Keith is standing there, pressing his Marmora Blade against the Prince’s neck.

“Would you like to say that again? Just to make sure I have the right motive to make you regret those words?” Keith hisses, face inches away from the Prince’s.

“Keith.” Coran calls, sharp and with a hidden warning, “Step back from the Prince, right now, Young Paladin.”

“But Coran –!”

Right now.

Keith growls but ends up taking a step back, his scowl deep in his face as he glares at the Prince from a distance.

“Prince Yult,” Allura says, voice tight and on edge as she releases Lance’s suit and takes a step forward, “While we appreciate your hospitality, you have no right to –”

“Princess Allura, if I may?” Lance cuts off, quiet but firm as he raises his chin high, staring at her evenly.

Allura stares right back, eyebrows furrowed in confusion before she nods.

“Prince Yult.” Lance addresses respectfully and waits until the royal nods at him before he continues, “I can understand your confusion about my position as a Paladin and your concern around the topic. My team’s talent and power is unmeasured and it’s not something anyone can live up to.”

“Lance…” Keith mumbles behind him but Lance continues.

“Which is why I must ask of you, not to doubt my team’s efficiency based on their one weakness that is me.”

“Lance, that’s enough.” Shiro snaps, low and dangerous but Lance doesn’t stop.

“Rest reassured, your highness.” Lance smiles, tight and forced, “That Voltron shall continue winning more battles and I will not be a liability to the team.”

“Buddy, come on, stop –”

“Now, if you excuse me, your highness.” Lance says, cutting Hunk’s plead short, “I shall take my leave. I’m sure the rest of the team would love to meet the Queen, but I sadly need to go back to the Castle and stand guard.”

Lance doesn’t wait for an answer. He turns around, ignoring the way Keith reaches out to him and how the rest of the team calls his name.

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devilishbagels  asked:

(Oops I meant) For the kiss prompt: #6 Klance please?? Thank you!!

Believe me, I knew it was Klance, no worries there; ONTO THE DRABBLE!

I got a lil carried away in the begining lmao, idk what happened. I ACTUALLY LIKED THIS ONE. What a nice surprise. 

Excuse any grammar/typos/logic this may have or lack of but like, ya know, writer’s blog, I’m doing my best lmao.

6; lazy morning kisses before they’ve even open their eyes, still mumbling half-incoherently, not wanting to wake up.

Here’s the thing: Keith’s a light sleeper.

Here’s the other thing: Keith doesn’t give a fuck.

Sleep is precious, alright? It’s one of the few things that are vital for him to be an actual human being (or hybrid? Or whatever he was?) and something he doesn’t take slightly.

He goes to sleep early, he gets his six or eight hours and he wakes up on point to every day’s morning training before Allura can even harm his ears with the Castle’s alarms and he functions alright throughout the day.

All in all, though, as much as he loves sleeping, his entire life pretty much taught him that he must be in high alert, every single second.

It started when his dad had scooped him up one late night, barely explaining anything to him as he shoved Keith into the car and drove away from the only home Keith had known in his small three years of life. After that it felt like they were on a run, always on the move, barely giving Keith time to get attached to the four walls surrounding them, ‘protecting’ them, before they had to pack everything and leave.

It went on for a few years, Keith getting better and better at waking up by himself so his dad didn’t even had to step into his room, until one night when Keith woke up to several social workers, a crumbled note and no family.

The habit of being a light sleeper didn’t fade in the years to come. If anything, the time in his foster homes only made him more paranoid, something that came in handy when Ryan, one of his older foster brothers when he was nine, tried to dye his hair pink one fateful night.

Yes, he slapped the shit out of Ryan and got transferred to another foster home but at least he didn’t get pink hair. It had been a win-win in his book.

Now, life in the Castle? Simple, organized and oddly easily adaptable, having in mind they are floating in the middle of a galaxy it didn’t had a name that they (see: Hoomans) could pronounce.

Which brings him back to square zero: him lying on his bed, knowing full well that the glowing on his walls that lines up with their clock is not yet the color that would represent a sunrise. Keith knows this, and yet there’s a soft pressure on his side that dares to take his sleep away from him.

Keith’s awake at the first touch; the feathery touch if it could even be called that way. It’s enough to wake him up but damn him if his boyfriend thinks he will rise before his time.

Keith grumbles under his breath, pressing half of his face further down into his pillow as Lance’s fingers start stroking the small sneak peek of his pale skin that Lance’s shirt didn’t cover properly.

“Baby?” Lance mumbles, breathing against Keith’s ear and Keith swallows the gasp that almost leaves him. He’s not giving that little shit the satisfaction.

“No.” Keith whines, words muffled and still slurred so it might have sounded like a ‘Moo’. Lance’s low and husky chuckle only confirms his theory.

“Baby, come on, please wake up?”

Keith doesn’t even bother to answer. He just turns around and buries his face against his boyfriend’s chest, thanking every celestial power out there for making Lance to sleep shirtless because damn.

“Keith, amor? Wakey wakey, daisy?”

That one didn’t even make any sense but is Keith going to tell him that? Heck no.

But if Keith knows anything about his boyfriend, is that Lance is one stubborn son of a bitch and Keith can only re-confirm this as Lance takes out his big guns.

The other big guns.

Warm and slightly chapped lips are being pressed against his hair, lingering a tick too long before they move to his forehead. Then they attacked him just above his eyebrow before making their way down, slow and steady, pressing themselves against Keith’s closed eyes, one kiss on each of them, before one on his nose and cheeks.

God, it shouldn’t be this endearing. It should make him groan in annoyance and irritation because his sleep is slipping through his hands by every passing tick but Lance’s hands are on him, on the small of his back, holding him close and secure against his broad chest, lips traveling all over his face with so much care and gentleness and Keith’s a weak man.

“Wake up, baby.” Lance mumbles quietly and Keith can hear the small smug smile on his lips, “Keithy baby?”

Keith’s about to open his mouth when those same lips press themselves against his own and Keith can honestly wave sleep bye-bye as long as Lance’s lips stay on him.

Keith sighs on against the kiss, holding his breath for a second to ignore the classic moment of morning breath but he doesn’t really give a damn.

What he wants is Lance and more.

He press himself closer in the kiss, his own smirk growing on his lips as Lance gasps in surprise at the sudden shift but he welcomes it smoothly, slowly lowering himself back down on the bed as Keith rolls and ends up on top of him.

“One of this days,” Keith whispers, eyes still closed as he drops a few more kisses on Lance’s face as he catches his breathe, “One of these days I’mma stab you by ‘accident’ if you keep stealing my sleep from me.”

