We finally got our hands on a pair of the newly designed “Kabutomushi” beetle weights from Blessings to You! These solid bronze little cuties are hand-cast, hand-polished here in San Francisco, will love and magic. Come visit and give them a loving new home!

Bats bats bats! These oxidized bronze cuties are “Fuku Bat” weights from the wonderful Blessings to You, and they would make a great addition to the collection of any fan of adorable flying mammals!

Huge thank you to @blessingstoyoujewelry for bringing my request alive.
Prince Cyrus out did himself.
These are so amazing. I cant wait until I get to wear these bad boys in my lobes.
These beauties where hand craved/casted in bronze and high polished.
Im so #grateful and stoked on my lobe/plug collection im accumulating.
If you like @blessingstoyoujewelry
Contact us at @adornmentpiercingprivatetattoo and we can make an order for you!#adornmentpiercingprivatetattoo #palmsprings #grateful #palmspringslife #legitbodyjewelry #blessingstoyou #blessingstoyoujewelry #josetallon #chameleon @kammerflagekreations (at Adornment Piercing and Private Tattoo)

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