This is Mr. Dawnvel Weekes and Mrs. Evelyn Weekes💑. He’s 81 and she’s 78 and they where together for 51 but married for 43🎈. Had 3 kids, 2 girls, his own and the other he raised like his own son👪. They had 7 grandchildren👴👵. She suffered of kidney failure during the last 78 years of her life, she told the doctors she wasnt staying in a hospital to but she wajted to spend her last few weeks with her family and so she did😇. And on July 28th at 3:29am she past away.

I just want her to be acknowledged. And may she Rest in piece.

I posted about this on the -r/+r group but for everyone else:

right now I’m trying to sort out Toto’s body language and motivation behind his behaviors. He is really receptive to being approached and will follow me around a bit. When I met him in the pens he was very curious in the same way. But now, I know that he’s had a few weeks of -r NH type round pen work where he’s been taught to stay with the person despite apparent liberty. So it’s tricky knowing whether he is tolerating my scratches because he’s interested and just a little spooky still, or if he’s freaked out but doesn’t feel like he has an option to leave.

I don’t think it’s a trained behavior, because a) he was already curious and following us around in the pens b) he was only with the TIP trainer for a short period of time and I doubt she was able to instill that stickability so quickly and c) I gave him treats last time I was there, and he definitely remembers, and knew they were in my pockets, and was lipping at my fingers.

But because he’s such a chunky, green horse, and because I am a tiny, fragile person I definitely don’t want to create a situation where he feels trapped and freaks out and tramples me. So we’re going to take things very slow. That’s why I didn’t push it today and halter him - that and it was cold.

I think he’s settling well in his pasture (I saw him eating off the bale with the others, so, props Toto! took Zeke much longer than that lmao) so I will probably just let him keep settling for a while. All I’m gonna do is catch him and let him go until I know I can do that reliably, practice some leading so I can get him into the roundpen, and once I can get him to and from the roundpen in a nice relaxed way I’m gonna start videoing and clicker training. I could start now out in the pasture probably but I want a more controlled space.

WATER: Forms

Sand Dollar Beach:                     generally, where it shatters the Sun;
                                                    specifically, where my brother & i sprinted
                                                    madly into the surf

creeks:                                        where i have considered pulling various
                                                    creatures from my throat /
                                                   where you asked me the last time i felt upset,
                                                   like really upset

the Bath:                                    why i said Yesterday

IPA:                                            where the gap bridges between deeply forested
                                                  also: time

espresso:                                  where you missed me when i ducked back into
                                                  the wilderness for a while;
                                                 also, a nest in the back of our heads

“Song request?”                      /I bless the rains down in Africa/

Oregon:                                   specifically, where it rains