Lance chuckles and waves him off, saying something that if he didn’t did it six months ago when they started dating, he’s not going to do it now.

Well, yeah, duh, not if Lance keeps using those damn lips against him. Talking about playing fair, Lance.

“Baby, kissing? Me? Please?” Lance whines, lips turning into a small pout as Keith looks back at him and then he smiles fondly.

“God, you’re lucky I love you.” Keith whispers as he lowers himself once again.

“More than sleep?”

“Don’t push it.”


While I’m Here

A ten minute quickie for this amazing piece by @marisadrawing !! It just mademy heart explote so I wrote a quickie! 

Hope it turned out at least cute! Thanks for letting me write it! 

Keith finds him in his room.

He pauses, though, and leans against the door. Lance’s back is facing him, the brunet still unaware of his presence, which is good, because Keith can now see that his instincts had been right and Lance had been using one of his ‘facades’ during breakfast and that he had been, in fact, upset in the morning despite him denying it so.

Keith narrows his eyes in concentration, brain running through an endless list of possible things that could make Lance upset, before his eyes fall on the way the brunet suddenly wraps his hand around his own wrist and starts rubbing small quick circles on top of the silver bracelet hanging from it.

Ah, so he’s feeling homesick.

“Hey,” he calls softly then, steps in and closing the door behind him, walking until he’s in front of Lance and then crouching down slowly, “How you doing?”

Lance doesn’t look surprised in the least at his presence and limits himself to shrugs, eyes still on the silver bracelet around his wrist. “I’m okay, just, ya know, missing home a little.”

Keith nods, eyes softening at the honest confession. “One of those days, huh?”

Lance lets out a weak laugh. “Do you ever get that sudden chill running down your spine and you realize how cold space really is?”

“Yeah, I get the feeling,” Keith answers quietly, hand flying to rub the brunet’s arm in what he hoped it was comfort, “Nights back at the shack were cold but you could still feel the desert vibe; the life and energy around it. Here? It’s different. Not bad, just…different.”

Lance hums, agreeing with the statement. “Yeah…yeah, it’s different.”

They stay quiet for a few ticks, both of them taking comfort on each other’s presence before Keith speaks up.

“Are you still cold?” he asks, tilting his head to the side to catch Lance’s eyes and he nods in understanding when Lance shrugs tiredly.

“A little but it’s fine.”

Keith makes a disapproval sound before he squeezes Lance’s arm and then he stands up. He looks around the room for a few ticks before his eyes fall on what he was looking for and grins.

He grabs the thick fluffy blanket from the top on Lance’s closet and quietly makes his way back to Lance.

“I got you, buddy.”

Lance barely has a tick to raise his eyes in confusion before Keith’s throwing the big blanket over him. Warmth instantly surrounds him and Lance unconsciously sinks deeper into the blanket and its comfort.

He still looks confused, though, so he looks up at his boyfriend, eyebrow raised in question.

“Keit –“

His words are cut off and replaced by a soft gasp when he feels a familiar pair of lips pressed against his own.

Lance instantly melts; he enjoys the small move from Keith’s lips as his boyfriend holds him by the shoulders, thumbs running up and down against them, setting him more at ease.

All too soon, Keith’s warmth leaves him and Lance blinks owlishly to look back at him, slightly dazed by the sudden action and his heart skips a beat when he finds a pair of dark blue eyes staring down at him fondly.

Lance squeaks, feeling the unmistakable warmth of a blush covering his entire face before he shouts out in surprise and pushes Keith’s face away with his hand, stomach flipping when his boyfriend’s response is to laugh warmly at him.

“You cannot just do that, oh my god!” Lance whines, trying in vain to save himself from the embarrassment, “Keith, you gotta give me a warning!”

“Psh, says the one who sneaks up from behind with surprise kisses,” Keith scoffs, a playful grin on his lips before he raises his hands in mock surrender, “Alright, alright, fine! Just one more kiss and I’m done.”

Lance grumbles, lips turning into a slight pout but closing his eyes, waiting patiently for his kiss. Keith chuckles before he leans down, missing Lance’s lips on purpose and ignoring the brunet’s questioning sound as he drops a kiss against his forehead.

“You’ll never be cold,” Keith whispers against his skin, “Not as long as I’m here.”

Lance’s breath hitches before he launches himself and hides his face in Keith’s chest, trying to control the traitorous tears that started running down his cheeks.

Keith just hums, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend’s shoulder and bringing him close, mouth now pressed against Lance’s hair.

“That’s a promise, Lance.”

Weak For

Sorry, I had to write this, it was really cute, by @ironinkpen

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and neither does the prompt. 

Keith doesn’t know what makes him pause but suddenly his eyes fall to the empty space on his right and then he frowns.

Where is Lance?

“Pidge,” Keith calls quietly, hoping that his voice would go unnoticed by the small gathering of royals around the room, who were currently entranced with Allura’s speech, “Where did Lance go?”

“Hm?” Pidge hums, head turning to him but eyes never leaving her wrist where she has her hologram screen up, “Uh, I don’t know? He was right behind us before the meeting. I think I might hear him yelp or squeal at something in the garden? Not sure though.”

Keith purses his lips in annoyance before he rolls his eyes. “What could have been so ‘amazing’ that made him miss the meeting?”

“I don’t know. He’s probably flirting with some girls, maybe?” Pidge shrugs, cheering softly to herself when a new dot on her screen turns green, meaning her hacking succeed.

Keith ignores the solid drop his stomach makes at the suggestion and ignores the hard tug inside his chest. He doesn’t even want to picture it. “Whatever thing he’s doing, he needs to be here now or Allura’s gonna throw a fit.”

“Well, you better hurry then and get him, because Allura’s inspirational speech is about to end and then she will notice for sure.”

Keith blinks because excuse you but why is he in charge? and then oh, right, black paladin stuff, yay.

No yay.

Sneaking out of the room wasn’t hard at all and soon he was retaking his own steps from an hour ago. He’s in the royal garden all of the sudden and it’s not long before a familiar voice echoes around him.

“You have got to be the most beautiful little lady I’ve ever seen!” Lance shouts, the happiness in his voice clear as the day and it makes Keith to twitch an almost smile, “Believe me, I would know, I have travel the entire universe!”

Keith sighs then, because he knows who Lance must be talking to and what’s he’s aiming for. Sucking in a breath, Keith turns to head over he heard Lance’s voice and he’s surprised to see that there’s a small group of the planet’s habitants, all of them circling two figures in the middle.

He easily recognizes the blue color on Lance’s armor, just like he recognizes the common castle’s servant attire of the aliens surrounding Lance.

