blessing brass

I Am This Close To Death

I keep forgetting to change accounts when I reply to asks or posts and may @band-god spare me one of these times.

In other news, I am trying to bless my band’s brass section next year, more specifically low brass. The trumpets are fine, have decent players, and have another 2 years before the eldest graduates (current 10th grader) with more trumpeters following who play well for their age. The low brass however… DUN 5. Next year there’ll be 2 tubas (11th and 12th), 1 baritone (12th), and a trombone (11th). We believe there will be 1 baritone coming up from 6th grade but the chances of him quitting are high. I BLESS THEE THAT THE BARITONE PLAYS STRONGLY, THE TUBAS GIVE US THE LOW SOUND WE NEED, AND THE TROMBONE DOESN’T FREAK OUT.

I am here to bless all brass sections for other bands. Send an ask or @me and I shall #bless them.

Rumbelle Fic Recommendations

I am always updating my recommendations page on my tumblr and its been forever since I’ve posted it this way. 

Here is my giant and always growing list of Rumbelle authors and fics if anyone needs anything to read. Follow ‘read more’ for the entire list.

Note: Tumblr has a tag (#) limit, I wasn’t able to list everyone.

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Full post-Raw speech by John Cena praising Cesaro.  

“…This is what it feels like not only to be in the main event, but to be the man in the main event.”