Thoroughly Clearing Spaces

Every time I return home from a trip, I feel a very dense, neglected energy lingering in and around my home. This is the method I use to completely cleanse my home or a room when something feels amiss.

🔮Turn off as many electronics in your home as you are able to:

Turning off as many electronics as you can in your home eliminates any waves that can interfere with the flow of natural energies. It also allows you to reconnect much better with the earth itself and recharge.

🔮Only allow natural light:

Artificial lighting tends to create a harsh environment, and can interfere with energies from the sunlight or moonlight.

🔮Light your favourite incense and candles:

Allow the incense and candles to burn down completely for the longest lasting effect. Meditate in the space they burn in and focus on bringing in positive energy and sending out the negative.

🔮Consecrate your tools:

Believe it or not, your own tools that you use in your craft can let off negative energies as well, especially if they have been exposed to it for a long period of time. They need some TLC to be used for their best effect.

🔮Clean your house:

Removing grime and grit, as well as clutter, really effects energies in your home. Doing so provides a much more open space to allow positive energies to radiate. Messy environments also reflect a “Messy” energy, causing a lethargic space.

🔮Work some basic spells:

The process of casting positive spells or creating some healing apothecary items works to lure in positive energies. By having a good-hearted intent, these energies will draw into the space naturally and on their own.

🔮Recharge sigils in your home or make new ones:

Let’s face it, even though we all tend to neglect this bit, sigils need to be recharged from time to time to keep their full effect. Roam your house and find any sigils (or wards!) that need some refreshing.

There are numerous other ways to cleanse your home or space, so please share! This full cleansing is a personal ritual of mine, and it does take quite a bit of time and energy so make sure you have a clear schedule! Blessed Be Dearies!

A Spell for Blessing Others

Sometimes we want to use our craft to help others. Whether we wish to ease their troubles, alleviate their fears, or just wish them well. Here is a simple spell that will allow you to bless individuals or groups.

You will need
1. One large candle
2. Three smaller candles
3. Three colours of thread or cord (yellow, blue, and green)
4. A plate

If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.

To begin, set the large candle on the plate. This candle will represent the person or group you are blessing. Next, take the three smaller candles and place them against the sides of the larger candle at equal distance from each other–like the points of a triangle surrounding the centre candle. The first candle will represent wisdom, the second healing, and the third abundance.

Next, take the yellow thread, wrap it about the candles (securing the smaller ones to the large one), and tie it with a knot. Then take the blue thread and secure it around the candles as you did the yellow. Finish with the green thread in the same manner.

Next, light the centre candle and reflect on all the blessings this person/group has brought into your life. Repeat the following aloud and with intent (for the chants insert the person or group’s name along with appropriate pronouns):

[Name] you have brought me
Innumerable blessings
You have filled my life
And I repay this grace

Now, light the three smaller candles and repeat the following with intention and love:

Goddess three
Let this be
From my love
Wisdom above
All other gifts

Goddess three
Let this be
From my heart
This impart
Healing [pronoun]

Goddess three
Let this be
May [pronoun] sense
From my wish

Take a slow, deep breath, gathering all your good will, wishes, and hopes for this person/group. Then release the breath, blowing out the candles. Picture the blessing speeding out from the flames to the person/persons.

Yellow: the colour associated with the element of air and with wisdom
Blue: the colour associated with the element of the water and with healing
Green: the colour associated with the element of earth and with abundance

Blessing Herbs:

SAGE: Yes sage, everyone knows about this one, the most common herb used in house cleansing. Sage is used to wash off the oustide world when entering a ceromony or a sacred place. True sages are in the genus of Salvia.

CEDAR: Medicine of protection. Cedar trees have been around a very long time, making them very wise. Users like using Cedar when first moving into a home, protecting a person or inviting an unwanted force to leave. 

SWEETGRASS: Also called Seneca grass, holy grass and vanilla grass. This one herb has a sweet smell, that of vanilla. When burned, it fills the home with a sweet aroma, reminding us of our mother earth, very feminine. If you would like to use hot charcoal tablets, trim pieces of the grass and lay on top of the tablets and burn that way. Whatever is easier and convenient for you.

LAVENDER: A native Europe herb used for invitation of spirits. The name in latin is used as “To Wash”. Users believe it is a safeguard against all evil. Burning lavender is best done on charcoal tablets. 

COPAL: Tree sap from Mexico similar to frankincense. When burned it has a very clean scent, close to citrus. Copal is very important to Mexican natives. Because Copal is the blood of trees, it is offered to honor the great gift given to us by all of the tree people of our planet. Best if burned on charcoal tablets. 

Just a small collection of herbs I have been researching the past few days. I recommend doing research yourself as well to widen your options, whatever suits your needs is best for you. Remember to be comfortable with whatever you are using. 

If you have other herbs you would like to share, please add when you reblog for all of our friends.

Merry Part ~

Every time I try to get over him, destiny brings us even closer. Everything happens for a reason so is he a blessing or a lesson?