Keith’s curiosity sparks when Lance’s voice keeps going but turning into a more high pitched and playful tone. It’s not unusual, per se, for the Blue Paladin to talk like that, but it’s no usually done in front of potential Mrs. Blue Lions.

Not that Keith has been paying attention to Lance’s tactics.


Keith walks forward, tapping and pulling gently to the side at some of the servants and nodding gratefully when some of them step away voluntarily as soon as they recognize him.

“Lance, what are you doi –“

His words get cut off by a squeal quickly followed by a giggle.

A child-like giggle.

Keith stares at the scene in front of him, of Lance hunching down in front of the young servant in front of him, clearly a female, but he’s not looking at her, he’s looking at the small bundle in her arms.

It’s a baby, a small round baby that sits on their mother’s lap as they giggle and throws their small arms in the air, trying to reach the Paladin’s smiling face.

Huh, would you look at that.

“Keith!” Lance shouts then, turning his attention from the baby to him and Keith’s eyes widen when Lance pulls him forward, “You gotta meet this precious star!”

“Um, hi, hello, I’m Keith and I’m here against my will and I’m sorry for intruding,” Keith says, waving awkwardly at the young mother of the baby, who smiles gently at him.

“It’s alright, Red Paladin, it’s my pleasure to be surrounded by such presence like yourself and the Blue Paladin. I thank you for your brave doing of saving our planet,” she pauses then, eyes falling to the baby on her lap before she continues, softer than before, “For saving us.”

And Keith’s heart melts, because there are no words that could express the feeling of pride that fills him.

He looks down at the baby then, when something grabs his finger. Keith gasps softly before smiling when he sees the way the baby coos, enchanted by his gloves.

“Aren’t they precious?” Lance whispers next to him, sending him a bright smile, “I’m sorry I missed the meeting but I mean, come on? Look at that face.”

Keith snorts but still kneels in front of the baby, letting them nib with their tiny mouth his gloves. “You got lucky this time, Mister.”

Lance chuckles quietly, kneeling down next to him. “Who would have thought Keith Kogane was weak for babies?”

“Not only for them,” Keith mumbles but Lance doesn’t hear, because he’s back to cooing and stealing the baby’s attention in less than a tick.

They both miss the meeting, but that’s okay, Allura didn’t mind after she joined them two hours later.


Well, you wanted it, so, I wrote this like ten minutes before I took a shower.

I gave up my shower for you. @sweetpopcornkat

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

There’s an itch.

It’s a familiar itch, the one that urges him to touch, stroke and caress gently against a pale skin. Lance doesn’t fight, not anymore, he allows himself to let go and sigh pleased when his fingers find Keith’s mop of black hair and he stats running them through it, carefully and gently in hopes of not waking up the sleeping teen on him.

It’s sight that he thinks he will never get used to and he’s more than okay with that, because he doesn’t think he will ever get tired of his heart fluttering excitedly as he catches Keith’s soft round cheeks covered in a faint blush with a ghost smile lingering on the corner of his lips.

He hums quietly under his breath, an old song that his mama used to sing to him before bed, sometimes right after a nightmare, and he smiles fondly when Keith’s form snuggles closer to his chest, a soft sigh leaving his mouth.

It makes him chuckle, untangling himself from his boyfriend’s grip carefully before he slips out and leaves the room. There’s a rumble inside him that tells him that food is necessary and when most of the time he would ignore it, something tells him that it’s heavily important at the moment.

He comes back not even fifteen minutes later with an extra plate of food goo and the new sight that greets him is accompanied with a sleepy smile from Keith and a held up hand towards him.

“Hey there,” Keith whispers, low and still heavy with sleep, hand still reaching for Lance, “I missed you.”

Lance shakes his head in amusement before he drops the plate on the drawer next to the door. “I was only gone for like, ten minutes, babe.”

Keith’s seems to ignore him, because he only repeats himself. “I missed you.”

Lance frowns. “Keith –“

“I miss you.” Keith whispers, features changing, smile dropping and eyes wide.

“Babe.” Lance says in concern, taking a step forward, hand reaching to hold Keith’s but after two steps, the hand is nowhere closer to his own and Lance’s breath hitches, “Keith –“

“Lance,” Keith mumbles, sad and desperate, “Lance, please come back.”

“I’m – I’m trying –“

“I miss you.”

“Keith –“

“Come back.”

He gasps, the air around him not enough to fill in his lungs and something gets stuck in his throat as he tries to take a deep breath. The lump makes it hard to swallow, sudden and sharp, but Lance does his best to slow down his breathing, mouth open in hopes to ease it.

He opens his eyes, blinking owlishly. It takes him a few ticks before his eyes are clear, adjusting to the sudden darkness that surrounds him, but he can easily recognize the dark purple glow on the edge of his vision.

The floor of his cell is as dirty as the day he got locked up, half eaten meals and broken pieces of his armor being the only thing decorating the small space. How long as it been since he got captured? Hours? Days? Months?

How long until his team comes?

How long until he realizes and accepts they won’t?

He takes a deep breath, ignoring the painful tug in his stomach when he tries to sit up and then he’s leaning against the wall, staring that the purple glow on the right corner of the cell silently and his insides twist unpleasantly when it doesn’t resemble the kind of purple he aches to see. The kind of purple that only comes at dusk back on earth or the one that will always appear in Keith’s eyes when the blue glow of the Castle’s light will hit them just right.

It doesn’t resemble Keith’s dilated pupils when Lance would be caressing his cheek lovingly before dropping a kiss against his lips, breathing in the small gasp of surprise that would escape the teen.

It doesn’t resemble anything from home and Lance doesn’t even try to hide his tears.

The itch comes back, but there’s nothing for him to reach out anymore.

mothmanwingman  asked:

For the kiss prompt- #1, Klance please? ;w;

This is a meeeeeeeeeeeess, but what can I do? lmao, hope you like it! :D <3

1; breaking the kiss to say something

Keith’s jumping out of Black before he even knows what he’s doing.

He crashes against Lance’s body roughly, ignoring his boyfriend’s huff as he probably hit one or two bruises on the process but Keith can’t bring himself to care because pain means life. It means Lance’s here with him, not dead and silent like he had thought not five ticks ago.

Without explanation, he grabs Lance’s face and pulls him down, crashing his lips against Lance’s dry ones and for a tick, Keith can forget.

He can forget the ice water dumped on him when druid magic seemed to surround his vision, barely a tick away from impact.

He can forget the hollow feeling that dropped in his stomach when his vision turned from purple to red. He can pause and ignore the memory of the terrifying silence that came right after the hit from Lance’s end, not even the sound of static filling their coms.

