blessed to grow up in paradise

According to Imām ibn Qayyim (رح):

When the heat of desire and the fires of lust enter the heart, it’s branches of Iman become useless. They are scorched and burnt from the heat (hardened). So when you call them towards good deeds, they are unresponsive. For how can they hasten towards Allah when the essence of life is missing from the heart? -

Though when the rains of Mercy fall upon those very same branches, they become soft and responsive. The land of his deeds that had become bare, once again turn rich with every lovely kind of fruit and vegetation. They are nourished by the life-giving water. So when you call them towards the worship of Allah, they run to the obedience of Him. -

Subhanallah, do not be like the one who was given the land with all the tools, seeds and water needed to harvest it, to culminate it and remove anything harmful from it, only to neglect the land and waste the water. So he neither got this life nor the hereafter. -

Rather, prepare your land so that it grows vegetation and then look after it well. Fix any spoiled parts, replace the dead plants with fresh ones and remove the harmful weeds that grow around the trees. -

The affairs of the righteous is such that every act, be it a bite of food or waking up from sleep, it draws them nearer to Allah and they are always earning reward for it. -

May Allah grant us the tawfiq to use what He has blessed us with in obedience towards Him. اللهم آمين