blessed art thou

Fact: Thou whom makes a foe of the fabled panromantic asexual shalt be but a fool. Ancient cross-gods, possessing unknown power derived from the ancient order of pansexuals and the primordial clan of asexuals, be warned of their strength. However, if thou become a companion of these beings, whether friend or significant other, thou art blessed for thou hast made thine self an ally of the gods. If thou art one of these beings, whilst thou have mercy upon us? Thy power is great! Praise!

God is Good! God’s Promises are never wavering. No matter how bad it looks, or impossible or unlikely it seems to come. It will. God is way too powerful to just back out on His Promises. Stop giving into fear of failure. Start leaning on God’s Strength and not your own. It is by God’s Grace and Strength you are saved and helped, not yours. Fear God, Love God more, put everything inside and outside in His Hands and invite Him into your everyday life. 


Photographing Motherhood: Gertrude Käsebier

Gertrude Käsebier was one of the most influential American photographers of the early 20th century.

She ran her own studio for over 30 years, had work published in major photography journals, exhibited across the United States and in 1910 established the Women’s Professional Photographers Association of America.

At age 37, against her husband’s wishes, she moved her family to Brooklyn to study at the Pratt Institute of Art and Design full-time. She traveled to Germany to study the chemistry of photography, and when she returned to Brooklyn learned to run a studio. 

She opened her own portrait studio in New York in 1897 and continued to photograph until her studio closed in 1929. Her husband passed away in 1910 and Käsebier was free to pursue her interests as she saw fit.

Greatly influenced by the theories of Friedrich Fröbel, whose ideas on learning and play led to the development of the first kindergarten, she tried to emphasize the bond between mother and child. She always regarded her first career as being a mother, and her work reflects that celebration of motherhood and family.

Käsebier also advocated for women to take up photography:

“I earnestly advise women of artistic tastes to train for the unworked field of modern photography. It seems to be especially adapted to them, and the few who have entered it are meeting a gratifying and profitable success.”

Anonymous Submission - The Lost Ophie Hunter Interview

In an exciting and exclusive interview Rachel Cumberbatch breaks her silence and speaks publicly for the first time in 3 years!

Interv: Hello Mrs. Rachel Hunter. Can I call you Ophie?
Rachel: You can call me Mrs. Cumberbatch.
Interv: Tell us something about yourself.
Ophie: Where should I start ? I am an Oscar® award nominee, a 7th time BAFTA-nominee, I won an Emmy Award and a Lawrence Olivier award.
Int: Those are your husband’s awards…
Ophie: Making those kind of distinctions is so terribly middle-class. Bob’s awards are my awards, his accomplishments are my accomplishments.

Interviewer: Talking about the latest news, how does a woman who was notorious for not wanting to be called maternal, get involved in a project which depicts motherhood in a dystopian world? What made you change your mind?

Rachel Hunter: It was always a firm belief of mine that Motherwood is not so much about being a mother per se, it is not about giving birth to a baby as much as it is about the power to create an ilusion, to give birth to your avant-garde art. Biology is not your destiny and yet it is.
When I finished reading my sister-in-law’s manuscript, I saw opera and I saw art in it, a narrative of the individual so utterly unique and so powerful that I felt a moral obligation to share it with the masses. I owe to the world to share my hidden Production talents.

Interviewer: What happened next?
Ophie: I went into to my craft’s room and started to create moodboard after moodboard searching for the perfect one which could reflect my creative vision: a vision that included Michelangelo’s Pietà sculpture in Saint Peter’s Cathedral, the Norwegian born, expressionist painter and printer Edward Munch’s 1899 lithograph “Woman in Three Stages (Sphinx),  American photographer Gertrude Käsebier’s 1899 “Blessed Art Thou Among Women,” and Pablo Picasso’s 1901 painting from his blue period “Woman and Child”.
My aim is to challenge all the preconceptions of underrepresented mothers with ambitious, alternative narratives. Something I as an avant-garde artist tried to do in the 2015 Oscar campaign.

Interviewer: Some people say that you do not have the knowledge, skills or the background experience to do such a job…
Rachel: Nonsense. My past work, my acting, writing, producing and directorial credentials during the 2015 Oscar campaign speak for themselves. People seem to forget that I was casted by Harvey Weinstein himself, chosen out of thousands of auditions conducted throughout the world. The Oscar campaing director, the casting director, the Publicists, the PR teams, the Agents, they All praised my natural acting talent.

Interviewer: Some people say that you didn’t do your job properly, and you went rogue on the Red Carpet…
Whoever he married: If that production was a flop it was not my fault. It was entirely Bob’s fault.
I had a silent acting part and yet you can see my trademark comedy, brilliant timing and patented facial expressions! Bob is an oscar nominee and yet he was the one who could not improvise like I did.
He didn’t understand that going “off script” could offer the audience moments of magic in the Red Carpet events. That’s what I did during the entire course of the scripted oscar campaign.
Unscripted and improvised acting (as the one I did when I lowered my clutch and revelead my nascent bump on a RC event to Bob) - that was amazing and an established art form in his own right.