“Don’t do that again.” Keith sobs out as he pulls away, his eyes shut tight in fear of what could be reality, “Please, don’t do that – don’t –“

He allows himself to drown on touches; the firm and yet light touches of fingertips stroking his cheeks, cupping his face gently. He focuses on the nose that’s brushes against his own and the warm breathing that hits his face that tells him everything he needs to know: alive, okay, here.

Warmth comes back to his lips and Keith allows himself to melt against Lance, letting the brunet to pull him closer. It’s too much just like it had been too close and Keith’s pressing harder until he’s swallowing Lance’s every gasp and breathe.

It’s until Lance sobs out that Keith opens his eyes.

“Oh, baby,” Keith mumbles quietly, voice wobbly as he wipes on of Lance’s tears gently.

“I’m sorry,” Lance whispers, shakily breathing against Keith’s lips and he has to suppress the shiver that runs through his spine, “I’m sorry, I just – I couldn’t let –“

Keith sighs, dropping his head until it’s resting against Lance’s forehead and he drops a kiss on the clammy skin.

“Thank you, sweetheart.” Keith says, pulling his crying boyfriend closer, “For saving me and still coming back to me.”

Lance hums, hugging him tighter as he hides his face on Keith’s neck. “Any time.”

Keith doesn’t answer and closes his eyes again; fooling himself into thinking that maybe those words had not been reality.

His heart sinks when Lance repeats them against his lips not two ticks later.

Favorite Sound

Ok, so, I literally swung it with this one, but it was fun to write! And it made my frien laugh, so I’m guessing it’s worth a shot! 

This is based on this pic, made by @vp-dot-png for their klance writing contest

Nothing much to say, except hope you like it! 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and neither does the art. 

The water was yellow.

“I’m calling it, that’s actual pee.” Lance deadpans and his eyes widen in surprise when the person next to him erupts in laughter.

Keith leans forward, eyes tightly closed as giggles and snorts leave his mouth, barely allowing him to catch his breath. The Red Paladin holds his stomach in a weak attempt to control himself, but it’s no use, because more giggles shake him entirely and he’s barely fast enough to catch the jacket over his shoulder from falling to the ground.

“Oh, oh, man, dude,” Keith chokes out, slapping Lance’s shoulder playfully, “You can not just say things like that about an alien’s fountain.”

Lance snickers, nudging Keith with his shoulder. “Oh, come on, lighten up, Mullet. The planet is saved and for once, Allura allowed us to explore the city! Aren’t you glad you decided to stick with me instead of Hunk and Pidge’s robotic garden? Or Shiro and Allura’s meeting with the Queen?”

“Or Coran’s storytelling with a bunch of old guys.” Keith adds with a smirk, making Lance to shake his head.

“Exactly, so, I’m your saviour.”

“Psh, sure, okay,” Keith shakes his head in amusement, pushing his head back once again with a small bobby pin, “Just make sure that none of the locals are near whenever you plan to drop another judgemental comment about their water color.”

Lance gasps in mocking offense, hand pressed against his chest. “How dare you, Keith? I gave you my jacket.”

Keith grins and pulls Lance’s jacket tighter around him. “Real comfy, no wonder you are always using it.”

“You are taking advantage of how much of a gentleman I am, which rude.” Lance whines, puffing his cheeks in fake annoyance, making Keith to roll his eyes playfully.

“Whatever you say, Sir Lancelot, Knight of the Gentle Acts.”

Lance would take the bait, he really would, but he can’t, not when Keith’s eyes shine with playfulness and mischievousness, arching an daring eyebrow at him. Not when Keith’s cheeks are colored in a soft pink color and his hair is pushed back, allowing Lance to see his dark blue eyes clearly.

There’s something hypnotizing about Keith under the three moons of the planet they are currently on. Maybe is the fact that Keith’s wearing his jacket? Nah, can’t be, even though it looks like it was made for him and it makes Lance’s heart flutter.

Maybe it was the trees? The big tall trees filled with small flowers that resemble to the roses back on Earth, except these ones were covered in a pale red color mixed with green.

Lance doesn’t know, and it’s not like he wants to figure it out. He’s just glad that whatever is there around them stays, because it’s been so long since he has seen Keith so carefree, so at ease.

He doesn’t want it to end.

“Hey, Lance?” Keith’s calling shakes him out of this thoughts and then Lance’s looking straight into his eyes, his heart doing a sharp flip at the fondness they hold. “Honestly, thank you for…well, this. I’m having a great time.”

Lance swallows and nods, mouth suddenly dry.

“No problem, man,” he breathes out, a small smile making its way to his face. Keith mirrors his smile before his eyes go back to the fountain in front of them, scanning every corner of it in awe, walking around it calmly, leaving Lance behind in the spot.

Okay, McClain,’ Lance starts, shifting on his feet restlessly, ‘This is your chance, the time has come. Just like you saw in that romantic movie with Leah: just lean forward, and link your hand with his slowly and gently. Let the angels sing their chorus behind, you do the rest.’

Taking a deep breath, the brunet closes his eyes and steadies his own breathing. It’s now or never, the setting is perfect for a confession and the night is in his favour. He can do this. He has to do this.

Lance nods to himself and then takes a step forward.

“Where are you going?”

Lance squeaks and loses his footing as soon as the voice behind him speaks, their warm breath tickling Lance’s ear. The brunet is only able to hear Keith’s shout of his name before he’s falling back and water is dripping from the top of his head.

Lance blinks in surprise, confusion taking over his features as he wonders how the heck Keith circled the entire fountain in a few ticks before he looks up at meets Keith’s wide eyes.

One, two, maybe three ticks later and the best sound in the universe makes itself present.

“Oh, oh my god, dude, you just fell on a fountain full of pee,” Keith cackles, hand hovering over his mouth in a weak attempt to hide his laughter but his entire body goes against him and he can’t even hold himself straight, “Lance, oh my god, why.”

Why, Keith asks.

Because of that smile, Lance answers in his mind, eyes soft and gentle as he stares at the figure of Keith shaking with laughter.

Lance is totally fine to get soaked with alien pee if it means he gets to hear Keith’s carefree happiness.

He’s so entranced with Keith’s happy display that he doesn’t notice when Keith stops abruptly and stares at him in confusion.

“Lance,” he calls, confusion turning into amusement, eyes narrowed in suspicion, “Is there something you might wanna tell me?”

Lance blinks, looking bemused at the question and Keith shakes his head in disbelief.

“So, turns out it wasn’t actual pee.” He says amusedly, hand pressed against his cheek as he waits for Lance to make the connection.

Lance frowns and looks down to see the water.


Ok, so, pink pee.

