bleu cobalt


The wind soaked me
wild reeds ruffled, oppugnant


“I miss you”

the ether rejected me
vowed in disdain

cold unburdened, these hands unclasped
of longing, of cleaving –
to fit your face

You rooted me, buttressed
with Artemis, her nymphs held me

rhetorical question …

How can she be possessive of what she has yet known? seen? met?

Seed of wonder, wander nowhere.

Beholder, rubbernecking
sighting of you, comet
for my naked eyes.

You were worth seeing

but eyes were deceiving
public emblazoned
you belong to/o many
or the many who
desiderate your eidolon glow

My heart on my mouth
I sang of coronach,
Ululated tongue.

Jeremiad, resurrect me
this grief of you
had suffered beyond
the cobalt-sodden bleu.

D C de Oliveira

PSA: searching for contact details for these cosplayers who cobalt-bleu sent me the photo of on Twitter. I’d love to know who you are because you’re cosplayers are just super !!!

This was taken at Anime Expo, and Tessa apparently took your photo when you were coming out of Starbucks and she was dressed as Jean in his brown vest, “jumping up and down yelling Droplets like crazy”. 

If anyone knows these guys, let me know ? ?? ?

EDIT// or I could learn to check my user tag and realise the cosplayers had tagged me in their adventure LOL for shame @ me 

Hey friends! This blog recently reached 550 followers, and I cannot begin to tell you how astounding that is. Thank you all so much! It’s been a heck of a good time hanging on here with you all, chatting with some of you about nerdy things and anime, sharing head canons and writings, enjoying the art of you wonderful artists and constantly losing my mind at your talent, admiring most of you from afar… It’s been a great time, thanks to you all. 

I decided to do this follow forever now to commemorate the amazing mutuals I’ve made over the last few months, the blogs that keep me coming back on here everyday, and the blogs that make my day a little brighter. This is for all of you; thank you for being you and keep on being awesome! 

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Marco Bodt Appreciation Week

Welcome to Marco Bodt Appreciation Week!

So after @cobalt-bleu​ and @flecksofpoppy​ saw some Marco hate (particularly after the reaction to chapter 77), we decided that the only rational thing to do was host a Marco-themed event to generate some new, beautiful content. 

Your Job

We’ll be doing a week of prompts, but they’ll go a little bit differently than your typical theme week. Therefore, we have a request for all you Marco fans!

SUBMIT your favorite official Marco content to this blog to help us come up with prompts for you to create fanworks around! It can be from the manga, anime, OVA, official character art, Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou (this to help with prompts, so no unofficial content please). Please indicate precisely where your content appears in the chapter/episode/magazine/etc. Some examples that will work:

  • Quotes of dialogue
  • Anime screen caps (no actual video or gifs please)
  • Manga panels
  • Officially released standalone character art

All content should be submitted by Friday, Jan. 29 at 5pm EST.

Dates of Event

Sunday, Feb. 7 - Saturday, Feb. 13

We’ll post the prompts a week before to circulate and marinate in yah brains. :D

For more information about how to participate and further details, check out our FAQ: [on tumblr] [on AO3 - for mobile users]

Prompts for Marco’s bday (art + fic)!

Hey guys, so Mr. Bodt’s birthday is coming up on June 16, and me and @cobalt-bleu have decided we’d like to do a joint project where she does art and I do a fic. c: But we need prompts! Please send us prompts for an art + fic project, and we will choose one to create to post on Marco’s bday! :D

You can send us prompts (anon or not) for Marco or JeanMarco to either:

We look forward to hearing from you! <3