Interv: ….

Interviewer: But exactly how did you get hired as a Producer for this upcoming film ?
Rachel Hunter: I went straight to Bob and asked him if he was interested in providing invaluable support and funding to one of the UK’s most promising producers so that this person could build her career and develop relationships and projects with some of the UK’s most exciting and creative emerging filmmakers and at the same time contributing to the cultural and economic success of the UK’s film industry…
Bob said that he would be interested in meeting such a person. And I told him that he had already met her. You can imagine his surprise and his amazement.

Interviewer: And what is your response to those who accuse you of Nepotism ?
Ophie: Those accusations are beyond ridiculous and are extremely offensive. I want to be crystal clear: there was no nepotism. The only thing that happened was that favoritism was granted to Bob’s relatives based on their connections and relationships, instead of their credentials and merits. Maybe some outsiders were better experienced and qualified for the jobs but they were not his relatives like I was, so they were not considered. THAT was all that happened.

Interviewer: You just gave the exact definition of Nepotism…  
Whoever He married: Oh.

Interviewer: What are your career plans for the future?
Mrs Rachel Cumberbatch: My immediate goal is to demonstrate through this film my ground-breaking style and my original and unique vision for the future of UK film.
After this project’s sucess I expect to branch out, to develop my own projects. I have a reputation for driving forward award-winning, ambitious work in a variety of forms – red carpet and live events, art installations, digital media – as well as continue my innovative collaborations with UK filmmakers, Freelance paparazzi Tabloid newspapers, Gossip blogs and Haute-couture fashion designers.
I also have plans to write a semi autobiographical play based on my own life experience as a Star entitled:
EXCUSE ME, maybe you don’t know who I’m married to!
It’s a critique to those people who are self-entitled star wannabes, with no sense of self-awareness or detachment whatsoever.


You, dearest Nonny, are an evil genius!

Isaiah 66:9 KJV

“Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the LORD: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb? saith thy God.”

God is making all things new!! Don’t give up today or tomorrow, or next week or ever!! God is doing something much more greater than we can see or think. God isn’t just making a great thing for us in The Kingdom of God, but in the future. When we surrender all to God. Everything and everyone. God will bless it and us and cause us to triumph. Declaring Victory in The Name Of Jesus hourly, and keep God first! 


Rachmaninoff - All Night Vigil, op. 37

When you think of Rachmaninoff, a few things come to mind. You’ll probably think of his difficult piano writing, the audience pleasing technique, melodies perfect for whistling and humming, “pop” classical that can be put on in the background of cocktail parties. This superficial view of Rachmaninoff was upheld by critics during his life, and it is only afterward that he is being treated more fairly. Even so, there is this camp of people who think he was too “Romantic” for his time, that his music is all sentimentality and cheapness, I mean how else is he so popular? [ironically, the same people have no problem praising Beethoven’s genius, and he’s one of the top most popular composers EVER]. To the nay sayers who don’t want to look deeper into his concertos, the second symphony, the cello sonata, the preludes, or other “top hits” that have unique harmonic structure and rhythmic displacement, I’ll instead show the “sacred” side of the composer. Following in the Russian Orthodox tradition, Rachmaninoff wrote a setting of the All Night Vigil. He looks back to Tchaikovsky’s setting of the mass, and to original plainchant, and the result is music that is heavy in polyphony and textural variety. But I don’t want to load this description with jargon, with different musical elements, as if to try and justify its value. Listen for yourself! Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, or whether or not you have any, I’d bet you’d be moved by the music like I was when I discovered the piece in high school.


1. Come, let us worship / Придите, поклонимся
2. Praise the Lord, O, my soul / Благослови, душе моя
3. Blessed is the Man / Блажен муж
4. Gladsome light / Свете тихий
5. Lord, now lettest Thou (Nunc dimittis) / Ныне отпущтаеши
6. Rejoice, O Virgin (Ave Maria) / Богородице Дево, радуйся
7. Glory To God in the Highest (Hexapsalmos) / Слава въ вышнихъ Богу (шестопсалміе).
8. Praise the name of the Lord / Хвалите имя Господне
9. Blessed art Thou, O Lord / Благословен еси, Господи
10. Having beheld the Resurrection / Воскресение Христово видевше
11. My soul doth magnify the Lord (Magnificant) / Величит душа моя Господа
12. The Great Doxology / Славословие великое
13. Troparion: Today salvation has come / Тропарь: Днесь спасение
14. Troparion: Thou didst rise from the tomb / Тропарь: Воскрес из гроба
15. To Thee, the victorious Leader / Взбранной Воеводе