“Why is the pee pink now?” Lance mumbles quietly but it’s loud enough for Keith to hear, making him to snort.

“Because it’s not pee, you idiot,” Keith might have say that as an insult, but his voice was teasing and kind, “It’s an ancient water that allows you to see the reflection of your own feelings.”

Keith points towards a small plate on the right side of the fountain, rusty but its clear golden letters narrating a small legend about the fountain and its purposes.

Lance can feel his own cheeks getting warmer and then he notices Keith sitting on the edge of the fountain, leaning slightly down towards Lance.

“So…” Keith trails off, biting his lower lip nervously as he stares down at Lance.

Lance opens his mouth and closes it repeatedly, words failing him right when he needs them, but then he sighs, frustrated with himself.

He looks around him, searching for a way to communicate better, before he snaps his fingers and cups his hands, dipping them in the water before holding them up towards Keith.

Keith blinks at the cupped pink water held by Lance’s hands.

“I like you.” Lance whispers softly, offering a small shy smile.

He watches as Keith’s face lights up and suddenly, Lance’s fears fade away as soon as Keith’s hands appear just below his own.

Lance stares in awe as the once pink water turn into a deep shade of red as soon as Keith’s hand touches his own.

Keith knows there is no point of voicing his thoughts, but he still does, because Lance was brave enough to do it, and he owes him the same treatment.

“I like you too,” he whispers softly, smiling dopily at the brunet, who smiles back at him with equal motion.

ciuucalata-moved  asked:

“is that your hand on my leg?” and Shance for the writinf prompt

Aaaaaaaaaaalright. I took me like two days but I finally got the time!! 

In my defense for the Angst …..I have nothing, bye. 

Uh, mentions of missing a limb and of blood and tiny gore I guess???? 

Ps. Excuse the draftiness, I’m lazy and wanna take a nap. <3

Disclaimer: Voltorn doens’t belong to me.

“Is that your hand on my leg?”

Lance’s flirty smile drops as soon as he feels Shiro’s shoulders tense at his words.

Lance frowns in concern at the silence but doesn’t open his eyes yet. Instead, he nuzzles his face further down into his boyfriend’s chest.

“Why so quiet?” He asks sleepily, “And stop your hand, it’s giving me tickles.”


Shiro somber voice tone is enough for Lance to open his eyes in alarm.

He quickly raises his head to meet Shiro’s worried gray eyes and his confusion just increases when Shiro looks like he’s debating himself over something inside his head.

“Shiro?” He asks but Shiro just sighs.

“Just - Just stay calm, baby, okay? It will pass.” He reassurances softly, as if dealing with a wounded animal and it only makes Lance to deepen his frown.

“Shiro –” He starts but a sudden hollow feeling fills him up when he tries to sit up in the bed and he only feels the soft pressure of one of his legs against the mattress.

That’s weird.

“Lance.” Shiro warns, something on his tone being on edge as soon as he catches the brunet movement of reaching the blanket to pull it off, “Lance, baby, don’t –”

The blanket goes off and Lance sucks in a breath.

“Oh.” He whispers softly, bright blue eyes staring numbly at the empty space where his leg should be, “O-oh.”

What started as a tickling sensation has become an agonizing sharp pain and Lance’s can’t catch his breath.

The blocked memories of their last mission hits him full force; the smell of blood and burnt flesh hits him vividly as if he was still tied down in the Galra Laboratory, he can hear the echoes of his own scream in his head being tuned out by the wicked and cruel laughter of the Galra Druid.

There’s not enough air.

“Lance, you gotta breath.” A muffled voice says somewhere around him, distant and almost as if underwater, “Baby, breath, come back to me. Please, Lance.”

Shiro squeezes his eyes shut, his chest hurting with the feeling of helplessness as he keeps holding Lance’s small body against his, rocking him back and forth and ignoring the way his sleeping shirt gets soaked with Lance’s tears and snot.

“Please, come back to me.” He mumbles into Lance’s hair brokenly, “I’m here, kitten, I’m here.”

He repeats the same words over and over again like a mantra until Lance’s sobs decrease, his breathing slows down and his body goes limp.

Shiro just holds him tighter.

Don't Repeat History

I couldn’t help myself ;u;

Important stuff:

Ok, I’m done. I did this like, in half and hour and stuff so it’s pretty simple but yeah. *Shrugs* 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and neither does the AU.

The words leave him before he could stop himself.

“This is the Blue Lion?” He asks, voice small as he stares up at the big lion in front of him, something inside him urging him to come closer but he pushes it back stubbornly.

Allura nods besides him, a pleased smile on her face. “Yes, you used to be her paladin. The Blue Lion is known to be one of the friendliest of Lions; your bond with her has been so strong since the beginning, never wavering in the least. It is said that –”

Lance tunes Allura’s voice down, leaving behind a faint ringing noise in his ears as he stares wide eyed at Blue’s motionless eyes.

He feels a tug inside him one more time and this time he winces, feeling it more physically than mental.

The ringing turns into purrs and soft growling and Lance breathing come out short as he watches Blue’s dim eyes lighten up with life.

One, two, three ticks and then it’s like Blue’s eyes snap open and images fill his head.

He can’t make sense of anything. The faces are blurred, the noises that start as laughter turn into painful screams and sobs. Every feeling overwhelms him: there’s anxiety, excitement, stubbornness, determination, pride, love.

There’s relief. There’s a soft comfort feeling in the back of his head but it’s not enough to calm his breathing, to ease his tense shoulder and beating heart.

Lance vaguely notices that he started shaking, barely hearing the muffled drowned voice of Allura near him, calling to him, asking for him.

He doesn’t understand the words, but he doesn’t bothers to. He just needs to go, there’s too much around him and inside him. He can’t be here, he can’t deal with this, he needs to leave.

He needs to leave.

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anonymous asked:

For the ask thing~ Klance, #8 ♡

Here ya go! I’m not even sorry that it’s a mess. I’m a mess, so ofc it shows lmao.

Hope you like it either way! :D <3 

Klance // 8; being unable to open their eyes for a few moments afterwards

He’s in love with Lance.

It’s a thought he never believed he would say at some point in his life but right now, he has never known anything more true. It’s new and foreign for Keith.

It’s not scary, per se, not really.

It’s overwhelming but in a good way. He remembers the first few times after he realized his back then ‘crush’, back when Lance would only look at him Keith would feel like when he trains or fight; chest tight, mouth dry and heart beating wildly inside him.

Then it changed. They changed and suddenly, the warm and foreign feeling inside Keith was a little scary.

But then Lance’s lips would be on his own, dancing a song Keith never knew could follow and yet he holds tight, following with ease Lance’s steps. Keith melts into it, letting himself be guided for once.

