God is Good!

I’ve been getting worked up lately. Not being as faithful to God as I once was, not being as excited. God answered my prayers and renewed my desire to lead people to Christ and work more in my community, but I haven’t really felt Him with me. Like, I wanna work for Him and help out, but I just can’t feel Him.

I was okay with it because I know that Christians can go through a period where they feel disconnected and whatnot, but tonight, I was wide awake whereas I’m usually fast asleep. I tried for a while, went to different social medias, then I realized that it was God calling me to pray to Him. It wasn’t an astounding prayer, I didn’t feel His presence anymore than usual, I didn’t cry, I didn’t get excited, I just talked to Him as I would my friend because in all reality, He is my Best Friend.

I told Him how I missed knowing in my heart that He’s with me (because I KNOW He’s there, but for some reason, my heart just isn’t getting that message), what I wanted to do to help my church and community, how I needed more courage and faith. I finished prayer and got up and a few moments later, after it was silent and my mind sorta began to rest its crazed thoughts, God opened my eyes to something.

All day today, I’ve been worried because my mind was dry of any ideas of how to reach out to the community in more creative ways so that I’m not shoving a Bible down their throat. In the midst of my worrying, I failed to notice that I had already came up with a brand new and pretty interesting way to reach out to people. At 1 - something AM, God let me see that if only I stop trying to judge myself by what I’m doing for the Lord, stop worrying about the future to the point I forget the present as it happens, get so preoccupied with trying to ‘find’ God in the way I wanted, I fail to actually see Him working in my life.

God opened my eyes to see multiple things in this passed hour. One, my mind isn’t dry, just going into overdrive because I keep overthinking everything; Two, He is working, I just need to let Him work in my His way, not try to tell Him how to work in me and what I want Him to do; And three, if only I’d take a break from this world and be at peace for just a moment, I’ll see God is with me.

literature is such a blessing.
I mean think about it.

-the scene is as rich as the author’s description and my imagination. it’s like watching a tv series or movie, but with no breaks and on my own terms.
I’ll be the one who chooses when to put the book down, or pick it back up.
it requires the reader’s participation; as if you’re part of the story, too. your eyes take in the lines of the book, and convert them into images. you’re moved by the vicissitudes of the characters-and you observe every little detail.

you’re transported into another land and clime, basking in exotic culture and seeing a different world from your own. you get under the skin of myriad characters and experience and larger-than-live existence… yes, literature is truly a blessing.


“Transgenders, better known as hijras in India, are not like their counterparts in other parts of the world. Indians consider them sacred, touched by God. Their blessings are auspicious and generally accompanied by their signature clapping. They’re often invited to bless newborns and newly weds. In fact, most hijras make their living by exchanging blessings for cash at traffic signals. With the help of hijras, [Channel V] wanted to educate reckless motorists, about a very basic safety procedure they constantly ignored.”

The Seatbelt Crew attempted to engage motorists in a ‘brief safety announcement’ at one such traffic signal. The amazing gender non-conforming individuals, who according to the law fall under the Third Gender category, lent their invaluable support to the cause.

Full video here: [x]