Louis Sirian wakes up at 9 every morning. He chases down supplies until 11, then unlocks the doors of the Minneapolis bar he’s owned for going on four decades.

“I’m here until about 6,” Sirian said. “I go home to have a sandwich and then I come back again at 1 o'clock to clean. And I’m here until 4." 


"Factory people came in here and they were all just as nice as they could be,” Sirian said. “I always figured, you’re not really going to replace them … and of course you can’t, that’s true to some extent. But these ballpark people that come in here, and other people in the area, everybody’s 100 percent." 

"They come in here, they want to use the bathroom, I let them use the bathroom. They want a cup of water, I give them a cup of water,” Sirian said of those coming from nearby shelters. “They’re like anybody else. If you treat them nice, they’re going to treat you nice." 

Sometimes, if you were sitting at the bar with friends and didn’t cause a fuss, Louis, without saying anything and without fanfare, would crack open a couple more cans or bottles of whatever you were drinking and set the round in front of you, no charge. Then he’d go about his business all without a word. You would literally feel blessed. 


Enlightened! This is what I call this composition. Without making any special effect other than nature’s own sun rays through the window curtains and a bit of contrast we were able to catch the colors of light in perfect harmony shining through me. I feel blessed for that. Have a wonderful day everyone! #adamasztalos #kreuzberg #berlin #germany #deutschland #model #malemodel #abs #muscle #muscles #blond #mustache #beard #blondhair #blueeyes #bighands #hairyarms #armpit #hairylegs #mensstyle #mensfashion #menswear #calvinklein @calvinklein #boxerbriefs #bedsidestories #wednesday #sunrays #letthesunshine #blessed (at adam’s Headquarters)

Young Parenting

This is a rare opinion that doesn’t bash young moms and dads. I am 22 with no children because my finances are nowhere near prepared for a child, I have a lot of life to live, I’m waiting until I hit upper 20’s, blah blah blah. I’m sure you’ve heard all of the valid reasons. But what about when things don’t go as planned?
My mom had me when she was 17. She had no job, no place of her own, had only been driving for six months, was in high school and was technically still a kid herself. My dad wasn’t in a better situation either. Despite the circumstances, they both worked so hard to give me a wonderful life. Even with their age, finances, experience and the world against them, they raised me. Separately, I may add. Not in the “nasty, drag your kid through the mud” divorce way either. They decided early on to be apart, and even with that huge obstacle in the way, managed to give me everything I needed. I always had loving homes, a safe place to go each day and the ability to be comfortable in my own skin. My mom has always boasted about my accomplishments, no matter how small and pushed me to do better, while my dad has always been laid back and completely accepting of any decision I may make.
Today, my mom is 39 and my dad 42. They are huge parts of my life and some of my favorite people to be around. I feel as if we have grown and prospered together, and while they’re looking at how far I’ve come, I’m doing the same for them. They are still young enough to be living their dreams and helping me with mine. There are not words to express how thankful I am that things turned out just the way they did.

Being transgender is such a blessing. I got to see the world through a black and white lens as a boy, and now I am seeing in color. It is truly amazing how accepting myself could make me so happy. Being a woman is the most amazing feeling in the world, every breath I take is truth, every step I take helps me get closer to achieving myself. The most beautiful thing in the world is being yourself, and being able to call myself a transwoman, and having the honor of watching all of these gorgeous woman, makes me feel blessed. Every single transwoman is beautiful, and I wouldn’t trade being transgender for anything in the world.

so here’s to half of a year spent laughing a little harder, worrying a little less, and smiling a hell of a lot more. all thanks to this guy @californiachrome1 #blessed 🌵