Just like this moment as Keith sighs against the kiss, sinking into his boyfriend’s hold and playing aimlessly with the few stray hairs in Lance’s nape.

It’s mindblowing but in a good way because he feels like when he first flew Red: shoulders lose, fingers twitching with adrenaline and chest warm.

It felt like home.

Keith wants more.

Lance pulls away then, slowly and careful, hand still cupping one of Keith’s cheeks while the other one never stops rubbing small soothing circles on his hip.

Keith breaths, eyes still closed as he gathers his surroundings once again and purses his lips when he feels the warmth of Lance’s chuckle on his face.

Keith opens his eyes slowly, breath hitching suddenly when his entire vision is blue. His heart skips a beat, the fondness and love dripping from Lance’s gaze making him want to drown in an ocean he has never even been to but now he aches to explore.

He can only stare, hands moving until they are cupping Lance’s face gently and he feels dizzy all of the sudden; feeling too much and yet not enough.

Keith wants to shower Lance with every single fiber he posses. He wants to kiss, love and protect him with everything that makes him Keith.

What he feels now  it’s a strong wild emotion, a different one from when he fights and rages.

“God, I love you.” He hears Lance whisper, as if it was a secret just for himself and yet here he is, telling Keith.

The feeling it’s not new or foreign anymore; instead, it’s familiar and exciting. It’s a new step into the unknown that Keith knows he doesn’t walk into it alone.

“I love you too.”

Because he has Lance, and with the way Lance holds him tight, looking at him like he’s rain itself falling from the sky back on Earth, Keith knows he got nothing to fear.

No Time to Speak

Alright, so, yeah.

The’s one for @lunathewolfwarrior ; so like, buddy, hope u like it, I’m sorry for not killing Keith but I’m weak so yeah. 

The scenario is simple, kay? Based on the titanic’s scene so hey, there it is!

Contains: Hurt/Comfort, slight angst?, Klance, NO ONE DIES OK? Pre-relationship but they are close and mushy, idk man, I told u, there is no logic whatsoever. They were pining and now they are not!

*Twirls fringer* On to the fic already. Enjoy.

Lance puffs another breath and his mouth twitches upward when the faint warm smoke reminds him of ‘dragon breath’, as his nephew would call it.

His not-so-smile drops when another dragon breath comes and mingles with his own, this one fainter and weaker.

Lance’s eyes fall on Keith’s in an instant.

“K-Keith.” He calls quietly, jaw trembling and lower lip quivering along, “K-Keith, come on. It’s - It’s my turn.”

Keith huffs one more time before he shakes his head, shifting in the slightest on the edge of the wooden plank Lance’s laying on top of before tightening his grip on Lance’s hand.

“I’m – I’m okay.” Keith replies after a few seconds in silence, softly and small, “I’m okay, L-Lance.”

He’s not. Lance can see the way his jaw tenses, trying in vain to stop his teeth from clattering. His lips are blue, taking a shade of purple around the corners. His eyelids drop every few seconds, making Lance’s heart to skip a beat every time his eyes stay close for more than a two ticks.

Lance can see the way their intertwined hands shake but he doesn’t feel a thing.

He can’t feel his hand. He can’t feel Keith’s squeeze on his fingers as he tries uselessly to warm him up or the soft brush of Keith’s thumb on the top of his hand.

There’re no more shivers running down his spine, the icy temperature around them taking its hold on them and it doesn’t help that they are not able to get out of the freezing water, thermic suits damaged earlier  and no other way to provide warm but with each other’s bodies.

Lance whimpers quietly, staring helplessly at Keith’s lower body being hidden by the dark waters below them. He leans forward until his forehead bumps against the wooden plank’s surface before raising his eyes once again to meet Keith’s tired ones.

“Keith, pl-please.” Lance pleads, trying to catch the black haired man attention by moving their hands a little, “We - We agreed on switching places –  You can’t just – You need –”

“Hey.” Keith cuts off, gently and softly, “Your leg i-is still wo-wounded. We need it above the - the surface to -to avoid in- infection, ok-okay? We -We agreed on that.”

Lance shakes his head, eyes bright and desperate. “I-I didn’t – You  never said any -anything about you staying on - on the water, Ke - Keith.”

Half of their armor was gone, the thin black suit underneath barely doing any comfort to their cold bodies. Lance had demanded for both of them to be on the only available floating surface around them.

Keith had refused at first, saying that Lance’s leg needed more room and keep it from jolting it too much. The brunet was restless though, something that changed when they tried to balanced each other in the small plank and both of them ended up on the icy waters, aggravating even more Lance’s open wound.

Keith refused to try again, snapping angrily and in concern as he had pushed the brunet up on the plank, ignoring Lance’s complaints, and then he settle himself on the edge of the wood, upper body on the surface while he kicked his legs under water to keep himself afloat.

They haven’t moved since then.

Lance is not aware of how much time has passed; the seconds seem longer, even slower than ticks, and he can’t make his brain to function enough to make sure how long has Keith’s been under the water now. He can’t calculate the damage it will have on him, he doesn’t know how much longer he can survive like this.

“K-Keith.” Lance calls once more time, letting out a sigh when Keith snaps his eyes open at the calling, looking a little disoriented, “You can’t  keep – We don’t know how lo-long – You n-need to – We need to do some- something.”

Keith stays silent and Lance frowns.

“K-Keith –”

“It’s – It’s fine, L-Lance.” Keith reassurance and Lance’s heart aches at the trembling smile on his teammate’s lips, “My –My Galra blood keeps me wa-warm enough. You - You wouldn’t – It’s okay.”

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Knowledge or Death

Look, man, I just want safe and happy loved Keith and heck yeah i’m making every single character to bond with him and to love him. IM LOOKING AT YOU KOLIVAN.

SO yeah, this was just to satisfy my needs and praying, fucking praying, that they these two get a good relationship. (Dreamworks come on, I said please)

The mission comes first.

Or so he had thought.

Kolivan stares down from the control room, eyes never leaving Keith’s figure as the former Paladin of Voltron fights off their fellow Blades.

He’s been improving; moves becoming quicker and deadlier than before. It’s easy to see the Galra blood inside the kit but there are moments when he forgets he’s also part human.

Kolivan shakes his head trying to get rid of those thoughts, ignoring the odd look a Blade sends him form the side as he continues to watch the training below him.

Keith fights like he flies; without hesitation. Every strike is meant to be deathly and none of them flatter in the least but he has yet to master to take advantage of his strengths and how to manipulate his adversary’s.

