Thank you guys

I have been a part of a LOT of different Fandoms. I’ve been apart of a lot of groups and met a lot of people with likewise interest. And I will say, out of all of them, Jacksepticeyes’ fan base is by far THE BEST. They are the nicest, most forgiving and accepting people in the world. I have really bad social anxiety, and ever since my daughter died, I’ve just hated everyone and everything.

But, ever since I’ve joined this community I have became so open and I laugh and joke around. I enjoy speaking with people. I’m drawing and working on my art again. I’m no longer a shell of my former self. So @therealjacksepticeye, I know you hear this EVERYDAY but thank you. Thank you so much for being amazing and making me want to be a better person. Thank you so much to the fans I’ve met, the pages I follow, expecially @jacksepticeyegifs seeing your post and gifs gives me a tremendous amount of joy and happiness. I hope you keep up the great work.

In short. Thank you everyone for your support and love and kindness. I’m so truly greatful to be apart of such an amazing fandom.

It's Been a Year

December 8, 2016. Today.

This day. Last year. December 8, 2015.

Exactly four days after my birthday, a weekend we had spent together in a beautiful hotel suite, I began to pull away. I put distance between us because I did not have the magical bifocals needed to see into the future, let alone decipher the cloudy present. We had been “dating” since September 19th of that year. For about 3 months we were inseparable. However, we had no clue what we were, or where this was going. I couldn’t take any more. I needed answers to questions I was too afraid to ask.

So after my birthday, I became noticeably stand offish ( *in Jazz’s voice* all apart my plan). You met me that freezing night, on the 8th day of December, in the parking lot of Meijer. I was so nervous I could barely speak as I fought back tears. It was time for me to tell you exactly how I felt. Consequences unknown, but I couldn’t continue to walk around guessing. Did you want me the way I wanted you? Were our intentions the same? And if not, was I really ready, and strong enough to cut all ties and walk away? Because that was my plan.

The truth came out. To you I confessed the feelings that I had been desperately fighting to supress for the past two (or three) years. Said that if we were only going to continue be friends, then I wasn’t down. You held my frozen fingers and kissed my face. You were in. In it for me, and in it for us. For it was revealed we had wanted the same things, though fear and hesitation silenced the both of us.

We sealed the deal with kisses, and a quote from the movie Casper.

Here we are, one year later. Still laughing, loving. Crying and cracking jokes. Standing together, reminiscing and counting our blessings. Making plans for the future. OUR future. Forever grateful to the friendship that has brought us here this far.

I love you my king.

Happy one year anniversary!

I saw Spiderman homecoming trailer and I can only say: WOW. IRON MAN WITH SPIDERMAN, I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT, I AM BLESSED TO LIVE IN THIS AGE. THANK YOU SO MUCH @marvelentertainment
My child inside me is grateful for everything. All my life I was a Spiderman Fan. I can only say is: thank you so much Marvel, Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr. To all the Marvel universe to make me happy all these years to the present. And obviously to fandom too.