My lovely beauties,

we are now more than 900 people on this blog. What the actual hell is happening? Never have I thought that I would ever gain this many followers, that is insane. I swear if this number keeps growing, I might get a heart attack haha!

This is now a part of my life, I really consider this as a sort of job. Because I’m so involved into it. It may seem like I do not care but you guys have no idea how anxious I get when I can’t find time to write or post. I can’t believe that thanks to this blog, I got the opportunity to talk to so many lovely people as well.

I love writing so damn much and before this blog, I did not really share this passion and love that I have for this art. Because to me it is art and I can express myself so much thanks to it. I got to tell my story through a few things that I wrote and this has been such a big step in my life. 

I am so happy, guys. I still have some of those days where I just want to break everything. But I am mainly happy and this is thanks to you. And thanks to Joe. This kid makes me smile so much and I legit just want to cry now because he has helped me so much. I can now accept myself as I am and he is literaly the person that I admire the most on this damn earth. (I will talk more deeply about this in a special post).

Thank you so much for reading my stories, reblogging them and simply liking them. It means the world to me and I love you.


  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I cannot believe the song Evermore (gracing the public's ears for the first in the year of our Lord 2017) even exists. You take a beloved Disney classic like Beauty and the Beast (which was the first animated film to ever be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars) and attempted a live action, CGI packed (but amazingly well done), musical and not only make it gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, stay true to the beloved story while still adding new elements to it, but also giving the other main character a NEW solo song and make it instantly (in my humble opinion) the most favored song on a soundtrack that's already beloved by millions (a majority millennials mind you) perfectly crafting it to fit the amazing Dan tenor looking but is actually a bass Stevens who is truly singing his heart out about losing the only person who's ever really been there for him with such passion that is brought tears to my eyes and oh wOW I👏🏼am👏🏼so👏🏼blessed👏🏼

When the removal of yourself from a toxic relationship and an abusive parental household projects an upmost peaceful glow about yourself how can you not show urself off