Keith falls yet again - for the twelfth time, the Galra adds in his head - and Kolivan can see the heavy breathing from the kit, shoulders slumped with exhaustion but eyes still like daggers as he raises from the floor slowly, charging once again.

The digital clock against the glass tells Kolivan that Keith’s record on enduring the training has been surpassed, something that took him over four spicolian movements to archive, but it’s also a reminder that it wouldn’t be long before Keith would pass out from exhaustion, his human body still not qualified for such rigorous training.

Kolivan sighs internally before he turns around and heads towards the exit, knowing full well the way this training session would end up like.

Knowledge or death, it’s the blade’s way.

The beeping sound from the other side of the control room makes him stop. Kolivan turns slowly, eyes narrowed in concentration as he reads the words flashing against the glass.

The training has ended and with a quick look below, Kolivan sees Keith kneeling on the floor, head thrown back as he takes deep breaths that seem to never fill his lungs but all of six Blades lay near him, either out cold or just worn out.

Kolivan hums and then leaves the room without a word.


It’s usually the eyes.

More than the eyes themselves, it’s the fire inside them. The spark of determination and promise of doing the unthinkable.

It’s a fire he hasn’t seen in a long time.

Keith rolls, something he seems to taken a like to everytime he enters a pod, before he slams his back against the far corner of the pod, choking up at the impact.

And it’s the same fire that gets the kit in trouble.

Kolivan scowls in front of him, foot aching to be tapped against the pod’s floor as he allows Keith a few ticks to gather his surroundings, the ship already in motion to leave the Galra fleet.

“You went against my orders.” Kolivan huffs, hands closed up in tight fists, “This was a surveillance mission, not one to engage combat. This might cost us half ot the mission and without that chip there’s no possible way…”

Kolivan trails off, curiosity gaining the best of him when the kit raises his hand towards him.

Keith looks up, cheeky smile in place as he holds up a small chip between his fingers and Kolivan pauses for a tick, the image of a taller and older Blade smirking at him flashes in front of his eyes and there’s a name at the tip of his tongue.

A name that had left his mind for who knows how long. A name he had blocked and buried it deep in the back of his mind never to come back to the light again.

A name whose owner gave Keith the same cheeky smile.

So, maybe it not only the eyes.

Kolivan blinks, mouth opening in what could almost be surprise before he huffs and turns around, heading towards the pilot seat. If there’s a small pleased smiled curving at the corner of his lips, no one is around to witness it.

Knowledge or death.

“You were saying?” Kolivan hears Keith mumbles smugly as he picks himself up and starts a new transmission with Voltron.


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When You Fail To Be 2

So, yeah, part 2 (: @kaxpha enjoy ! <3 

I keep saying this, but well, I did my best and I hope I did okay with it! Please excuse any grammar mistakes and …the poor writing. 

Part 3 should be up later on the week. That’s going to be Lance and Shiro’s angst. 

Ok, i’m done rambling. 

Lance wakes up at the sound of a soft humming near him and he sighs unconsciously as he feels fingers passing through his hair in a soothing motion.

He recognizes Allura’s smell, a mix that reminds him of roses and vanilla. Lance hums contently, unconsciously leaning his head further into her touch and almost whines when her voice stops abruptly.

“Lance? Asteráki?” She calls softly and Lance limits himself to hum, pushing his head further against her lap. “Asteráki, I need you to open your eyes, please?”

Slowly, ever so slowly, Lance finally gathers enough strength to open his eyes and the first thing he sees is Allura’s worried face but a soft smile appears on her lips as soon as she sees his baby blue eyes.

“Hi, there.” She whispers, stroking his cheek tenderly and Lance’s mouth twitches upward.

“Hi.” He says hoarsely.

“How are you feeling?” She asks in low voice and pulls the blanket tighter around Lance as she watches the brunet shiver.

“…Good?” He coughs out, trying to suppress the shivers that shake his body, “I’m good.”

“Yeah, sure.” Allura says unconvinced and Lance doesn’t need to look up to know she’s rolling her eyes, “Try to not move a lot, please. I will be right back, I’m just getting you some food, okay?” Lance whines when Allura pulls his head up and places it gently on the pillow, “Sh, it’s okay. I will be right back.”

Lance faintly hears the sound of the door opening before it closes with a swoosh. Letting out a sigh, Lance turns and props himself up until he’s half sitting in his bed, panting harshly at the excessive movement.

He leans heavily against the wall, tightening his hold on the blanket around him and then closes his eyes. It shouldn’t have passed more than three minutes before he hears the door open once again.

“’Lura?” Lance rasps out and feels someone sitting on the edge of the bed.

Frowning at her silence, Lance blinks to clear out his blurred vision and his eyes widen at the figure of his boyfriend at the end of the bed.

“Keith.” Lance breaths out, his heart skipping a beat at the sight of the black haired teen, “H-Hey, you. Good t-timing, a cradling and c-cuddle session would be n-nice.”

He tries to smile playfully, but his smile quickly falls when Keith keeps his eyes down and turns his head away from Lance’s direction.

Lance’s heart stops and then he’s sucking in a sharp breath. “K-Keith?” He calls again, his voice soft and small, vulnerability dripping from it, “A-Amor?”

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It Might Be Nice // Part 2

Lmao, this took a long ass time but like ??? I didn’t even think it was going to have a second partso, yah. 

Here’s part one:

And, that’s it! It’s seems like Lance died but like…psssh, he…he’s sleeping, kay? Yah… btw LONG. POST. Translations: Ae-in (Sweetheart), Amor (Love) 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

One, two, three blinks and then –

Lance’s eyes stay closed.

“No.” Keith whispers horrified, his hand aimlessly patting the glass powerless, “No, no, no, no, no. Lance, please, no.”

There’s nothing at all. There’s no flutter of eyelids or a steady breathing or even a twitch.

There’s nothing but a ghost smile in those pale half parted lips.

“L-Lance.” He chokes out weakly, barely acknowledging the tears running down his face, “Ae-in?”

Lance just sits there, body heavily pressed against the glass, right in front of Keith, mouth frozen in a permanent silent sigh and Keith snaps.

“No!” He screams, “No, no, no! Lance! I-I love –! Lance, please! Come back! Come back, please! I-I didn’t –!” Keith’s voice breaks, words still falling out of his mouth without his consent, “I love you too! Please! I didn’t get the chance to –! Don’t do this, please!  I’m begging you! Lance!”

This can’t be happening. Keith thinks as his fist pounds at the glass that block his way to get to the brunet. This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening. This can’t be –

“Please, please, please, break. Break goddamnit, please!” He shouts, standing up  and activating his bayard, not hesitating a tick before he’s lashing and stabbing the glass, “Break, break. Please, please – BREAK!”

