I'm having pen problems here.

UGH why do Pilot G-Tech pens write so freaking amazingly but stop working after it’s not even halfway finished yet?

PISSES ME OFF! and it’s not like I can just buy one at a nearby National Book Store. Why? ‘Cause I live in the freakin’ United States, that’s why!

  • Jade: S-L-O-W mo naman!
  • Andy: Jade, di bale nang "SLOW" ako. Gusto ko lang malaman mo na... na I-L-Y.
  • Jade: ...
  • Andy: Alam mo ba kung anong ibig sabihin nung I-L-Y?
  • Jade: ahh.. I-L-Y.. teka.. ireresearch ko muna yun! T-text kita 'pag alam ko na. Pero..JUICE! Kanina ka pa kain nang kain, di ka umiinom. Teka, kuha kita ng maiinom.
  • Andy: *pulls Jade's arm* I love you.

UGH. Jade’s being so unfair. I feel so bad for him now.

Man, just putting myself in his shoes, while I was watching My Binondo Girl, I kept thinking what I think Andy would be thinking, like on the scene where Jade steps out of her car looking so beautiful, I was like, “Wow. Kay ganda ng babaeng pinakamamahal ko. Pero galit sya sakin, at hirap na hirap na akong makuha ulit ang tiwala nya sakin. :’( Shet, Jade! Namimiss na kita. Namimiss kong kasama ka, na napapatawa kita, na mayakap ka. Anong kailangan kong gawin para magtiwala ka ulit sakin at mahalin mo ulit ako?” XD wahaha. baliw lang ako lol

And everytime Andy sees Jade with Onyx, I feel it. He’s so scared na mauunahan sya ni Onyx. Ugh, I just wanna go up to Andy and say, “Don’t worry too much about it. You’re way better than Onyx. He’s only a best friend. Jade chose you. Jade loved you, and I’m sure she still does. She just needs space. Trevor and Amethyst are right, you can always make her fall in love with you again–the old confident Andy that Jade saw you as before. You can do it. Don’t lose hope.” :)

waaahhhhh I’m getting too into this teleserye XD haha

but i just feel bad for him :/ and I ship Jandy (obviously) lol :3


I’M SHY. here. make my life easier and watch this :3

sumosobra na si Jade..

If I was her, I’d forgive Andy already. Sinabi na naman ni Amber yung totoo, eh. It wasn’t Andy’s fault. And for goodness’ sake, wala nang mahahanap si Jade na ideal guy like Andy in this world (or in their case, in the world created by the director of My Binondo Girl).

So, Jade, stop being so bitter, forgive Andy already and be with him again, you dork! x)

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Very swiftly, but it was like heaven to my ears. hahaha!!
I didn’t even realize he said my full first name. I thought he just said my name and then another girl’s name, but apparently, he just pronounced my second first name Marie as Mary. I wouldn’t have liked it if anyone else pronounced my name incorrectly, but Max is an exception!!! :))

btw, this is the tweet where he read my name from =))

All caps talaga. lol

Haa~~ baby, you make my day ❤