It doesn’t and Keith can only slash out at the damn glass over and over again. His vision gets blurry as more tears keep gathering in his eyes and suddenly there’s no air in his lungs and he can’t breath, he can’t hear, he can’t - he can’t –

“No!” He yells as soon as someone grabs him from behind and pulls him away, “No! Get off of me! Get off –! Lance! Lance, please! No!”

Lance’s figure just keeps getting further and further away from him. He’s basically slipping through his finger and he can’t do a damn thing.

“S-Stop.” Keith sobs out desperately, dropping his entire body in defeat against the strong hold he’s trapped in, “S-stop, p-please, I-I can’t–I didn’t tell him –!”

Faint black spots start appearing in his vision. He tips to the side exhausted as he look straight into the only blurry blue dot he can see.

“L-Lance.” He whispers brokenly, “L-Lan –”

Keith hears the sound of something shattering as he loses conscience but he’s just not sure on what exactly.

Must have been his heart.

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A prompt for u- Lance is a ghost, only Keith can hear him, and they somehow bond through Keith's head. (Keith can sometimes faintly see Lance, but sometimes lance is just a voice)

I dunno how I ended up with 1k but here. 

I didn’t plan for this to happen.

Ps. not beta’d or even edited in the slightest soooo ~ expect typos and such. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me.

For anyone else, it could have been just a shadow, maybe even a trick of light.

Keith knows better.

The teen knows what it is. It’s a soft kind of glowing, a dark midnight blue with light spots of gold –quite fitting, if Keith says so himself – hovering on the corners around the castle, sometimes on the corner of his eye; never too close but never too far away neither.

Most of the times, it feels like a blanket, a sharp but comforting presence that grounds him and makes his aching heart a little lighter.

Keith names it Glow, because it hurts less.

Keith doesn’t dare to look at it. He’s afraid, not of it per se, but of scaring it. Acknowledging things always make them even more real, like a cold bucket of water falling on you, and then it becomes a reality you got to face at some point, whenever you are ready or not.

He’s not sure he wants Glow to realize these things and vanish out of nowhere, leaving only a hollow feelings inside Keith.

Despite it all, he does try to communicate.

Blue helps him. Ever since day one, she comforted him and opened up to him; it’s easier, to exchange words and feelings inside Blue with Glow because of their connection.

The heavy knot in his stomach doesn’t flatters but his breathing becomes steadier as a familiar laugh echoes inside his mind when he’s hanging out inside Blue.

‘It’s not bad, Keith.’ Glow reminds him, from time to time, when tears are on the edge of his eyes and a lump is in his throat, ‘I’m still here.’

Keith usually doesn’t answer, because he doesn’t trust his voice to not crack but he still nods slowly while letting out a shuddering breath.

He found out he was the only one able to communicate or see Glow a few weeks back. It didn’t take much:

An impulsive slip of a name, followed by a sudden fist on his right cheek, screams and shouts echoing around, Shiro restraining a sobbing Hunk as the older teen cries for the loss of his best friend and Pidge leaving the room without a word.

The team went separate ways that day and the dinner table stayed empty.

Keith made sure not to do the same mistake twice; not when their wound was still open and fresh. Not when he can still hears Pidge’s sobs and Hunk’s nightmares in the middle of the night.

Not when he watches Shiro staring fatly and emotionless in the vast of dead stars just outside the window.

Not when Allura clutches her chest and tears run down her face when the Blue Lion lighted up and opened up to her the first time.

Not when Coran’s smile is gone, his eyes are dull and his soft sad humming echoes down the hall in his late night walks.

No, Keith doesn’t mess up again.

‘Time,’ Glow reminds him easily, its warm and comforting presence in the back of his head, ‘Time heals, trust me. You all be okay someday.’

‘But what if I don’t want to be,’ Keith thinks back at it, his eyes never leaving the grim picture of his tea – his family, all huddle up in the living room, shoulders down and silence ruling over them, ‘What if I just want you back?’

‘Keith,’ Glow says instead of answering, a spark of disapproval but understanding feeling filling him up, ‘Just trust me.’

So, Keith does.

He allows Glow to guide him, its soft but urgent pushing on his back making Keith to walk faster. He doesn’t realize where he is until the door slides open and Lance’s room appears in front of his eyes.

He takes a step back in shock, tries to make a run for it, but Glow doesn’t let him and suddenly Blue’s in his head urging him to go inside.

Keith swallows the lump in his throat and goes inside, ignoring the memories and the echoes of laughter these four walls used to hold inside.

He knows what he needs, he knows Glow’s plan.

‘Just try it.’ It says in his head, encouragingly and fondly when it senses Keith’s hesitation, ‘Trust me.’

Keith does, even now.

He doesn’t need any one to guide him back to where the team is. He walks in; eyes narrow in determination and a building up fire inside him, desperately wanting to be free.

Keith lets it.

He starts with the humming, setting himself in the corner of the couch, Lance’s guitar on his lap and then his fingers find the familiar melody Lance used to play every now and then.

There’s a sharp intake of breath as soon as he starts, followed by a gasp, a sniffle and suddenly the air felt lighter.

Keith’s singing echoes around the room, lyrics soft and gentle was they travel and hit every single pair of ears present.

He’s not surprised to know the lyrics this well; after all, it was Lance’s favorite song. The brunet used to sing it everywhere he went: training session, bonding sessions, breakfast, dinner, missions, and lazy afternoons.

The entire team is all familiar with it.

It’s not the fact that another voice joins him soon after that’s shocking; it’s more of the fact that it was Hunk, through tears and snot, who started singing along with him with a small smile decorating his face.

Shiro joined them then, pulling Pidge close to him and embracing her tightly when she sniffles, her soft humming cracking with emotion but pushing through to participate.

Coran and Allura step closer to the group, eyes watering and hearts on their throat but they follow the song, pouring their feelings in their shared chorus.

Keith doesn’t stop, not after the first song or even after the fifth one. Smiles grow, eyes become a little bit brighter and then there’s laughter, faint and weak but it’s enough to make Keith believe that rays of hope are real.

He allows himself to smile in relief and for the first time in weeks, he dares to look at behind him and meet Glow.

His voice breaks and tears fall freely down his cheeks, but he doesn’t stop playing; not when Lance’s blue eyes are on him, shinning and glowing powerfully. Not when Lance’s casual pose against the window bring him a sense of familiarity.

Not when the glowing around Lance’s frame dims slowly, making him look less transparent and more flesh and bones.

Not when Lance’s proud smile is directed at him.

No, Keith doesn’t stop.